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  1. It's cool. this file would never have been heard by anyone if I hadn't posted it. Probably shouldn't have posted it but I don't really care anymore since I no longer work there.
  2. FUUUUU script errors!!!!!

  3. So... after seeing the newest teaser trailer... What do you think? :twisted:
  4. Awwww baby Grix is growing up so fast. :D
  5. :facepalm: Per my return, I expect a wrestlers epic entrance, so I stand at the end and raise my hands and then some bad ass metal music plays and I walk down the runway with explosions going off and I just stick my hands up in the air and yell "yeahhhh" and then at the end I stop, and then cross my arms and look tough. Like a bad ass wrestling entrance lol
  6. carbonfibah


    Hello I am new. [brains]
  7. Most recent picture of me. Was taken at the Grand Canyon while I was driving out to California.
  8. I will host a lobby. This might be my last available time for a playdate.
  9. This could actualy somehow work!For them 1000 dollars a year is nothing and they getting a lot of info from here.But would be than CodZ so Independent and would be the power let be in CoDZ Admin hand or IN Treyarchs stuffs? Sounds nice, but I am sure there are multiple legal holes that need to be jumped through. This is a fan made website with no legal affiliation to the actual game. If Treyarch or Activision were to pay for this, than I am sure a lot would change and it seems like the site probably wouldn't be the same if things were censored or things had to be a certain way for legal reasons and probably a plethora of more issues would arise. The thing Treyarch loves about this site is that it is a fan site with an awesome community. Treyarch/Activision inviting me out to all the CoD events, paying for hotels, flights, etc... and all that was payment enough. It was them saying thank you I guess you could say. As close as the CoDz community is to Treyarch, I don't think they would foot the bill. They already have an official forum that has zombie sections and all that at the CoD HQ. This site is like a niche site focused on one thing, and pretty much if you are serious about zombies on the xbox forums or CoD HQ or whatever, you come here. I don't know how to fully explain it. I hope what I have said makes some sense.
  10. Obviously the best choice is to clone myself so I can work my new job and then keep my clone locked in a closet running this site 24/7. However, as I know nothing about cloning this option isn't plausible. At first I was thinking about handing the reigns over to one of my fellow CoD VIP's with which I have known for years. They know all about the community, events, contests, social media, websites, Treyarch, etc.... but then it occurred to me that nobody really has the drive or desire I have for the site and so I feel in a way it would be wasted. Lissa is clearly the suitable replacement as head zombie in-charge. I have known her long enough to trust her along with the great job she has done, i never hear complaints, she hasn't left yet which is good even after all this time. Dedication and trust is very important with me. I know many of you users are on here all the time, have good amount of posts, people know you, but I don't know you. I don't play with you on xbox, we aren't friends. Because of this it is hard for me to even consider some of the proposals I have received. It is nothing against any of you, it is simply I don't know you and don't feel comfortable giving over years of hard work to just anyone. Honestly, I am sitting here, thinking about the first day. The first day CoDz was created. I was on a chat late at night with JD2020 and some other VIPS, just chatting it up. This was the time a few years ago when most of the VIPS started gaming sites and forums and what not. Now I love zombies, I bought WaW for zombies, and have played ever since, so obviously I was into zombies. I asked some people if I should make a site and then I went and tried to enter in different URL's so see what was available. I got callofdutyzombies.com. From here I found a website that offers free customizable forums. So I set one up, made a bunch of forum sections, posted a few threads, added some graphics and widgets. Pretty much 4 days or so after my idea I was ready to launch. Now I had gained a ton of followers on Twitter from JD2020 tweeting my name during the first WaW First to play event so I pretty much tweeted about it to get some hype for my new site. And then dropped a "we go live at 4pm on ...." and then when the time came, my heart racing, I opened the forum to the public and hundreds signed up within hours. I was up all night and day working on it and worried it would fail, I put all this time into it and it will just fail, no one will sign up and I will be a fool. Years later, thousands of users and millions of hits later we are pretty much the leading zombie site out there. I mean Treyarch uses our site and our ideas. It is just so incredible to see where we are now, how far we have come from that day that I made the free forum. We have only grown and grown and will probably keep growing. The forum I made because I wanted help solving the storyline, treyarch knew me for my awesome theories and what I had solved. They loved that it sparked a huge interest in people. Now I couldn't handle all the easter eggs on on my own so I made a forum where people can all share and come together. This has been a wild ride, and there is so many memories here and this site means so much to me. I could never just leave it in the hands of a vote. I will be the one choosing who I hand things off to. This thread was for me to just see what the community has to say about it. I am moving on to bigger and better things in the gaming industry which is good and I am happy about that but at the same time, I'm sad about having to distance myself from the community. So.... ya I dunno what else to say /rant

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