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    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    You should absolutely do that 'REVIVE ME' tag. HAHA! I once made a wooden Mystery Box out of light pallet wood, including a steel lock and with the help of a template painted questionmarks. Fairly easy to make, and still use it as my gamedisc storage box, so might be a practical idea.
  2. anonymous

    Buried quotes and the Aetherial energy

    I heard this interesting quote in Buried: So is Element 115, what seems to be merely the crystalline structure of Aether, capable o converting matter into Etherial Energy? I also took a better look at Maxis' 115 Conversion Generations at Excavation Site 64, and it seems like the device draws Etherial Energy from the air and converts it into liquid Element 115. This proves that Etherial Energy is all around us, a dimension beyond our perception but nontheless existing. Or could the Generation merely capturing Element 115's radiation at the Verdun area (as the mines there include the element)? It somehow reminded me of the Zetsubou Temporary Power System, where the player gives a plant 115-infected water, and the plant converts it into energy.
  3. Hey all, Recently I stumbled upon some very interesting quotes that can be heard during the Buried Easter Egg. They do not merely inform us about what we exactly do, but gives us small pieces of information about larger topics as well: The Aetherial energy, one of the most important yet not so prominent topics in our story. Oh, and not to forget this. It is basically a must-read if you want to understand the following, but I guess those interested in topics like this know it already. So get yourself something to drink, and lets get started: The Lantern These quotes can be heard during the Lantern step. On Richthofen’s side, one must kill Witches that would release some kind of energy that would fill the Lantern. On Maxis’s side, however, one must kill zombies around the Lantern, releasing some kind of energy as well capable of filling the Lantern. In order to gain this energy, the players cannot kill the zombies theirselves but they must use Arthur or one of the buildable traps. According to Maxis, this is to not being corrupted by the errant energy. So why does Richthofen need pieces of souls of the projections of the Witch, while Maxis needs the souls of the undead. Actually, do the zombies still have a soul? Richthofen says that departed souls, the souls of the dead, leave energy in their physical corpse. Maxis speaks of energy contained within all matter, and energy contained in the zombies (“the power of the undead”). I don’t think we should speak of souls at all. The souls are already departed, gone to another place, the energy is what is left behind. This kinda contradicts the lyrics of Shi no Numa’s musical Easter Egg, the One, in which is made clear that the remnant of the mind of a zombie has a great desire to end their eternal damnation and find rest/to die, which seems like they still have a soul. This is not the case. It’s interesting as well that Maxis speaks about the energy’s capability to corrupt a human mind. Is the energy Dark Aetherial of origin? It would make sense, since the zombies are 115-infected, meaning that their minds are connected to the Dark Aether. As good ol’ @NaBrZHunter (I keep crediting you mate, you got quite a legacy here) spoke: Richthofen gives us the intel that there is more than one sort of energy, which might explain why he needed the Witches’ one, while Maxis needed the undead one. Positive and negative energy. Light and Dark energy. Good and Evil energy. This must have ties with Agartha and the Dark Aether, the Keepers and the Apothicans. Enlighted and corrupted. About this I have little to say, but I hope this topic will spark a discussion in the comments. The Amplifiers The Amplifiers are devices embedded in the ground, which seem to harvest the energy in the soil. I think the source of this energy might be the Rift, as the Buried Mining Town is located near to it. They amplify energy, eventually projecting it in the dimension around it. In Richthofen’s side of the quest, you must power up these devices even more with the Paralyzer. As the Paralyzer projects Aetherial energy (the same type of energy the Which releases in the Lantern, as the Witch is immune for the Paralyzer and the purple smoke it leaves looks the same as the Paralyzer’s electromagnetic ray), the energy the Amplifiers conduct must be Aetherial as well, hence I think it origins/has ties with the nearby Rift. What we can confirm with this as well, is that the Aetherial energy is electromagnetic. The Wisp A curious characterism of the Wisp is that it attaches to zombies. This makes me almost think of the Wisp being a soul, similar to the ball of light in Gorod Krovi representing Gersch’s soul. Because zombies don’t have a soul, the Wisp might “want” to attach to them due to their emptiness. But we must not fool ourselves: the Wisp is not a soul! Both Maxis and Richthofen speak about a ball of life energy. This energy is used to power the third Global Polarization Device. The difference between a soul and life force? I guess the most accurate description of soul is “what inhabits the body” and of life force “what keeps the body living”. The problem of the Wisp is that it has no body, so it might be someone’s life force pulled out of his/hers body. Who’s? I self can think of two options: A survivor trying to establish the Global Polarization Device for either Richthofen or Maxis before Victis came along. There is proof that many tried before, according to a quote of Richthofen: “So many others, so many games. Where do they come from, oh? Maxis does this all the time, you know. You are not the first.” The part “so many games” intrigues me. Is every game we ever played one other version of this attempt? Are “the others” we self, Victis? Is that why Stulinger is instructed not to think about it, because it would make him sad? This ties in perfectly with our next part. If you want to continue reading about souls involved in the story, I heavily recommend @Electric Jesus's theory about Quantum Immortality and @NaBrZHunter's (there you go again) theory about souls used as a power source. Actually, I recommend these theories anyway 🙂 The tear in space-time Can anyone find out at what point in our game this tear in space-time is created? Interesting thing is that Element 115 is actually the fabric of space-time, the building brick of the multiverse. By messing around with the Aetherial energy previously, we might have changed something. To fix this tear, Victis had to travel through time, finding their own dead bodies. Are those versions of them in a earlier timeline/game, where they failed? Because the Timebomb is only capable of travelling BACK in time, and not to the future. So this cannot be Victis’ future, it must already have happened. I wonder, though, if the tear might have been observed by higher forces, or if Richthofen perhaps intentionally created this Rift in his race to ultimate power. Ultimate power With Richthofen in control, Samantha’s soul will be condemned to eternal damnation. Eternal damnation most likely stands for beneath existence. In other words, the Dark Aether, or Hell. The following quote is a part of a theory by Faust, but since I couldn't find the thread anymore so I can't link it, I have copy/pasted everything. I guess that is where Samantha is stuck in. An interesting thought is that when Maxis wins the Black Ops II Aftermath, Samantha's soul is taken to Agartha. Whether this is the same place Richthofen condemns her to, I don't know. Energy again. It is all about energy.I do believe this is the key concept during our entire story. But what exactly does it includes? It is electromagnetic in origin, but do you know the human brain and neuron system are in essence electronic as well? Electricity is not merely a technological thing. On top of this, mysteries forces have always interested us, forces known as Aura's, Chakra's and many more. I personally speak the truth when I say I can see Aura's when I focus myself....a bit. Merely the energy, not the colour-thing. And when you are tired and stretch yourself, what is that feeling streaming through your arms? There are weird feelings and forces all around us and within us. The Aether's energy might have been based on such thing.
  4. anonymous

