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  1. Somehow I find this the most masculine and simple type of pasta, so it would definately fit with him
  2. Oh noooo, you did it again I laughed all the way from the beginning to the end. The most touching thing I found is his lack of having a life and his raison d'etre being that of solely fighting wars. Yet, I am convinced that no man is born with a lack of empathy, and to explain Wood's case I think we should go to his youth. Being a teenager while participating in the Korean War must have exposed him to countless traumatic experiences, making him the man who he is. Attempting to keep up his pride, he buries these trauma's and hides his true thoughts to everyone, merely acting laconic about it. As time passes and his brain rots, his mental state worsens causing him to became a manifestation of his own act: The true fearless soldier. However, other people disgust of his envy and lust for blood and violence and see him as a freak. This leaves Woods to continue living this fake character, the path is irreversable. Trauma after trauma, his mind is lost and he truly becomes the actor that he always played. His life is a lie. These are the true layers of the onion. This thread is a confirmation that clearly you have an odd obsession to flesh out characters this deep, just like you did with that poor Maxis. Woods has no life, just like his fans...
  3. I know about Hyena, but how does he refer to Kuda anc Crocuta?
  4. Ah cool, that must be near Lake Erie. Got some family at that shore. You seem like a genuinely friendly person, glad the Discord worked
  5. Of course, here you go! https://discord.gg/dPDHgDXq Please let me know if this link won't work either. From what state in the US are you from, if I may ask?
  6. Heyo @Hot Ross Buns, welcome to the site! You'll find more activity & people looking for a group on our Discord. Glad to have you here, perhaps we can play one time!
  7. Good to hear something of you again. Yes that skeleton man is odd, could it be Zykov?
  8. Good question! First lets start with a short summary of the Dragons' appearance in Outbreak. To complete a "Dragon Relic", one needs to activate the following machine: Activate it by pressing a button to "start feeding time" which will make a Dragon's head appear from the central apparatus. You need to kill zombies which makes the Dragon chew and consume its corpse, resulting in the filling of the tank with something looking like Zombies elixer: This isn't unlike charging the MPD in Moon, except the colour is now purple instead of blue (Purple Exo-Element 1 instead of Blue Element 115?). Now bear in mind that the Dragons consume the zombies to trap their souls as an essence (or perhaps even more likely: consume the souls and trap the Life Force that was used to "stick/attach" the souls to the physical body of the undead). Mythological creatures that are said to consume souls do not actually eat them, but "consuming" is often used for transporting them to another plane. Collecting souls from the physical body and transport them to Afterlife, or in this case more likely: the Dark Aether. When the Dragon ascends from this plane, away it will take the souls. To the Dark Aether. I think the whole device built around is what makes this primordal "soul collecting force" which we perceive as a Dragon appear. EDIT: There is intel about how the Dragons can convert energy into objects (loot chests). Perhaps the device is constructed to assist us, the Dragon "soul collecting, energy converting" mechanism is exploited by Zykov to give us better weapons & loot in a similar way to how the Dragon heads in Der Eisendrache assisted us to form the Bow of the Ancients.
  9. There is a premiere of new gameplay today? Could you tell me where you have seen this?
  10. Yeah, we got old intel that directs at the Nazi scientists retreating to "Germania" which was Hitler's futuristic dream of what Berlin would become. Maybe Germania is a Nazi city located at Berlin, but at the 'other side'? Also curious what role the Inversion Rockets will play.
  11. Yeah, good notion on how Revelations did the same! As for Der Riese, it is officially located in Southwestern Poland rather than Berlin, so I guess it won't make an appear in Mauer der Toten. In the CW Campaign, we have encountered the model of the Kino chandeliers and the Verrückt fountain, so these could be easily be re-used. I'm also interested in the backstory of the Berlin location. Die Maschine was ground zero for the Dark Aether intrude into our realm, Firebase Z and Outbreak were mere "random" Dark Aether infection sites that were subsequently used as research facilities for Omega Group. But how about Berlin? I doubt there will be a secret research station in the middle of a large city populated by both NATO and Warsaw Pact troops. How did the outbreak here begun, or was it also a mere accidental dimensional rift?
