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  1. That deserves brains! Congrats on finding your first undiscovered Easter Egg! Mind if I make a short video about it on CoDZ's YT channel?
  2. Did you... did you just discovered this yourself?
  3. I like the idea: the Summoning Key box in Shadows of Evil has a lot of location stamps on it (like Brazil, New York and Paris). Wonder though, how did it ended up in Hawaii? Suggestion: in the Zetsubou intro we see the Key almost dropping in the Pacific Ocean. How about an alternative reality where Takeo was just too late and it actually fell in the ocean, going all the way to Hawaii?
  4. Not sure where to post this, but I just discovered the Treyarch symbol is called a 'Triquetra'. Remember that we saw them at the Focussing Crystals in Shangri-La? They represent a trinity between something: In Buddhism often being life-death-rebirth (undead resurrection?) but sometimes also past-present-future (Shangri-La loop?). Perhaps it could also refer to Richtofen's plan to ascend his soul, requiring three items: The Focussing Stone, the Vril Rod and the Vril Sphere.
  5. Wunderbar, these two conversations add more to the tragedy of Richtofen in Book 1, but from the perspective of post-Book 2. It shines Richtofen's humanity through the insanity he has developed. In a way, these two conservations fit well together, even though occuring at much different moments (I assume directly after Richtofen enters the MPD and Richtofen & Nikolai in the Forest before/during Tag). The first one features the return of Richtofen's desire to set things right, the second one builds upon that. Brilliantly done, look forward to more of these
  6. These kind of chapters that do not represent something seen in-game are always interesting and surprising to read. I like it how dr. Okitsu remains a returning character, now instead of being some kind of wicked scientist we really know how evil this person is. Get some kind of Japanese Mengele feeling of this guy. Love the reference to temple complex being buit in the era of the Great War. I must say I am not fully sure why Ultimis went here. Perhaps it is because we aren't supposed to know yet (as far as I know, last chapter they were in Shi no Numa), or did I forgot things?
  7. Interesting you mention that, indeed there are four stones referring to the cardinal directions and three to dragons. I'm curious what the symbolism behind this is.
  8. Now you said something interesting here, let' s dig a little deeper in it: Apparently, the order of the four different directions can be found by using the Mahjong tiles that are scattered around the map: 東 - East 南 - South 西 - West 北 - North This is not the first time the four cardinal directions are hinted in the story. On the Moon loading screen, one can see a picture of the Vril Interface in front of the MPD, with the following 'advertisement': The five Aztec deity names that are mentioned each stand for a cardinal direction: Cipactli (crocodile; east), Ehecatl (wind ; north), Cali (house; west), Cuetzpalin (lizard; south) and Coatl (snake; east). The ad mentions that the Vril Interface, or Mythos Disc, defines celestial patterns for someone's own "practical and magical purposes", which I assume are those of the MPD occupant's. These four directions also return in the mystic 'Vril Map' found in Call of the Dead. Tying this with the Global Polarization Device at Die Rise, it actually makes sense since it is generally believed that the Tower resonates the will of the MPD occupant through the Aether across Earth. In all four directions may not literally imply North, East, South and West, but coult hint at the four dimensions of space-time, manipulative for those that gain control over the Tower. The symbol on the Dragon sphere looks like a swastika to me, but not a Nazi (right-turned) but a Hindu (left-turned) one. In Hinduism, this spiritual symbol stands for a lot of things, but one of them is the four cardinal directions: North, South, East en West, symbolizing the flow of the universe. I' ll come back later to reply on the rest!
  9. Guten tag everybody! It is widely acknowledged that the labor we process during Easter Egg quests are not merely joyous and challenging minigames, but also often make sense on a story scale. Usually, the Easter Egg quests are being written by the developers also involved in working out the story, hinting at a clear overlap in the two concepts. Considering quest and story are one and the same, this doesn' t mean their correlation is always clear. It is for that reason that I created this thread, inviting all of you to participate in this ''think tank" of converting the actual steps of Easter Eggs into logic that makes sense in the story. Today I would like to discuss Die Rise, which, after looking into it, is a pain in the ass to convert it into story. Additionally to that, I never did the Easter Egg myself, and the sequence of steps sometimes differs a bit depending on the guides I found on internet, not making it easier either. But utilizing the quotes of Richtofen and Maxis, we may be able to make something of this. Connecting the elevators and the symbols So in this step, four players have to stand on four similar Chinese symbols that can be found on the elevators. After this, they have to stand on the same symbols appearing on the ground somewhere in the map. I found a quote of Maxis which is likely referencing to this step: "The alignment has begun. You are on the right path. Please, continue. You must trigger the symbols in the correct order, an order that only trial and error will reveal." It seems that standing on the elevator symbols led to an "alignment" which must be continued by triggering the symbols on the ground in the correct order. To understand this I think it is essential to understand the meaning of the symbols. The term "alignment" reminds me very much of celestial bodies, but of course that is nothing more than mere guessing. @DragonGJY I was wondering if you could make up something of this symbol, or if it may return in certain Chinese philosophies or mythologies? The spheres When