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  1. @Lenne I think there is a possibility that JimmyZ planned Moon to be on 21/12/2012: the Day that the Earth would end. See this for example: Also, BO2 and its DLC's were releasesed in 2011 and 2012, so the game taking place in it's own time would be a neat idea. Die Rise features SDC zombies, though no one knows when the SDC was formed. For all we know, this could be easily be before 2012. Anyway, it doesnt matter anymore. @Schrödinger that is interesting! For me, the one on the upside seems to be Calli (though that is odd since Calli is east and it is on the up/North side of the calendar) and Atl to the right (which fits since it means East). The rest is hard to see. Like you might know, there are daysigns on the Moon loading screen as well. Have you, by chance, any idea what their role in the calendar is? How they work? See under 'Sensational!' I tried image upscaling but all I can read is 'Aztec and Mayan calendar' and 'for magical purposes'. Also, why is it standing next to an image of the MPD frontcircle. Another Vril nod.
  2. Thank you for the clarification. I already wondered what the four location paintings are for, but so apparently it is concerning a Quest step as well. Unfortunately, the events of Moon happen years later, in 2027. I agree that 2012 would be more fitting. Also, weren't there Aztec symbols in Mob of the Dead as well? Or has the alcohol damaged my brain too bdly again? Anyway, @PINNAZ, you must know that something once posted by you reminded me of the subject which next Order of Forgotten Mysteries will discuss, coming wednesday. Stay tuned, comrade...
  3. You're right, the calendar appears very similar to an Aztec, espessially the Tonalpohualli you linked. The odd thing is that it includes Mayan symbols (see Rad's close-up/scoped screenshot) and also the number '56': a number important for the Maya but not the Aztec. So some kind of mix between Maya and Aztec perhaps? Maybe the Vril were the inspiration for the calendars of both societies, thus the calendar is called Vril map in the script. And what do you mean with the Aztec day signs you mentioned: are they observable in the CotD map as well or merely in the example link you mentioned (the Tonalpohualli). I find 'house', 'colour of sacrifice' and 'colour of heaven' sound remarkable. Austral instead of astral (good note!). Seems like we are talking about the southern hemisphere now. But why?
  4. Hmm, remember how the Main Quests in those older maps actually made sense? Like, what you did was logical and there was a sciencific explanation behind everything. So what the fuck goes on in that Siberian outpost? ''Sacrificing'' a human to green light being emited by a U-boat gives you the Vril rod? If the numbers on a Vril map stand for a frequency, I could see the connection between the lightbeam and the Vril rod. Some other applications of green light: The mystery box beam in Shi no Numa and Revelations (but probably due to gameplay only) The green lantern in Shadows of Evil The green portals around the skull cleaning ritual altars in Zetsubou no Shima, dispensing zombies (possibly gameplay as well) The green light in Tranzit that makes the Denizens dig a hole through space and time I also wonder how Richthofen knew about the pressence of the Vril rod in the facility, since it was not really present, like, it wasn't just laying there on a table. Instead, it seems to be rather beamed out of an electromagnetic pulse.
  5. What rounds did you reach doing this challenge? Wonder how difficult it is
  6. ...and Sally, a woman living in 2011, is also trapped in this timeloop and send back in time. Shit, why does every mystery end up with something Shangri La related? Why is it such a weird map? It must have something to do with the Eclipse...
  7. @RadZakpak certainly interesting! They refer to Nikolai as the Russian, which he is. They refer to the Siberian Outpost to the Coast, which it is. If they refer to this Mayan calendar as 'the Vril map', is that what this is? As discussed in the first Order of Forgotten Mysteries, ancient Mesoamerican civilasations seem to have a lot of connections with the Vril Ya, and it could even be possible that Shangri La is located in Latin America instead of the Himalayas (despite having the gongs and the Naga statues). It is also believed by the Mayas that their calendar system was given to them by their 'Gods', so a Vrillian system maybe? Also, @RichKiller has posted a thread on the Subreddit here. Though the Mayan part is possibly debunked (I'm not fully convinced yet, though, if it truly reads 'Mazers'. And Mazers indeed didn't crafted with diamant), it is nonetheless an interesting read. Anyone take a look if you feel like! And as a last add, has anyone done the Call of the Dead easter egg quest? What is that part with the Vril map ciphers. Where do the characters use it for? If it is a security code of some sort, this might be why Pablo a.k.a D. Jano had temporary been escaped and wrote this code and all the other sentences down, only to be captured again moments later. Siberia provides its own ecological prison.
