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  1. @clueless Love it! I would genuine be fond on continuing the story this way: No further dragging but more in-depth explanations of what we encountered already. As for the maps: Plaza: Having a relatively small and simple map (like the Giant and Nuketown) in a game of larger and complicated maps is a pre, espessially to make new players get in touch with the basics of Zombies. A shopping centre sounds like the perfect location for various fun weapons that can be built from all the objects found in the shops. Think about the Jetgun, the Sliquifier, the Trample Steam, the Headchopper, etc. Preferable no overpowered wonderweapons and buildables, but ones with a fun effect. The setting itself isn't really scary but it could go the goofy way. Chateau en Ruine: We already had a castle map, so maybe this map could be set mainly on the land surrounding the castle. Normandy is famous for its dense hedgerows and fields, add a little darkness and mist and you've got your creepy atmosphere. Parts of Normandy also have a Celtic culture, which would perfectly fit with Origins' theme of ancient megaliths and menhirs. Perhaps adding an old Celtic cementary and make the castle severely ruined, with a broken roof etc, to make it very different than the 'high tech castle' that Der Eisendrache is. Qabr Almawtaa: This one is my favourite, creating a claustrophobic effect with all its narrow subterrean tunnels. Adding a certain dark music theme when the George Romero-like boss approaches, but not yet visible, would certainly contribute to the fear. The Pyramids of Giza are also believed to be a gateway to Agartha/Hollow Earth, so maybe adding deeper tunnels that lead to a room filled with lava (similar to Shadows of Evil's undercroft), or perhaps put the Pack-a-Punch machine here so the players can merely temporary stay there due to the lava. Stan rozpadu: Maps based on real events always do good. Chernobyl lays in an interesting area, and due to human evacuation much of the local rural areas, as well as the city Pripyat, are fully abandoned and overgrown by plants and trees. An abandoned Soviet city certainly provides a creepy atmosphere, espessially if you take in mind the nearby DUGA radar, which could be used as a Soviet Global Polarization Device. Perhaps Convergence and Ozzoth Arkatugua could collide as a single map, as I could see a connection between a deeply unstable dimension and entering the Dark Aether. Kinda similar to Origins and the Crazy Place, except that both realms would be equally large and extensive. The Dark Aether could provide an alien landscape which could be inhabited by all sorts of Apothicons including ones we havent seen yet.
  2. I think it's mostly what we see in the comics, ending with the Classified radios. It's origins, however, remain vague, as well as his ability to seemingly open up those blue portals (or is that Primis Richtofen's work?). Anyway, who knows what he did between the comics and Classified. Maybe he laid contact with Alcatraz's Warden, maybe he visited Morg City. He is another vague force that moves in the background the whole time.
  3. You think there was a reason Nero gained that book? Or did he accidentallu bumped upon it on a flee market in Morg City or something. Seems like the book, similar to Richtofen's diary and the Kronorium, gives the reader visions. Nyarlathotep, Lovecraft's interpretation of the Shadowman, is also said to give it's followers visions of destruction of the world. Do you think this book is influenced by the Shadowman or possibly its Overlords?
  4. Another fun thing to have is a game with relatively small maps set in the post-apocalyptic world after the events of Moon. These maps could be survival maps like Town, but could also include other gamemodes as originally planned for Black Ops II. It could be a Grief mode of Broken Arrow scientists versus SDC marines set in a Chinese skypscraper close to Die Rise, or a Tower Defense-like game set on top of the Mexican pyramid of the Moon, where 8 players have to defend the four stairs leading to the top of the temple. Various gamemodes where Maxis followers have to battle the Flesh. There will be no big interactive easter eggs but suple things like morse codes that give more information about the current state of the world.
