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  1. Thak Rad! What do you mean by this?
  2. Thinking about this story gave me the idea that Geistkraft is very similar to Vril. Both forces are capable of healing and rezurrecting the undead. Both forces are originating from civilisations connected with Hollow Earth. The Thule society, the organisation behind the idea that the Aryabs originate from the mythical Thule, sought connections with Vril. Geistkraft seems to flow through the human nerves and brain. It seems like, at least, Sledgehammer found inspiration at Vril.
  3. A summary of the entire story! Note the word summary, as there are a lot of less important points I haven't included: the story of ''Red Riding Hood'', the history of Hyperborea and the Aryans and the backgrounds of the characters. Also note: Alot of text I have copy/pasted of CoD Wiki pages. All I did is pasting it all together and rewriting it a bit. Still: Enjoy!
  4. Craig Houston involved...does that mean they're gonna story-talk? I'm at college at that time, however, so I cant watch it
  5. anonymous

    Grenade Talk

    Phew...round 40 sounds high to me. My top rounds dont hardly get beyond round 30. I don't own BO4 so I cannot answer your questions. I'll post my own opinions about other grenades in the CoDZ series, however, and I would like to hear yours and other people's as well, if you would like to. One thing you must know is that I am absolutely no tactican/stategist. Frag grenade: the Classic. I use it to create crawlers, and throw them into tight hallways when filled with packs of zombies. Kinda the usual thing. S-mine: Very usefull! I buy them in the classic maps and plant them in the ground to create several 'escape routes' for when I get stuck on my training route. Monkey bomb: Most of the time I forget I own these wonderweapon after obtaining them from the Magic Box. If I remember in time, however, it is a very helpfull tool. Matryoshka doll: I absolutely love the idea behind this: A nationality-related special weapon only obtainable in one specific map: Ascension. The same would go for the Sickle, though that one can be found in Call of the Dead as well. The practical usage of the Matryoshka, however, isn't that great. Many times I manage it to commit unintended suicide with it. Still, a nice addition of Treyarch. Gersch device: Kinda the same with what I typed at 'Monkey bomb'. Q.E.D.: The funniest grenade in my opinion. And the most dangerous one... Many times I use this grenade I still discover new capabilities of it...many times causing my own death. EMP grenade: Or better known as the troll grenade in Grief. Don't use it alot in TranZit/survival mode, though I like it for not being overpowered. Quite the contradictionary, actually. Time bomb: The concept is good, though most times I use it I travel too much to the past so I don't really feel like continuing the game anymore. It really fits with the map, however.
  6. Ever since CoD's "split" between Infinity Ward and Treyarch, most of the fanbase community seemed to have sided behind Treyarch. For some reason, liking one automatically means disliking or even hating the other one: Infinity Ward seems to be in an everlasting drowning state, drowning in the hate. I remember the trailer of Infinite Warfare being one of the most disliked Youtube videos. Ever. Before launch, that game already had no change of succeeding. Sledgehammer joined the CoD developers in 2014, being introduced to the fans with their first game: Advanced Warfare. Though it introduced exosuits, an item that would inspire the other developer studios in later games, the game, among with its creator was found to be neutral. Slightly negative maybe. As the newbie, Sledgehammer was never really accepted in the CoD family. Admitted, Treyarch's older creations are fantastic: I absolutely love the Campaign and Multiplayer of World at War and Black Ops. On top of that, they introduced our beloved Zombies Mode. But ever since they threw theirselves in the futuristic theme, I can't find myself to enjoy their games anymore. Possibly due to their early creations, the fans mostly adore Treyarch, sadly meaning that the other studios are looked down upon. While Infinite Warfare's MP might have been a bit Tom & Jerry-ish, I actually really enjoyed it. Not to speak of the Campaign and Zombies mode. Whether you like it or not, you have to admit that it really was its own thing. Unique. I truly hope the Treyarch/CoD fanbase, as this mostly is the same, will give IW's next installment a genuine chance. Sledgehammers latest game, WWII, is a game I absolutely love. Considering the Campaign, okay, I first wasn't so positive about it. But recently continuing it, I found quite some missions really unique in it's way (for example, S.O.E. and Liberation), not being the usual 'shoot everything and advance' thing. WWII's MP is the only MP ever I really want to play as long as I can. In the early days, I even found myself hooked on it, which never happened before. My opinion of the Nazi Zombies mode is that it is the most underrated zombie mode ever. The gameplay is almost like Outlast and CoD had a baby. The story is just everything I wish Treyarch would do: Based on real events, not too much fantasy/unreal things and including enough empty space for the theorists to theorize about: Not about how the story continues, but rather about what already happened. Now concerning Treyarch... **cracks knuckles** Why is it that it seems that Treyarch is all the CoD fanbase cares about? Okay, people don't only like them: When Youtube and Reddit folks say something bad about Treyarch, humankind, a herd as we are, all follow them saying we have the same opinions. But it is still all about Treyarch's games, like they are the popular kid in the class. Why? I really wish people could set theirselves off of Youtubers and other community folks concerning their opinion. Playing Devil's Advocate. Go against the flow and give Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer a chance, without their opinions being manipulated by the internet. You'll see, you might enjoy their games as well
  7. anonymous

