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  1. Great thread, brains! I heavily recommend this to anyone interested in the Apothicans. I find it interesting that the Mi Go originate from Fungus, as we see that growing in all dark, humid corners of Morg City. Furthermore, I found this in Wikipedia: "The Mi-Go can transport humans from Earth to Pluto (and beyond) and back again by removing the subject's living brain and placing it into a "brain cylinder", which can be attached to external devices to allow it to see, hear, and speak."
  2. Richthofen, the man with the biggest character development and most tragic backstory. Whilst Takeo is an interesting figure, Richthofen is a true original product, one you see rarely. Runner up for me would be his leader and rival, Maxis. Not only did he just write a neat piece of information, his character is an interesting one as well: A scientist that wants to be a familyman but choses for science nontheless.
  3. @RichKiller I forgot where we had this conversation but I found out that the box holding the Summoning Key in the truck in SoE has the travel tags of San Francisco, Brazil, New York and Paris.
  4. Yo @RadZakpak you named your li'l boy after Alfred Russel?
  5. Ahahaha that first picture is the definition of awesome. You made my day, cute beasty!
  6. Maybe about the endings of the story. Bo1's ending was a fracturing Earth, bo2's ending was Sam saying "her father has a plan", bo3 ended in the loop and bo4 in a new world, a new future for the children.
  7. I could totally see that! Apparently, the Sheffield Blitz really was a big, gruesome event: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheffield_Blitz With help of interplanitary Vril tech, the House could swap in and out of our realm. Maybe it would work the same as the Alcatraz pocketdimension, being both a real location and a weird sort of 'private universe' only containing the Rock. Question remains though, why would Monty have a House on the English countryside? Did he actually had origins there? Still you gotta admit, if the house would be located in thís village, the name would be incredibly fitting:
  8. Sharp analysis! I guess I cannot say anything else on this because it seems you are right! You just got the exact date of Borough, at the same time as Moon and Nuketown (post Richthofen in MPD). I eould also like to add discussion about the CDC and CIS's motive for being there in Angola. I think it starts in 1975 with the beginning of the Angolan Civil War. Similar to Vietnam and Afghanistan was this a proxy war between the Cold War rivals the United States and Soviet Union, both being countries acquired Group 935 knowledge and involved in a Space Race to Griffin Station. As both nations knew about Purgatory Point (Soviets via the Siberian Outpost), I could see why Angola was important enough to fight for. For us it seemed like a battle between Communism and Capitalism, but the driving factor might've been the buried Purgatory Point. Special respect for the one who can tie this with Mason's pressence in the country during the BO2 campaign. Now Buried's second name is Resolution 1295, a UN resolution in the year 2000 that involved among others the boycot of weapon and Earth mineral trade with Angola. Broken Arrow might have simply bought 115 from Angolan organisations previously, but now they might had to set up private secret operations to research the site, thus the CIA and CDC at the site. I never knew if the Rift always was there or if it was created by the missles. The latter could certainly be true, as Russman is still working for Broken Arrow for about a month after the missles impact, plenty of time to learn about the existence of the Rift. I find Arthurs pressence in the map aways a bit absurd, as Maxis calls him a "soul already bound to this realm", almost like he is something op paranormal eternally trapoed there
  9. I wonder if anyone every seriously thought about them: the CIA and CDC, characters in a couple of Black Ops II maps that I would like call my favourite ones. Despite I am certain of them being canon, we are still unfamiliar with their actual backstory. I guess it is time to theorieze, yes? So, the maps we encounter them in are the Green Run survival maps, both in Survival and in Grief mode, as well as in Nuketown Zombies and lastly, Buried's 'Borough'. Now what is their exact purpose in those locations? First of all we are sure that the events occur at least in 2027, as Richthofen is in control already (excluding Nuketown pre-round 25). Concerning their pressence in Hanford and Angola we know nothing, however we do have some intelligence about Nuketown: "(...) After receiving a distress signal, the base in Nevada sends in CIA and CDC agents to investigate. Upon arrival in Nuketown the agents lose communication with Hangar 18 and become stranded…setting the stage for Nuketown Zombies." So it appears that the CIA and CDC had contact with Hangar 18. Hangar 18 the site in Area 51 that is believed to contain Roswell's crashed U.F.O.. Next to this, it is also the location Moon's 'No Man's Land' takes place, as well as a fundamental Broken Arrow HQ. So not only the CIA, but also the CDC is connected with Broken Arrow? Not that weird actually, after we've heard this recent radio quote in Alpha Omega: So I guess that at least a part of the CDC might be involved with Broken Arrow's work as well, constantly investigating and controlling potential pathogens and infections in their experiments. The presence of CIA and CDC agents in Nuketown can therefore be explained. As Hanford is a Broken Arrow station as well, the agents might have been send to investigate what is going on after failed neurobiological experiments at the Hanford Sanatorium. After their death, they were revived by Richthofen and heard that this time, only one team could make it out alive. Believing him, each team follows their human instinct and desperately tries to survive, setting the stage for Grief. They are unaware of them being merely puppets in Richthofen's sadist games, as well as them being revived every time again simply to amuse him. They constantly got a Stuhlinger-like "have we been here before" mentality. Now for their pressence in the Angolan mine, we have to keep in mind that Russman knew of the existence and location of the Rift. He must've learned about this during his Broken Arrow days, and as the CIA and CDC are possibly servants of that organisation too....well....I assume they are in Angola for investigating that. During the Buried intro cutscene, one can see a crashed plane in the background, still burning. I always assumed that it had crashed only recently before Victis arrived at the location. And remember, Russman says the Rift (and thus Buried) is only one day walking away from their campfire site. It could very well be that Broken Arrow's agents went there prior. If I recall correctly, RIchthofen even mentions survivors trying to execute Richthofen's orders at Buried prior to Victis. Which brings me to my final point. Have you ever actually realized what it means that the CIA and CDC agents are able to hear Richthofen? They are infected. They have consumed zombie flesh, possibly in a desperate attempt to not starve. Now they are no longer servants of Broken Arrow, the organisation that created the undead, but of the aethereal entity controlling them.... "Accept your fate, begin anew!"