  8. Listening to Coldplay a guilty pleasure? I should add that one to my list as well then. I love speeding as well but I am too afraid for flashers. I should really instal Flitzmeister... Another one I should add to my list: I love Hardstyle/Hardcore. Y'know, the 150+ bass per minute Electronic Dance Music. The genre skinheads and XTC is associated with (but never done it and never planning to do so). I am more of the more euphoric side, though. Love tracks like this and this. Also, how fitting name you got then @ZombiesAteMyPizza!. Guess you're a real fan and you made my hungry to one now. My personal favourites are those including seafood and fungi, but I am fund on them all (even those including Pineapple)
  9. Allright so back to the Matter Transference Device. In the past, I've many times mentioned this post by Faust explaining the principles of teleportation both mathematically and physically. This is the reason why MTD's should theoretically unable to enable backward timetravel: "Let's say that your graph is you atom as they pass through a teleporter. You want to make a copy of yourself, in other words, you squared... See where I'm going with this. Now, your atoms as they pass though will gradually loose mass before hitting that absolute zero. Now, there is no absolute zero mass in our reality. Instead, you will poke a tiny hole in space time as it warps around you to form a zero point where you no long exist. Think equationary explosive decompression. Black holes. You will be sent to an absolute negative space where the rules of physics don't apply. This is aether. Nothing exists but yourself and the other beings trapped there. Because when you were sent in energised, the universe will still want that energy you left with and will attempt to pull you back through into our world instantly. You would not even be in aether a second, as you are pulled though so fast and time would have no meaning at that zero point without space-time anyway! Additionally, as space and time are both woven into eachother, you could be thrown out of time aswell. The only way you could escape is if some time in the future someone would poke an exit hole in time." So basically, the timetravelling subject/object has entered the timeless aether and waits till a door (the Mainframe) somewhere is opened to escape. However, I could not see why this could not be opened in the past, prior to the teleportation. But once again, the Der Eisendrache teleportation is odd, the black fog and Groph not being able to see us. Its almost like Primis find theirselves in another realm, able to observe the 3th dimension but unseen by beings residing in it.
  10. (Sorry in advance for the randomness of this thread) So uh, we made it to the weekend! Yay! I guess we all know what the term 'guilty pleasure' means and I found myself this subject well fitting here. I'm merely curious to each of your's odd traits and characterisms, and wonder if you might have some the same as me. These are mine: Cooking a vegetarian meal to be good for the environment and later during the evening heating a small warehouse of boxes meat-containing snacks for me and my friends. Watching old spongebob episodes and disney films. Complaining about your friends behind their back to other friends (who undoubtedly do the same about me) When having a hangover, promising myself in all agony that I will heavily reduce drinking alcohol. Sometimes I'm drunk the night after the very same day... Driving in a car, singing along with my favourite songs so loud I lose focus on the road (This happens really a lot). During short trips in a car, taking an extra way around just because I like the music on the radio (while it costs fuel and harms the environment) Annoying my roommates with learning myself guitar (and even thinking it sounds good while it definately does not) When a thunderstorm occurs, going outside in the rain to watch lightning. When a mosquito or fly is inside, I cannot get it over my heart to kill it. (I'm a weird one I know). If I do kill it, I really feel bad about it. I remember I even cried on elementary school because a peer of me catched and smashed a spider...just for his own cruel fun. I'm the underdog's advocate, even if I don't like the underdog.
  11. If the people shoved that cactus under your arse, yes, definately fuck them. But I know the feeling of ''they might not mean this like this, they have a good side as well'' which is something good I guess. Dilemma!!!
