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Everything posted by anonymous

  1. Guten tag leute, it's that time again! The 16th episode of our Order of Forgotten Mysteries again, man how far we've become. Honestly, upon creating the first one I honestly didn't knew what to think. I didn't knew if people would like it or not, react on it or not, and discuss about it like I imagined. I wanna say I really appreciate all you crazy story fanatics that have caused our Order to have reached this far. Anyway, that saying, I'll quickly move on to the real matter we'll discuss this time: The Dropa Stones. I'd like to credit Cal and Rich for noting this topic, as well as @MixMasterNut, along as TheFlame150 from the PlayTheGame Forums and BcR151 from our sisterforums Se7enSins. It is y'alls research I have merely written down. Our journey begins deep in the mountains of the Bayan Har mountains, on the boarders of China and Tibet. This location actually kinda ties with the coordinates of Shangri-La given by the 31-79 JGb215 ("31 10.72N, 79 2.15E"), as well as the location of Shangri La on the Broken Arrow map in Alpha Omega. In the 1930s, a Chinese team of archeologists were conducting a survey of a series of interlinked caves. Their interests had been excited by the discovery of lines of neatly arranged graves which contained the skeletons of what must have been a strange race of human beings; strange because they had unnaturally spindly bodies and large, elongated skulls. At first, it had been thought that the caves had been the home of a unknown prehistoric species of ape. But as the leader of the team, Professor Chi Pu Tei pointed out, "Who ever heard of apes burying each other?" It was while studying and excavating the skeletons that the team stumbled on a large, round stone disk, half buried in the dust on the floor of the cave, perhaps appearing the most similar to how one would imagine a 'Stone Age Gramophone record'. There was a hole in the center and a fine, spiral groove radiated to the rim. Closer inspection, however, showed that the groove was, in fact, a continuos spiralling line of closely written characters: The object was a 'record'. Only nobody at the time possessed the key to its incredible message. The disc was labeled and filed away among other finds in the area. Even those who knew of its existence knew nothing of its meaning. Many experts tried to translate the hieroglyphs in the many years the disc languished in Peking. They all failed. It was not until another professor, Dr. Tsum Um Nui, broke the code and started to decipher the 'speaking grooves'. While the outside world remained in ignorance., a selected group of scientists was given acces to the information about the Gropa Stone. For the professor's conclusions on the meaning of the disc were so shattering that they were officially suppressed. The Peking Academy of Prehistory forbade him to publish his findings. Two years later, in 1965, the professor and four of his colleagues were finally given permission to reveal their theory. It appeared under the long- winded but intriguing title, "The Grooved Script concerning Space-ships which, as recorded on the Discs, landed on Earth 12,000 years ago". The 'records', as 716 of the grooved discs were later uncovered in the same caves, told an astonishing story of a space probe of the inhabitants of another planet who crashed in the Bayan Har mountain range. The strange, spiral script told how the peaceful intentions of the 'aliens' had been misunderstood and how many of them were hunted down and killed by members of the local Ham tribe. According to Tsum Um Nui, one of the lines of the hieroglyphs found in the caves the Ham tribe resided in read, "The Dropas came down from the clouds in their aircraft. Our men, women and children hid in the caves ten times before sunrise. When at last they understood the sign language of the Dropas, they realised that the newcomers had peaceful intentions...". Much of the information seemed to corroborate the bizarre story recorded on the discs. Legend still preserved in the area spoke of small, gaunt, yellow faced men who 'came from the clouds, long, long ago'. The men had huge, bulging heads and puny bodies and were so ugly and repellent that they were hunted down by local tribesmen. Strangely, the description of the 'invaders' tallied with the skeletons originally discovered in the caves by Professor Chi Pu Tei. On the walls of the caves themselves archeologists had uncovered crude pictures of the rising Sun, the Moon, unidentifiable stars and the Earth... all joined together by lines of pea-sized dots. Along with the discs, the cave drawings had been dated around 12,000 years old. The cave area was still inhabited by two semi-troglodyte tribes known as the Hams and the Dropas. The frail and stunted tribesmen averaged only about five feet in height and were neither typically Chinese nor Tibetan. "Their racial back-ground," said one expert, "is a mystery." But even with the publications of Professor Tsum Um Nui's amazing translation, the story of the 'space discs' was not over. During the 20th century, Soviet scientists asked to see the discs and several were sent to Moscow for examination. They were cleaned of rock particles which had stuck to them and then put through chemical analysis. To the surprise of the scientists, they we found to contain large amounts of cobalt and other metallic substances. That was not all. When placed on a special turntable, according to Dr. Vyatcheslav Saizev who described the experiments in the Soviet magazine Sputnik, they vibrated or 'hummed' in an unusual rhythm as though an electric charge was passing through them. Or as one scientist suggested, "as if they formed some part of an electrical circuit". At some time in history, they had clearly been exposed to extraordinarily high voltages. Did the discs actually record an abortive space mission by alien astronauts 12,000 years ago? For once one accepts the proposition that aliens may have already have visited earth, then it follows that some of their space-probes must have failed and the astronauts must have been killed. There is even an old Chinese tale which speaks of tiny, yellow-skinned people who came to Earth from the sky. Additionally, some people linked the discovery to the story of the Vril-Ya,. Like the Dropa, the Vril-Ya are said to have long, elongated heads. Both Dropa and Vril-Ya held their religious ceremonies underground. Behind doors that were deemed 'immovable' by those who had not touched 'grace'. All those who were considered 'sinful' were not allowed into the catacomb areas. The doors were said to be inscribed with various 'warding' creatures, such as Nagas, which would ward off evil spirits. To this very day, there are two tribes of people inhabiting the Bayan-Kara-Ula region who call themselves the Dropa and the Han. Neither tribe can be categorized into any known race, they are not Chinese, nor are they Tibetan. The people of both tribes are pygmy-sized with adults growing no taller than 3'-10" (the smallest measuring 2'-1") and weighing an average of 45 lbs. Their skin is yellowish and they have unusually large heads just like the remains of the skeletons found in the caves in 1938. Hair is sparse on their bodies and their non-Asian eyes are large with pale blue irises. The Dropa's burial service was very similar to that of Christianity, unlike other local cultures at the time they did not embalm the dead, instead they would bury the dead in the clothes they were wearing. (probably why the zombies in Shangri-La look as they do). They were said to bury the dead in piles (not multiple bodies) but instead feet lower than the head in an