    Project: Zombie Mode

    Okay that's absolutely true
  5. anonymous

    Where are you from?

    I'm just wondering where all members on this site are from. Lets see how many countries of this globe our community has members..... What country, province/state and what is the nearest city? Once there are enough replies, I might feel like to make a map of it (with every country given a colour of how many CoDZ'ers it has) WIP:
  6. anonymous

    Where are you from?

    @The Meh and @Boom, Whoa...I am really sorry guys, I simply overlooked these comments. Anyways, I have updated the OP, but here is the map as well: Seems like the Snow Belt is fairly represented here 🙂 Noch einmal, entschuldigung meine freunde
  7. This is great stuff to read when you have time in an evening.
  8. anonymous

    CoDZ + Collateral Network

    While I had heard it before, I still enjoy to read it. I am definately optimistic about the future of CoDZ, and am glad Azzid and Anubis, along with the Colleteral Network (Hey, guess 'The Community' has a broader meaning now ;p), are here to support it. Changes are unavoidable, and an opportunity to improve and expand. I read comments on reddit about CoDZ, either not familiar with it or saying things like So all of those knowing CoDZ seem to be super positive about the quality of the forum, yet dislike the system, so I think changing the latter isn't a bad idea. I really look forward to our common future and, as always, let me know if I can help. To ensure a better tomorrow, comrades! (Btw, @AzzidReign, has the name Se7enSins any meaning? I recently watched a movie named like that.
  9. anonymous

    Call of Duty Zombies Bracket Round 3!