  12. Und du bist meine Quelle des Optimismus For real (Tomorrow I got time to look into the MTD thing by the way
  13. I never understood the Plunger thing, as Der Eisendrache occurs in a Split, and I guess that what happens in a Split doesn't have effect on the original universe. Though, the Illuminati might have interdimensional (between splits) communication and next to that there is a very possible chance that Primis did something somewhere, changing history. And about the MTD backwards timetravel in DE...I am of the believe it is something different than backward timetravel. You say so in another thread: "They go back in time to see Dr. Groph enter in the code for the safe, so that they can open it in the present. But when they do, they are not noticed in any way by Groph, and the doorway leading out of the room has a black aura, suggesting the pocket version of this time is only in this room. Afterwards, they return to this room, back in time, and open a crate, taking a stone slab back with them. So they can interact with the past, but cannot be seen by anyone... strange" My answer: "Travelling to the past contradicts with the principle of matter transference, which can only teleport and time-travel to the future. Though the fact that Groph can't see Primis and the pressence of the black aura indeed proves its no normal timetravel to the past. In fact, I don't think it is time travel at all. I think you got a very good point about that pocket dimension thing, and the MTD might be capable of creating one (Hell, we might always be doing that when we use a teleporter). " I'll update this later
  14. It was an original one, Meh! (Also, MMX had his errors regarding the story about the Ancients/the beginning, but up till today his explanation of the BO2 events actually make so much sense and explain the stuff I couldnt understand/didnt thought to be canon)
  15. Thank you very much for those! I knew about the Faithful Servant note, but never actually saw it and didn't knew it was in such Industry Global Communication Centre appearance. The Illuminati language....this must be proof the letters are from the Novo Ordus Seclorum. So the sender, IHCOMFSOG, is Illuminati, which makes sense. Next to Group 935, Broken Arrow, the Ascension Group and the Ancient Order of the Keepers I am of the believe they are the only ones mastered teleportation (thanks to Richthofen's contribution and their sources in the other sciencific organizations), and so, possibly timetravel as well (though I am unsure how MTD's are capable of BACKWARDS timetravel). Let's consider they are: In 1975 they send the Kino and Five letters to 1963. Why were they first not aware how the Doctor got to this time and place and in Classified they were? I've looked it up, and a few things changed. You see, it didn't went chronological. Ulimis Der Riese, 1946 --> via overloaded MTD to Kino, 1963 ("we are unaware") --> via Gersch device in Ascension to Siberia, 2011 ("out of time") --> via MTD to Shangri La. Now it get's weird, as Shangri La, naturally, is a weird map. The timeline says that in 1956, Brock and Gary get stuck and Ultimis arrives to help them. However, Shangri La is the only timeline scrap of the maps that doesn't have the map's name as an indicator above it. What's more, Brock and Gary are stuck in Shangri La in 1956, during the Eclipse, but Ultimis travels back in time during the map. On top of this, MTD's are believed to be uncapable of travelling back in time, even when overloaded, and given the fact Ultimis used an MTD to reach Shangri La (heard in CotD and seen upon spawn in Shang)...I think the 'daytime' Shangri La is actually in 2011, like CotD, while the Eclipse is in 1956. So in Classified's intro, we see Ultimis timetravelling from Shangri La 1956 to the Pentagon in 1963 (Classified) by accident due to Tank overloading whatever they teleport with with the Babymaker. Since it is 1956, I believe they do so during the Eclipse. So in the Ultimis Saga, the only time they use backwards timetravel is during Shangri La. And apparently, this changed everything: "We are aware of how he reached this place and time". Suddenly, They know. What kind of odd thing is going on? Five happens directly after Classified, Five happens at the same time as Kino. So at approximately the same time, there are two Ultimis in this universe. Kino is abandoned, the Pentagon is not. I think the letter found in Kino is an older one, at the time the Illuminati didn't understood Richthofen's sudden vanishment in 1946 and appearance in 1963. In the time Ultimis went to 2011 something happened that made the Illuminati understand (possibly the appearance of Primis Richthofen?), and so, when Ultimis arrived back in 1963 again, the letter was changed. I also have a whole different idea: Illuminati warning Ultimis Richthofen for his Primis version that comes to kill him in the Giant or get his crew at the end of Classified. Wouldn't entirely make sense, though. I like your clarification of the zombified developer xD. So that is a human error, and no weird canon thing we have to solve as well.
  16. @ReviveMeIHaveTheJetgun I am actually really fond on Who's Who. Not really the effect, but more the fact like it is a small mini-game in a Perk-a-Cola format. And the fact it does not merely give you a perk, but you still have to do something for it. Wish there are more Perks like this. But I like your ideas nonetheless
  17. Looks like Esbjaerg or Absolut Vodka bottle. Think Absolut. (Another idea: the Nacht der Untoten Mystery Closet for all your cosplay suits)
