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  1. I share your frustrations, mate. Maybe it has something to do that "beneath creation" could mean something different than a literal void of nothingness, but rather negativity in general. Think of negative energy, antimatter, whatever. All these energies hold a great force, while unexistent in our world. I've always found this quote of Richtofen in Buried very interesting, and I think it has to do with this all: Richthofen: All this talk about energy, it’s so vague, ja? Its best not to worry about it. Just think of the big ones, positive and negative, north and south, light and dark, good and evil. Basically he describes that there is to speak of a polarization, two opposing sides. We always assumed this was Heaven versus Hell, Agartha versus Aether or something, but maybe we are one side, and the Aether in general is the other. It was said by the Kronorium that the Keepers ascended to become the wards of the universe, but when Pernell ascended he became the Avogadro and corrupted, appearing the same as the Afterlife in MotD (with both electric powers). Think about what is said in Tag about the blood: Yena: The blood uses negative space which exists between the molecules. This negative space provides an influx of energy. Which we believe fuels the blood, giving it the ability to move. And in Blood of the Dead: Maxis: The power of your blood could theoretically be used to open a portal und escape your present reality. If you can direct und focus enough energy through your blood, you may be able to tear a hole through the Aether und step through. How much blood will be required? I do not know. But given the concentration of Aether in your veins, it’s likely best to not over do it. I believe they talk about the same energy in the blood. Primis seems to have gained this power because of all their interdimensional travels, so does travelling through aether generate negative space in your blood? So perhaps, a negative realm rather than a void?
  2. Appreciate your reply Kered! Whilst I have no online anymore, I do play the map occasionally on my own and keep trial-and-error things. I do have noticed that the green flash/teddy sitting on top of the box does not seem to happen when playing on easy mode, at least I have never noticed any. Does that mean it is related to some Egg, similar to how there are no NAVcards and such when playing on easy mode? Do you by chance know if there are any permaperks in easy mode? Great discovery concerning that tank! Tranzit reused alot of BO1 things, mainly textures (the Russian words, the number written on the wall in the Power Plant, etc) but I didn't realize they also reused models. Since they appear in the map Radiation, I am reminded by this sentence on the Wikipedia page of the Hanford Site: "To receive the radioactive wastes from the chemical separations process, the HEW built "tank farms" consisting of 64 single-shell underground waste tanks". I always assumed this was a hint to the silos at Farm, since they had 'contamination' written in Russian on it, but perhaps these tanks behind the derailed train have the same purpose. Keep slaying buddy!
  3. Killer work Rad, all of these threads! These posts will everlasting be a usefull tool for all, revealing interesting quotes I self have never heard. One in particular strikes me: "Nikolai: The children in the house… they are us? Are we to believe that they are vessels for our eternal soul? Richtofen: Ja, Nikolai, that is exactly what they are: Vessels for our eternal souls." What does this mean? Are eternal souls the same yellowish orbs we see swapping between Richthofen and Sam in the Moon Quest? The same yellowish orbs we see being absorbed from the undead upon filling the MPD tanks and Origins chests? Or are 'Eternal souls' something different? I'm also not quite sure about the meaning of the icons we receive upon doing the Quests in BO3: the Summoning Key for doing Shadows, which is quite understandable since Richthofen acquires the Key there. But also Gateworms for every map we harvest a soul of Ultimis/Primis (except the Giant, but that's another story). Is the Gateworm-ritual process in Shadows of Evil used as a metaphore for what we do in BO3? Since Mob is some kind of metaphore for breaking the loop, I could see Shadows having some kind of similar role. Anyone who understands what exactly we do in Shadows, and how it can relate to capturing the souls of Nikolai, Tank, Takeo and Doctor Richtofen? Surely it has something to do with their souls being bound the Elemental Shard
  4. Yes, to improve human condition! You've deserved this title Raddy, and know you are not alone in experiencing such things you've mentioned. Cheers!
  5. Honestly, that would explain why Monty said that it wasnt really Maxis' fault to release the Shadowman, as he had no soul. Maybe the Shadowman's soul went into Maxis, turning into the Shadowman (as he is a shapeshifter)
  6. @Joe Tyce Playing the map right now. What exactly do you mean?
  7. Okay so as mentioned before, the Sumerians, the 'cradle of civilisations', the place where Homo Sapiens began to settle aand form a conplex society for the first time, is heavily associated with tales about the Vril-Ya and Ancient Aliens. According to these tales, the Sumerian gods were the Vril Ya and Sumeria is the place where the landed upon Earth. I just found this: Check out their alphabeth! Seems like they were inspired by something, eh?