    1. Shi no Numa: Both SNN and Nuketown have a really unique atmosphere, not appearing in any other map, so concerning that they are equal. Story-wise, Shi no Numa gave us much more (the mystery of Nuketown gave that map it's charms, though), and also gameplay-wise, I am more fund on Shi no Numa. That map even started the very first zombie strategy: Training! 2. Moon: This map has everything that makes a map great: The story, the newly introduced game elements, Moon gravity, NML, fun character quotes, a great and logical Easter Egg, the list goes on. 3. Ascension: I like playing this map more than Kino, and in terms of revolutionairy, it is just as important as Verruckt and Origins. 4. Origins: Actually, I can get enough of Der Riese. At least, faster than I can get enough of Origins. Concerning the story, however, Der Riese is the big winner, but hey, Origins started a whole new chapter as well. Its a shame Tranzit is gone... And @RadZakpak, your hate towards Die Rise is undeserved :p
  10. Wandering this forum for some time new (though I still feel a bit like a newbie), I've come across of one of the greatest folks ever met. People who are caring, humourous, assiduous and intelligent. People I could call friends, though never seen their real faces or heard their real voices. People I could relate myself to, even, alot. With Zombies being the #1 talk subject, I have actually got an idea of each of one of yours character. While online forum discussions might affect your way of talk a bit, I think I know how you all are. I wonder, however, if that vision is true and more importantly, how you look to your character yourself? I'll start with writing down how I see myself. Notice: Ive never done this before and it feels quite odd actually. - One characterism of my self I am very aware of is that I am kinda...talk-y. I have a talent in talking about the cows and the calves (or whatever that expression is) with everyone, which makes me good in getting along with strangers and making contacts. I got a kinda open character too, which makes me talking about deep and personal stuff with anyone, even those I dont really know well or dont stand close to my heart. The disadvantage of that is that I have hardly any secret, and am have not a mysterious personality in any way. I know alot of people (including myself) like talking about personal stuff with lesser open people, perhaps feel flattered in a way, and so create a special band with them. People dont have that with me. Because I am open to everyone no one feels special when having a deep/personal converstation with me. I hate this characterism for that. - I am kinda naive, optimistic and idealistic about humans. I really think the best of other people, while in many cases they act egoistic, money-focussed and not right (including myself). While I can be easily victimized by this, I also see the world as a less dark place because of this. So while I would like to have this characterism a bit less, I like it as well. -I dunno if this is something common to feel...but sometimes I feel a bit like a narcist. While this is a characterism I despise the most among other people, I notice that when I have done something good I feel like I really want to tell it other people. Also got the feeling very quickly a girl I can get along with likes me, even while I know for sure that is not the case (for example when she already is in love on someone else). I think this is caused by a few cases a couple of years back this feeling got comfirmed, and now I got this feeling very quickly. I hate this fucking characterism the most. I hate it when others have it so can you imagine how much I hate it when I self have it. - I can really sit with something. Right now its the heartbreak but it can be anything really. There was a time it were topics of the zombies story. Just things that occupy my mind the entire time. Cant really concentrate on other things, then. Of course I got way more characterisms, milions of neurons all connected to my brain each one of them turning an effector on or off, creating my spirit. The one I am. Though these items are sone things typically me, when I compare myself to my friends/others.
  11. anonymous

    Project: Zombie Mode

    -Perhaps affecting the environment (open doors, turn the power on, traps) can be done in an alternative way than solely using points. Physically solving puzzles, shooting things, make a car as weight go down to open a gate, etc, might be an idea. Half life puzzles would be an inspiration. -Are you thinking of a totally zombie apocalypse world setting or, like CoD:Z, smaller 'secret' outbreaks? -Will be updated tomorrow -
  12. anonymous

    Your character: the good, the bad andere the ugly

    This says alot about your character. I just....its so unfair that you and Rad struggle with this, because you dont want to harm anyone. That spirit is just so good, and yet sorta punished (with depression or anxiety). I hope you can develop some kind of self-respect, because you are, both, AMAZING people. (Might have something to do with this and might not, but Rad, when I say something positive about a storybook chapter or thread you posted I feel like I always reply insanely positive. I'm afraid that you think the reason I do so is just...because I always do so or wanna make you happy or something. I want you to know that this is really really not the case, and that every time once again, you astonish me with your great works, and I cannot suppress my feelings. All my replies come straight outta my heart). @Steelie thank you for sharing, my friend. Hope things continue to improve for you. . You are both stronger than you think, and you are never alone ❤️
  13. anonymous

    Project: Zombie Mode

    I actually understand it. Wow, your project is so much broader than I thought. Let me think about it a day...
  14. anonymous

    Are we real?