almost standing position. Their graves were said to have 'chestnut' shaped graves. Now Shangri-La isn't the only place we encounter these disks. Let's do this chronologically: The first possible encounter is in the Der Riese loading screen (see right under), aging from World at War! It is by some suggested that this is no Dropa Stone, simply because of it's way to small size, however I would like to note that Dropa Stones could vary in sizes. Looking at the scissors, the circle would be too large to be a Reichmark coin, and what else could it be? So is this a Dropa Stone seen on the Der Riese loading screen, but a smaller version? I imagine that, if it is a Dropa Stone, Group 935 could have found the artifact during a Nazi-fund expedition to the Himalayas, or perhaps in Shangri-la itself, taken to Der Riese Waffenfabrik to investigate the sample. Next one: Moon, biodome. Personally, I think this one has the most important story behind it. You see, I don't think Richtofen took this one from Shangri-La to Moon, I think the unearthed this one at Moon. This is additional proof that the aliens went from Shang to Moon, as seen in the loading screens. @FatedTitan once pointed out how these loading screens tell the origin of the Moon Pyramid Device. From the Timeline, we know the Apothicans brought the MPD to Moon with the objective to hide it for the Keepers. In the loading screens, we see the Vimañas travel from Shang to Moon. Now temples usually store valuable artifacts, so could this one have transported the MPD to the cave in Moon? The Dropa Stone would be another item that the Apothicans have abandoned there, perhaps like an empty accu, as the Soviet researches found out that the Dropa Stones once were exposed to extraordinary high voltages. Enough voltage to power the Mercury Vortex Engine of a flying Demon city? Continuing on Moon, I think the MPD itself might have been powered by a Dropa Stone. It would make sense, as the big circle on the front of the pyramid seems to be the power generator, charged with the Vril Vessel and lifeforce. Could this truly be an alien power conduit? This centre of the MPD can also be seen on Moon's loading screen, with the following text: In this article, it is called a 'Mythos disc', defining the celestial patterns for your practical and magical purposes. This is huge intel! Can it manipulate the patterns of planets and stars. Can it, like, artificially set a planet, moon and sun in such way that it creates an Eclipse? Perhaps one of these Dropa Stones is connected with the four buttons in the Shangri-La spawn room. It could also be an answer for our hypothesis of CotD switching from Tunguska to one of Mars' Moons, as well as Shangri-La switching from the Himalayas to Mars. This is an alien teleporter, using the celestial patterns. Also reminds me of the planetary system on the Shadows of Evil paper. Anyway, we move on to Nuketown. I suspect this one got here because of Nuketown being located at Groom Lake. American scientists might have secured this artifact during their expeditions to Griffin Station. Why it would end up in a nuclear testing area, however, I don't know. And lastly, the Dropa Stone spotted in Hijacked. Some criminal kingping bidding the Shadowman or something? Perhaps he just found it a pretty artifact. Please, share your thoughts! EDIT: Maybe I'm just seeing ghosts. Maybe...but maybe..?
  2. I like it, though I must say something about Schuster. In the Moon radios, it appears to have been Groph who was the one executing the POWs at Griffin Station. Surely Schuster could've been his assistent in that, but in the many radios we got from Schuster (in Der Riese, Moon and Classified), he seems to be a scientist driving by morality. A good guy, so to say. In Classified, he even firmly opposed to Dr. Layman for killing one soldier, let alone killing dozens for charging the MPD. So I assume it wasn't him who was involved in the 'Griffin Station Massacre'. I'm also not quite sure if he looked at Richtofen like this. Even while Richtofen had done acts filled with terror, I think Schuster still wanted to see him as a friend. Or perhaps he didn't want to see the gruesome things his pal had done. I feel like Richtofen is and remains his best friend and ally within Group 935. Just me being Schuster's advocate, I guess. Anyway, good read!
  3. Joy! Love it to hear discussions, rather than one person talking. An interesting topic as well, and juicy stuff you guys talk about. Things I mostly forgot but now I think about them again, they are so weird.
  4. Digging further in this, I found the following file in the CIA data system: "July 4, 1978 Mr. Mason, Woods is alive and remains the sole remaining American guest at the Hanoi Hilton. Thought you should know X" Again this 'X', and aparently, he made contact with Mason as well. 1978 is the year Operation Charybdis is supposed to have taken place. Hanoi Hilton is a North Vietnamese prison, why is Woods there? Did Mason eventually helped him escape? Some other weird stuff I found is JFK's account in the CIA Database. I discovered a message saying that the dreamland database is restricted for MJ-12 member, along with a list noting all members (among which V. Bush, W. von Braun, etc). MJ-12 is claimed to be the code name of an alleged secret committee of scientists, military leaders, and government officials to investigate alien- and extraterrestial spacecraft-related research. So was JFK a member of MJ-12? But there's more: From: Cross, Evelyn To: Kennedy, John Fitzgerald Date/Time: Wednesday, June 26, 1963 Subject: No Subject He won't ask you again and I know this was his final offer. Please reconsider before we leave Berlin or put your life in danger. Our people are everywhere - this time you cannot win. Give him what he wants before it's too late. From: Trent, John To: J. Kennedy Date/Time: Thursday, November 21, 1963 Subject: You have one day left Victory cannot be achieved without sacrifice. So first we got a woman named Evelyn Cross warning JFK for 'taking the offer before they'll leave Berlin' and that 'her people are everywhere'. A couple of months later, one day before JFK's assasination, there's a man named John Trent stating 'Victory cannot be achieved without sacrifice' under the subject 'You have one day left'. Victory cannot be achieved without sacrifice is also said by Reznov during the Vorkuta breakout. But John Trent didn't only contacted JFK. He also made contact with Hudson. This was three days before JFK's assasination on Friday: From: Trent, John To: Hudson, Jason Date/Time: Tuesday, November 19, 1963 Subject: Everything You Know is Wrong You don't know me, but I know Alex Mason. You will learn to trust me. Everything changes on Friday. From: Trent, John To: Hudson, Jason Date/Time: Thursday, November 21, 1963 Subject: Now You Understand It was by the hand of Nikita Dragovich. This is just the beginning. They are everywhere. Start at Vorkuta. Two escaped the breakout. You know one of them. The other one just died. From: Trent, John To: Hudson, Jason Date/Time: Monday, November 25, 1963 Subject: A Single Step Echelon 5 21 0 8 18 15 14 7 21 16 23 9 14 23 0 6 18 4 Her name is Evelyn Cross. The photo is for your eyes only. This will be my last letter for quite some time. When the time comes, you will know what to do. The last message once again mentions Evelyn Cross... What organization is she in? And who is John Trent?
  5. I don't want to rule or conquer anyone.
    I should like to help everyone if possible.
    We all want to help one another, human beings are like that.
    We want to live by each other's happiness., not by each other's misery.
    We don't want to hate and despise one another.

