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  1. 1. They don't have to if they aren't in the same universe. That's why I think there is a maxis for each universe. 2. I did think that, but it's possible he thought they were done with the zombies if they killed richtofen. We really need to hear more quotes to know what dempsey was really meaning. 3. That's a great point! I really appreciate the feedback!!
  2. That is awesome! I had a viewer share the same idea that the kids are in the aether as well. That makes sense. Now where do you see the verruckt power switch? We see the der riese power switch in the trailer. I do think we possible save Peter in our Giant east egg! I also like your terminology!!! I really appreciate the reply!
  3. Hello Codz members! I spent a good amount of time on this theory and wanted to run it by the brilliant minds here at codz. I am pretty sure I already had someone point out an issue with my timelines. I am a strong believer right now that zombies exists in a multiverse. There are many different timelines that impact each other in different ways. What someone pointed out was "what about the difference in the world at war maps and the black ops 1 remakes?" Treyarch did say every map is cannon which means that there is some universe where our original fab four went to nacht and verruckt! I know this isn't the newest of information, but I really wanted to hear everyone's thoughts. I love coming up with theories, but I will never hold onto one forever. If treyarch has taught me anything it is that everything and anything is possible in the zombies sotryline. Thanks for any feedback! -Reed
  4. Thank you so much! That means a lot to me Also thanks for the brain haha
  5. Yah I did! I'm glad you think they look sick! I enjoyed making them
  6. Hi Guys! I'm sure a lot of you don't have any idea who I am, but I love the zombie storyline! I really haven't had the chance to be involved with codz in the past because of time and other commitments. Thankfully I finally have a chance to submerge myself in this community and talk zombies. I am excited to see all the zombies theories and ideas thrown around on here! It's sad that codz doesn't get more spotlight because the zombie storyline on here is brilliant. I hope to be involved and knock ideas around with you guys in the future! I hope to see you guys around. If you want to check out my channel i'll link it below, but most of my theories our out dated now lol. -Reed (youtube: https://www.youtube.com/radaustins27 )
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