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  1. Shooter

    You're Banned!

    You've been banned for editing your post. That kind of stuff is not allowed on CoDz.
  2. "Even if your wretched daughter is still alive, she has MY BODY!"

  3. You are of course entitled to your own opinion on what you consider canon or not. Personally, I wouldn't omit certain evidence while including other evidence just to make a theory work, but that's just me. If you want to ignore a certain calculator watch that was manufactured in 1980 (I doubt Zombies devs would be so specific with the texture to completely replicate a Casio C-80 for no reason), or a sign that says "since 1996", then that is your decision, and I can't criticize you for it. But keep in mind I could easily just point out that the zombie's clothing in NTZ are the same one from multiplayer because the dead have been sitting in the ground for decades. I could also argue that the blast after the MP level would have destroyed whatever clothing they were wearing. The Zombies clothes are not a deciding factor in determining the date of NTZ in my opinion. Also, not a lot of people brig this up, but the map description for NTZ might also hint at a date. "Mass-energy equivalence, secret tests, crash-landing perks. Survive in the iconic Nuketown, where the past and the future come together." "Where the past and future come together". If Nuketown and NTZ occured one right after another, the map description wouldn't make sense, it would all just be the past. Just something else to consider.
  4. Yes, they would be 2011 onwards. We know Shangri La matched up with this time frame, based on the type of electronic voice recorders left by Brock and Gary. Moon was the questionable one. But given the fact we can't move backwards in time with the MTD, along with other supporting evidence, I think we can conclude that Moon/NTZ occured 2011 or later. And thus Tranzit is post-2011 as well. Keep in mind that the map description for NTZ does not specify how long after the original Nuketown that NTZ occurs. All it says is "after the end of Nuketown". It could be days after or decades after, it's not very clear. Also, there is plenty of solid evidence against it being in the 60's, namely the "since 1996" poster on Die Rise, and Marlton's calculator watch from the 1980's. There's a lot of evidence that contradicts itself. The best thing we can do is go by the most solid evidence presented, and look at the bigger picture.
  5. I personally don't think Kino was set in another reality. But I do think Kino doesn't really matter, like at all lol. I know we have to take it as canon and all, but it serves no purpose. We go there for no apparent reason and accomplish nothing. And the story contradicts itself during Kino as well. During the loading screen Richtofen says he doesn't know where Sam went, yet during the game he asks why Sam is helping him when he gets a power up. Nothing about Kino makes sense, and I'm pretty sure it's because they didn't know what they were doing with Kino in terms of the story. Since it was originally planned for WAW, the story behind Kino was simple. But then we never saw a DLC4 and it got pushed back to Black Ops, where the story got very complex and Kino didn't really fit in. And that's why Kino pisses me off. But since we can't just ignore it, this is how I see the whole Kino-Five-Ascension going down: -In 1945 we're fighting zombies at Der Riese and get overrun. In a last ditch effort to escape, Richtofen and the O3 use the MTD to travel to another location. But someone has the Wunderwaffe and ends up overloading the system, sending them forward in time to 1968 Kino. -During the 23 years that the O4 skip, the Pentagon is attacked in 1963. During the fight, the Five 4 lose all communication with the outside world. The only option left to communicate is the Moscow Washigton hotline, so they send a message to 1963 Ascension. -The O4 arrive at 1968 Kino and accomplish nothing. Richtofen then uses the MTD to travel to 1968(or later) Ascension. When they arrive, they discover a red telephone with an old message from the night the Pentagon was attacked, back in 1963. That's the way I see it going down. That, or you can just discredit Kino entirely. Is what I'm saying just a theory? Sure. But it's just as much a theory as Ascension occurring in 1963 at the same time as Five is. The fact is the one and only evidence of Ascension being in 1963 is the red telephone, and it quite easily could have been a recording from a long time ago. The phone could have been black, or grey, or blue, or any other color. But it's red. Just like the real life Moscow Washington hotline. I don't think that's a coincidence by Treyarch. What they were referencing was the MW hotline, and in real life, it was not a phone. And yes, there's never any mention that the MTD isn't capable of backwards time travel, but you have to look at the big picture. Every map has been forward time travel, except for MotD and Origins, both of which end in cycles being broken and the player surviving. There's not one quote, radio, transcript, map description, anything that mentions the MTD going back in time, only forward. That doesn't mean that it wasn't capable of backwards time travel. It could have been. Hell it could of been capable of turning people into bottled nose dolphins. But since there's zero evidence to support either one of those claims, you have to assume that it wasn't possible. It's all about the bigger picture. Ok Rissole, you can shoot me now for dragging this thread completely off topic.
  6. There have been several travel in the past like Kino Der Toten in 1968 and Ascension/Five in 1963. We traveled forward to 1968 Kino Der Toten from 1945 Der Riese, so we know that's forward time travel. No question. The questionable one is Ascension. Ascension was always thought to take place in 1963, based solely on the red phones on the map that are connected to the characters from Five. But those "telephones" aren't what we think they are. I've been meaning to make a thread about this for a LONG time now, but I guess I'll just post it here. The Moscow–Washington hotline (formally known in the United States as the Washington-Moscow Direct Communications Link[1]) is a system that allows direct communication between the leaders of the United States and Russia. This hotline was established in 1963 and links the Pentagon with the Kremlin (historically, with Soviet Communist Party leadership across the square from the Kremlin itself[1]).[2] Although in popular culture known as the "red telephone", the hotline was never a telephone line... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moscow–Washington_hotline The "telephones" we hear in Ascension are not telephones at all, but actually recorded messages being sent from Russia to America via a secured hotline. It is not a live line. The thought was always "Ascension happens the same time as Five because we can hear Five occuring at the same time on the red telephones. But what we're actually hearing is a recorded message from the Pentagon sent an undetermined time ago. It's plausible to think that the message we hear is the last message recorded from the Pentagon, before it was overrun with zombies in . I know most people would disagree with this, but it's something to think about. You'll also notice during all of WAW, BO, and BO2, Richtofen never talks about going back in time, only forward. And sorry for going so far off topic on your thread Risk. Please don't hate me.
  7. I seriously doubt it's in the 60's, at least not anymore. If we think back to the time frame of each map, we've only been moving forward in time. CotD: around 2011 Shangri-La: late 2000's (I presume around 2011 or later) Moon/Nuketown: unknown Tranzit: unknown Die Rise: presumably late 2000s (based off poster) Buried: directly after Die Rise (presumably late 2000s) We're always traveling forward in time, never backwards. The only maps we've gone back in time for are MotD and Origins, both of which were cycle ending maps that had an ending where the player is not killed. I'm under the strong impression that the MTD was never capable of backwards time travel, only forward. And thus, Richtofen didn't travel back in time to Moon from Shangri La, but forward. Which would place Moon in the late 2000's at the earliest. There's a lot of contrary evidence for when exactly Tranzit/Moon/NTZ takes place. Maybe Treyarch didn't have a clue what they were doing with the timeline, maybe there's a method to their madness. Who knows. For me I try to look at the bigger picture than all the contrary evidence. Also, let's not forget about Marlton's calculator watch from the 1980's. I can't remember the exact year I'll have to look at my old threads. I could understand Marlton knowing about future weapons because he studied the mystery box. But I just don't see how a watch manufacturer was making watches in the 80's if the Earth was bombed in the 60's.
  8. Shooter