  10. Our very first encounter with the House, or rather ‘Samantha’s Room’ as the community called it back then was in Kino der Toten. As most of you know, using the MTD in that map gives the players the ability to teleport to several random places, among which something that appears a children’s bedroom. Because of the presence of the teddy bear and toys, the fans assumed this was Samantha Maxis’s room. When listening closely, one can hear the French 'Nurse Rhyme', also heard at the Der Riese powerswitch, at the Tunguska sign in Shi no Numa and in the minecart in Shangri-La. In Kino it is also possible, however, to teleport to a red, hellish version of the room. The bed, the table, everything appears to be destroyed by something. Samantha’s original teddy bear is thrown on the ground, and a demonic red-eyed teddy bear that is almost the size of a man now occupied a corner. I think everyone, upon teleporting to this place, felt like something horrible happened here, especially when comparing it to the ‘normal version’ of the room. Though heavily theorized, the exact purpose of the room remains unknown. The next time we come across the House is at the end of the final DLC of the next game, Black Ops II. It is here where we see a young version of Richthofen, called Eddy, playing with Samantha. As we hear ‘Samantha’s Lullaby’, we see them playing with dolls of story characters and zombies, we see a teddy bear, we see a weapon chalk on the wall, among with some kind of magic box, we see an Eclipse occuring outside at that very moment…. and we hear the following: I totally understand the confusion fans must have had when seeing that cutscene for the first time. But honestly, whilst Black Ops III gave much more intel concerning the House, basically revolved around the House, I think we can still only guess to the purpose and role of it. Scientists at Group 935 and Division 9 facilities, facilities where was experimented with Element 115, actually heard echoes from the House, combined with power fluctuations. They heard children playing and a man (Maxis) yelling to the kids to close the windows. It seems like the House resides in a different unperceivable plane than ours, a plane existing over ours, yet invisible. But the fact that we can see it as a 3D place, and the children even physically play and live in it, show that the House isn't exactly the higher-dimensional Agartha either. What I believe is that the House is most likely in some kind of 3-dimensional bulb within the Agarthan realm. Ironically, we could use a snow globe as a metaphor for this. It is left unknown if the House always was in this perfect world, or if it originated elsewhere, possibly the English Sheffield (as the spawn name in Revelations is called like that in the code) or the German/Polish Ludwigsdorf, a village close to Der Riese, where dr. Maxis lived. German architecture of that time is awfully similar to that of the House and surrounding buildings such as the church. At one moment, the House was (re)created in Agartha, initially inhabited by Doctor Monty. So directly after Origins, Maxis’ brain and consiousness arrive in the House, where he reobtains a physical body. I always found this a weird thing. Original Timeline Maxis took Samanthas soul somewhere, directly after Buried, from where we have to free her. As Samantha says that she is “trapped”, I assume it is a less pleasant location, however, oddly enough, she says it is Agartha. Then, when we release her, she goes to the House which (according to the Timeline) also is in Agartha. So...is she unaware that she never escaped or is what she calls Agartha something else? So oddly enough, Monty has a MTD in his basement. Why? After all, Keepers are able to teleport between dimensions without the aid of a teleporter? I guess this is the infamous scene we see at the end of Origins...as well as the scene scientists at the Rising Sun Facility and Asylum hear coming from the walls. We also have some weird radio transmissions from Maxis during his days in this extradimensional safehouse. Seems to talk about Samantha alone? As he is talking about the children, I guess this is about Eddy and Sam or possibly little Niki, Takeo and Tank as well. He also mentions a siren, possibly the same as we hear in the Origins cutscene. He talks about being on the winning hand and fallout. What does this mean? Good question. Please, share your own ideas! Is the entire story merely the game of a couple of children? Why are the children so important and have to be saved? What is their purpose in the House, and why do Richthofen, Maxis and Nikolai eventually want them to leave it, entering a new, clean universe?
  11. 1. Richthofen because he managed it to put his bald 'n beardy boss in the teleporter along with a dog. Must be a fun moment for him, and I adore him for that. Also, he was the first modern man who made contact with aliens, without even saying it to someone. 2. Shadowman. A man haunting Rad in his dreams is a man to my heart. Just a genuine and honest man in what he does and he's good in what he does, just being the bad fucker nobody likes while dressing like a gentleman at the same time. His octopus brother Davy Jones can learn alot from him. Also Shaddy's 'Universe Devouerer' > the Kraken.
  12. Not to forget that it is the first and only map that has zombies already in the room upon spawning. Also our inteoduction to buildables (sorry FIVE). Black Ops II has the greatest spawnrooms in my opinion. Adding Die Rise's awesome skybox and this thread contains arguments why each and every map has beatiful or fun spawns.
  13. I have considered this one as well. Honestly, its what made me create this topic. It looks very well, and theres that weird 3000 points costing central 'room' within the Spawn Room. Im curious why though. Layout is great but it doesnt feature anything special. In fact, I would like to argue that it is the least special room in the entire map. Y'all No Mans Land fans are a bunch of clichés!
  14. Think it's about RIchthofen....not sure what to make about it though. L maybe?

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