    Interesting enough, today I dissected a pig's brain, which is very similar to a human's. It was so weird to connect anatomy, the brainpart I held in my hand, with feelings and thoughts I had myself. ''So this part makes me able to understand talk. This part makes me able to perceive. This part makes me feel emotions. This part makes my personality''. The thing I was most interested in, was what part makes ourselves consious of our existing. I mean, imagine you cannot move, cannot feel, cannot hear, cannot see and cannot think. You would still be aware of your existence right? The interesting is that my teacher didn't knew what part made our self consiousness. She called the higher teacher but that one didn't knew either. No one knows. Maybe our soul cannot be connected with an organ. Maybe it consists of seperate energy or something. We are all organic beings, but driven by what?
  15. anonymous

    Your character: the good, the bad andere the ugly

    Appreciated man, and hey, welcome to the site! Hope you like it here 😛 and see you around
  16. anonymous

    Project: Zombie Mode

    I would like to nominate @The Meh's Unity series for this. I really appreciate your idea, man, sounds really cool. How are you planning to create a zombies engine?
  17. anonymous

    The Moon landing

    The Call of Duty Zombies story in World at War and Black Ops 1 were mostly inspired by existing conspiracy theories. Lets call a few: The Illuminati, Moonnazi's, antigravity devices and Die Glocke, Agartha, Area 51, Nazi wonder weapons, Kennedy's assassination, the CIA and aliens. Another conspiracy theory you may know is that the Moon landing is fake. Does this have something to do with our story as well? Lets check it out. "I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the Earth. (JFK, 1961)" - Moon level description So, I believe that Broken Arrow has strong ties with Group 935. 935's work about Element 115 inspired Broken Arrow to do the same. With the technology of Group 935, Broken Arrow was able to mine the Element in Groom Lake, previously an unimportant piece of land in the abandoned desert of Nevada. To hide their super secret work in the year 1955 they started to built a "military base" around it, called Area 51. It was said to be a secret base where the US could test their newest planes and experiment with nuclear weapons. We know better. Another technological device Broken Arrow gained from Group 935, was the MTD, the Matter Transference Device, together with the knowledge that there was a scientific base on the Moon. Because the United States were in the middle of a space race with the Sovjet Union, the MTD was a very usable device. In 1969, the time was there: The first Moon Landing would happen, under the name Apollo 11. What was seen and believed by most people: The lunar module Eagle descended on the Moon surface, the 3 astronauts walked and jumped a bit around, planted a flag in the ground and flew away again, back to Earth. But in our story there happened something different. First of all, the astronauts didn't arrive on the moon by a rocket and lunar module, but by the MTD, a creation by dr. Edward Richthofen. But once the astronauts arrived there, strange things happened. A certain professor, who wished to remain anonymous, was engaged in a discussion with Neil Armstrong during a NASA symposium. Here it is: Armstrong confirmed that the story was true but refused to go into further detail. One unquestionably absolute expert, who was Director of the NASA tracking base in Houston during the Apollo Moon missions, revealed the following conversation "after" he left his work at NASA: Lets do a quick final Moon screen analysis, concerning the stuff I just talked about. The space ships the astronauts talk about are most likely Vimana's, chariots of the Vrill Ya. Something or someone activated the eclipse on the Shangri La loading screen. Meanwhile (as seen in the left upper corner of the comic panels), these Vimana's flew to the Moon, where the "Moon landing" at that moment takes place. See the three astronauts walking through the alien moon landscape: Armstrong, Collins and Aldrin . But that fourth person standing on the rocks, next to a Vimana, who or what is that? He seems to keep an eye on the terrified astronauts. Now previously it has been thought that it might be Samantha, but that would not make sense. I mean, she is inside the MPD, how could she just walk freely around on the Moon? Well, there is an final unconfirmed report, also documented by Steve Omar, that when Buzz Aldrin opened the door after landing on the Moon, he immediately saw a transparent etherical being staring at him outside. "They're here. They are right over there and look at the size of those ships. And, it is obvious they don't like us being here" Could it be possible that that thing is a Keeper, standing next to its transportation: The Vimana And as a last thing: There are numerous photos taken by satelites, from pyramid-looking things on the Moon. Is this proof for the Vimana's and the presence of the Vrill Ya and/or Keepers?
  18. anonymous

