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  1. I was enjoying D2, but they removed the things about D1 that made you keep wanting to come back. I sure hope they fix it because by Year 3, D1 had become such a good game.
  2. So @Smok3y is a LoL player huh? Tristana main or do you just like her character?
  3. I'm not Andy, but I'm willing to answer for you. He seems to fall in line with traditional line of Christian thought, so I'm sure my answers won't differ from his. 1. Murder is a sin. If someone kills a person, they have sinned. But murder isn't an unforgiveable sin. A person can still be forgiven if they repent and believe in Jesus. It's not about having a knowledge of who God is. Heck, demons believe in God. It's about repentance and belief. If someone has killed a person and repents, then yes, they can go to Heaven. 2. Many say that the Bible is just a book of moral teachings, which is does have many of those, but that's not the purpose of the Bible. The purpose is to tell us about who God is. How He created us in perfection, but we sinned, causing a separation between us and Him. But because He loved us so much, He sent His Son Jesus to live a perfect life, die on the Cross and pay the penalty for our sin, then be raised to life. The Bible teaches us that we are dead in our sins (Ephesians 2:1). Dead things don't do anything. They just lie there dead. It takes a miracle to bring that dead thing to life and that is what Jesus did for us. Now why do I say that? Because our works aren't what justify us. Our greatest works are like filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6) to God. There's nothing we can do to justify ourselves, only God can save us from our sins. So it's not about how good of a person you are, it's about if you have repented and believed in Jesus. Now that's not to say Christians can live like Hell because they've got a 'Get out of Hell free' card. In fact, Paul writes in Romans 6 "Are we to continue to sin that grace may abound? By no means!" We should seek to live good lives, but our 'good works' are the fruit of our salvation, not the root of it. So good works aren't enough to get you into Heaven. They never have been and never will be. In fact, the Bible basically says we're all bad and can only be made good by our Savior. We like to believe we aren't that bad, but the reality is we are. We're a rebellious people against a loving God. It's not a matter of how much you sin, it's the gravity of the One you have sinned against. 3. Jesus isn't just a prophet. It's always been strange to me how people, including most Muslims I meet, will tell me that Jesus was a good guy and had a lot of great teachings, but He wasn't the Messiah. Well He claimed to be God fairly explicitly. If He did that, we're left with three options: (1) He's a liar, so he's not that good, (2) He's crazy, so definitely not someone worth listening to, or (3) He's telling the truth about Himself. And if He's telling the truth about Himself, we have to submit to that truth or face the punishment spoken of. Once again, it's not a matter of if they believe Jesus was a prophet or not or even that He really existed. The demons believe that Jesus is the Son of God and they aren't redeemed. It comes down to repenting of your sin and placing your trust in Him. Muslims have not done that. So no, they would not go to Heaven. 4. I'd side with the latter rather than the former. We see from the beginning in Genesis that God made man and woman in His image, something very distinct from the rest of creation. While plants and animals, heck even rocks, can and do give glory to God, not in the same way that humans do. We are different. And that's a good thing! It shows how much God loves and cares about us. That doesn't mean He doesn't care about the animals or the environment. He does. We see in Matthew 10:29, "Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father's care." But check this out, in verse 31 Jesus goes on to say this, "So don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows." While God does care for animals and plants, He cares for us so much more. We're different than them. We have dominion over them. That doesn't mean we should exploit our environment or the animals around us, but we should take care of it and do good to it. We are called to do that. 5. Yes, from Genesis 1:1, "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." This is probably the most offensive verse in Scripture honestly, but it tells us exactly how things began. God created the heavens, not referencing the location "Heaven", but the heavenly bodies, i.e. space, and the earth that we know and love. God is the originator of it all. I hope that helped. Got pinged to this thread by @NaBrZHunter so wanted to check it out. Glad to see some interest in this topic.
  4. I don't think it's necessarily the controller speaking. The voices sounded much more demonic (which is why I'll say Keepers) than just a mumbled voice of a controller. Not to mention, Sam would have never helped Richtofen in BO. The voices are strange and I don't think any of us truly understand them. I'll say this though. I'm not sure Die Rise is the best understanding of the voices that we have. Zetsubou seems to provide a better glimpse into the voices for us, wouldn't you say @NaBrZHunter?