  5. Interesting, Nero also mentions to have seen the Shadowman and the Summoning Key in his "dreams".
  6. Ohh, I really like these. SoE's mysteries are so underrated in my opinion. My personal assumption is that the boxes containing the Cthulu statues and the box containing the Summoning Key are the artifacts the Reporter had to find in the Pacific. After all, the sunken continent of Lemuria/Atlantis and the remnant of it, Pohnpei/Zetsubou, are also said to be the lair of an Apothicon monster (Cthulu) that is trapped there. Combining this with the myths of the Atlanteans going to Hollow Earth/Agartha, the supposed endless subterrean tunnel off the shore of Pohnpei and the hieroglyphics we see in Zetsubou, I think the lost Pacific continent was where the Apothicons were banished to the formless Aether. Bearing this in mind, this could be why the area is filled with Apothicon and proto-Keeper artifacts. In the Zetsubou intro we also see that the the Summoning Key almost falls off the boat in the ocean, only to be grabbed just in time by Takeo. Maybe this whole area is still cursed, and all the ancient artifacts try to find their way back to it. @RichKiller you said that in Lovecraft's "Dreams of the Witch House" an altar with statues of the Elder Gods, bones and a strange metal were used to bring to main character to travel to other dimensions (dreams), right? So maybe the Reporter was collecting all these artifacts and rocks of 115 from the Pacific and Siberia/Tunguaska river basin to make the altars in Morg City, which were needed to bring the Shadows crew to the twisted reality? Concerning the underground city, my guess is that it is an ancient Illuminati/Ancient Order city similar to Shangri-La but hidden under an American metropolis, or something alike. Clearly it hides an incarcarated Apothicon Rift Stone which, when falling in the wrong hands, opens a rift for the Apothicons. Edit: Another fun subject would be the role of the CDC and CIA, and Broken Arrows alignment with the SDC.
  7. Talking about Gersch + Ultimis potentially occuring in another fracture, there's that Ascension menu screen that once changed to a static television screen variant, nobody knows why. Could it have something to do with an alternate course of the events of Ascension? There's also this picture: I consider that bald man to be Gersch, maybe being the same guy as in the Zombie Labs trailers. There's also 'Five' written beneath. Maybe they were planning to add five players rather than four? Or Gersch, a Soviet scientist perfectly fitting in BO1's theme, was fully gonna replace Richtofen, a Nazi remnant of WaW? Other dropped story threads could be the Hanford Sanatorium/identical zombie neckwounds in Tranzit, Shadowman replacing Richtofen in BotD, the sudden disappearance of GK Medical Company and the lack of clarity about the Apothicon Sun. Just trowing some random subjects here
  8. And these quotes could make perfect sense, even if he is not in Broken Arrow. I don't know how much you are willing to know already, but I put an explanation in the spoiler beneath. You can choose whether you'll read it or not, but it is solely about the quotes of Marlton in Alpha Omega and no other spoilers:
  9. This also sounds like it might be a joke towards Stuh, as Russman often seems to talk about the 'good old times' against the 'spoiled youth of today'. But yeah, it could be the case, espessially if you consider the fact that Stuhlinger and Russman (1) like each other and (2) were already in the bus before they bumbed upon Misty and Marlton (as we can see in the Timeline and the Buried cutscene). They also both seem to originate from an urban area, as they feel alienated and dislike nature, farms, etc. Maybe Russman was the one handing Stuhlinger the diary? Concerning Marlton, in Alpha Omega we learn more about his life before the impact of the Moon missles, and it is certain that he was no Broken Arrow member. The fact he initially was in the Nuketown bunker and later appeared in Hanford can be explained by, I think, the pressence of Telepads in Camp Edward/Groom Lake. Broken Arrow could have placed them for interfacility-travel and Marlton could have teleported himself from Nuketown to Hanford, both Broken Arrow stations. Russman, clearly, took the bus. If he really knew Stuhlinger he could have picked him up before travelling to Hanford. Misty is, I think, a local resident of Washington state. According to the Vril mythos, there used to be two factions that raged war against each other, causing the continents of Atlantis and Lemuria to vanish. But sure, Atlantis and Lemuria could have very well been one and the same continent, merely being used as a metaphore to distinguish between the corrupted and uncorrupted proto-Keepers
