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  1. Neat, so you have created an account. You may find yourself actually making a real post or theory one time, you filthy parasite
  2. Finland eh, just like our old boy @jiipee95. Is Resident Evil good? Never played any game of it
  3. How about this link? Join the Call of Duty Zombies Discord Server! DISCORD.GG Check out the Call of Duty Zombies community on Discord - hang out with... Sadly, I am no PC gamer myself. Since what time are you playing Zombies? And from what region are you, Baltic, Black Sea or Mediterranean, if I may ask? I'm just always interested in people's country/region of origins
  4. As indicated on the Discord by @PoppaQuad yesterday, a shrine can be found in the village in the map Firebase Z. As we know, Omega Group decided to chose the A Shau valley in Vietnam as the major mining and exploration compound from where they'd enter the Dark Aether. This I find interesting, as it would be much easier for them to operate within Soviet borders. The reason they chose Vietnam instead is explained by Peck: "Personal Log. Peck. November 9th, 1983. Two days ago, I identified and submitted the *perfect* location for Phase 2." "After assessing the dimensional breach
  5. @Lenne Lenne Lenne, why are you so Penne

    1. Lenne


      i feel attacked

  6. Congrats, you definately deserve the title, friendo! Your name will be eternalized on CoDZ. You will be awarded by the cyan name tag as soon as possible, carry them with honour!
  7. 1. Dead Flowers - I like the atmosphere of this one, the domber tone. Now, I am no metal fan but I judge Zombies music tracks for their addition to map's atmosphere, and Dead Flowers certainly does that. 2. - 3.The Gift - this track was composed for the final map of Black Ops III and I think it certainly deserves that place 4. A tough one, I intend to go for Abracadavre but that is probably only due to nostalgia. 5. 115. 6. The One, much better to my opinion. 7. Dead Again, I like the guitar riff 8. Shockwave: due to the story behind it
  8. Brains to that, that looks amazing! Espessially those dragon heads I imagine are tough. Nicely done!
  9. It can be accessed here: https://discord.gg/XQHZafSS Good luck with gathering a team!
  10. That is sick, haha, both that meatshower and the fact your grandpa could speak 6 languages! It always seems to cool to me if you can just talk to people across the world in their own native language. And that is what I want, you know, during my life the most happiest moments were when I was in another country meeting up with random people in a hostel to have a drink, see the city, etc. Everyone knows no-one and therefore everyone is super open to the rest. Given we always live in the present, and it is never past nor future, I try to live a bit short-term with eyes on the present and travel as
  11. Hey @Lee Joneswelcome to CoDZ! Maybe tou can find teammates on our Discord channel?
  12. That meat shower sounds horrifying, I love local mysteries like that, haha! IN all seriousness, I'm glad you are with us buddy. You're a guy I can always appreciate. And arts you like, you say? What kind of arts? Do you make something yourself as well? About history, I too am interested in the subject but rather ancient history. What brings your interest to the late 1900s?
  13. @Lack of finding names an idea popped in my head about this which is sole speculation but I am sure @Carnage Evoker would love it. What if the four classic maps were originally intended to be busstops in Tranzit? We have Nacht already. We also have zombies with mysterious badges of "Hanford Sanatorium" on them, which perfectly fits with a structure similar to Verrückt being somewhere out there. Der Riese, also referred to as "factory", would easily fit as one of the nuclear factories that were present at the Hanford Site. In the pre-Alpha concept art you posted earlier, we even see
  14. Welcome to CoDZ @ZombieWar! Yes, playing together always is more fun than playing alone. If you look at this forum, you can find threads of other players looking for a group, like here: If you feel like, you can also join our discord where we have a seperate 'looking for a group' section. Good luck hunting!
  15. Hey @quinn25, welcome to the Forums! As for an online tournament, I don't know, but I know there is the Zombies World Championship (ZWC) of which our friend @InfestLithium may provide you additional information, may you be interested.
  16. Although his heartbreaking post 'Sad' made tears roll over my face, ZombieMaster88 won't receive my nomination because he is officially no member anymore. Another person who deserves a call is @Jacob Vickersa friendly person who has made me repeatably having a good laugh and is a close friend of admin @Hells Warrrior. My two nominations go to @Rapt, for the reasons Rad stated and his general friendliness and assistence he offers to people here on the Forums; and @Mattzs for his recent thread on "the One" and his continuous support in the lovely Podcasts der Toten.
  17. Oh nice man, that's really cool! Do you have a site or blog or something where you share your photos? I'd love to see them, as I am a nature person myself as well. Feel free to share some photos in the Off Topic section of this site So you are from the New England region? I imagine the wildlife/birds there are very different than here in Europe. What are the most common ones there, and the prettiest ones? I self live close to floodplains which atracks a lot of neat birdspecies in my hood. There is hardly any car traffic so birds like waterhen, geese, swans and ducks walk over the
  18. Welcome to CoDZ Zahir, I saw you on the Discord as well! Glad to hear you are into the story as well, a person to my heart. As you may see, this site has sections called 'Story Discussion', 'Research and Development' and 'Asylum', filled with theories which you may like to read. If you have a theory, speculation or any other idea on the story, don't hestitate to write a post! Hope we can have a fruitfull discussion one day :)
  19. I have heard it can be annoying collecting the intel. Have you watched tutorials? In case you find it hard to clearly describe your problem in English, we may also speak your native language. Sprechen sie Deutch? Вы говорите по-русски? Tu parle francais? Of Nederlands?
  20. @83457I also feel like you have something to say on this
  21. Welcome to CoDZ @andrew98! I can totally recognize myself in what you just said, as I too struggle to complete Easter Eggs and my high rounds hardly ever are above round 25. Yet I can give you my own "eye openers" regarding strategy. I used to walk around and try to to dodge the zombies, but what often works better is to run straight at a horde of untoten, and then go hard right or left around. Like doing a feint movement. I have to admit, I am unsure if this works in Cold War as well, as I haven't played that Zombies mode often. By the way, on our Discord we have a ch
  22. @Carl LeitemDid a Pareidolia/Damned/Lullaby mashup on piano zombs.mp3
  23. The Navcard reader in Tranzit can be build underneath the Pylon in the cornfield between the Farm and the Powerplant. Four parts are required to build it, and they are all scattered through the entire map. Being limited to carry merely one part at a time, the player has to add a certain part under the Pylon every time a part has been picked up. The locations of the parts are the following: 1) The meteorite: In the hole in the wall at Bus Depot, next to Mystery Box spawn. 2) The wooden plank. This one can be found on two possible locations. In the Tunnel between
  24. Now you need to unlock the Pack-a-Punch. To do this, you must locate three vases with smoke coming out of it. They can be found at three of the following locations: In the wine cellar, at two possible spawns In the master bedroom In the trophy room In the Library In the Study When you located a vase, kill some zombies around it. After doing so, interact with the vase which will give the player a vision of an item somewhere in the map. This is where things get a little more complicated. There are several different items that the vision can show to th
  25. Activate the power through retrieving the Sentinel Artifact across the North Atrium bridge.
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