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Hall of Fame

Class of 2019

Greetings everyone. Boomy, being the bright and fast thinking meme lord of CoDz, decided recently that it was time to award some new folks with the thunderous (hint hint) colour of the Hall of Fame from CoDz.

So after days and nights of thinking and battles til death we first and foremost decided to give our friends @DeathBringerZen and @GRILL the honour not only for their great contributions as staff members, but also because they always were a big part of this cosy little community.

I can not express enough gratitude towards both of you. Without the Grillmeister, I'd probably would not be on this site for longer than that one discussion way back in the day, back when he roamed the halls of CoDz you could always count on him being anywhere, from the zombies talk, the original Podcast der Toten, forum games and of course the community section, always willing to give advice, help out, discuss and theorize.


DBZ was also very much appreciated, cause he never seeked to sugar coat, while also being a Gentleman. Very interested in the gameplay side of things, which I personally always admire with members on here and humble, I mean back when he became a mod, he didn't even want the green nametag, but it was given to him anyway. Not to mention he contacted me about giving yours truly the moderator role, it was a glorious internet day. haha I sincerly hope, Fortnite will let it's grip on you go and the next Treyarch CoD will be great again, so you and Grill can return if you like. 

Because even though you aren't green any longer, the door will always be open for you to return.

But wait... there is more:


There is a third member who we would like to recognize, who has been an active member for more than 7 years now. Starting off as a quirky wonderweapon concept speciallist and starting a tag team with me, then with time becoming a great and valuable community member with focus on the off topic section and now writing compelling theories. (That is some great character developement.) Congratulations to the chicken sandwich, electric staff and CoDz loving: @Electric Jesus. My friend, finally you have a colour that fits your name and personality. The times we talked on here and on the console, I will always hold in a special place of my heart.

Thank you to all three of you, I think it is fair to say, this site would not be the same without the three of you. Much L.O.V.E from the whole staff team.


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O snap. I don’t even know what to say. Other than I love u Lenne. 


I really, really wanna write like, a college essay length thread just talking about how much the Zombies story has meant to me, just breaking down the symbolism and archetypes and everything. It’s truly, in my opinion, the BEST, and best-TOLD, fictional story I’ve ever experienced. Almost half my life has been spent loving it, and learning from and growing up with it. 

not to be all Cliché either but I could have totally killed myself at some point if I didn’t have such an open-arms yet tight-knit conspiracy community like you goons, and the right outlet into which to dump my passion and bloodlust. So thanks for the Phoenix Up lads.



In other news, Robert McNamara has infected my brain, and the phrase “good heavens, man!” Is now permanently part of my vocab. 

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Thanks everyone who voted. It really is a great honour. I've been using this site since 2010 and eventually created an account a year or so later to actually participate (I was a bit forum shy before then) and loved every minute. 


I lost interest in the game mode around BO3. Just felt the game leaned on the Mob/Origins mechanics too much and all the maps felt the same. The variety that came with BO2 in particular was replaced with a generic style. The side quests were also mostly pointless story drivel and the mystery within maps non existent. The spoon fed story and bizzare turn it took just killed the buzz for me. 


Destiny came along and I jumped ship. Now Fortnite is my drug and I'm too deep to quit. I'm locked in for life lol. 


Just like I did with BO4 I'll definitely buy BO5, out of dumb loyalty of course but also out of hope that I might enjoy it. 

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4 hours ago, Electric Jesus said:

not to be all Cliché either but I could have totally killed myself at some point if I didn’t have such an open-arms yet tight-knit conspiracy community like you goons, and the right outlet into which to dump my passion and bloodlust. So thanks for the Phoenix Up lads.

The beauty of our community, to me, is how many of us were in this position when we all found each other. Happy for the three of you and hope you're doing well <3

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Wow.  Thank you, anyone and everyone.  I am but a humble barbecue or mouthpiece who would shake all your hands way too hard and aggressively hug you.


