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  1. anonymous

    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    You should absolutely do that 'REVIVE ME' tag. HAHA! I once made a wooden Mystery Box out of light pallet wood, including a steel lock and with the help of a template painted questionmarks. Fairly easy to make, and still use it as my gamedisc storage box, so might be a practical idea.
  2. anonymous

    Buried quotes and the Aetherial energy

    I heard this interesting quote in Buried: So is Element 115, what seems to be merely the crystalline structure of Aether, capable o converting matter into Etherial Energy? I also took a better look at Maxis' 115 Conversion Generations at Excavation Site 64, and it seems like the device draws Etherial Energy from the air and converts it into liquid Element 115. This proves that Etherial Energy is all around us, a dimension beyond our perception but nontheless existing. Or could the Generation merely capturing Element 115's radiation at the Verdun area (as the mines there include the element)? It somehow reminded me of the Zetsubou Temporary Power System, where the player gives a plant 115-infected water, and the plant converts it into energy.
  3. anonymous

    Project: Zombie Mode

    Okay that's absolutely true
  4. anonymous

    Where are you from?

    @The Meh and @Boom, Whoa...I am really sorry guys, I simply overlooked these comments. Anyways, I have updated the OP, but here is the map as well: Seems like the Snow Belt is fairly represented here 🙂 Noch einmal, entschuldigung meine freunde
  5. This is great stuff to read when you have time in an evening.
  6. anonymous

    CoDZ + Collateral Network

    While I had heard it before, I still enjoy to read it. I am definately optimistic about the future of CoDZ, and am glad Azzid and Anubis, along with the Colleteral Network (Hey, guess 'The Community' has a broader meaning now ;p), are here to support it. Changes are unavoidable, and an opportunity to improve and expand. I read comments on reddit about CoDZ, either not familiar with it or saying things like So all of those knowing CoDZ seem to be super positive about the quality of the forum, yet dislike the system, so I think changing the latter isn't a bad idea. I really look forward to our common future and, as always, let me know if I can help. To ensure a better tomorrow, comrades! (Btw, @AzzidReign, has the name Se7enSins any meaning? I recently watched a movie named like that.
  7. anonymous

    Call of Duty Zombies Bracket Round 3!

    1. Shi no Numa: Both SNN and Nuketown have a really unique atmosphere, not appearing in any other map, so concerning that they are equal. Story-wise, Shi no Numa gave us much more (the mystery of Nuketown gave that map it's charms, though), and also gameplay-wise, I am more fund on Shi no Numa. That map even started the very first zombie strategy: Training! 2. Moon: This map has everything that makes a map great: The story, the newly introduced game elements, Moon gravity, NML, fun character quotes, a great and logical Easter Egg, the list goes on. 3. Ascension: I like playing this map more than Kino, and in terms of revolutionairy, it is just as important as Verruckt and Origins. 4. Origins: Actually, I can get enough of Der Riese. At least, faster than I can get enough of Origins. Concerning the story, however, Der Riese is the big winner, but hey, Origins started a whole new chapter as well. Its a shame Tranzit is gone... And @RadZakpak, your hate towards Die Rise is undeserved :p
  8. anonymous

    Project: Zombie Mode

    -Perhaps affecting the environment (open doors, turn the power on, traps) can be done in an alternative way than solely using points. Physically solving puzzles, shooting things, make a car as weight go down to open a gate, etc, might be an idea. Half life puzzles would be an inspiration. -Are you thinking of a totally zombie apocalypse world setting or, like CoD:Z, smaller 'secret' outbreaks? -Will be updated tomorrow -
  9. anonymous

    Your character: the good, the bad andere the ugly

    This says alot about your character. I just....its so unfair that you and Rad struggle with this, because you dont want to harm anyone. That spirit is just so good, and yet sorta punished (with depression or anxiety). I hope you can develop some kind of self-respect, because you are, both, AMAZING people. (Might have something to do with this and might not, but Rad, when I say something positive about a storybook chapter or thread you posted I feel like I always reply insanely positive. I'm afraid that you think the reason I do so is just...because I always do so or wanna make you happy or something. I want you to know that this is really really not the case, and that every time once again, you astonish me with your great works, and I cannot suppress my feelings. All my replies come straight outta my heart). @Steelie thank you for sharing, my friend. Hope things continue to improve for you. . You are both stronger than you think, and you are never alone ❤️
  10. anonymous

    Project: Zombie Mode

    I actually understand it. Wow, your project is so much broader than I thought. Let me think about it a day...
  11. anonymous

    Are we real?

    Interesting enough, today I dissected a pig's brain, which is very similar to a human's. It was so weird to connect anatomy, the brainpart I held in my hand, with feelings and thoughts I had myself. ''So this part makes me able to understand talk. This part makes me able to perceive. This part makes me feel emotions. This part makes my personality''. The thing I was most interested in, was what part makes ourselves consious of our existing. I mean, imagine you cannot move, cannot feel, cannot hear, cannot see and cannot think. You would still be aware of your existence right? The interesting is that my teacher didn't knew what part made our self consiousness. She called the higher teacher but that one didn't knew either. No one knows. Maybe our soul cannot be connected with an organ. Maybe it consists of seperate energy or something. We are all organic beings, but driven by what?
  12. anonymous

    Your character: the good, the bad andere the ugly

    Appreciated man, and hey, welcome to the site! Hope you like it here 😛 and see you around
  13. anonymous

    Project: Zombie Mode

    I would like to nominate @The Meh's Unity series for this. I really appreciate your idea, man, sounds really cool. How are you planning to create a zombies engine?
  14. anonymous

    Broken Arrow's MPD reconstruction

    Hmm, gotta admit, forget about that. But the BO3 story taught us that having a 'soul' is kinda unique. Why do only have the Ultimis of the fractures have souls, and are, for example, Primis soulless. I also believe in the Quantum Souls Theory, though one argument against this could be the fact that Richthofen has both a soul in the Original Timeline/MPD/Zombie Richthofen, AND the innocent soul captured from the child Eddy in Dimension Whatever. Not saying that none zombie has a soul, but couldn't it possible that some zombies have a soul, and some having a soul in another universe?
  15. anonymous

    Call of Duty Zombies Bracket Round 2!

    1.Shi no Numa: I kinda agree with Jiip on this one. Next to this, I like Shi no Numa's setting as well as the fact it sparked the Ultimis story. 2. I love Nuketown. But as I never played Ancient Evil, I find it unfair to make a choice, and so I leave this one empty/neutral 3. Tough one. Shadows of Evil has it charms, a great layout and countless posibilities, and tbh, this map actually is better. Yet, I personally enjoy playing Buried more, and since it's mystery still keeps us going theorizing relatively much, I'm going for this map. (Shadows has alit of mysteries as well, though, most of all BO3 maps) 4. Tranzit. While Moon fits in my top 3 maps as well, it didn't cost me alot of time to choose Tranzit above. 5. I like playing both Kino and Verrückt. Kino has alot of great memories and mysteries, but Verrückt was just as revolutionary as Ascension and Origins: It was also a sign Zombies was becoming something more than a one bonusmap feature. I'll go for Verrückt. 6. Ascension. While Shangri La is much more pretty and challenging, Ascension was, as said earlier, a map revolution. And kinda what @Electric Jesus said in previous Bracket: It showed the enormous new potential story wise, as it was the first leap in the Cold War era. 7. Der Riese: The start of the Nazi science and Vril mythology. Without this map, the story would've gone a way other direction. 8. As I sadly never played CotD (out of all never-played maps, I desire to this one the most) I won't vote for this one either.

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