    An opinion about CoD's developers and the herd

    Ah, thank you for correcting me. I rolled in here not so long ago and I guess I know less about the old days than I thought I would. Haha, yep, so true. I can recognize myself in that latter thing.
  8. anonymous

    ~Zombies Hangman~

  9. Apparently there is the CoD Zombie labs symbol as camouflage on some Pack-a-Punched weapons in the map Classified. Does this mean these trailers, aging from the Black Ops I era, are confirmed to be canon? Appearing in the Pentagon, does this mean the Labs are American? Is it a part of the Broken Arrow program? This would actually make sense concerning some things seen in the trailers: The Nova-6 Crawlers and the Wavegun. We know the Americans experimented with the Nova-6 Crawlers (we even found blueprints in Classified) and they might have found the Wavegun in Griffin Station. Or perhaps they invented it. This raises in second question in my head: Did the Americans ever succeed in creating a stable and functioning Matter Transference link between Groom Lake and Griffin Station in the same moment (so no time travel). If so, the Zombie Labs in Griffin Station could very well be the American Zombie Labs from the trailers.
  10. anonymous

    The CoD Zombies Storybook

    A better birthday gift I couldn't wish from CoDZ! The horror of this chapter really got me. I dunno why, but I find wearing a blood-covered lab coat on a party and that monkey having a real skin rather than being a toy way more horrid than bloody organ-covered zombie slaughter. Gives me a real nasty feeling, next to the remaining ''brutal'' humour (similar to the Inglorious Basterds and Hatefull Eight Style). Good job
  11. anonymous

    ~Zombies Hangman~

  12. Audio Reel 1 Audio Reel 2 Audio Reel 3 Audio Reel 4 Audio Reel 5 Movie Reel 1 Movie Reel 2 Movie Reel 3 Movie Reel 4 Movie Reel 5 Stuhlinger Phone
  13. anonymous

    Call of Duty Zombie Labs now canon?

    It just popped in my head that the Zombie Labs might be Broken Arrow's predecessor. We know that Broken Arrow was created after the incident at the Pentagon. Zombie Labs could easily refer to the American sciencific group concerning with Element 115 before this.
  14. anonymous

    LFG DOA High Rounds

    Hmm, then it'll be at least next week I might be able to play (then Im back at my apartment). Dont know if its a problem but I dont have a mic. What country and timezone do you live? Btw, since you're new here I'm gonna ask you some questions, if you don't mind: What's your favourite map? Are you familiar with the story? Most importantly: Favourite Wonderweapon?
  15. anonymous

    The CoD Zombies Storybook

    Math is an absolute killer. Believe it or not, even in a biological study you cannot escape it. Recently had an exam in algebra (all in English), mostly about antidifferation and everything including that, but Im not good in it. Gave my neighbour a bottle of special beer and he explained everything to me better than any teacher (he's a physician), so lucky me I guess. If you got one specific part you dont understand, ask me, but in general I dont think I can help you. Best wishes man, I totally feel you
  16. anonymous

    The Last Classified Cipher Discussion

    I don't know. Wouldn't Monty wipe Primis out of that reality anyway, whether if the Shadowman escaped or not? Would be odd to let them live there if not the Shadowman came along. This mind boggling thing has mafe me think prior as well, and I still can't think of any explanation. Maybe due to Richthofen's soul being restored innocent as a child, protected in the House, Primis Richthofen is immune to the Dark Aether's corruptance. That would work the same for the other Primis characters. Maybe, if their souls weren't in the House, they would immidiately turn into victims of the Apothicans and become enslaved warriors of the Dark forces. It's interesting as well how Monty says about Maxis ''It wasn't really his fault, since he didn't had a soul'', while he doesn't say such thing about the soulless Primis, right? Does Monty ever (in Revelations) mention anything about Primis's souls/soullessness?
  17. anonymous