  12. Within a couple of weeks we will be introduced to a brand new Zombies map - Mauer der Toten - the name pretty much confirming it's location: The Berlin Wall of the Dead. Our boy @PINNAZ made some wild predictions on the Discord. In the Campaign, our encounter with the Berlin Wall was via a so-called 'Ghost Station'. The West-Berlin U-bahn, the underground metro, went from North to South passing through tunnels underneath East-Berlin. As the city was divided with the wall, the old metro stations in East-Berlin were closed for public and the West-Berlin metro would from now on not stop there. Being unused and abandoned for many years, these stations fell into disrepair setting a perfect eerie atmosphere for a zombies map. The image above is the U-bahn map found in the campaign, the Berlin wall indicated with the bright grey lines. If the developers were to re-use the Ghost Station we see in campaign, this is the Weinmeisterstrasse station. Now look where that U-bahn line ends... The Berlin neighborhood of Wittenau, known for the Wittenau Sanatorium which is to us also known as Verrückt. The train station is right in front of the gates of the asylum. Of course these are mere speculations, but how cool would it be if Verrückt would be accesible in Mauer der Toten? Kino der Toten has also been a popular suspect of appearing in the map, due to its close proximity to the Wall. Would Mauer der Toten be a map consisting of various areas (Kino, Verrückt), connected via ghost stations and a metro line? Since Warzone has an underground metro in it, the developers wouldn't be too unfamiliar with the concept. What do you think (and hope)? Leave a comment.
  13. Ever since Die Maschine we have been introduced to a giant creature of some kind, something stalking in the dark woods. We quickly learned that there was more than one of such creatures. We also learned that they were worshipped by others. In Firebase Z, the behemoths were finally revealed to us as the "Orda's". Giant monstrosities that seem to roam the landscape of the Dark Aether, composed of the corpses of fallen humans. But where do they originate from? Notice how the Stranger uses the words "Overlords" and "Elder Gods" in his documents to describe the Ordas, both words being used to describe the giant Apothicon creatures as well. But their appearance looks so different, so how could that be? Now it should be said that the Apothicon Overlords were never really attached to any physical shape. Residing in the Dark Aether beneath creation, the entities initially likely didn't possess any physical shape at all. The only times we encounter an actual Overlord is when they have re-entered creation once more: In Revelations where they have entered Agartha and are quickly pumping rocks of 115 through portals of space-time, the monster in the distance at Zetsubou no Shima, the Apothicon corpse at the bottom of the ocean in Tag der Toten, and the cephalopod that appears in the sky in Shadows of Evil. Now bear in mind that ever since the ending of Tag, the Dark Aether is not non-physical anymore. By single-handedly using the Agarthan Device to destroy the Aether, many realms and objects of seperate universes got banished to the eternal void, like a landfill of old dimensions. The Elder Gods saw this as an opportunity to become physical within their own realm and thereby increasing their abilities and power. The Stranger describes his observation of worshipping of the Orda's. This could be done by living humans, as @SilasBlackfyreproposed the idea that the Elder Gods may trick people in believing they are some kind of traditional god like Czarnobog in Poland or Quý Lúa in Vietnam, similar like how the Shadowman/Nyarlathotep tricked people into performing Apothicon rituals. The rituals may also be performed by mindless undead, sacrificing their own dead bodies to become components of the Elder Gods' new vessel: the Orda's. Like one massive body but lacking the common veins and connecting tissue, merely seperate corpses acting as components of this larger being acting under the Elder God's Hivemind, all connected through it's dark energy. Now we have discussed how the Apothicon Elder Gods could possibly have become the Orda's, you may still be curious to the true origins of these entities. I was planning to make a video on that, and although my PC has crashed in the meantime, I do hope I can continue working on that soon and post it on CoDZ's Youtube channel. If you would like to read it in advance, you can find the script here:
  14. Woohooo! Thanks for performing the bracket, its good you did it again because the winner wasn't even released yet the last time this bracket was taken. Still though...metal, not my piece of cake
  15. I'm with Carnage Evoker here and go for I am the Well and Abracadavre. The latter one because I prefer its melody over 115. I am the Well I like in general more than Shockwave
  16. Thorougly enjoyed it, nicely done. So cool that the two main stories are so different, Schuster's part being more alike to Book 1 and Ultimis' part being vastly different. I think I said it before but you can really "live into" your characters. I automatically hear the voices of Ultimis upon reading their part, and I know exactly what type Schuster and Bush are.