I joined CODZ in 2011, or 2012 I think.  One of my Xbox friends had walked me through the Ascension EE and it blew my mind; not only that there was more to this side mode then simply lasting against waves - but more so the depth, eccentricity and overall cryptic nature of the storyline itself.


Call of Duty had always seemed pretty straight laced to me, but this was something weird and new and fun.  I had to be a part of the community.


A southern gem by the name of @FatedTitan (who I was co-running a PvP clan with) told me about CODZ, and how these dudes named @Tac & @Shooter were uncovering this mystery about Shangri-La.  “Shangri-La mountains”, they were different during the eclipse.  They were talking about Vrill-ya, and 115, and Admiral Byrd, and the locked door in COTD, and alien skulls, and different planets, VIMANAS UFOS DIE GLOCKE OH MY!


I had to be a part of this.  I needed to be a part of this.  I will become a part of this.  I will Kool Aid man burst through the wall if I have to.


I learned how to debate, peacefully disagree and become strong friends with @Lenne, my brother, and @MMX (whom I can’t seem to tag ?) my weirder brother.


I learned how to edit and create videos with @Rissole25, @perfectlemonade and @RequixEclipse in an attempt to revive the CODZ YT.  This never came into fruition but brought us all together.


I learned to research from @PINNAZ, @AlphaSnake, and @MrRoflWaffles (to name a few).  These savants taught me that no detail is too small, no stone should be unturned, and that truly any theory can be possible if you can back it up.


I learned to make a dumbass hilarious podcast with some of the best dudes I’ve met.  @Flammenwerfer @InfestLithium @FatedTitan @Tac .  We talked about CODZ, we had guests, contests.  It was really amazing and was one of the high points of being on CODZ and to be alive.  Brent @Boom115, Kieran @darkjolteon, Paolo @eyecantspell, Cody @Undead, @RADAUSTIN27, @MrRoflWaffles, and everyone else who helped us - I love you all.


I learned how to be a part of the staff, as @Strwrsbob begrudgingly brought us in.  He was wary of new staff, as @carbonfibah had instructed him to be. Thank you Nick for the chance to help this place.


I learned to sacrifice my own time and money to help build this place back up.  A Scottish genius came along and whipped us all into shape.  His name is @Hells Warrrior and he is the biggest numpty I know.  He is, first and foremost, the reason CODZ still exists.  He is an absolute legend, an amazing father, a tireless warrior, and most importantly someone whom I am incredibly privileged to know and call my friend.


I learned what it was like to welcome in new staff.  @Boom115 @anonymous @NaBrZHunter @Slade, and how exiting it is to have new blood reinvigorate everyone.


I learned what it was like to belong here.  I would wake up and read CODZ, check on CODZ before I go to sleep, think of CODZ and my theories while at work.


And I suppose now we’re here.  The cruel hand of time endlessly pulling us towards newer and different experiences, the bittersweet memories that seem extracted from a “coming of age” tale, and all those f***ing unanswered Zelinski questions.


I will always always always have the warmest place in my heart for all of you.  @Lenne you seriously made me tear up when you said I’ve always got a home here.  I promise I’ll check back when I can.  I love this place and all of you.  Thank you for the honor of making me yellow, it’s truly something I’ve always wanted.


I play Apex now, but honestly I love to just chat in parties.  “l GRILL l” - find me on XBOX (p.s. those are lowercase L’s).


I know I forgot far too many people in this post, and for that I’m sorry.  

Let’s talk soon.

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Okay wait I didn’t even say anything about my HoF inductee brothers.


@Electric Jesus I learned about chicken sandwiches from you.  You were always around and having fun with everyone, even if it was just to be mischievous.  You were and will always be the king of Off Topic. ❤️


@DeathBringerZen to my brother who always brought the death, but more importantly brought the zen.  I learned how to speed run rounds from you, and how to be generally better at zombies in every way.  CODZ had always been a home for theory nerds and that sort, but you brought a lot of legitimacy and overall “coolness” with your efficient strategies and videos.  All the love.


That’s all until I remember anyone else...

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