    Million dollars, But...

    You couldn't pay me enough money to not be able to take a dump in my own house. That feeling is priceless.
  9. Shooter


    Personally, I thought the brains system was working fine before the old site crashed and all brains were lost. Sure there were times when brains were given for a sarcastic answer or a joke, but the majority of the time they were given for the right reasons. Is there still a time restriction for how often brains can be awarded by non staff members? I know that rule helped people be smarter with giving them out and ensured they used them wisely. I recall the days when we had negative brains here, and that clearly did not work well, but ever since the removal of negative brains the system seemed to work alrite. It seems like we're trying to become a bit more strict with the brains system now, which is fine. But if we are going to restrict certain things from being given brains, we should be consistent with it. Seems silly to me that brains shouldn't be given in the Intro section, yet Site News, Teammate Finder, Member Lounge, and Deep Thought are excluded from the restriction. If a new member is going to take the time to introduce themselves and reach out to the community, he or she should be rewarded a brain to get started. I remember receiving my first brain, and it made me want to continue posting great threads to receive them. Somewhere along the way, the importance of brains was lost as people started recognizing my name regardless , but nonetheless the first brains I received started me on that track to success here on CoDz. I feel that any new member that wants to take the time to introduce himself and reach out to the CoDz community, he/she is deserving of his/her first brain. It is a matter of building the community, just like Member Lounge and Deep Thought. Now if we want to put a restriction on brains for things like that then so be it. But in that case it would make sense to restrict brains from being given in ANY of the General Info, Community Center, or Off Topic/Support forums, and only be given in forums relating directly to the games (Story, Gameplay, Future Zombies, BO2 Zombies, BO Zombies, Ghosts, etc.). There just seems to be too many grey areas on what technically qualifies as "brains-worthy" with these restrictions. The one exception I could see to never have brains is the Off Topic forum as discussions about celebrities and the newest Batman movie have nothing to do with CoDz or Zombies whatsoever. Also, everyone should always remember to take Brains with a grain of salt. Just because someone has a lot of brains doesn't mean they'll always make a great post, and just because a new member has zero brains doesn't mean they're not capable of posting an outstanding thread. I love having brains back just as much as the next guy, but we should also remember they're not the most important thing about a member or a post. Now please stop pointing that Ray Gun at me, I was only giving my opinion.
  10. MIND IS BLOWN. My heart is racing. Got an epic thread coming...

    1. Naitrax


      Sounds insanely good!

  11. "I can see it now: Edward's Walnut Delivery!"

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    2. Boom115


      How dare you call me that!

    3. Rissole25


      I love how Maxis says that. It's like someone had insulted his mother but 1000x worse.

    4. Boom115


      Only because we are at war. Any other time no biggie.

  12. No amount of 115 or QR could revive my Saga from the depth of the old CoDz, could it?

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    2. PINNAZ


      I also get timeout errors when I try to edit or submit large posts. Don't be surprised if that happens. Just keep trying.

    3. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      I need to see an error code, can you grab a screenshot when it happens?

    4. Shooter


      @ Hells Warrior: PM sent

  13. Shooter

    You're Banned!

    You're banned for being such an awful character to play as. :twisted:
  14. Shooter

    A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    +100 Absolutely correct. There is no provided answer of yet. Mars is just specualtion and always has been. The evidence for the Mars theory is nowhere near concrete for it to be accepted.
  15. Shooter

    A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    Lol trust me MMX, nobody here WANTS you to be hostile. We all just know that's how you are, and we deal with it. You're hostile because you want to be hostile MMX, not cause we want you to be. Don't act like we made you this way or something lol. I'd tell you my theory on what I think is happening, but per your request, I'll just go make my own thread on it.

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