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  1. @PINNAZ Another mystery solved; now on to the gazillion Revelations ciphers that will haunt us forever
  2. Haha, very nice!! Can't wait to watch that TREYARCH UNSOLVABLE EASTER EGG DISCOVERED AFTER 7 YEARS!1 youtube vid now on this


    1. anonymous


      "All this talk about energy, it's so vague, ja? It's best not to worry about it. Just think about the big ones, positive and negative, North and South, light and dark, good and….HAHAHAHAHAHA…..EVIL!"



    HOLD ME 

    1. anonymous


      Just a moment. What time do we know the result?

    2. Lenne


      Though me and my family couldn't vote, due to getting the permitions too late, I am glad it turned out allright. The world doesn't need yet another Disney villain calling the shots. <3

  5. Welcome to the forumz. I'm Slade and I'm also a zombie. Psst, hey. *zombie groans*
  6. Clark was great, BO3 Z's definitely missing something w/o him. I'm hoping DLC 4 will be the ménage a trois again. It most likely will be.
  7. @Monopoly Mac @Tac Great discussion guys. Mac, I believe I can explain how Takeo can both be a prisoner on the island + being in a cryochamber as seen in Der Eisendrache. It's quite simple, the note itself that tells us Takeo is stuck on the island is from a different universe. Namely the very universe where Takeo is on the island rather than being captured by 935. So in DE, Takeo was indeed put into a cryochamber, but the note that tells us otherwise was written in the universe where Takeo gets captured, which makes sense, and somehow due to all the time dimension travel mumbo jumbo the note made its way to Der Eisendrache. Making it look like we have Takeo at two different places at the same time, whilst in reality the note is talking about a different Takeo than the one captured by 935.
  8. This is a issue that's directly related to the engine itself. It can't be fixed, not until they rewrite the memory allocation part of the engine. And it's far easier just writing a brand new engine.
  9. It does actually. In the original timeline, Groph talks with Richtofen 1.0 whilst Richtofen is at Der Riese right before he betrays Maxis. However, in the Origins timeline, Richtofen 1.0 is killed before this conversation + betrayal happened, so therefore, his conversation with Groph never happened at Der Riese. Instead, it happened later at Der Eisendrache. I forgot that Richtofen 1.0 is killed after betraying Maxis. Still, his conversation with Groph never happened in this universe until the events of DE. Hence the "No, Maxis has already been dealt with." remark from Richtofen to Groph in Der Eisendrache. It's proof the original conversation was supposed to happen before the betrayal at the Giant. Groph specifically mentions that after the Giant fell he feared the worst for Richtofen's fate. Origins Richtofen then just plays the game along. Since he says exactly the same stuff that Richtofen 1.0 said, this is further proof that all this dimension shifting jumping causes the Origins Crews to have memories of their 1.0 versions (as stated by a cypher in ZNS). Like Dempsey mentioning he remembers seeing the PaP on the moon while that version of him never went to the moon. @Monopoly Mac ZNS definitely takes place in a different universe. Another piece that backs this up is the cypher that tells Brock and Gary (dudes from Shangri-La) died in a airplane crash after discovering Shangri-La. In this universe Brock and Gary never got trapped in Shang and instead managed to tell the world of their discovery.
  10. I know it's a game and all but you wouldn't be able to swim that distance. You'd drown in seconds, no matter your military background or how good you are at swimming. The only absurd thing here is your reaction to an idea another user had. Mind your tone, @Stop Mocking Me0 @JJMFP
  11. C: Don't buy cod points. Seriously micro-transactions are only in the game because people keep buying that shit.
  12. Sorry, but this would never work. The whole point behind the Black Market is that it's all based around chance; hence why nothing is guaranteed and you can even get the same items multiple times. It creates the same effect when using a slot machine, you just keep throwing money at the screen for a fraction of a chance of receiving what you want. When you guarantee a weapon (face it, no one gives a shit about the other stuff), then people would simply save up their crypto keys buy a bunch of CoD Points, get all the new weapons, and never touch the black market again until new weapons drop. --- Also, let's say this system was indeed introduced, and let's keep in mind that Activision wouldn't want to see their profits diminish. That would mean you'd have to increase the price of the supply drops, to compensate for the elimination of the above-mentioned probability that's the core of the Black Market system. Some folks figured out that the chance of getting a weapon are <1 percent. or 1/100. That would mean that if you'd give players the option to buy weapons straight out of the gate, you'd need to increase the price of the supply drop by a factor of 100 to balance everything out. So, the price for a single guaranteed weapon supply drop would be 30 * 100 = 3000 crypto keys. Or about 20 000 cod points.
  13. Not a fan at all. All the maps lack flow, much like the maps that shipped with the game. Which is surprising considering BO2 had such amazing maps. Splash is okay but it's waaay too big., literally Ghost-tier. Skyjacked is a poor man's version of Highjacked. Much like the other remastered 'fan-favorite' maps, you can't just put an old map in a new cod and expect it to be just as good if not better as the original because the new game plays nothing like the previous game. Same reason Nuketown 2025 was such a disaster thanks to the LMGs snipers shotgunners and pistol dudes. Rise plays like someone just slapped a bunch of random stuff together on a drawing board and put it on the most generic, boring setting ever. Gaunlet is probably the 'best' but the problem again is it lacks any kind of coherent flow to it.
  14. They need to step up their game with the second DLC. Eisendrache was great but the MP maps were shit.
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