    LFG DOA High Rounds

    Wish I could help you mate. Unfortunately, i never get beyond that Temple Complex part. Hope you will find your fellow-slayers. Also, welcome to the Forums!
  18. anonymous

    The CoD Zombies Storybook

    The way you've written this chapter makes the story and it's characters very alive! How's school doing btw? Something with IT, right?
  19. anonymous

    The Last Classified Cipher Discussion

    Yeah Shadowman's arrival at the House was a bit different. Somehow, emitting the souls out of the Summoning Key goes manually, and as Richthofen didn't knew of Shadowman's presence in the artifact, he only let the souls of his testsubjects ascend from darkness. Shadowman was still in the key at that moment. It was after the soulless Primis' arrival in the House, as seen in the Revelations intro, where Shadowman could appeal Maxis to free him. I wonder, did the Shadowman's soul attach to Maxis's soulless body, transforming it in his own? Because we dont see Maxis anymore after this events
  20. anonymous

    The Last Classified Cipher Discussion

    It almost seems like Maxis became corrupted after the events of Moon, meaning that the quote of Maxis in Classified might've been uncorrupted (and his fear for Richthofen was genuine). We also have an alternative theory... I'm gonna guess these Rifts are the ancient portals opened with the music discs. Seems like Group 935's destination in every universe was to tear apart the linear multiverse. Yeah and technically spoken, it continues infinitely due to the cycle, but my point was that the Ultimis Richthofen was not the soul-carrying Richthofen. It must've been another one. Might be the reason why Richthofen got so easily corrupted when he touched the MPD. Spoken about the Gorod Krovi cutscene, I noticed that Richthofen made the orange Aurora-Borealis-thing in the sky open, teleporting the Ultimis souls (N, T and T) through it. Is it openable by the ancient Summoning Key artifact? Is it a gateway to the House in Agartha? Then why are they falling out of it at the beginning of that map. And why is is in the sky of Origins as well (though blue instead of orange)
  21. anonymous

    How do you want the Chaos story to go?

    I cant say it, because sadly I know nothing about the Chaos story. I don't know the character names, their goals, not even the sequence of the maps. Might dive into it one day, because I know there's a lot of interesting and reality-based stuff in it, though I better keep my hands offthe theorizing concerning this
  22. anonymous

    The Last Classified Cipher Discussion

    You came with some good points, and there are indeed theories Primis took Edwards soul in the Giant. However, this Timeline script proves otherwise. Nikolai even mentions they killed countless of other Richthofen's prior. Nikolai, Takeo and Dempsey even know that Primis Richthofen comes out of the MTD: They know what happens. They have experienced the creation of this split-off of the Original Universe many times before: the murder of Richthofen. There could be a possibility the OG universe is Dimension 2210, but if that would be the case, Richthofen's soul would ascend to Agartha together with Niki, Dempsey and Takeo's soul, after the Gorod Krovi Easter Egg. Instead of that, we know (from the Timeline AND the Origins cutscene) that Primis Richthofen brought little Eddy aka Richthofen's true soul to the House earlier. EDIT: Also, in the GK ending we actually see the souls of Nikolai, Takeo and Dempsey. We dont see Richthofen's
  23. anonymous

    The Last Classified Cipher Discussion

    Primis didn't absorbed Richthofen's soul in the Giant. According to the timeline, Primis Richthofen travelled to an unknown other dimension to secure Eddy's soul. I'm not sure about this as well. Maxis dragged his daughter into Agartha. Though, what happens when Richthofen gains control? Eternal damnation? How? Samantha's soul was left in Richthofen's body. Does Maxis knows something we yet do not know?
  24. anonymous

    The Last Classified Cipher Discussion

    Going back to the quote @funmw2 mentioned. Maxis speaks That one sentence got me: "If Richthofen gains control, there will be no turning back". What actually happens when Richthofen gains control. Like, ultimate control, post-Buried. The Original Universe will be destroyed, but what else will happen? Instead of opening and abusing the Rift's power, as Corrupted Maxis did, he will mend the Rift. Close it. I might be wrong, but this Maxis doesn't sound corrupted. Maybe he is either Maxis of that dimension before his soul got corrupted, or a Maxis from another universe. Corrupted Maxis' actions led to Origins, BO3 and the Cycle. Could Richthofen's path be a better alternative?
  25. anonymous

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    Really dont want to screw it up. A carefull P maybe?

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