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  1. @PINNAZ Another mystery solved; now on to the gazillion Revelations ciphers that will haunt us forever
  2. Weird I'm on Android but no issues here.
  3. For all you Ace Attorney fans out there Years ago I drew this edit of that Pacha meme that went viral on 4chan for a day or two, spoilers - the linework is really bad haha. You can just tell the inexperience by me using Photoshop instead of something like Illustrator. Think I finished this in an hour or so, maybe I'll redo it properly this time now that I have my tools set again. When the verdict is just Wright
  4. is ANYBODY on Xbox? I have this game + all the DLC and Ive literally NEVER played half of the maps and the ones I did I played maybe once or twice. I wanna get at least some practice before black ops cold war drops.
  5. Haha, very nice!! Can't wait to watch that TREYARCH UNSOLVABLE EASTER EGG DISCOVERED AFTER 7 YEARS!1 youtube vid now on this
  6. Happy very belated birthday you crazy candle light
  7. Yup, like @Lenne said, Jason has left Treyarch. Whether you like him or not, you gotta give him props that he was the main guy responsible for giving Zombies a MUCH needed increase in development resources. And he had a vision and sticked to it, unlike others who just kinda went from one map to another randomly with NO idea where the mode would end up.
  8. I like the explanation for the Sphere. That always bothered me endlessly. I always assumed it was meant to be the Summoning Key and I was surprised Jason didn't retcon it to BE the Summoning Key in Chronicles like he did with so many other plot points (cough Gersch was meant to be the bald guy in Ascension all along cough). It's still kind of sad that they dropped it so quickly after hinting to its importence with Sam noting how Maxis worked with the Sphere in his studies and Takeo never shutting up about how uncomfortable the Sphere made him. I feel incredibly stupid b
  9. Well the decision to outsource the final 2 Aether maps to a different studio to focus on a feature that would ultimately be scrapped entirely and to set up a story that went nowhere sure turned out great, didn't it.
  10. I don't care what anybody says, throwing an EMP in the bus when it's in the middle of the lava and hearing the people inside freak out is still one of the best moments in Zombies ever!


    1. anonymous


      "All this talk about energy, it's so vague, ja? It's best not to worry about it. Just think about the big ones, positive and negative, North and South, light and dark, good and….HAHAHAHAHAHA…..EVIL!"

  12. This is just an unused texture in Tranzit's gamefiles. It was later (re)used in Buried, to build the Guillotine for the Easter Egg. You can see it being picked up right here.
  13. At least we wouldn't have to deal with this bullshit.
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