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  1. @The Meh I loved the use of that song in that map, and it was a great introduction to the band for me too. In fact, I don't think I listened to much metal music at all up until I'd started playing zombies
  2. Craig, thanks for all your hard work on this website. As everyone's said before, we're all in your debt for taking on the reigns and stepping up in a big way. Your insight, expertise and genuine kindness had made an impact on this site that will be immortalized forever. While Covy was away, I was often limited in the amount of work and time I could dedicate to improve the site- not to mention my lack of experience. Your offer to dedicate time to create meaningful improvements to this site meant to much to me, because I knew it'd mean alot to all of us here. Now a few years later, CoDz is a beautiful website with all the features deserving of a such an important site to the COD Zombies communities. Through your help, this site truly cemented it's position as the best COD Zombies site on the internet. We've had some great times in the past, and I wouldn't trade those for anything. I was able to learn so much from your time here on the site, and for that, I'm thankful friend. I want to wish you the best of luck in the future, and I hope you're able to devote some of your scarce free time to pursuing a project that genuinely enjoy. As always, best wishes for your family too. As your adventure in life continues, I hope your boys are able to grow to be as genuine & generous as you were here on CoDz.
  3. I reached deep with this one.
  4. Anyone in Boston for PAX East this weekend?!

  5. turning up since day 1

    1. GRILL



    2. Boom115


      Welcome to the forum! Kappa

    3. LiamFTWinter


      put it in a pot and stir it a little it will come out very based

  6. Apologies for downtime, issues on server host's end.

    1. Boom115


      No problemo, glad it's back!

    2. LiL TS 420

      LiL TS 420

      The site can be down for a few days time and time again just as long as it always comes back! LoL

  7. New custom zombies section added to site!

  8. Any people from CoDz going to PAX East?

  9. Indeed, There is much more to come from this amazing man!
  10. A HUGE thanks from everyone here at CoDz to Craig for doing amazing work on this update!   I hope you all enjoy the site, we are all incredibly excited for what the future holds!
  11. Because irrelevant, poorly written threads aren't allowed on the site. You don't need to make a thread about why you don't want to change your username. And no, it isn't because you called WKZ a "movement". It's simply because you don't need to make a thread about why you're not changing your name.
  12. In addition to my fellow staff thoroughly explaining the decision, I also explained it to you WKZ. The reasons are as the staff said, it's simply too much of an uncontrollable variable which can result in huge problems. Some of you may recall an issue in the past that was spurred by a similar group.
  13. I'll post a thread discussing all of this tomorrow, as you deserve to know. This isn't a dictatorship, that is a ridiculous claim. Suggesting I don't care about this site is foolish. I'll address your concerns in an update thread, as there is much to discuss. Yes, The former staff will be recognized. I discussed that with them several days ago You can PM me at any time for any reason, and yes I will reply.
  14. Tac, thank you for your dedication to the site and all of the work you put in. Best of luck in the future, - Strwrsbob

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