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  1. Entschüldigung, but what do you mean? Is Icarus related to Mars? That's unknown to me
  2. Oh, we are nearing the end. This is so exciting! The finale of Richtofen's part of the story, inevitable from the beginning. I think it is so cool to see all those characters coming together again: Richtofen, Schuster, Maxis, Samantha, Groph. That goodbye between Richtofen and Schuster was more emotional to me knowing this really will be the last time the two old friends, with which this story started, will see each other. Also really liked that scene where Schuster tries to escape We've reached the climax: Zombies start to break lose, main characters die and the most important eve
  3. anonymous

    Life on Mars?

    This thread is dedicated to the one and only @Tac who discovered the link between Mars and CoDZ eight years ago, igniting a discussion that has yet never ended. First of all, I ask you to play this music while reading this thread. The mystery began with the Shangri-La mountains, something Jimmy Zielinski, the head Zombies developer at that time, started tweeting about one day. There is one mountain in Shangri La that is especially striking, seen from the rope bridge above the waterfall. This mountain range seems to resemble the mountain in the map’s load
  4. Brains to this one! I feel like we never had a thread discussing the Norse mythological aspects of our story, possibly because all connections are so indirectly. Yes, the GKNova6 document was our first introduction to the tales of the Edda. I'd like to quote the entire sentence about Yggdrasil because it holds more importance, I think: "Tabular rasa ex yggdrasil ad rem cui honorem". 'Tabular rasa' means something like innocent children, which undoubtedly refers to Samantha and Eddy: The innocent children from Yggdrasil (the Frozen Forest, the Aether). In the Norse tale of Ragnarok
  5. anonymous


    You're gonna buy Cold War I assume?
  6. I think @Boom115 knows some, he's a custom map player. All I can highly recommend is @HitmanVere's Perish.
  7. anonymous

    ten years

    Oh boy, what a words. If the CoDZ family would be together in real life now, I'd shout 'Speech!' and empty my glas or bottle. I joined around the same age as you, now 5 years ago I think and I've learned so much here. First of all, I think my english grades went up with an average of two points ever since I joined this place. I learned theorizing, having debates, discussing, and like you say, developing an own way how to look to things. Knowing the expertise of your fellow members as well, and knowing when you have been too blind and stubborn yourself. I became acquinted with the world of hist
  8. Genuine love everything about this! @The MehMehcheck this out. The 'Pro Perks' are like BO2's perma perks I guess, but without the effect that they still work in new matches, I assume? A large range of weapons of which, perhaps, the IKEA Toolkit may be my favourite (a nailgun is very fitting in the setting of the map, too). Regarding the map's setting, would you mind posting some images that you have in mind how this map looks? Is it creepy and dark, or rather light and clumsy? I like the detailed improvement of the Jetgun, and the almost classic clumsyness of the Melt
  9. Welcome to CoDZ buddy! So you started with BO1 eh? In that case you go some time back, glad you found us! Are you familiar with the story? Or do you have a personal strategy that you may share with us? Don't hestitate to write a thread
  10. Welcome @CommanderFa1con! You ask some genuine good questions here and I am afraid the answer of them is mostly both speculative and debatable. The most popular idea is that they come from Origins, arrive in the Original Universe in 1943, and two years later go to The Giant. What they did in the 2 years in between remains unknown, and also the presence of the MotD's Icarus plane on the roof at Der Riese is something weird. And then @Rapt made it an even bigger mystery with his threads some months ago. I always assumed they teleported from Der Eisendrache to the ship at Zetsubo
  11. Great thread, beautiful wording also, it was a true pleasure to read. I feel obligated to add a link to @clueless's post about the Machine seen in the trailer and how it connects to the Dark Aether, as it essentially feels like a pt. 2 on this topic. With Earth's connection to the Aether being vanished, the only entrance left seems to be the one in the oposite direction: the Dark Aether. I just keep wondering in what applications we have encountered this realm in the 'prior' story. It seems like in many cases, we were already dealing with the dark variant of
  12. @The Meh Good Charlotte is always good, my favourite of them is "Lifestyles of the rich and famous". Also, a whole different type of music, but the piano in the intro and outro of this one is just perfect:
  13. Yeah right?! I'll start re-reading it all when the book is done
  14. I'm so hyped there are only three chapters and an epilogue to go. This grand voyage is almost completed (which will make me either print out the entire script or buy it may you have gotten a deal with a publicher and it be sold online. I feel so bad for Schuster now, I imagine he was able to isolate himself on Griffin Station all those years merely because he knew his friend Edward would count on him and he tought he was doing the right thing, but this all seems to be for nothing now. In prior chapters it appeared already that Richtofen had become a real jerk, and alongside Maxis a
  15. @RichKiller Is there any kind of location included in it? Since it sais "look where the data traces back to"
  16. Kentucky has been added to the OP map! Also @Tac you are a new Mexican right? I also added that state on the map
  17. So upon starting to play the campaign of BO2 (I'm late to the party) yesterday, I noticed something that looked familiar: The fact these objects look the same is not weird: Both are being called supposed 'Quantum Entanglement Devices'. In the Black Ops 2 campaign, Menendez discovered a very rare Earth Metal to construct this device in a secret facility hidden under an ancient temple in the Hkakabo Razi Mountains, Myanmar. I think the facility is located at such a random and unpractical location because it was here where they excavated this rare element, dubbed 'Celerium' (meaning "o
  18. Thanks for putting the map image here! Perhaps Pernells initial idea for making Broken Arrow completely government-independant was for his own need, but it caused the company to stay that independant after his demise. It's like Group 935 without a main funder, or perhaps with the private sector (rich folks and other companies) as the main funders, rather than any state. I think it is sure that Broken Arrow gained much more facilities and stations after the 60's, and the company might've gone totally foot-lose and rough without any governmental check on it (perhaps hence the unethical experimen
  19. We often perceive Broken Arrow as something that falls under the American government, and thereby view cases in which the organization is involved from an American point of view. How could they have gained access to China, an enemy of the US? Did they acquired the mining town at "Buried" via supporting the anti-communist UNITA rebels in Angola? Why is there Russian influence in Tranzit? These are all issues that we may view differently, upon reading the following document: Truth is, Broken Arrow never fell under the American government. It was an initiative by the Pentagon, yes,
  20. That satisfies my perfectionalism, danke sehr. Done
  21. Cool stuff, Earz! Reminds me a bit of this: A warehouse storing all kind of Alien and 115-related stuff?
  22. I've includes Massachusetts in the OP map, as well as @NotAnAn0n's Florida and @RichKiller's Israel. @PINNAZ from what province in Australia are you from?
  23. I've always been really interested in alternative map ideas the developers may have had at some moment, so I'll adress one of them here: The New York Underground map Maybe I'm basing this on rumour that have gotten into existence by entirely being made up by someone, but @Intelligence Quotient recently mentioned on the Discord that there were plans to make a map of the NYC Underground at some point, which eventually became Buried. To me, the whole theme of fear of Buried is Claustrophobia, and this theme could definately return in a NYC Underground-themed map. We know that TE
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