  5. Also very true. I just firmly believe that until BO3, most would have said that demonic forces were at work in the Zombies storyline. With the introduction of the Keepers, it's almost as if you can substitute their presence for a demon's and it work. I'm not sure if this is just an attempt at retcon or intended since minute one, but it seems to be the case.
  6. Good stuff @NaBrZHunter. I have nothing to dispute, except I don't think the voices are zombies. Perhaps the Keepers, but not Zombies. :)
  7. I'll just firmly disagree on demons not being involved. Satanic imagery has been a prominent feature throughout WaW and BO especially. Combined with the devil references, we also have Mob of the Dead, where even more demonic images are used (666, etc.). While I like the idea that the Keeper is in control of Mob of the Dead, I can't get past that demons have been a part of the story. The introduction of Keepers may be those demons, and that's fine. But let's not pretend that's not their attempt to retcon demons out in favor of fictional "Keepers".
  8. Does crazy Richtofen ever mention energy? Realize a scientist isn't going to even consider the idea of souls compared to energy and matter. We see this present-day as well. If a scientist mentions souls he's exiled from the left-scientific community (which is a large portion). Energy is more proper for them. Crazy Richtofen from WaW and BO would give us better thoughts, since he has been in direct contact with the MPD, but I don't believe he even takes time to mention it. I don't want to argue whether it's souls or energy, but I have a concern disregarding souls as well. Zombies weren't the only ones slain on Moon. It's widely believed, though I don't think specifically confirmed anywhere, that the original inhabitants of Shangri-la were sacrficed to the MPD as well. Are they just energy too? What about the rat? And I wouldn't use the lantern as a comparison between the two. If I recall correctly, the wisps found throughout Buried and in the lantern are never compared to the energy or souls we absorb into the MPD or the eggs. Also, Samuel hears voices in his head, but they aren't necessarily zombies. For all we know, they could be Keepers. And let's not even go into people arguing that it's Richtofen (I still firmly disagree that the unintelligible voices are him, though the last one is). I won't argue that energy is definitely there and I don't think anyone wise would. But I don't think we can just disregard souls playing a part in this as well, much larger than just the transfer of one to another body in Moon.
  9. Hey there everyone! FatedTitan back with another song analysis, this time covering "Dead Again". As many of you know by my work in Black Ops 2, I believe the songs to be telling a part of the story, mostly because Kevin Sherwood has said they do! But what meaning do they carry? How deep should we look into them? And how do we connect them to the story that is found or spoonfed through cutscenes and other snippets lying around the map? I hope that maybe I can connect some things for us and suggest a theory for what could be happening with Richtofen and Samantha in our story. Before I get going on "Dead Again", it's crucial that you understand my beliefs about "Carrion" and "We All Fall Down". Many see "Carrion" as a song from a zombie's perspective, and I understand that position, but I believe it to be wrong. In actuality, every song, except perhaps "The One", has related to our controller, the person inside the MPD. With Richtofen inside the MPD, I can't help but argue that this is him singing. But the lyrics read strange, like a zombie wishing he was free from the torture of killing us over and over again. I believe that "zombie" is Richtofen. Richtofen is a slave in his own body, unable to control what he does. After making MPD contact in the Moon radios, we see a drastic change in him. I believe that he was possessed at this point and our old, calm Richtofen, a version much like Origins Richtofen, is trapped, only able to watch helplessly. Without wasting too much time, I'll post a link to another theory I made about this. You can read more there, but the general idea is that Richtofen is a soul within his body, but he is not in control. Further Explanation In "We All Fall Down", it's been confirmed that the song is a play on "Ring around the Rosies", but there's definitely more. Check out the second verse: The martyr's brethren Were not to be set free In vitro planet earth In vivo you and me He had them watch me And lock everything around He told me You seem awful down Richtofen is a martyr for the demon and his brethren were initially thought to be the O4 still stuck on Moon (at least I thought that), but now we have a twist. With the introduction/confirmation of the multiverse, this could easily refer to much more than just the O4 stuck on Moon. It could perhaps refer to other Richtofens, or at least one of Richtofen, in a different universe. Richtofen's soul, trapped inside his body, is now taken into the MPD along with the MPD at the end of Moon. He now gains power as well and has a plan to stop this demon from the power he seeks. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to post below. But that's where I stand on these two songs, though perhaps not explained as well as should have been. I just really want to get to the meat for everyone. Let's look at "Dead Again". A Wolf is at my door I feel it I see it in my dreams A world of my design A forced enlightening reveals it I found a life that I malign And I feel it The wolf being at the door seems to be a danger that has come to this person's life. The reason it's not a literal wolf is because she "feels" it. You can't feel something being at your door. This is a metaphor for a danger coming. Then, she sees a world of her design in her dreams, only revealed by a forced enlightening. Now we know that Richtofen can see into many different universes and understand what is happening in each. In a sense, he controls the world because he can change the outcome of each. This is what he is currently doing by going from location to location gathering the souls of the crew. The enlightening was forced because he never had this power until he was forced into the MPD. Now, who else has been in the MPD? Samantha! She also has recognized this enlightening. Surely she didn't understand what she was getting herself into when she ran into the MPD initially, but was also forcibly enlightened as to the power it possessed. She also can change the world as she desires in some ways. These are worlds of her design and we see this throughout Black Ops and World at War. The life she maligns is Richtofen for what he did to her and Maxis. It could also refer to another demonic entity within the MPD that seems to take on the persona of "Sam" in Origins. It's no wonder Origin's Sam sounded like a chain smoker in the initial reveal, but was then changed to American Sam. I feel so strange Like I'm everywhere And that no one was there We only want to live forever Repeat serial suicide You can't find you and hide Obviously, if you could see/be everywhere at once, you'd feel strange as well. This omnipresence she has gained has caused her to feel this way. It feels like she's everywhere AND that no one was there. This is crucial. Remember Richtofen's latest monologue? "I do not regret the pain I've caused, because none of it really matters. This moment...this me...all of it will soon be gone." When Richtofen changes the future, the other universes change. The pain he's caused won't matter because it'll be as if it never happened. It's the Grandfather Paradox, where if you go back and kill your grandfather, you could never have been born, which means he would have lived, so you couldn't have killed him, but then you'd be able to go back in time and...you get it. Samantha is just like Richtofen. Whatever she does, no matter who she impacts, it's like they were never there in the first place. Now notice this interesting shift. It's no longer "I" but "We". "We only want to live forever." Who has been included in this? Perhaps the demon wants to live forever. I'm not quite sure, but it's interesting. Repeating serial suicide is what we literally do every map as we attempt to do the Easter Eggs and just play some zombies. But it's also what we're doing in Black Ops 3, traveling to each map and killing ourselves to gain the soul. Could Samantha understand all of this as well? Could she have done this in a different universe too? Or maybe even Maxis? Is he the extra "we" that is introduced? Am I dead Is it all over There is no pain here You lead and I'll follow My tree of life is hollow The tide has turned into rain The questioning of death isn't new to the story. Samantha is questioning if she's actually even alive. After being in the MPD for so long, she has to question it. There's no pain in the MPD. When you can't feel anything, you begin to wonder if you're even alive in the first place. You lead and I'll follow probably refers to the "we" introduced, whoever that second person or entity is. The tree of life is a biblical idea which would grant one who ate from it eternal life, which he saw earlier she seeks. Sadly for Samantha, her tree is hollow. There's no life in it. And the tide, which normally brings abundance to crops near a river, has turned into rain, which is much more melancholy. Now, I won't pretend to understand all of the song, and the next verse is a bit confusing to me. I'm sure someone else could explain it better than I could. Duality seems to point to this idea of two being within one, one light and one dark. A good and a bad. This would support the possession of Richtofen and Samantha, each one wanting to do the right thing (as seen by Richtofen in "Carrion"), but unable to. Now bear with me as I skip ahead a bit in the song. I'm alive I feel the pain now I'm really here (I'm really here, I'm really here) So Samantha finally feels alive. After feeling dead for so long, she finally feels life, feels pain. And coincidentally enough, when she does that, what happens? She says "I'm really