obtaining a sniper rifle, Richtofen says the following: "We must neutralize any errant energy fields in order to prevent Maxis from enacting his plan. Take whatever action is necessary to ensure that the sources do not fall under his control, [laughs] if you can find them!" This is obviously a reference to the balls that can be found in the big Dragon board. These are "sources of errant energy fields". Now I have never done the Easter Egg myself, but can someone describe how these spheres look like? Do they look technological, like the Vril Sphere on Moon or perhaps even the Summoning Key? The Germans require the players to shoot them, teleporting them into the smaller Dragon statues in the spawn room. I'm think there is a possibility these spheres are artifacts of some kind, perhaps linked in some way with Dragons or Naga' s, ancient warriors of the Vril-Ya. They also seem to be tied with Shangri-La, so perhaps this sphere artifact originates from that site? http://blackopsofficialfansite.yolasite.com/resources/Singola-1.png After transporting the spheres to the small dragon statues, Maxis says this: "It is working! The sphere has relocated! Now, one more must be found." Richtofen' s path 1. From now on, Maxis and Richtofen' s path split up: Richtofen wants to destroy the spheres because they could help Maxis in doing his stuff, very similar to how Maxis orders us to destroy the Amplifiers in Buried because they are essential for Richtofen. Just casually sabotaging each other, and it seems that whatever toxicant is in the Sliquifier, rapid liquidation works the best: "The balls! It's all about the balls! You must purge their energy before Maxis interferes! Perhaps a rapid liquidification will suffice, yeah? Then do it!" Interesting that he mentions that this causes the balls to be purged of energy, like there was already some kind of energy inside. And whatever is inside the Sliquifier, it draws this energy away. 2. Taking care of Maxis' spheres, Richtofen requires you to place trample steams around the Tower, and shoot zombies at it. Note that this is very similar to Tranzit, where you must kill zombies under the Tower to power it up (either by releasing their 115 or their Life Fore). "The spire, it needs the energy of the undead. We must find a way to make our blood sacrifice" 3. After this, you need the Galvaknuckles to punch the Tower. "Only with your combined energy can we fully control the tower. You need a conduit for the electrical energy contained within your living flesh. Any ideas? Oh, I know. How about those electric knuckle-thingies?" Richtofen mentions the Tower requires the energy of Victis. Something to do with their souls? Maxis' s path 1. As for Maxis, he desires you to grab the balls and them them to the Buddha room. Two players must stand in front of the golden statues and kill zombies to charge the artifacts, presumably similar to how we charge the Apothicon eggs in Shadows of Evil? In that case, it is Life Force of the undead that is sucked in the egg-like artifacts. "The energy within the spheres is in flux. Fear not, we will need them in due course. Now, find the enlightened one. A blood sacrifice alone is not enough. Reincarnation is key." 2. You now need to stand in front of the Buddha statue ("the enlightened one"), and one of the players must, tragically, die. After this, someone with the Krauss Defibrillator must revive him. While reading some Easter Egg guides, it seems to be that Russman specifically is the one that must be reincarnated. Is that true? If that' s the case, it may have something to do with Russman' s elusive nature and the fact that his mind is fading away so often. Is his soul even his? 3. Now, use the Trample Steams to blast the artifacts at the Spire. Maxis will say the following: "Ah, yes! Do you see? The energy of their broken souls has been released! Their energy fields remain in flux. Matter must be transformed before it can be contained. The Spire must be energized as fire and light. Create a field with which to bind it." Additional evidence that the spheres contain the life force released at prior Blood Sacrifice. It is strange to me, however, that this couldn' t be done directly like we do with Richtofen' s quest in Tranzit: directly killing the undead under the Tower. Why did it had to be done via the artifacts? Perhaps to "cleanse" their life force from the Dark Aethereal spectrum and convert it into "light" Aether? Something I am not so sure about is when the following quote comes in. Can someone help me? "Excellent! The energy fields are changing, transforming, flowing. Ah, you are on the right path. You must look for objects of steel. With the appropriate weapon, their energy fields can be manipulated" The difference All in all, the two quests are quite similar. Except that Richtofen can directly use the energy of the undead, while Maxis needs to kill them in the Buddha room and converse their energy via the spheres. What' s more, Richtofen can directly use Victis' energy via the Galvaknuckles embedden in their living flesh, whereas morbid Maxis needs a full reincarnation of poor old Russman. Different types of the ethereal spectre perhaps? What' s also remarkable is the various mentions of "energy field", which, if I search that on internet, refer to the following things: Ahh, lots to chew on there, isn' t it @Mattzs? But we can get into that discussion later, first I'm interested how y'all think about the story-wise relevance of Die Rise' s Main Quests.
  10. Amazing work Rad, you got the real Ultimis vibes described here, the characters come to life. Really laughed at some points as well. Two small points I have "The frame of the device illuminated, and as if it were unable to contain the row energy within" I think this must be 'raw' instead of 'row', but I could be wrong. Another thing is in the Fightclub-like scene that Nikolai and Dempsey start kicking each other for fun, it initially isn't made clear that the other guy is Dempsey. Maybe this is intended, and I already guessed this concerned Dempsey since he would be the only one enjoying such things, but wanted to make sure anyway.