    We think too much, and feel too little.

    You, the people have the power - the power to create machines.
    The power to create happiness!
    You, the people, have the power to make this life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure.

    A wonderful adventure

    A wonderful adventure

    1. RadZakpak


      I love this speech and The Great Dictator!

    2. Lenne


      same and also:


      Oh, I think I landed
      In a world I hadn't seen
      When I'm feeling ordinary
      When I don't know what I mean
      Oh, I think I landed
      Where there are miracles at work
      For the thirst and for the hunger
      Come the conference of birds

      Saying it's true, it's not what it seems
      Leave your broken windows open
      And in the light just streams
      And you get a head, a head full of dreams
      You can see the change you wanted
      Be what you want to be
      And you get a head, a head full of dreams
      Into life, I’ve just been spoken
      With a head full, a head full of dreams

      Oh, I think I landed
      Where there are miracles at work
      When you got me open-handed
      When you got me lost for words
      I sing oh-oh-oh

      A head full of dreams
      A head full of dreams
      Into life I’ve just been woken
      With a head full, a head full of dreams



    3. anonymous


      You're my man Len!


      Ooooooh whohohooooh ohohooooh ohohooooh ooh!

  6. Why would he do this? What use does Hudson and Mason's survival have for Maxis? We know a Maxis vanished in the Agonia fracture doing all kind of weird shit, after Broken Arrow had contact with him. This reminds me of Rad's recent thread about Blackout, including also the archytypes (do I say that right?) of Hudson and Mason. If Blackout truly is Broken Arrow's, or their meddling in that Texan weapon producent, they have contact with Maxis. Could Maxis have contacted the CIA outlaws for Broken Arrow?
  7. anonymous

    Everyone Okay?