  10. @RichKiller I know you've considered a theory about the role of Atlantis in our story. Saw Stuhlinger had these quotes: "Now that's a score, wow, that supernatural box from Atlantis must like you. Oh well, Okay I've said too much" monkey_3 "That box of lies comes right out of the Bermuda Triangle, I read." monkey_4 He says that the Magic Box comes from Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle, which leads me to believe that Atlantis is within the Bermuda Triangle. I looked it up on internet and there are quite some real life conspiracy theories that "prove" that, even saying that the Bermuda Triangle is also a gateway to Hollow Earth. We know that in our Zombieverse, Hollow Earth directly translates to Agartha, the physical manifestation of the Aether. So Stuhlinger speaks of truth when he says the box comes from Atlantis a.k.a. Agartha/the Aether. I'm curious to your ideas concerning this. (by the way, Atlantis also has a major role in the Ancient Great War)
  11. I was going through some Tranzit and Die Rise quotes of Samuel Stuhlinger and came upon some interesting ones, thought I should share. Ever since Tranzit we have had suspictions that Stuhlinger had a book, but it wasn't untill Buried that we actually saw it on his model: However, if you look to the backside of Stuh's model in Tranzit/Die Rise, there seems to be something in his pocket. So it could be assumed that he had this book all along but the developers put it in a more visible pocket at Buried. Here is a picture of Richtofen's diary for comparision: "Oh, it's this book! It's cursed!" sidequest_samuel_self_d_4 "Damn diary, voices" pap_wait2_m_1 From these quotes in Die Rise I conclude that it isn't any normal book, but a diary that he condemns to be cursed. Doesn't that sound very alike to Richtofen's Diary? What's more, in that second quote he even seems to connect the diary with the voices (which are Richtofen's). Interesting is that Stuhlinger's model is named 'Reporter' in the game files, which contradicts with the conspiracy theorist he seems to be. However, could that have been his original job, but once he got his hands upon Richtofen's Diary he read about Agartha, the Illuminati, mindcontrol, etc, which drove him into conspiracies? First of all, where would he have found this diary of Richtofen? For all we know, Richtfofen himself carried it up untill Moon, which ended with his body comatose in the hands of Broken Arrow in 1964. Keeping that in mind, I think it is very likely that Broken Arrow has his diary. Stuhlinger says the following in Tranzit: "You find the best reading materials at bus stations" map_in_bus3_0 Is this a reference to the place he found Richtofen's diary? If Stuhlinger is a local resident of Washington, he might have performed research in the Hanford area as a reporter, and he could have stumbled upon the Diary laying in the Hanford Bus Depot (which was, after all, a Broken Arrow research campus). So how about his conspiracies? "Oh, that didn't surprise me, no, I know all about those things. I read about how they plan them everywhere." earn_achievement_0 "That box of lies comes right out of the Bermuda Triangle, I read." monkey_4 Stuhlinger is infamous for his talks about Atlantis, aliens, flying discs and that kind of subjects. He even once states that his Pack-a-Punched arms come from the Hollow Earth. I think Hollow Earth/Atlantis are references to Agartha and the Keepers, the flying discs being about the Vril saucers. This could all be themes Richtofen wrote in his diary. So did Richtofen indirectly caused him to become a conspiracy theorist? Food for thought. Enjoy the day!
  12. Maxis Diary Entry 10, Study #0804 Though our matter transference tests at the new site have been largely unsuccessful, the teleporter's malfunction has nonetheless yielded some interesting data. The fact that the test subjects departed their original point of origin is undeniable. What is uncertain is what became of them. Doctor Richtofen is insistent in his belief that they have been transported not through space - but through time. In the absence of empirical evidence, I myself cannot entertain such... madness. I fear that the good Doctor's increasing irrationality may soon prove a liability to our endeavours...
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  16. Also, concerning the Ascension Group's connection with Steiner, could Steiner have been underway to the Siberian facility to search refuge when his ship stranded? After all, what was his plan? Where was he heading to?
  17. This could be very possible, given the fact logically, the Mexican government didn't send a random spy to infiltrate Group 935. To do so, the spy had to have knowledge of some sciences as well. I never really realized this but it is very likely that Pablo is a scientist himself too, similar to how Yena infiltrated Group 935 and the Ascension Group
  18. I've never noticed that whirlwind-like thing around the Eclipse. Anyone who has an idea what it is?
  19. Hmm, this is weird as one would assume the normal DG-2 was invented before this sharpshooter variant, the DG-01. I honestly dont know what to think of this
  20. Hey you say something there! The Ragnarok is called the DG-5, right? Combining that with the anti-gravity device Die Glocke was supposed to be, it's appearance makes sense as the Ragnarok seems to emit the same blue aura as all the weird floating blue items that form barriers in a variety of maps. Espessially in Der Eisendrache this is prominent. Are these antigravitational abilities due to Die Glocke or perhaps solely 115? Never thought about it that way.
