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  1. anonymous

    Classified Audio/Quotes

    The current state of the story: Ultimis end: Testsubjects in Groom Lake, 1963 Ultimis in-game: Pentagon, 1963 Primus end: After Revelations, in the loop Primus in-game: Prisoned in Alcatraz, between Zetsubou No Shima and Gorod Krovi Victis: Stored in cryptopods in the Alcatraz laboratory. I somehow think the in-game Ultimis and Primis will do actions to change the events of their endings. Ultimis might free their selves and Primus might break the loop their future selves are in. Or the entire world within the world, Argartha, will burn. Start the war against the Vril Ya!
  2. anonymous

    Classified Audio/Quotes

    Indeed. So for those who don't know it, that particular part of the story goes as following: Cornelius Pernell, the OSS/CIA ex-handler of Peter McCain and the Verrückt marines, tells in 1963 of the discovery of the bodies of four individuals in Groom Lake. He identifies them as the Ultimis (yet he only recognizes Dempsey and Richthofen). They are in bad condition: nearly dead. Excellent as test subjects, he thought. He came to the conclusion that Richthofen has zero brain activity and that body was merely an empty vessel. At one point during an experiment, a zombie came in contact with this mindless Richthofen, turned to ashes and the Richthofen "lived" again. I believe the zombie that touched him was carrying Richthofen's soul of after the Maxis endgame in Buried, who was damned to be in an undead body for all eternity. It somehow appeared in 1963. In Classified, one can do a little Easter egg and "awake" testsubject Dempsey, saying that the Kraut used them all and they blew up the entire fucking planet. So the Ultimis found in Groom Lake are Ultimis after Moon. They somehow went through a tear in space-time (most likely through the MTD in Griffin Station to Groom Lake, disfunctioning because of the severing of the Aether's connection with Earth (Moon missiles impact)). So that's this Ultimis end, just as they began: as testsubjects. As far as for Richthofen, he becomes the undead version of himself chasing Victis, as seen in the comics, to follow Promises Richthofen's Scheme and do the right thing. I nonetheless wonder what Ultimis's role in Classified is. Could they maybe free their future selves? Their appearance in the Pentagon/Groom Lake at that particular time their future selves are stored there cannot be coincidence, right? Has Richthofen taken his unconventional allies from Shangri La to the Pentagon, 1963 for this reason? How the hell did they got there anyway? This map is full of intel! McNamara in a closet, for some reason protected by Sam. Writings on the wall talking about Ultimis to prevail and Agartha will burn (I heard?). The origins of Broken Arrow. Cornelius Pernells backstory. American experiments. More, more, more. I need two things: the transcriptions of the radios and Black Ops 4.
  3. anonymous

    Classified Audio/Quotes

    Those radios are definitely interesting! It explains the abandoning of Group 935, the US's continuation of the experimenting, the austronaut zombies in Griffin Station and possibly very far away even the coming of the International Zombies Centre in Die Rise (to prevent/prepare for a war between Earth and Samantha)
  4. anonymous

    Classified Intro Cinematic

    FOOD! BRAINFOOD! I'm going in on a tiny part of this cutscene: the teleportation between Shangri La and the Pentagon. Not only is there no MTD present in Shangri La, even if there was, matter transference only goes in the future, yet Ultimis travels to the past. How? Love that video, btw, I'm coming back on this later
  5. anonymous

    Blood of the Dead predictions. You heard it here first.

    Great theory, EJ, it really makes me thinking. Yet I wonder why Victims would be put in the Alcatraz realm. If it is Group 935 who is behind this, or even the Illuminati or solely Richthofen, what use would the neverending suffering of Victims/the Mobsters bring? Also, if the red eyes mean "unreal zombies", why red eyes in Gorod Krovi and Revelations? It surely must have to do with Blood of the Dead, but how? Those realities aren't "Inception-like" (love your comparation), are they?
  6. anonymous

    Trailer Hypuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Oh wow this trailer gives such a nasty feeling. Perfect. For the first time I see the characters suffering. Instead of fun killing the undead they are tired. They don't want to continue anymore. In several scenes they just seem to give up (Richthofen against the wall, Tank sitting in the chair). They look damned. Also Brutus is so creepy now. He's not just a dumb killing machine like every enemy so far was. He acts terrifying. He dumbs Takeo's body in the sea and hangs Nikolai at a rope above the magma...who doesn't even fight back. Man it looks so personal. Reminds me a bit of IT, who takes the form of that what one fears the most. Maybe he is the characterising of Primis's suffering
  7. anonymous