here", followed up by another female, and then a MALE voice. What happens on Moon? Richtofen takes over her body and she goes back to his! This explains why Richtofen is able to sing in the song as well. But why does Sam still sing if she is finally out of it and can feel pain and feel alive again? I'm alive now I'm alive now I'm alive I'm alive Now I die Again Are we dead Is it all over Where is the pain now You lead and we'll follow Our tree of life is hollow The tide has turned into rain Are we dead Did we cross over What is our name now Are we dead now Are we dead now Are we dead again Here is the "we" again, but at least this time, we know Richtofen has joined her. She felt alive until she died again. But she's not dead because she's still in the MPD in other universes. Just because she gets out in one does not mean she's out in all. And her death here makes her feel dead again because now she's stuck in the same place she once was, no pain, just there. This also hints that perhaps our O4 actually did die on Moon. But the life Richtofen wanted, or more likely the demon inhabiting him, isn't what he thought. He wanted enternal life, but his tree is hollow as well. The promise of it was left empty. Now Samantha just wonders if she's dead once more. Stop. Breather time. -deep breath- Okay, so why does any of this matter at all. Well first, it shows us the nature of the MPD. The one in control in at least one universe can see into all universes and act accordingly. We've had three controllers confirmed within MPDs. First, we have Samantha. Second is Richtofen. But third, we've always thought was a demonic force of some kind. After finishing the Easter Egg on Der Eisendrache, I'm led to believe that the demonic force we've been thinking of is actually the Keeper. It has the red fire that we see in the eyes of the zombies on Mob of the Dead and it's definitely not friendly. This could be what is inhabiting Richtofen in our original universe and Samantha from another universe. Who really knows, but it would explain our third controller. Second thing we see is that there is a duality happening. There is a good and bad version of each of these controllers, whether it's actually them or something inhabiting them. This gives support to the fact of "Carrion" being from Richtofen's perspective. Not only this, but it gives us a greater understanding of how the MPD works. Last thing that must be noted is that Samantha is singing this, but she's not alone. Have you noticed that Sam is in control in Black Ops 3, but she hasn't been notably against us? It seems to be the Keepers at every turn. This could have something to do with Maxis, but we aren't necessarily sure. Perhaps Samantha has given up and is accepting her fate without trying to stop Richtofen's plan. I don't like that explanation though. I believe she supports this Richtofen's endeavors. Remember she's just a kid. She can't do anything, no matter how many universes she goes to. But Richtofen is able to do a lot and he does do a lot. And since this is our good Richtofen, then she knows he wants to end this thing once and for all as well. Before I go, I want to say that I haven't analyzed much of "Dead Flowers", but I'll be sure to think through it much more soon. It's not exactly the catchiest song to just listen to haha. If you have any questions, I'd love to see them. And if you have contradictions or clarifications, hit them up in the comments! If you've made it this far, thanks for reading!
  10. I haven't seen anyone talk about this on here and my friends who watch YouTube videos (and make them) haven't seen it either, so I decided to post it here. Does anyone know what this is or what this glow could be? https://1drv.ms/f/s!AsagUZNdtguvhiEkNjjGfgTdlKEs
  11. My group feels like we're close. I think if we can find one more piece of the puzzle, we'll solve this thing quickly. #AlmostThere
  12. I disagree on MW2 and MW3. Devs during MW2 have said they were barely allowed to do anything with the game because of a lawsuit, so balance wasn't that great. But let's not pretend it was the worst thing ever. There's a reason many people still consider this their favorite CoD of all time, myself included. If they made a Remastered MW2, I wouldn't have to buy another CoD. I would be content. MW3 felt pretty balanced. There were a few guns that were too strong, but that's with literally every CoD game. I was a harsh critic of MW3. I didn't like the different class system they had where someone could go 3-15 and get an EMP for free while someone 28-0 had their killstreak they worked for destroyed. I didn't like the map selection they had. CoD Elite challenges and clan wars sucked. But I still grinded 20 prestiges out of that game. And the campaigns of both were at least constructed well, especially MW2. I can't say the same for BO3's result of an acid trip. I didn't think AW was the worst thing ever, but I barely played it. We'll see what IW will bring. I want to see the # discrepancy between players on IW and MW.

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