    These are weird times, Grill, hope everything remains well with you. But despite the missery, I try to see some good things in it as well and I have to admit, daytime streetlife has become busier. Fathers that are normally working in the afternoon are now playing with their children on the streets. Roller skates suddenly became super popular here and you see kiddos from 5 y/o but also people like me from 20 y/o rolling around. I feel like some people sudddenly realize they don't need to go to the pub, to the cinema, to a restaurant to have fun, it's all around us. Anyway, genuine hope this virus stops spreading sometime and times will improve. Take care, everyone!
  8. While sitting home these days I gotta admit, there is plenty of stuff to dwell about... Plenty of stuff to discuss as well. One point we really gotta talk about are the Denizens. In Tranzit, Treyarch seemed to have created their own cyptids: pseudosciencific anecdotal creatures mostly based on urban legends, folklore and rumours. Interesting enough, the Pacific West coast of the United States is a geographical area that is widely associated with crytoid folklore. Tranzit takes place in a rural area in Washington, a state with a diverse environment; there are lowlands, fjords, rivers, glaciers, and mountains (which include several volcanoes). All of these varying landscapes have one thing in common: Forests. Lots and lots of forests. An estimated 40.7 per cent of the state is covered in them, rest of it mostly being cornfields. It is no surprise that this state is believed to be home to a lot of mysterious undiscovered creature species, tiny or large, dangerous and harmless. They have one thing in common: They remain undetected by most humans, hiding in underground caverns, abandoned cornfields or vast woods... Broken Arrow is said to have created the Denizens on April 10, 2025. That is the only bare fact we know about these little fuckers. Analyzing the map, however, might shed more light on their background. Something I really like about Tranzit is that if you look closely, you can see the story what happened there. One of the cages seems to have a hole in them, possibly started the Denizen outbreak. As Marlton says: "One of them has escaped to breed". The creatures quickly spread in the area, but as the Hanford Site is known to be polluted with radioactive isotopes, they hid underground. Or perhaps, the creatures did so because they simply wanted to avoid the sunlight (more on that later). Anyway, there was a moment a Denizen attacked a driving trucker, perhaps out of fear for the truck's headlights, causing the truck to be driven inside Broken Arrow's local power station. This caused the collapse of a power pylon, resulting into the crash of a train transporting who-knows-what. Perhaps the train transported the undead, perhaps the collapsed Power Pylon originally broadcasted a signal that kept the undead at Hanford Sanatorium passive, I don't know. But I think this might be the very start of the outbreak at the Hanford Site. One thing that directly strikes players finally being able to open up the Pack-a-Punch room, are the cages. These cages definately have stored animals being used for experimentation, or more likely, the Denizens. Did you notice, however, that they look very similar to cages held in both Rebirth Island (BO1 Campaign) and the Pentagon Labs (Five), in both cases holding monkeys while applying Nova-6 research? The cages are also encountered in Daniel Clarke's lab in Kowloon, where the cages can be seen directly connected with bio-storage cans containing some kind of chemical, possibly Nova-6. The Denizens have to originate from something. I mean they can have been exposed to chemicals, radiation, genetically modified or I dunno what but they must have had a source. An original animal where they are derived off. I bet these animals were monkeys. This because the cages have the exact same size as those holding monkeys seen in other labs, one of those labs (the Pentagon) later being used under Broken Arrow operations. The research applied on monkeys at the Pentagon could easily have been transferred to Hanford, where they continued the project. Keep in mind the Denizens have a long tail and hand-like feet, just like monkeys. Their skulls, as can be found at the Hunter's Cabin in Tranzit, resemble those of apes. And lastly, remember the reoccuring pressence of monkeys and apes in Call of Duty's Zombies mode... Among the various boxes and crates encountered in the Pack-a-Punch room, some hold a suspicious symbol on them: This is the State Quality Mark of the USSR, used from 1967 till 1991. So Broken Arrow was shipping in goods from the Soviet Union during the Cold War? Goods that might have assisted with the creation of the Denizens? These same boxes also include the arrow symbol for 'this side up', as well as the code 'BEPX'. Next to these boxes, the laboratory also holds cannisters including some type of radiactive and biohazardous compound, perhaps the same as seen in Clarke's lab. Anyway, the Soviet involvement in all this fits very well with another odity we can encounter in Tranzit: the Russian words and sentences. Personally, I can find merely two of these but it is rumoured that there is a third one somewhere as well: 'Zarashjeno', meaning infected or contaminated. 'Kontrolno-dozimetritsjnij "DITJATKI" ' meaning Control-dosimetry "CHILD". Ditjatki, or Child, is also a village located in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Dosimetry refers to the calculation of ionizing radiation, fitting very well with the 'Green Run' theme in this map. The third one is supposed to say 'through 500m', which could be tied with the underground digging Denizens. But feel free to take this sentence with a grain of salt. Another interesting thing about these sentences is that they all reappear in Ascension (or rather they reappeared in Tranzit). Is the ressearch performed at the Cosmodrome continued or replicated at Hanford? Another connecting item between the two maps (and I am surprised no one ever talked about this) is the appearance of the number '22708' in both maps, largely written on the wall. In Tranzit, it can be seen in the Power Station, in the tight hallway when walking from the lava pit to the power switch. What it means, however, je ne sais pas. Now we know the American government performed steps to cooperation concerning 115-experimentation with foreign governments. They tried to reason with president Castro from Cuba during the Five intro cutscene, but looking at the 'International Zombies Centre' in Shanghai they might have accomplished cooperation pacts with China and possibly the Soviet Union as well. There can be