    Analysis: Classified Cover Art

    That's a great analysis, Hunter, really brought up some points I didn't saw. It could become a bit more complex. Let's say the map will be post-Moon. Ultimis disappeared without anyone ever hearing something about them. Except the physical body of Richthofen, previously inhabited by Sam's soul, left over as a undead slave of Primus Richthofen. Now remember @Blurryface's SPOILER of the wallwritings in Classified? "Richthofen is the key" and "Die to find the truth". Two things that fit with undead Richthofen. I think Ultimis ended up in a loop. A loop of World at War-Black Ops I, starting with the Eclipse in Der Riese. Maybe the loading screens of Shang and Moon have something to do with this, or with the fate of Ultimis after Moon. Perhaps they ended up in something similar to Brock and Gary, only larger. I'm not sure how to explain it, @Spider3000, but I think it would be actually possible for Classified to take place after Moon, and at the same time spark the events of Five, 1964. The map might solve some inter-map issues as well (think of Kino-Ascension and Shang-Groom Lake).
  8. anonymous

    Classified / Hopes and expectations

    Do you hear the whispers?
  9. anonymous

    How we all doing?

    Heyyy Spider3000! Good to see you again
  10. anonymous

    The Projector Images (and they're juicy)

    I think the story of Pablo, the knight and the Keepers might have something to do with ElectricJesus's thread about Quantum Souls, though I dont fully understand it
  11. anonymous

    CoDZ Youtube

    Though I can't talk I might be able to join a game on Xbox sometimes (BO1, BO2). I always wanted to do a challenge in the NDU bunker in TranZit, with PaP'ed weapons and buildable traps to slay the horde off. Wonder till what round we can survive. Aside from that, I'm a fan of story theory videos. If you need help for that, let me know (though I'm not sure how I can help)
  12. anonymous

    It's been too long...

    Welcome back to the origins, Pasta! Always good to hear veterans coming back
  13. anonymous

    Accept Your Fate Begin A New

    So we have Samantha's normal room against the Hellish room in Kino Der Toten, Morg City against Shadows of Evil, normal Alcatraz against Hellish Alcatraz and maybe this lab is in two realm as well. Do you believe all the Hellish realms are the same? Or are it all separate Limbos of that certain locations?
  14. anonymous

    Classified [LEAKS]

    Samantha? Richthofen? Wallweapons? DG-5? Oh my "June 15th, 1963 The Pentagon begins development on their own versions of the Wunderwaffe DG-2." So the Pentagon continued research to 'The Bell'
  15. anonymous

    When Nuketown Zombies Really Takes Place (Proof)!

    A bit off topic, but I thought of it after reading through this post: What happened between Die Rise and Buried? So Victis travel from Province 22, China to Resolution 1295, Angola, in 70 days? Impossible. Is it an error of the timeline? I believe Blundell in this. He doesn't make up things that don't match with the 'old' story. I actually believe that every tiny bit fits in each other, we simply have to find a way to do so. Now this impossible 'error' is not something seen merely in the timeline: In the Buried cutscene the Survivors are seen at the Egyptian pyramids, with Russman saying that the Rift (Angola) is only one day on foot away. This proves that the creators of the story deliberately made this look so odd. The task to solve this issue lays at us. Prior made theories about this talk about the global plate tectonics being messed up after the middles impact. "The Great Plains" might be some kind of new supercontinent, forging parts of Africa and Asia together, translocate Angola, Egypt and East China geographical close to each other. On the Die Rise loading screen and in the sky of the maps Die Rise and Buried, we see floating parts of Earth. Perhaps the Great Plains is one of such floating lands. The wastelands in Black Ops II bring more mysteries. The old question what exactly the Rift is comes up in my mind, as well as why the Global Polarization Devices had to be built in the Hanford Site, Shanghai and near the Rift. What have these locations in common. Perhaps the answer lays in the description of the Die Rise Timeline excerpt. Note that here, just like in the Buried excerpt, there is talked about 'activating'. In Green Run, there is talked about 'constructing'. I somehow get the feeling that the Globalization Devices were already there. They just had to be finished being constructed or merely being activated. It could be possible that Broken Arrow and the SDC had built these devices, to manipulate the Aether (perhaps with the power of Vril), and the towers were in fact part of a larger H.A.A.R.P.-like structure. This could be why Richthofen and Maxis can only built these pylons on these three specific locations.

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