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  1. I am really happy you enjoyed! I am also curious by what you mean most. I would love to hear more theories and ideas. Right now the biggest conflict with our theory is the theory that considers everything an endless cycle. But if you have found more in game evidence I would love to hear it so we can make a better video next time!
  2. When I was researching I found this site about VRIL which is based off The Coming Race http://www.conspiracyarchive.com/NWO/Vril_Society.htm Give it a read and it will help understand why we connected it to Atlantis
  3. 1. They don't have to if they aren't in the same universe. That's why I think there is a maxis for each universe. 2. I did think that, but it's possible he thought they were done with the zombies if they killed richtofen. We really need to hear more quotes to know what dempsey was really meaning. 3. That's a great point! I really appreciate the feedback!!
  4. That is awesome! I had a viewer share the same idea that the kids are in the aether as well. That makes sense. Now where do you see the verruckt power switch? We see the der riese power switch in the trailer. I do think we possible save Peter in our Giant east egg! I also like your terminology!!! I really appreciate the reply!
  5. Hello Codz members! I spent a good amount of time on this theory and wanted to run it by the brilliant minds here at codz. I am pretty sure I already had someone point out an issue with my timelines. I am a strong believer right now that zombies exists in a multiverse. There are many different timelines that impact each other in different ways. What someone pointed out was "what about the difference in the world at war maps and the black ops 1 remakes?" Treyarch did say every map is cannon which means that there is some universe where our original fab four went to nacht and verruckt! I know this isn't the newest of information, but I really wanted to hear everyone's thoughts. I love coming up with theories, but I will never hold onto one forever. If treyarch has taught me anything it is that everything and anything is possible in the zombies sotryline. Thanks for any feedback! -Reed
  6. Ok David Vonderhaar told us there was 32 secrets (as you know) I wanted to make a quick list of the ones I have seen. 1. Richtofen crossed out with fab 4 2. Inspirations for zombies showed walking dead and 28 days later. The storyline has direct connections. The Die Rise TV mentions Atlanta and the zombies being a virus. 3. The brain and heart under the pictures 4. The monkey skull the looks like the one from the Shangri la trailer 5. The face of the MPD in the top right corner of a picture 6. Moon Comic strip under the perk-a-cola bottle caps 7. The afterlife symbols and skull drawings 8. Mystery Wall Gun and Shadow 9. Extremely clean 935 symbol. 10.The markers on the page possibly hinting at Sam and eddy 11.The October 2, 1962 date 12. Danger/Death Vietnamese Translation 13. 115 blue rocks or world looking marbles (top left of the page) 14. The blue print with shangri la looking re-make stairs 15. Shangri la loading screen sketches 16. Possible map order or layout of the maps (or even the maps they plan to remake) 17. The tv dials 18. COTD map overview with what looks to me new additions. 19. Richtofen scratched out of the Origins group. 20. Der Riese screen change 21. The wording of Mark Lamia closing statement *22. Possibly putting the two picture together to see it's on a wooden bench, table, or toy box? Now these are just my dumb down guesses. Do you guys have more to add? I really hope we can knock out all 32. This isn't a be all end all list. Just my suggestions.
  7. These are new images (to me) that I didn't have before I made my video. I want to point out some stuff and I want to hear your thoughts. Image1: The background for Mark Lamia's presentation really seems to be the location on a map we haven't played. I think it could possibly be the location of jug on a new map. The reason is power is next to jug and I can't think o f any map with power next to jug like these. Image 2/3: THIS IMAGE! I can not believe I haven't seen this more or read more about it. It's our Orgin's fab four, but richtofen is crossed out. Everyone has their signature there, but the crossed out person. Why would they hide richtofen's name? Well I don't think it's richtofen. I think it could be the blacked out picture frame person in kino or the mexican test subject. The Origin's looks for our characters are now extremely cannon. There is no undoing the origins ending (which I no longer think is a bad thing) Image 4: The only reason I thought this moon picture was weird was because of all the other red colors in the background. It looks like a lot is going on. Now it could just be the excavator and the red from the gun shot, but I think there could be more too it. The changed the der riese blue print as we saw with richtofen's signature. Image5: There is a heart and brain behind the pictures. We have seen brains in jars and maxi's brain put into the maxis drone. Could the heart be rictofen's? Now we have even more to speculate over. image 6: There has been a lot of speculation over the picture and buyable weapon. It could be the Bal from AW and the shadow seems to be a zombie or an oil mining machine (like from buried) image 7: In the tv it says "BACK TO BUSINESS.. FANS GOT TO MAKE IT THEIR OWN" could be hinting toward new custom zombie maps, mod tools, map creator, ect. Just more of my thoughts. I would love to hear yours!
  8. Thanks for linking my video! I am super excited to try and find out all of the easter eggs (and easter eggs to come). That was a fantastic catch @MixMasterNut! I will be around and add my two sense about things as I go Just wanted to let you guys know you're awesome and I'm so pumped for zombies!
  9. Thank you so much! That means a lot to me Also thanks for the brain haha
  10. Yah I did! I'm glad you think they look sick! I enjoyed making them
  11. Hi Guys! I'm sure a lot of you don't have any idea who I am, but I love the zombie storyline! I really haven't had the chance to be involved with codz in the past because of time and other commitments. Thankfully I finally have a chance to submerge myself in this community and talk zombies. I am excited to see all the zombies theories and ideas thrown around on here! It's sad that codz doesn't get more spotlight because the zombie storyline on here is brilliant. I hope to be involved and knock ideas around with you guys in the future! I hope to see you guys around. If you want to check out my channel i'll link it below, but most of my theories our out dated now lol. -Reed (youtube: https://www.youtube.com/radaustins27 )
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