find crates with both Russian and Chinese symbols in Shangri-La, a location that is also on the Broken Arrow map in Alpha Omega. So perhaps Broken Arrow went global. That would explain the seemingly involvement of Russian scientists in Hanford as well. The early prototypes of the Denzins could be created at the Pentagon, Kowloon or Rebirth Island. I am even thinking of a possibility that Daniel Clarke's lab could have been evolved into the Broken Arrow station we know as 'Die Rise'. Would explain the pressence of the Bios there (which could be early Denizens). Question remains: Why did they want to create Denizens? And why there, in the middle of rural Washington? As for the abilities of the Denizens the very location might be the key.... Has anyone ever heard about Mel's Hole? I recommend reading this extensive thread if you're interested but I can summarize it here. Basically, it is about a farmer named Mel Waters who bought a piece of land in Washington. Old local rumours condemned this area as 'cursed', sensing a force of evil, but Mel bought it nontheless. He discovered a bottomless pitt on the land, a supposed 'gateway to another dimension', resulting a many extraordinary things that would happen to him. The most notably and infamous one was the reviving of his dead, buried dog, who happily roamed over Mel's land after he was sure he had thrown his dead body into the hole (rezurrecting ability of 115, anyone?). One day, federal agents from the state appeared at Mel's house and buyed off his land. Ever since, 'alien activities' are said to be seen in the area, which is now a sciencific station of the government. So we've got a secret station in rural Washington, built upon 'magic lands'? Sounds like it is located at or near our beloved Hanford site, doesn't it? Back to the Denizens: the reason why Broken Arrow kept experimenting with these twisted abominations was most likely their ability to form portals. Mell's hole is by some, including himself, believed to a gateway to either Hell or another dimension. Over the entire world there are lots of folklores about a variety of holes and wells leading straight to Hell. One thing that came in my mind was the magic well in Buried. Jumping in this hole doesn't only produce the same sound as jumping into a Denizen hole, it even has the same effect: teleporting to an area nearby in the blick of a second, without animation. I've always considered the basic system behind this the same as the Denizen portals, but I just stumbled upon something interesting. You see, this wasn't the end of Mel Water's bizarre adverture. After having lost his land in Washington, he travelled to the badlands of Nevada where he would claim to have found a second mysterious hole. One day one of his sheep came to close to the pit which caused the poor animal to be stunned. The beast made sounds that could only be compared to the shrieks of terror, eventually killing the sheep. Upon autopsy, Waters discovered a tumor-like blob in the intestines. Some men that witnessed this event also stated that the tumor seemed to be moving through the organs, as if something was pushing out from within. Waters decided that the tumor needed to be cut open, but upon doing so they releasing a creature that is described as looking like a “fetal seal with haunting human-like eyes” connected to the tumor inside the sheep with an umbilical cord. For a couple of time, the humans and abomination stared each other in the eyes untill the creature dove back into the bottomless hole. The men left behind stunned. It is said that it later was often encountered by the local people who made it near the hole during nighttime... That terrifying creature....a Denizen? Or perhaps that what is crossed with a monkey to form a Denizen? Similar to Denizens, it seems to live subterrean and have large eyes. Now either these demons already lived the these holes, these entrances to a dimension beneath ours, or Broken Arrow really did create them, and the hole in Nevada was connected with the holes in Hanford. Broken Arrow created the Denizens, the Denizens escaped, dig holes and portals that are connected to the hole in Nevada. But how can this be connected with the Magic Well in Buried? Might I remind you that the frontier mining town in Buried didn't originate from Angola. Temporal Rifts caused it to end up there, but it originated somewhere from the US, most likely the midwest. Why not Nevada? From Jeb Brown's radios, we know that the town was built near a mine where 'strange, blue metal' could be found. As far as we know is Nevada the only location in the US where a deposit of 115 is found, and it would really tie with the Old West style the town has. So if the Town, including the Magic Well, originated from Nevada, is this Mell Water's second 'Well to Hell'? The 'nameless, unexplained creature' that haunts and possibly even generated the portal, the one encountered by Mell, is a Denizen! Victis use their portals to not only teleport within Tranzit, but also in Buried. And perhaps these holes in Washington and Nevada (now Angola) are also connected with each other, explaining Victis' sudden appearance in the US again after Buried. And if the holes do not only transport you through space, but potentially also through time (cuz, y'know, the dimension we talk about is the Aether), it might even explain the NAVcard Paradox! Only that that buggers me is the mechanism behind the formation of the portals. Denizens are seen digging without creating a portal when not under the green light, so I suspect the green light is essential. Perhaps the wavelenght of this specific green light causes a chemical reaction with something the Denizens emit? Or perhaps the soil they dig unto leaves behind such a quantity of radioactive isotopes (Green Run purposedly polluted the area with radioactive compounds and potentially 115 as well) that react with the energy captured within the photons in the green light? Leave your thoughts!
  9. Got these images from internet, but will try to get some myself in-game as well later. Awesome you're on this, Cal! Additionally, maybe this thread can help: https://www.callofdutyzombies.com/topic/179750-mesopotamia-babylon-and-the-first-civilizations/ I assume you already noticed the similarity between Sumerian and Keeper alphabeth, and I guess solving the language isn't that easy, but it might be of assistence. Good luck!