  11. That looks so pretty @Grimmstein, pięknie zrobione! Can't wait to read the new chapter tomorrow
  12. Would highly recommend anyone who hasn't read it yet to start reading this masterpiece. Its canon to everything we know about the story till the finest details. What kind of things did you update? Grammar and typos or also content or additions of sentences? Also, can I just say how I love the fact you made Richtofen hate leberwurst in the beginning of the book while he loves it in the end (CotD radio), showing his change in character. Details like that make this story so great
  13. You should become a poet
  14. One more story before I go off to bed And so the story of our heroes continues, their fragile alliance developing further, whereas the remnants of the World War II horrids proceed into the Cold War. I should absolutely re-read Book 2 anytime soon!
  15. Somehow I find this the most masculine and simple type of pasta, so it would definately fit with him
  16. Oh noooo, you did it again I laughed all the way from the beginning to the end. The most touching thing I found is his lack of having a life and his raison d'etre being that of solely fighting wars. Yet, I am convinced that no man is born with a lack of empathy, and to explain Wood's case I think we should go to his youth. Being a teenager while participating in the Korean War must have exposed him to countless traumatic experiences, making him the man who he is. Attempting to keep up his pride, he buries these trauma's and hides his true thoughts to everyone, merely acting laconic about it. As time passes and his brain rots, his mental state worsens causing him to became a manifestation of his own act: The true fearless soldier. However, other people disgust of his envy and lust for blood and violence and see him as a freak. This leaves Woods to continue living this fake character, the path is irreversable. Trauma after trauma, his mind is lost and he truly becomes the actor that he always played. His life is a lie. These are the true layers of the onion. This thread is a confirmation that clearly you have an odd obsession to flesh out characters this deep, just like you did with that poor Maxis. Woods has no life, just like his fans...
  17. I know about Hyena, but how does he refer to Kuda anc Crocuta?
  18. Ah cool, that must be near Lake Erie. Got some family at that shore. You seem like a genuinely friendly person, glad the Discord worked
  19. Of course, here you go! https://discord.gg/dPDHgDXq Please let me know if this link won't work either. From what state in the US are you from, if I may ask?
  20. Heyo @Hot Ross Buns, welcome to the site! You'll find more activity & people looking for a group on our Discord. Glad to have you here, perhaps we can play one time!
  21. Good to hear something of you again. Yes that skeleton man is odd, could it be Zykov?
  22. There is a premiere of new gameplay today? Could you tell me where you have seen this?
  23. Yeah, we got old intel that directs at the Nazi scientists retreating to "Germania" which was Hitler's futuristic dream of what Berlin would become. Maybe Germania is a Nazi city located at Berlin, but at the 'other side'? Also curious what role the Inversion Rockets will play.
  24. Yeah, good notion on how Revelations did the same! As for Der Riese, it is officially located in Southwestern Poland rather than Berlin, so I guess it won't make an appear in Mauer der Toten. In the CW Campaign, we have encountered the model of the Kino chandeliers and the Verrückt fountain, so these could be easily be re-used. I'm also interested in the backstory of the Berlin location. Die Maschine was ground zero for the Dark Aether intrude into our realm, Firebase Z and Outbreak were mere "random" Dark Aether infection sites that were subsequently used as research facilities for Omega Group. But how about Berlin? I doubt there will be a secret research station in the middle of a large city populated by both NATO and Warsaw Pact troops. How did the outbreak here begun, or was it also a mere accidental dimensional rift?
  25. Within a couple of weeks we will be introduced to a brand new Zombies map - Mauer der Toten - the name pretty much confirming it's location: The Berlin Wall of the Dead. Our boy @PINNAZ made some wild predictions on the Discord. In the Campaign, our encounter with the Berlin Wall was via a so-called 'Ghost Station'. The West-Berlin U-bahn, the underground metro, went from North to South passing through tunnels underneath East-Berlin. As the city was divided with the wall, the old metro stations in East-Berlin were closed for public and the West-Berlin metro would from now on not stop there. Being unused and abandoned for many years, these stations fell into disrepair setting a perfect eerie atmosphere for a zombies map. The image above is the U-bahn map found in the campaign, the Berlin wall indicated with the bright grey lines. If the developers were to re-use the Ghost Station we see in campaign, this is the Weinmeisterstrasse station. Now look where that U-bahn line ends... The Berlin neighborhood of Wittenau, known for the Wittenau Sanatorium which is to us also known as Verrückt. The train station is right in front of the gates of the asylum. Of course these are mere speculations, but how cool would it be if Verrückt would be accesible in Mauer der Toten? Kino der Toten has also been a popular suspect of appearing in the map, due to its close proximity to the Wall. Would Mauer der Toten be a map consisting of various areas (Kino, Verrückt), connected via ghost stations and a metro line? Since Warzone has an underground metro in it, the developers wouldn't be too unfamiliar with the concept. What do you think (and hope)? Leave a comment.
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