  8. Though Woods is part of the Campaign universe, one tied with the Aether story, while Dead of the Night is Chaos. But yeah, maybe. Have ypu ever noted 'Woods' on the mailbox in Nuketown Zombies? (And I presume Alpha Omega as well)
  9. Gonna try to find a logic behind the green flashes of the Magic Box, instantly followed by a Teddy Bear sitting on top of the box afterwards. Things I got so far (will update): Russman: Gets a Warmachine Misty: Samuel: Marlton: I find it interesting how Russman has multiple quotes in which he says how much he likes the Warmachine (the weapon that gives him the green flash). Samuel likes pistols, Misty shotguns and Marlton snipers. Maybe there's a connection, maybe these quotes hint something. Furthermore, here are Zielinski's twitter riddles, all released before Die Rise (meaning it has to do with either Tranzit or Nuketown Zombies?) It may be points, or whatever you call them. Wait appropriate amount of time, then continue to work. Maybe something to do with the banking system? Overlooked and never found, but one does simply run around. Thinking about it, I never simply ran an entire round over the map, without using the bus or teleporters. If you go there now something will be up and running...... but stay to the path, dont go hunting. Don't go hunting seems to hint that we should not kill any zombies. Maybe run the map without killing any zombie, and there will be something upon returning in Bus Depot? Everyone looks for the missing piece, and they think they have it, between their teeth Crashed and derailed, it is the players who have failed. Definately a train reference You have seen the key, but it is too large, you see. I think about the train, but it could certainly possible that that's just my tunnelvision. In plain sight, but out of mind, without me, you would be blind. Something to do with lights? The Sun maybe? I thought you would be clued, because you're picture of beams may be skewed. Seems to reference to the beams (that were a remnant of a deleted Easter Egg, I believe). The hands of time do never stop, then again, the hands should swap. Sometimes the largest objects hold the most significance, the end result, may be magnificent. Train? Very maybe? The next step is not too far, looking in the wrong way is what you are. Perhaps we have to run the map counter-clockwise? Or does it have to do with the Bridge? Not too far seems to refer to close-by the Bus Depot spawn, the wrong/other way seems to refer to the oposite direction we always go (with the bus/to the box). The first thing we encounter upon going the other way is the Bridge. A train car is a train car....unless derailed, that is.....then its junk right? Moar train hints. If you have been there, but dont go back, then how do you know? Maybe the Bus Depot? We always spawn there, but hardly ever return If it can open but you dont open it, how will you know. Follow the signs to. What signs? Some say "Tell us" and many tell me to keep my mounth shut. I will say this: I always think what i want until i get it. Eyes of dedication, skil, are separate. Where there's a bomb, there is also a brain. But what's this? It's happening all over again... No vision doesnt mean less ability. Reminds me of the 'without me you would be blind' quote. Some things needs to go down, before others go up. Go down...objects? Players? Sometimes it can be two sides of the same coin. But when flipping the coin, you never know what lands first. Distractions are inhibited though the general key of succes. Past succes there is logic hiding in plain sight. Again speaking about something in plain sight... It seems like there is something big, obvious, that is ignored by us. Has anyone any idea what kind of structure this is and what purpose it has (in real life, I mean)? It lays beyond the derailed train, invisible in a casual map when there is fog blocking our vision. When you turn the fog off, however, it is in plain sight. "Stay close to me" says the morse code in the electricity sparking in the wire, leading from the Easter Egg pylon to the pylon right-beyond this structure. I WANT TO BELIEVE!!!
  10. Thats a great idea! We know from a radio that the MPD is, as Richtofen said, a "gateway to another dimension", a physical entrance. When Group 935 fully prepared the pyramid, Samantha could simply walk in, her body would cryogentically freeze and her soul could enter the realm of the (Dark) Aether. Richtofen would later merely need to open up the pyramid and use the Vril Vessel and Focussing Stone to swap his soul with Sam's, leaving Samantha's body as a physicall vessel within the pyramid. Only thing that buggers me is Maxis' statement, at the end of Richtofen's Quest in Buried, that Richtofen's actions will eternally condemn Samantha's soul... Is there still something of the girl left in the MPD? But yeah, souls being used in rites such as charging the MPD, the chests in Buried and 'cleaning' the skulls in Zetsubou could very well be explained by souls being the only thing able to travel outside our box of space-time. Its not for nothing that scientists refer to souls as Life Force, usable for energy. However, I still believe there is a difference between Life Force/souls we use in this matter and souls talked about in BO3/BO4. Nikolai is the only one having a soul, but I believe alk the others still hold Life Force. Difficult mtter, for sure. Happy yearswap, everybody!
  11. I didn't really knew where I should post this, but I suddenly had this thought: What if Vril is plasmalized 115? In Origins, we see the conversion generators drawing power of the Element when they converse it from gaseous into liquid, making it drop one step in the states of matter (solid-->liquid-->gaseous-->plasma-->Bose-Einstein condensate). As energy must come from something, I assume energy gets less the lower in the state of matter table. The most powerful state of 115, I assume, is Vril, so could it be possible if it is in plasmaform or possibly even Bose-Einstein condensate (one big superatom). When we concentrate 115 in Shangri La into the Focussing Stone, it is theorized we obtain Vril. Die Glocke was also believed to generate Vril and plasmalize objects.

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