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  1. Fam! I've missed you. How're you all going? :love48:

    1. Lenne


      Doin good. :)

      Currently playing Kingdom Hearts II and some other games.

      Glad you are back, friend and hey, your christmas Margwa fits again. :P haha

    2. anonymous


      Merry Summer-Christmas to you, Three-headed Margwa Santa

  2. I feel like you can tell who is very young by the people who don't like the name "Attack of the Radioactive Thing" (no offense if you don't like it and you're not young). IWZombies has always been a homage to these old styles/movies (hence the names being maps directed by Willard Wyler).

    1. Boom115


      Kids these days

    2. InfestLithium


      Kids say the darndest things!

  3. May 4th no longer known as Star Wars Day. Now it's the day that literally changed Zombies forever.

    1. Inconcievable


      So... Vonderday?

  4. Finally got my TranZit Calling Card at last. Legit the only one I wanted. :D

    1. Smok3y


      nice! cant bring myself to play mp to get it, moon or perkaholic!

  5. Doesn't feel that long ago I swapped out my Misty avatar for my Christmas Margwa's. How time flies...

    Ah well, Chrissy Margies still around to bring in Xmas again. :P

    1. Lenne


      I love your margwars, but I feel like it is time to let them go in favour of someone else. :P

    2. Rissole25
  6. I'm becoming way to addicted to FFXV. Send help.

  7. I should probably change my Christmas Margwa's but I love them too much and it's 1 month till Christmas anyway lmao.

    1. Lenne


      Christmas Margwas should have been in the game.


      Just be sure to change your avatar to a KH character. Wave the flag yo. :P

  8. Yo guys you should make a thread discussing Zombies #1. I would, but I'm avoiding it till I get my physical copy.

    1. anonymous


      Today I have no time, but if it isn't done tomorrow yet, I could make a thread about the comic. The comic probably even explains the time difference between nuke town and tranzit

    2. Boom115


      Maybe I'm losing my spark, but didn't find much outside face value.

  9. Super hyped for the comic. Need some new N4 shenanigans.

    1. Doppelgänger


      I'm sure people are aware of my disdain for Black Ops 2, but I'm more interested in their story than the Origins 4's story at the moment.


      Hopefully the comic actually ties the multitude of loose ends that Buried left us.

    2. Slade


      Payback's a bitch. Just so you know, so is Russman.

    3. Rissole25


      Lmao I'll always brains you for that @Slade

  10. Marvel's on fire! Strange trailer, Brie Larson as Capt Marvel, Ghost Rider in Shield, Luke Cage's trailer and so much more.

    1. Doppelgänger


      Let's not forget DC. Justice League, Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad in the coming weeks.

      What a time to be alive for comic book fans!

  11. Hate my phone. Can't download Pokemon GO, KH Chi, FF Brave Exvius :cry48:

  12. Not everyone has a PS4 or Xbox One. Sure they're inferior, but I think it's great they were still able to give some DLC to those stuck on last gen. I can't imagine being stuck with only Shadows of Evil.
  13. "Carrion" for TranZit, and "We All Fall Down" for Die Rise. He also sings in "Archangel" for Origins, with Elena and Malukah.
  14. I think this happened with Season Pass holders last time. For some reason they don't have access to the theme and can't preload it until it actually releases, yet the people who buy it outright can do that. So it might be something to do with that.
  15. Australia! Thanks for asking. How are you liking the forum?
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