  10. Never liked that map. Every game I played on it is exactly the same, with or without good teammates. For an ancient castle it has way too much shining screens and devices, even for a Group 935 station. I guess this map was, in my opinion, Treyarch's first real step to fiction. I mean, sure, SoE and quite some other maps had aliens and stuff as well but it fitted do well in those maps. Im not of the opinion it fits with DE. On top of that, I find the map too easy, espessially how easy it is to get the wonderweapon (and every player, even). I cannot really explain it and I understand why alot of people like it. But me, I dunno, the gameplay and whole atmosphere, I really dislike it. And Ive played it often enough to be sure of that opinion. Possibly my least favourite map ever. @KronoriumExcerptB What's up with your placement of Moon?
  11. Nice idea! Made my own as well. I excluded CotD as I've never played it yet, and I got my hands just recently on BO4 and the Chaos maps so I haven't explored everything there yet. Anyway, my current view:
  12. Probably old new but I never noted this in the Black Ops intel files: So Rebirth Island, the very home of the Soviet variant of Nova-6, is also home to continuing research of the Japanese Unit 731? Could be either a hint to Division 9 and the possibility that there is experimented with 115 at Rebirth Island, or to possible Japanese influence in the creation of Nova-6 during WW2. Or perhaps were the Soviets also experimenting with combining Nova-6 and Element 115
  13. Okay this stuff goes deep. There is a guy named J.C. King at the CIA, a Colonel. He is known to have contact with Ryan Jackson, the supervisor of Richard Kain. So there is a guy at the CIA who had an account that contained intel of the Marine's squad send to Verrückt, who is also said to have had contact with the outlaw Hudson and is believed to pass over information to Richard Kain. Could this D. King be a pseudonyme for J.C. King? Or maybe I'm just seeing ghosts? From the BO1 intel it appears that J.C. King, Richard Kain and Ryan Jackson cooperated as a team during all Nova-6, Drakovich, Kravchenko and Steiner-related events. And after this they initiated Operation Charybdis, first believing that Mason, Hudson and the crew were hiding in South Africa and after that in Johannesburg. Johannesburg is known to have been where Doctor Clarke's brother lived and thus a possible hideout of Doctor Clarke. Since that guy is dead, maybe Mason's crew was still tracking down Nova-6 related things? Why would the CIA disapprove this?
  14. Will look at it when I'm sober tomorrow. Already look forward to it!
  15. Minor update. Added Cal-style references
  16. That's a whole accomplishment! Damn never looked that good at the details of in-game models. Awesome game WWII is, though
  17. Unfortunately, dont have my favourite CoD on PC. Good luck finding teammates, though!
  18. Awesome post, Cal and Eric, you are rightfully the User of the Month! Brains to this thread, and also Asylum approved! I'm curious to the Blood's quote, 'Light and Darkness reunite', does that concern Dr. Monty and Mr. Rapt? And if so, why are they referred to as light and dark respectively while they are both pretty much the same, just different sides of the conflict. Anyway, one thing that remains interesting me is the actual Great War, or War of Agartha as it is called in the Timeline, and it's relevance to mythologies and religions outside the fictional realm of Zombies. For a long time, and I presume that idea holds tight today as well, we've assumed that the tales about Ancient Aliens, the Keepers and Apothicans, are what sparked mankind for their idea of terms like 'Gods', 'Heaven' and 'Hell'. But also, very prominently, 'a Great War'. Quite some time back Tac made a high quality thread about it which can be seen here, and I later made a low quality (back when I didn't really mastered english yet) post here. Thing is, there are connections between CoDZ's Great War and the Great War in many mythologies/religions. A lot of connections. For the Tales about the Scandinavian Ragnarok, the story of the war between Atlantis and Lemuria, the story about the Christians' perception on a Great War and a Flood that makes the old world disappear, Indian/Hindu tales about gods battling each other in flying pyramids, the Great War in the Vril-Ya mythologies and lastly, Lovecraft's stories about the Elder Gods and Old Ones, see the prior linked threads. I am therefore confident that this war between Monty and Rapt's split factions are the actual events where mankind has based their idea of an ancient war between gods upon. One thing buggers me though, which is that in the Vril-Ya mythos and the tales about Atlantis versus Lemuria, Agartha is created after the Great War. Another note is that in almost all tales, mankind already existed during this Ancient Great War. And then we've also got the following two quotes: "Once the Great War ended with the defeat of the Apothicons, the Keepers ascended to become the wards of all universes." - Kronorium Excerpt 654371979 "The Keepers, an ancient order, were being granted the wisdom to see beyond the limitations of their own realm. Even while the rest of mankind scrabbled around in the dirt, drinking their own piss, the Keepers took mantle of benevolent watchers." - Doctor Monty You see, I would like to consider the possibility that the Keepers didn't existed prior to the race of humans, but rather that they are humans. Or possibly aliens that came to Earth and were the beginning of our evolution, it doesn't matter. I think this old 'Mother Culture' was further developed than we currently are, but then the great conflict happened which made a faction later calling themselves the Keepers ascend while the Apothicans were defeated and banished. The rest of mankind was thrown back into our prehistory, from where our history books it will take over. Only tiny parts of what happened survived via tongue in the form of stories and mythologies. The 'Gods', the Keepers, remained involved in Earth's development, though, as they might have cared about the useless beings they once were theirselves, and they assisted us with developing agriculture and basic technology. Their appearance seeded our global religions. Merely a couple of constructions such as Shangri-La and the Pyramids of Giza remind us from our time before and during the Ancient Great War. If the Keepers truly once were human, I imply that evolution also affected them, as their appearance is naturally way different than ours. In the Crazy Place in Origins we might see an early 'in-between form', as the zombies there seem to be very humanoid with a slightly different shape of the head and large, carnivorous jaws. Eventually, their heads became bigger (see the skull in Shangri-La) and their jaws grew even more (see the Skull of Nan Sapwe). Their eyes disappeared and they became the Keepers we know today.
  19. "Feast little ones, FEAST! Oh, I mean, on mein way Dempsey!"