  17. Then you are at the right place, welcome to CoDZ! Are you familiar with previous parts of the Zombies story? Have you listened to some Intel already?
  18. Neat, so you have created an account. You may find yourself actually making a real post or theory one time, you filthy parasite
  19. Finland eh, just like our old boy @jiipee95. Is Resident Evil good? Never played any game of it
  20. How about this link? Join the Call of Duty Zombies Discord Server! DISCORD.GG Check out the Call of Duty Zombies community on Discord - hang out with... Sadly, I am no PC gamer myself. Since what time are you playing Zombies? And from what region are you, Baltic, Black Sea or Mediterranean, if I may ask? I'm just always interested in people's country/region of origins
  21. As indicated on the Discord by @PoppaQuad yesterday, a shrine can be found in the village in the map Firebase Z. As we know, Omega Group decided to chose the A Shau valley in Vietnam as the major mining and exploration compound from where they'd enter the Dark Aether. This I find interesting, as it would be much easier for them to operate within Soviet borders. The reason they chose Vietnam instead is explained by Peck: "Personal Log. Peck. November 9th, 1983. Two days ago, I identified and submitted the *perfect* location for Phase 2." "After assessing the dimensional breach outside of Khe Sanh, I found a mountaintop formerly occupied by an American base called "Ripcord." It has the ideal dimensional... *fertility* to suit our project's needs." It appears that the Ripcord station, the American military base we encounter in Cold War's Campaign, has the perfect dimensional narrowness. The veil to the Dark Aether is thinnest here, so to say. But is this pure coincidence, or can there be found any mythological reason for this? Perhaps the local folklore and mythos can assist us. And so I took a look to the shrine in Firebase Z, featuring a typical 'Spirit tablet'. I don't know if it will give any answers, but I posted a screenshot of the village's shrine on the reddit translator and got the following (credits to reddituser McHaro). Inner couplet (the inner two rows): 五方五土龍神 The dragons and spirits of the five directions and five landscapes. (Five directions are: North, west, east, south, and central. Five landscapes: Mountainous forests, rivers, hills, flat land near water, low-lying land. It also reminded me of the "direction cardinals" that are mentioned in the CotD Vril map and the five Aztec direction gods mentioned in the Moon loading screen.) 前後地主財神 The spirits of wealth, chiefs of the area, front and rear Outer couplet (the outer two rows): 土能生白玉 - Earth can bear white jade 地可出黃金 - Ground can produce yellow gold (Implies the produce from the ground is as precious as treasure) On the jar: 生永和 - the living being harmonious forever On the other jar one can see a dragon. Dragons were sacred creatures in Vietnamese folklore, although I do not necaserily see a connection with the Dark Aether.
  22. @Lenne Lenne Lenne, why are you so Penne

    1. Lenne


      i feel attacked

  23. 1. Dead Flowers - I like the atmosphere of this one, the domber tone. Now, I am no metal fan but I judge Zombies music tracks for their addition to map's atmosphere, and Dead Flowers certainly does that. 2. - 3.The Gift - this track was composed for the final map of Black Ops III and I think it certainly deserves that place 4. A tough one, I intend to go for Abracadavre but that is probably only due to nostalgia. 5. 115. 6. The One, much better to my opinion. 7. Dead Again, I like the guitar riff 8. Shockwave: due to the story behind it
  24. Brains to that, that looks amazing! Espessially those dragon heads I imagine are tough. Nicely done!
  25. It can be accessed here: https://discord.gg/XQHZafSS Good luck with gathering a team!
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