    Broken Arrow's MPD reconstruction

    So I would like to discuss about one of the least talked, yet very important details of Classified: Broken Arrow's recreation of the MPD. Besides this picture, a cipher is our only source of information concerning this topic. Written in 1963, McNamara states that the MPD copy is being constructed in Groom Lake, and not at the Hanford Site. In the 1960s, the US and USSR were involved in the global Cold War, a battle between communism and capitalism. As both powers were desperately trying to be the first to fly to the Moon, secretly in order to scavenge the precious left-overs of Group 935 in Griffin Station and becone the world's sole superpower, the American organization known as Broken Arrow was focussing on an alternative way for reaching Luna: Matter Transference. The astronauts of the first Moon landing, accomplished by the US, might actually have used an M.T.D. , built by Broken Arrow at Groom Lake. I previously theorized that the Avogadro might be the product of MPD testing, and Hanford's 'Power Plant' being the MPD, as the Timeline notably uses the word ''accidently''. This contradicts the cipher, where is stated that the MPD was being reconstructed at Area 51, and not in Hanford. The Avogadro (and Denizens), however, are created years later, in 2025, so the possibility that Broken Arrow transfered the MPD to the Hanford Works is still open. Anyway, at the time Classified takes place, the MPD still is located in Nevada, as are Ultimis. Coincidence? Why is Doctor Richthofen still so calm in that cage, as everything goes to plan? What could happen next? What would happen anyway, if two souls both would enter an MPD? If we will ever get to know, this will give us alot more info about the understanding and capabilities of the Aether Pyramid Device.
  19. anonymous

    Broken Arrow's MPD reconstruction

    Hmm, gotta admit, forget about that. But the BO3 story taught us that having a 'soul' is kinda unique. Why do only have the Ultimis of the fractures have souls, and are, for example, Primis soulless. I also believe in the Quantum Souls Theory, though one argument against this could be the fact that Richthofen has both a soul in the Original Timeline/MPD/Zombie Richthofen, AND the innocent soul captured from the child Eddy in Dimension Whatever. Not saying that none zombie has a soul, but couldn't it possible that some zombies have a soul, and some having a soul in another universe?
  20. anonymous

    Call of Duty Zombies Bracket Round 2!

    1.Shi no Numa: I kinda agree with Jiip on this one. Next to this, I like Shi no Numa's setting as well as the fact it sparked the Ultimis story. 2. I love Nuketown. But as I never played Ancient Evil, I find it unfair to make a choice, and so I leave this one empty/neutral 3. Tough one. Shadows of Evil has it charms, a great layout and countless posibilities, and tbh, this map actually is better. Yet, I personally enjoy playing Buried more, and since it's mystery still keeps us going theorizing relatively much, I'm going for this map. (Shadows has alit of mysteries as well, though, most of all BO3 maps) 4. Tranzit. While Moon fits in my top 3 maps as well, it didn't cost me alot of time to choose Tranzit above. 5. I like playing both Kino and Verrückt. Kino has alot of great memories and mysteries, but Verrückt was just as revolutionary as Ascension and Origins: It was also a sign Zombies was becoming something more than a one bonusmap feature. I'll go for Verrückt. 6. Ascension. While Shangri La is much more pretty and challenging, Ascension was, as said earlier, a map revolution. And kinda what @Electric Jesus said in previous Bracket: It showed the enormous new potential story wise, as it was the first leap in the Cold War era. 7. Der Riese: The start of the Nazi science and Vril mythology. Without this map, the story would've gone a way other direction. 8. As I sadly never played CotD (out of all never-played maps, I desire to this one the most) I won't vote for this one either.
  21. anonymous

    Guitar chords for Perk jingles

    Hope your guitar is ready for a wild night, then!
  22. Hey all! Recently, in a wack drunk moment, I told someone I was going to practise playing guitar, something that randomly popped up in my head and I actually felt like doing. Next day, I took my sisters akoustic guitar and started practising...and I gotta say, its so much fun. Really different than piano (what I used to play) in any way. So uhh, thing I wanted to say is that I found these: https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/misc_computer_games/black_ops_1_-_perk-a-cola_jingles_chords_1858702 The Black Ops Perk-a-Cola's Jingle chords! To play on guitar! They're still to hard for me, but if there is anyone there playing guitar and loving those songs, here you go :)
  23. anonymous

    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    Okay....that one is just absolutely badass!!! (May I say that as a non-club member? ;p)
  24. anonymous

