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  1. Pretty much the same opinion. I thought having no breather world in the middle of the Disney worlds was a mistake. Like no Radiant Garden or expanded Twilight Town visit (don't even get me started on the lack of FF characters). It was just a bit tedious doing Disney after Disney. And it shows at the end unfortunately, when the last 20% is like shit we gotta tie up the plot now. Arendelle was probably the worst world, and I have a feeling it's going to be the Agrabah of the next saga unfortunately. Characters in this game were odd. Trinity Trio was at their best this game,
  2. Thoughts on the game @Lenne? Especially the ending/s?
  3. Fam! I've missed you. How're you all going? :love48:

    1. Lenne


      Doin good. :)

      Currently playing Kingdom Hearts II and some other games.

      Glad you are back, friend and hey, your christmas Margwa fits again. :P haha

    2. anonymous


      Merry Summer-Christmas to you, Three-headed Margwa Santa

  4. I feel like you can tell who is very young by the people who don't like the name "Attack of the Radioactive Thing" (no offense if you don't like it and you're not young). IWZombies has always been a homage to these old styles/movies (hence the names being maps directed by Willard Wyler).

    1. Boom115


      Kids these days

    2. InfestLithium


      Kids say the darndest things!

  5. Good to see we won't have to swap out Donald/Goofy to put in another party member.
  6. May 4th no longer known as Star Wars Day. Now it's the day that literally changed Zombies forever.

    1. The Meh

      The Meh

      So... Vonderday?

  7. So fellas what did you think of Back Cover? I thought it was decent. But, it just ended abruptly. Like "oh...that's it?". And it annoys me, its like "see the rest of the story on KHUX!". Yeah I'm not playing that game anymore. Their gacha is horrible and it takes far too long to get into the story. I will just stick with watching the cutscenes on Youtube. That said, the Master of Masters was a pretty interesting character! And I can see him being the main villian after Xehanort. He is not overtly evil, but his whole giving each leader a task, pretty much always puts them at odds
  8. So I finally beat DDD and BBS 2 (I'm just gonna call it that cause it's pretty much that and easier to remember). So I started DDD on Proud Mode. Sora had Meow Wow, Riku the Komory Bat. That was legit their only Dream Eaters. I was waiting to craft the Elephant one for Sora and another one for Riku, but I never got the materials for them. At this point it got to the The Sorcerer's Apprentice world and I just said fuck it, it'll be more meaningful if I just use them anyway (since they started with them). Finally I hit a wall with Xemnas and Anti-Nightmare Black Coat. Decide to also
  9. Oh okay that's cool. It's not a LV 1 run is it? Otherwise I'm screwed haha. Also I thought this was pretty neat.
  10. Do I need to do DDD on Critical or anything? I'm doing it on the hardest one available now (I think it's Proud) but just not sure if it's required for Plat.
  11. Soooooo 2.8 is out. Started playing Dream Drop Distance (my first time, but I already know it's story). Oh man, when the gameplay started I was so not use to 60fps. Getting use to it now, but I'm not use to seeing Kingdom Hearts that smooth haha. It kinda just jumped right in, seems to be telling the beginning/after Re:coded in those flashbacks. Which is an interesting take. Allows for exposition without having it all crammed at the beginning. The Dream Eaters concept will take a bit of getting use too (as in creating, adding abilities and such), but it seems a bit similar to BBS's gamep
  12. Clear view of this thing that appears in the skybox during the Eclipse. Can this even be explained?
  13. Bump. I kinda want to bring this discussion back open, and look at it with fresh eyes again. I think I'll do a post regarding it soon, but I thought I'd bring this back and see how people feel about it today, as well as being a nice refresher.
  14. Finally got my TranZit Calling Card at last. Legit the only one I wanted. :D

    1. Smok3y


      nice! cant bring myself to play mp to get it, moon or perkaholic!

  15. Nice! It just wouldn't be the same without her. Can't wait to hear the song. *turns out to be another Simple & Clean Remix*
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