    "You're sick, Richtofen"


  20. I agree about the Kino Facility, as the Nova-6 Crawlers in Five are exactly the same as those in Kino, as well as your prior statement about Kino probably being located in West-Berlin. As for the less harmful effect, I guess this can be explained because the German variant (the version the US found in Kino) was less toxic (think about the gas in zombies and MP) than the later by Clarke stabilized form, used by the Soviets in e.g. the mission at Rebirth Island. Kennedy's GKNova6 report might imply that the US was developing a more toxic variant, though. They were,bhowever, the first to succesfully mix 115 with (the classic) Nova-6 leading to Layman's discovery. At least, that's what I think. So I assume there are three variants: *German Nova-6 which is also used by the Americans: encounteted in both zombies and multiplayer mode. *Soviet variant, "improved" by Daniel Clarke and a team of Soviet scientists in Kowloon, Rebirth Island and most importantly, Mouth Yamantau. Instantly lethal upon inhalation. *American variant, created by Layman. Addition of a 115-group to the original Nova-6 molecule, enabling the inhalation of Element 115. Usable for (undead) mindcontrol. Off topic, the presence of the Thundergun in Clarke's lab in Hong Kong implies that the chemitrist had connections with the Ascension Group: Yena, Gersch, Yuri or perhaps someone else. EDIT: Do you think 'Beware of the 6' is about this dangerous 6th version of Nova gas?
  21. Directly after Maxis gains control in Buried, he travels back to the moment on Moon where Sam had just exited the MPD, and took her soul to Agartha. Personally, I learned about the story bit by bit while scrolling through this site. The categories 'Research and Development' and 'Story Discussion' include all kinds of talk and theorizing about the story, and the absolute gems are located in the Asylum category, our tressurebox. But also dont hestitate to look under the category 'Treyarch' and select any map you'd like, to find threads talking in-depth about both story and strategy of those maps
  22. Amazing, didn't know about this all: Brains! A simulation within the universe, a gane within a game. Some of those quotes remind me a bit of Black Ops III's Nuketown, which always came over to me like some kind of simulation as well. Also that Woods programming Mason again is insanely sad. I mean, why always Mason? 935 possibly behind this? As far as we know, Group 935 was technologically the most advanced in the Agonia fracture, which is also the fracture where Broken Arrow showed Maxis their motto: "To open up new world". We've got a Die Glocke research that explores space-time here and a mysteriously disappeared Maxis as well. However, if it would truly be Maxis or Group 935 behind Blackout, how and why would he include all those Campaign characters who age from an era after Maxis, some even from the future. My guess: it is Broken Arrow. Or perhaps a joint cooperation with Maxis or some other from Group 935. Maxis took the DNA of the zombies characters, Broken Arrow of the Campaign. Who knows it has to do with the Nacht loading screen, where we can see countless characters sitting behind computers, seemingly in some kind of trance. Perhaps they are connected to a hub, which connects their thoughts into one sole simulation where they fight each other. Could be where that nexus quote is about.
  23. First of all: A hella lot of credits to @Tac whose comment I have used for a lot of the intel that follows. In fact, a lot of the Nova-6 part of this thread comes close to plagiarism of his ideas, and therefore I would like to dedicate this thread to Tacolai, my man. It is essential to know that the development and experimentation of the Nova gas and Element 115 took place simultary. What we know about Nova-6 is that work on the initial version of the gas began in January of 1943, when Adolf Hitler wanted "more unconventional solutions" to win the war. Throughout World War II, Dr. Friedrich Steiner did meticulous and frustrating work in chemical weapons, earning several degrees and eventually joining into the Wunderwaffen program via the Waffen-SS. The GKNOVA6 file named 'GK-0984242-p' and dated September 5, 1944, says that they were beginning on version 4 of the ‘Nova project', as the Germans call it, and the biggest issue they had was "still" stability of the chemical compound. The weapon never got used in-battle by the Nazi’s. However, we know that Group 935 and Steiner’s Nova Group cooperated at some point, as implied by the presence of the Nova-6 canisters in the Kino facility. The Kino Facility was all about mindcontrol over an undead army. Was it coincidence that they had stored some of the experimental Nova gas here? Patience and I will explain it all, first we’ll move on to the next historic era... After the war, the Major Dragovich of the Red Army cut a deal with Steiner to have Steiner hand over his research of the gas. On October 29, 1945, Dragovich captured Steiner, stranded within the Arctic Circle, and asked him about his involvement in what he calls the Giftiger Sturm project, the “Toxic Storm project”. Dragovich, Steiner, and Reznov all referred to this biochemical weapon as Nova-6, and the insignia that appeared on the containers it was held in was 'N6' with a swastika above it. While Harvey Yena, a former Group 935 member, created the Ascension Group, which focussed itself on continuing Group 935’s research of the mysterious Element 115, Gorki and Korolov created the GK Medical Company, an organisation that heavily cooperated with the Ascension Group. Sergej Korolev was one of the founding fathers of Russia’s rocket science and space program while Gorki focussed himself on research to chemical compounds, most notably Nova-6 with Steiner as lead of it. Additional proof for the cooperation between GK and the Ascension Group is that we have intel [1] that says that Drakovich organized the Ascension Group (while Yena was the creator and appointed as head). Drakovich is also known in the Black Ops Campaign to be heavily involved in the Nova-6 development, attack on the US and, interestingly, mindcontrol of sleeper agents (of which I believe one is located in Hanford). [2] In 1964, a chemical engineer named Doctor Daniel Clarke was hired to stabilize certain "volitale compounds" in Nova-6. It is believed that he succeeded, and it's confirmed that he then promptly escaped. He is credited with being the creator of the modern and highly dangerous Nova-6. A GKNOVA6 report details the chemical makeup of an unnamed nerve toxin, however the top of the page mentions "NOVA project.". It's interesting to note that the words are almost identical to the Wikipedia page for Sarin. GKNOVA6 File said: "(1) ████████ high volatility relative to similar nerve agents. ████████ one minute after direct ingestion of a lethal dose. ████████ atropine and pralidoxime, quickly administered are known to be ████████. (2) ████████ from ████████ Schrader, Ambros, Rüdiger and Van der Linde, ████████ connection to ████████." Now about Sarin: "Sarin has a high volatility relative to similar nerve agents. (...) Death may follow in one minute after direct ingestion of a lethal dose if antidotes, typically atropine and pralidoxime, are not quickly administered. (...) The compound, which followed the discovery of the nerve agent tabun, was named in honor of its discoverers: Schrader, Ambros, Rüdiger and Van der Linde." A screen in the cutscene to one of the campaign missions in Black Ops I shows that mixing Chemical 'A' with Chemical 'B' produces Nova-6. Now there is also a letter found in Kino der Toten, presumably from the Illuminati to Richtofen (unknown which one), which reads the following: “We have listed both Tabun and Sarin. Be wary of the Doctor. His involvement should be minimized if you want to make it