    Sino-Soviet relationship

    I suddenly think about the appearance of a PhD Flopper bottle in Die Rise. As this was an invention of the Ascension Group, this might be the reason of it's presence in Shanghai. More proof that Die Rise was a former Ascension Group (split-off) facility.
  25. anonymous

    Sino-Soviet relationship

    While wandering through some Classified intelligence, I thought it would be a little nice to actually give you some real life information about that time. This thread includes no new information, but it might set a better atmosphere for the era we have to think in while investigating the documents. Time: The Cold War Location: The "East" In BO4's map Classified, the following document was found: A report written by the CIA member Cornelius Pernell, the former assistent of both Peter McCain and the Marine squad including Tank Dempsey. In this paper, he makes a notation about the discovery of the fact that Richthofen made a secret deal with the Soviet Union administration, and so "played both the US and the USSR". Two important details: Richthofen did this around the same time the American Operation Stapler began, in 1946. Richthofen demanded a Global Polarization Device (GPD) of the Soviet Union. According to this document, the Ascension Group was involved very tightly in this process. As the Eastern GPD was built in Shanghai, it appears that this organization had it's influence reaching even in China. How so? Let me give you some history. Sino-Soviet friendship In the course of World War II, both the Chinese nationalist party and the Chinese communist party, under Mao Zedong, set aside their civil war to fight the Imperial Japanese invasion. Stalin, leader of the USSR, who was fighting a war over land against the Japanese as well (as the Americans were fighting an insular and marine war), cooperated with the Chinese communist party against the Japanese. When WW2 was over and the Chinese Civil War continued, the communist party emerged victorious. China now being communist, the Red Army, however, remained their troops in Manchuria, and kept the spoils of war 'stolen' from the Japanese army (Remember how there are theories discussing the possibility of the Rising Sun facility being in Manchuria?). It was around this time Richthofen made his deal with the Ascension Group, and they had to fulfill his demands, among which the building of a GPD. As China was a great ally of the USSR, and seemed "under controll", Shanghai was chosen as location for construction. Why China (and not Siberia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, etc), I don't know, but it might have something to do with the relative close proximity of the abandoned Rising Sun Facility. Another possibility is that a Chinese subdivision of the Ascension Group had to handle the GPD, as the Ascension Group itself was focussing on matter transference near the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan. Sino-Soviet split But China didn't remain an ally of the USSR. Mao considered the existing communism too much based on industrialized European societies, while China still was an agrarian one. Thus, he began to transform his ideology into an Asian version: Maoism. This were the first steps towards the so-called Sino-Soviet split. In 1958, Mao started developing the Great Leap Forward, in an efford to make China an industrialized nation. A radio in Kino der Toten summarizes this: Costing milions of Chinese lives, Mao succeeded his purpose, and China now was, economically, a potential competitor of the old developed nations. The mighty USSR, however, now felt more vulterable, as the Eastern bloc now included more than one superpower. Chinese de-stalinization and conflicting national interests detorioted the Sino-Soviet relationship even more. The Ascension Group had to regret their location of choice for the GPD, now already built by their Chinese sister organization. As Stalin had died (1953), the USSR and the West started the first bit of reconciliation and cooperation, among which even mutual technological aid for nuclear weapons. China considered the Soviet "peacefull" coexistion with Western nations dangerous, and felt treatened by their northern neighbours. As communism was fracturing, small-scale border wars even started at the Chinese-USSR border. The USSR had the benefit of having nuclear weapons, though, but not for long, however... In the early 1960s, American organizations considered ways to either sabotage or directly attack Chinese nuclear-bomb programs (possibly done by split-offs of the Ascension Group spit-off, complicated eh?), but the USSR government refused a joint Soviet-American fire-strike out of fear launching a nuclear war. At the end of the decade, China had it first nuclear bombs. The American administration warned the Soviet Union that any first-strike now would provoke a nuclear WW3. Distrusting the USSR and aware of their nuclear treat, China started building nuclear bunkers all over the country, among which the Beijing Underground City and Underground Project 131 near the northern border (check out those locations, they look really cool and could even function as a potential zombie map. China and the Soviet Union now were each others enemy number 1. In 1990, the Soviet Union dissolved and the Cold War was officially over. China, however, still owned Richthofen's GPD, as it did during the entire Cold War. For 44 years, an unknown Chinese sciencific research organization had been able to investigate and experiment with Element 115. What countless possibilities could have happened during this time? Why do we have such little intelligent about this subject of the Zombies Saga? To be continued...

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