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  1. Ah, I see! Hm. You might actually technically fall in an extreme version of multi-dimensionalism. Thats how the time loop works kinda maybe. The universe would end when the loop restarts. I personally don't think the universe can be created and destroyed like that. Does anyone remember the morse code from Tranzit? One of the messages was "Energy can only be transformed". It was referencing Einstein's theory: 'Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.'. The same applies to the universe (which is just a big ball of energy really). Universes,
  2. It's totally possible. You never know where Treyarch will go with BO3. But thus far in our story, everything can be explained without parallel universes. Plus they are never mentioned throughout the story. I just don't think we go to a parallel universe every time we go back in time. When we die and go back in time to repeat the events, we still go back to our universe, it's just not the present. We are in another dimension of time, which is what Aether is. Same universe, different dimension.
  3. Multidimensional. Without question. From Maxis' Diary: "I fear that time is running out. Though my understanding of the ethereal realm remains limited, I am convinced that the manipulation of the energy fields within all matter is vital to uncovering the dimensional gateway itself. It is my sincerest hope that somewhere in the realm beyond, my beloved Samantha still lives. I can only pray that Edward's insatiable lust for power does not prove catastrophic." The only supporting evidence for multiple universes is the second Richtofen in the Giant trailer. And I have a feeling Treyarc
  4. Shooter


    Welcome to the forum DarkZero! We're happy to have you here with all the other freakbag slayers. If you're looking for teammates, try making a post in our Teammate Finder section. http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/index.php?/forum/7-teammate-finder/ I'd also recommend sending a message to people who recently made a thread in TF looking for teammates. You might have some luck getting a group together. Also, we currently have a new site in the works that will help Zombies players across the globe connect and find teammates to do everything from completing Easter eggs, going for high rounds,
  5. Eh I thought it was pretty cool they did this. Given the fact that BO3 comes out a week after Halloween, and that Fright Fest brings in crowds to Six Flags, I'm not surprised they did this. Plus the proximity of the park to their SoCal studio like Infest mentioned. Don't really think it's financially worth it as far marketing strategy goes, but it's not my money to waste so who am I to make a fuss. The only thing that really makes me mad is I don't live close enough to go ride roller coasters with Infest and Boom
  6. Welcome back man! I'm glad you decided to sign back up! For some reason I do feel like I recognize your old name. Good to have you back! It's about to get busy around here...and I can't wait!
  7. Honestly the most plausible place would be CotD, because of Maxis' lack of presence there. "Under his nose" is just referring to the fact he was using one of Group 935's bases without Maxis' knowledge, even though Maxis was suppose to be in charge of Group 935. Which is exactly why Richtofen used CotD, because Maxis never went there. You have to think about the massive amount of equipment they were teleporting to Griffin Station over the years. It would of been nearly impossible for Richtofen to pull that off from Der Riese. Richtofen spent a lot his time at CotD, not just testing on the O3
  8. Actually the location of "Eagle's Nest" has never been completely confirmed. However, it is unlikely that it was Der Riese. In one of Moon's radios, we hear Richtofen say that they've "toiled for years here(Griffin Station) and at Eagle's Nest to build up fortifications. They did this behind Maxis' back. And given Maxis was in charge at Der Riese, I doubt they could of built up fortifications without Maxis finding out. Which leaves 3 options: SNN, Shangri La, and CotD. All three were 935 bases. SNN is very unlikely. It could have been Shangri La, but the wonder weapon on that map was built b
  9. Oddly enough, there is no concrete evidence of what order Der Riese and SNN occur. With all the other maps, we know the order based on character quotes from each map. But pretty much all signs point to SNN occuring first. The biggest argument for SNN being before Der Riese is the comic book page seen in the loading screen of Kino Der Toten. According to the page the order was clearly NDU, Verrukt, SNN, Der Riese. But the comic book images can be subjective for some people. We also need to remember what we're seeing in the Giant trailer is not what happened in the original timeline. If we s
  10. I wholeheartedly agree about Origins happening twice. I've always stated Origins happened in two different ways (just like MotD). We have an original timeline (O4 don't meet, Maxis' brain gets transplanted into a new body, etc), and we have us going back to our original timeline after our deaths, to change the events and change the original timeline (just like MotD). Some other things I don't necessarily agree with, but it's a pretty interesting theory for sure. Allow me to poke and prod at some things if you don't mind. Not trying to shut down your theory, just trying to bring up points peo
  11. I remember after Origins came out I debated with myself for weeks if the O4 met in the original Origins, died, and began their loop then, or if they didn't meet in the original Origins and started their loops at SNN/Der Riese. Is that what you're saying? That the O4 originally did meet up in Origins and died, and they started their loop then? Haha it's so damn hard to put into words when describing the cycle. It's definitely still up for debate, but ultimately I believe the O4 never met in Origins in the original timeline. If the O4 met and died in the original Origins, I don't know who wou
  12. DISCLAIMER: This thread goes into detail. If you want to get an overview of the points I'm making, just scroll down to the bottom where it says "Conclusions". Though I would definitely recommend you read through the entire post to truly understand it.Today I'm going to discuss one of the less understood, but most important concepts in Zombies: the different realms, or worlds, within Zombies. I will also discuss the effect that time has on each of these realms. The three realms I'm referring to are the physical, Aether, and Agartha realms.To understand the story behind Zombies, it's crucial you
  13. What's up dude! We're happy to have such a longtime fan aboard the Zombie train! Another Solo player like myself eh? Well I would definitely recommend getting a team together on here when BO3 drops. We're also working on an app that will help you find players on your skill level so keep an eye out for that come Zombie season. Welcome to CoDZ!
  14. To me it just looks like an artist rendering like a lot of the previous Zombies posters have been. I doubt we're going back to Five, but you never know.
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