out alive. We are not sure on how he achieved this time and place. Do what you must…” The note also includes the chemical formula of the nerve agents Tabun and Sarin, both being one of the most toxic gases existing, created by German chemists in the 30s. Couple this note with the GKNova6 file I quotes prior and I'd say that the chemicals 'A' and 'B' used in the manufacturing of Nova gas are Tabun and Sarin. Somewhere else in the Black Ops I Campaign one can find a poster of the periodic system encircling three elements involved with Nova-6: Sulfur, Rhenium, and Neodymium. (Fun fact: The ‘Brimstone’ from Kino’s wallwriting “Brimstone to Damnation” is another word for Sulfur). Note that Tabun and Sarin are molecules while Sulfur, Rhenium and Neodymium are elements. The elements might even be the connecting compounds generating covalent bindings between Tabun and Sarin. Perhaps that is the chemical formula of the original Nova-6 gas! Somewhere else in the NOVA project report of GKNOVA6 says that the effects of the gas "resemble those of sarin, tabun, and soman, but that a chemical analysis indicates attempts had been made to introduce a latent component into the gas." According to a GKNOVA6 document signed by President John F. Kennedy on July 21, 1961 [3], the United States was conducting research on variants of "Tabun, Sarin, Soman, and an unknown gas of possibly far greater potential for devastation." Of all nerve agents, Tabun, Sarin, Soman and thus, the ‘unknown gas’ (a.k.a. Nova-6), toxicologically work actually the same. They belong the same family of nerve gases, if you will, namely those that inhibit the enzyme AChE (acetylcholinesterase). This is an enzyme that breaks down neurotransmitters, chemicals that are released between neuron cells and pass over a stimulus between your brain and muscles (movement), but also within your brain (thoughts). If a nerve gas inhibits enzyme AChE, this will lead to the increase of both the level and duration of action of neurotransmitters. A constant action potential to all of your muscles and brain cells. This, of course, causes instant death. During the Call of Duty Zombies story, we constantly see scientists trying to master and control the mind of an undead army: Group 935, Division 9, the Ascension Group and Broken Arrow. I am willing to believe the latter came the closest to it, as we can hear in a radio found in Classified. As a lot of Nova-6 canisters can be spotted in the Sourthern Laboratory under the Pentagon, the community already concluded that this ‘gaseous state’ of the 115th Element might be a combination with Nova-6. This would also tie extremely well with Nova-6 canisters being at the Kino ‘mindcontrol’ Facility, and the fact that GK Medical Company (Nova-6) had such close ties to the Ascension Group (115). But is this sciencific explainable? Element 115 is, as we know, a direct bridge of our mind to the Aether and it’s occupants. Usually and in normal conditions, the element appears to be in a solid, cystalline structure, though we have experienced other state of matters: Take Origins’ conversion generators, that seem to convert the energy present around the Dig Site (possibly because of the underground pyramid and ‘Potential Gateway’ there) into Element 115 is aqueous form. Or the water in Zetsubou no Shima infected with tiny particles or ions of 115, which we see can be converted into energy by the plants which is used as temporary power in the labs. Injection (see Richtofen’s testsubjects and APD interrogation) or consumption (see Stuhlinger and the Flesh) can establish a link with the aether occupant, and while it can change certain characterisms and lead to personality disorder, it won’t cause full mindcontrol. Apartenly, (an essential quantity of ) 115 is not present at the right site for that, which is logic, because most toxicants won’t pass the Blood-Brain-Barrier which defends your brain and nerves from external chemicals. However, the binding with Nova-6 generates a molecule that is actually able to establish mind control, but only for a dead person when it is inhaled while he was living, according to Doctor Layman. As you remember, Nova-6 is possibly an AChE inbitor, causing overstimulation of your nerve system. Adding 115 to it, the Aethereal occupant might be able to manipulate and influence it, almost like a binary system: ‘On’ and ‘off’. If that would be correct, @Mattzs wasn’t that far off with his idea of mesmerism and galvanism having an essential role in the reanimating machinery of the undead. The Aethereal occupant is the organ grinder, the zombies the monkey, or marionettes. This explains why controlled zombies never stop to eat their prey: it's the controller who actually selects and pursues the targets via the zombies. The controller is "rational," not animalistic and uncontrolled. I also would like to note something @NaBrZHunter noted a while back: Neurons work electronic, and every electronic field generates a magnetic field: Electromagnetism. Now we come back to our discussion in the Leyline topic, where we’ve reached talk about chakra, auras and our vital force being part of manipulative ethereal energy. From now on I rather like to leave it over to discussion, though si one thing I would like to share. Remember the identical wounds every zombie in Tranzit has, in the back of the neck. As this map takes place at a Broken Arrow station, it makes sense. Though Layman might never have survived the Pentagon outbreak and the actual formation of Broken Arrow, his research concerning 115’s effect on the brain is known among the American government. These wounds indicate scientists have surgically opened the spine or possibly brainstem. Did they want to implant something in there which is connected with the nearby mindcontrol tower? Additional sources (credits to @RadZakpak and Tac): ASCENSION BYE 0108-56 ASCENSION GROUP EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1. The Ascension Group is a coalition of former scientists from the German Wunderwaffe program and Group 935. These scientists have been co-opted and organized by Soviet General Dragovich for the purposes of pushing forward Soviet weapons development. 2. The Lead is one Fredric Steiner and his focus was on the NOVA 6 program. He and the remnants of the Wunderwaffe scientists disappeared on 29 Oct 1945 near the Arctic Circle. Around the same time, the Soviet Operation designated "Olympus" consisted of the 3rd Shock Army Special Operations unit led by General Dragovich. 3. British Intelligence records state that MI-6 had a commando unit in the general vicinity but refuse to disclose the details of their presence there ASCENSION TOP SECRET HANDLE VIA BYEMAN TALENT KEYHOLE CONTROL SYSTEM Locations of all Nova-6 sleeper cells, as seen in the Yamantau laboratory. Note the dot in what I believe is Hanford, Washington state. FROM: The White House TO: [REDACTED] July 21, 1961 SUBJECT: Transmission from a suspected numbers station near the [REDACTED] embassy containing alarming and cryptic references. Research appears to be underway involving variance of Tabun, Sarin, Soman and an unknown gas of possibly far greater potential for devastation. Every member of the S.O.G. team in the field should be briefed. Yesterday, a new transmission involving Plutonium and Uranium was also intercepted but was lost before the transmission was completed. All foreign agents listening to numbers stations should be vigilant to those keywords. Recent chatter has reached a fever pitch. CIA operatives have been assigned to the program, and the additional support is requested. Have all reports forwarded to the White House and present an interim review of the situation no later than July 31, 1961. /s/ John F. Kennedy
  24. Oh neat! What was your first map ever? And your favourite?

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