  18. Guten morgen everyone! It’s that time again, the Order of Forgotten Mysteries (and yes, that includes you ;p ) will discuss something new again. Is timetravel or mail deliverer your thing, or both perhaps? Then you are at the right spot. This time we will talk about a variety of letters spread across times they should not be. Let’s start at the most notorious one, the one that can be found on multiple locations in the maps Kino der Toten and Five: Date: 23rd of January, 1975 From: IHCOMFSOG To: FS ER INDUSTRY GLOBAL COMMUNICATION SERVICE We have listed both Tabun and Sarin. Be wary of the Doctor. His involved should be minimised if you want to make it out alive. We are unsure on how he arrived at this time and place. Do what you must... Moving on to the second, observable in Classified: Date: 23rd of January, 1975 From: IHCOMFSOG To: FS ER INDUSTRY GLOBAL COMMUNICATION SERVICE We have listed both Tabun and Sarin. Be wary of the Doctor. His involved should be minimised if you want to make it out alive. We are aware on how he arrived at this time and place. Do what you must… And the last, and in my opinion most interesting one. This one is never talked about, when searching on the internet you get zero results and it was actually by chance I found it luring in the Call of the Dead section of this site. This is the best (and only) picture I have, and if anyone has noclip skills I would highly appreciate it if (if it doesn’t take too much efford) you can get a clearer pic: Date: (unreadable, though looks like I see December) From: IHCOMFSOG (most likely) To: FS ER (most likely) (unreadable) We are running out of time (unreadable) I cannot promise these are the only ones, there might be more hidden in various maps as well. But these three are the only ones found. A weird thing is that two of the telegrams talk about ‘Be wary of the Doctor’, while it is devoted to one FS ER: Faithful servant Edward Richthofen! So does the letter warn Richthofen for himself? My personal, hypothetical and very clear answer: Yes and no. ‘Be wary of the Doctor’ definately sounds more like Ultimis Richthofen to me. I think FS ER might be Primis Richthofen. ‘Faithful servant’ sounds Illuminati-like to me (though it definately could be Monty or the Shadowman), and remember how Primis Richthofen, in opposition to Ultimis, still somehow had a good relation with the Illuminati. They even obeyed him when he ordered them to build a laboratory beneath Alcatraz. So my personal theory is that these messages are from the Illuminati to Primis Richthofen in order to warn him for his Ultimis self. I wonder, though, if this is the Ultimis we know, from Black Ops I, or the Ultimis of the future maps, after Classified. But there are more mysteries involved with these telegrams: Why would the messenger note Tabun and Sarin? These are two nerve gases developed by Nazi-German scientists in the late 1930s. This could possibly be just a developers/texture error, but why is the messenger in the BO1 files called IHCOMFSOG and in BO3 IHCOMESOO? Why is, during Classified, the messenger aware of how the Doctor is capable of timetravel, and, during the events of BO1, not? Has there changed anything in-between? “We are running out of time”. For what? What is their agenda? It is also interesting to note that the messenger is, just as the person he warns for, capable of timetravel? The letters are written in 1975, while they can be found in 1963 (and 2011). Or did the timetravelling doctor spread these files himself? Link to previous Order of Forgotten Mysteries
  19. I like this chapter alot! I like the tons of references to other events (past and future). And that end of the test! It is as horrific as unexpected, and I totally pictured it like a movie in my head. You really surprised me with this, and I'm curious how this thing will pack out. Well done!
  20. Thanks for the great reply, and I'm glad you have such clear thoughts. I forgot Pablo had a kinda odd background, so to say, as I am still not 100% sure what the Developers wanted to say to us concerning him. In 1294, a knight named sir Pablo Marinus is fighting the Apothicans in Europa, while in 1944, one Pablo Marinus is captured as a Mexican spy by Group 935. The 1900s Pablo has visions of the 1200s Pablo due to exposure of Element 115. This could explain his visions of another time (or perhaps, another universe), but it still wouldn't explain why there is a Pablo living in the 700 years earlier as well. A nod to Reincarnation and the eternity of our Soul maybe? Perhaps, or the 1900s Pablo sees flashes of his later self. You see, Pablo Marinus is not really a Medieval European name. I know this is the weakest possible argument, but could this mean Pablo was born as a Mexican in the 20th century, and somehow travel to the 13th century where he becomes a knight of some sort? The timeline proves that his "flashbacks" were real, and not merely a dillusion due 115 injections. Anyway, yes, I could see him observing flashes of the Fractured Earth in Maxis's Wasteland as well. He could very well have written this on the calendar. However, it is a fact that this Maya calendar was hanging inside a Group 935 facility. Is there any logic behind this? Perhaps Richthofen, or another scientist that was interested in ancient cultures, the Welteis, etc, was studying this. There have been plenty of Nazi expeditions to investigate the unexplored, hoping to find proof for their weird conspiracy/mythology-based theories. The Mayas were the most advanced astronomers of their time. They had accurately predicted Solar Eclipses hunderds of years before they actually occured. They called them the chi'ibal kin: "To eat the sun", and is depicted as a serpent eating the Sun: In an Ancient Maya story, the power of a Solar Eclipse was used to increase potency of a most important ritual: Resurrecting the Jeweled Sky Tree in a temple that formed a portal to communicate with the Gods and ancestors. This version of a World Tree, called Wakah Chan Te by the Mayas, had its roots in the Underworld, its trunk rose through the Middleworld of earth, and its branches soared into the Upperworld of the cosmos. The story was said to take place around 650 CE, and interesting enough, historical records show that there was a Solar Eclipse crossing Guatemala on February 2, 650 CE...
  21. I hope it too, and I hear people mentioning this various times. But I personally think this is very unlikely, lesser than less

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