  21. I heard you guys talk about the etymology of Mercury in the name 'Project Mercury', and you talked about the role of the Roman god Mercury. I'd also like to notice there is a whole conspiracy around (Red) Mercury as well, said to be the main component of Die Glocke and nuclear weapons. The liquid light metal was supposedly taken and investigated by the Soviet Union, therefore calling it Red Mercury. Russian newspapers, on its turn, claimed that Western nations used Red Mercury to develop nuclear weapons. During the days of Alpha Omega I also wrote a thread about it if you're interested. Project Mercury refers to the Gersch Device, a weapon that works because of the Casimir Effect. The basic principle of the Casimir Effect is having a vacuum between two plates that in theory generates an infinite amount of energy. Richtofen also builds himself one during the Moon Easter Egg: Anyways, I think this is why the Gersch device looks like a waffle maker: two plates with a small space between provides a enormous amount of vacuum and thereby energy. In Ascension, when you complete all the steps and see the Gersch as an ethereal orb on the ground next to the Casimir Mechanism, you can thow a Gersch Device on it, and you'll hear these quotes: It's not until we throw a Gersch Device, and blast the device with 115-infused Wonder Weapons that the Casimir Effect is correctly occuring and the Gersch Device is amplified enough for a steady gateway to be created. The blast of 115 from the Wonder Weapons amplifies the Casimir Effect significantly, the power is transfered to the Casimir Mechanism, and the gateway is created. Now here's the interesting thing; I think 115 is Red Mercury. The fact both the Gersch Device (referred to as Project Mercury) and the wonderweapons that emit 115 are needed gives me the feeling the light metal they use is the same. Not to forget that this 'Red Mercury' was described for the first time by Nazi scientists, saying this leichtmetal (light metal) was put in canisters on top of Die Glocke, appearing purple in colour. Where else do we see this? The DG-1 (Die Glocke-1)?
  22. As the end of the month approached, I was really looking forward to a new reveal of chapters. I like it how the two min stories, Richtofen's and McCain's, are really tying together now. Richtofen also clearly behaves like a sadistic maniac now, seems like the blackness at last has swallowed his heart. And then my eyes noticed Nikolai's testsubject name, 4N0N! Can you imagine there being a reference to your name in one of your favourite books? I was bursted with honour upon reading that, and still kinda gazed. I've been a follower and fan of this Storybook ever since it began, I've seen all your hard work put in it and all the rewrites of different versions of the chapter. Its like a series you follow over years, new episodes being released every now and then. Occasionally, on holidays, I started re-reading it all, enjoying it every time again. And then reading this small nod, this 4N0N, that really is something that fills me with happiness. Thank you
  23. Perhaps the tablet is also a reference to something in Lovecraft as well. Oeh, I really like this! Strange metals perfectly ties with what the Reporter had to find in Siberia (presumably 115 from Tunguska). He also had to trace ancient artifacts in the Pacific (where ZnS/Pohnpei/Cthulu's lair is located), could this hint to these stone statuettes of the Cthulu-like heads on the altars? Maybe the Reporter made these altars, collecting the essential artifacts the Shadows crew needed to perform rituals to gain Gateworms, allowing the Apothicons to enter and assimilate this world.
  24. In the other thread this tombstone was deemed unimportant and possibly Lorem Ipsum, but I think I disagree with that due to the sharpness of the details and symbols. The 'D' and 'M' above give me the feeling this works vertically, possibly holding a cipher or maybe a kew for something. @RichKiller you see any logic in this one?
  25. I was thinking this as well. I could see that globally, survivors have been contacted by Maxis or Richtofen, trying to initiate them to built a Global Polarization Device at any suitable tower (notice how one of the people in a radio has an Indian accent). Not only that, genuine HAARP-like structures could have been built by the US, USSR and possibly China during the Cold War. For example, the Buried Tower is quite random and doesn't look like it was an actual GPD constructed by Broken Arrow: It's a bare mining tower close to the Rift that was likely formed after the events of Moon & Earth's destruction. Counter-argument for this is that Russman and therefore likely Broken Arrow as well knew about the Rift, and we even see the CIA and CDC is active here. I think initially, the same went for the Die Rise Tower: a random location but a high location and therefore suitable for the construction of a GPD. If I were Richtofen, I would also send Victis to the high skyline of a Chinese city. However, this is later contradicted by things we see in BO4, showing that Die Rise's location actually has more importance than meets the bare eye. Summarizing: I genuine think that initially, under Zielinski, these three 'Tower locations' really were random locations somewhere in the world where Victis had to connect a NAVtable to a tall structure so it's waves could spread across the world. Perhaps the three maps even took place in three different pocket universes: one in prehistory (Buried), one in the 60s (Tranzit) and one in 2025 (Die Rise). However, with Die Rise's current importance, as well as other files in BO4 that confirm Tranzit was a Broken Arrow site, I guess there is also a possibility that the GPDs were pre-constructed by Broken Arrow, with the survivors merely adding the final components. But in that case, Jackass Flats and the other radios wouldnt make sense. Could you specify the sections that don't correlate with the Tranzit radios? In general, I'm of the belief that the excerpts of the Timeline are correct but when it comes to Keeper/Apothicon-related excerpts, it is written very subjective.

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