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  1. @Carl LeitemDid a Pareidolia/Damned/Lullaby mashup on piano zombs.mp3
  2. The Navcard reader in Tranzit can be build underneath the Pylon in the cornfield between the Farm and the Powerplant. Four parts are required to build it, and they are all scattered through the entire map. Being limited to carry merely one part at a time, the player has to add a certain part under the Pylon every time a part has been picked up. The locations of the parts are the following: 1) The meteorite: In the hole in the wall at Bus Depot, next to Mystery Box spawn. 2) The wooden plank. This one can be found on two possible locations. In the Tunnel between
  3. Now you need to unlock the Pack-a-Punch. To do this, you must locate three vases with smoke coming out of it. They can be found at three of the following locations: In the wine cellar, at two possible spawns In the master bedroom In the trophy room In the Library In the Study When you located a vase, kill some zombies around it. After doing so, interact with the vase which will give the player a vision of an item somewhere in the map. This is where things get a little more complicated. There are several different items that the vision can show to th
  4. Activate the power through retrieving the Sentinel Artifact across the North Atrium bridge.
  5. Haha I went the other way around: I started with piano but this whole Covid thing brought me into guitar (akoustic). I like to play piano tracks on guitar (such as Tsjaikovski) and vice versa. Always neat when people expand their horizons and just try things, who knows what can come from it
  6. Heyo @L0KKI, welcome to CoDZ (excuse me for being late)! This is our Discord server, if you'd like to join: Join the Call of Duty Zombies Discord Server! DISCORD.GG Check out the Call of Duty Zombies community on Discord - hang out with 480 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat. It has a section devoted to 'looking for a team' and voicechats, and I'd love to play with you one time. Pretty cool you did WaW and now returned for Cold War. What console do you use and what timezone are you in? Love your profile pic
  7. Gossip time! Drop here all the rumours you have heard about earlier zombie games and its maps. I'm really curious if anyone has additional info that can be added to this thread. World at War Kino der Toten: The classic Black Ops map was originally supposed to be released in World at War, although the release date was too close to that of Treyarch's new game, so it was added in Black Ops. Makes you wonder how much differently "Five" had its fame in case Kino would be added in World at War, as it would've been the sole Zombies map on Black Ops's release Black Ops
  8. The Bossfight is divided in five stages Stage One When starting the fight, you will spawn underwater and need to swim to a nearby tree. Here you will find the Sentinel Artifact, interact with it to be teleported back to the Titanic. Once on the ship, a giant iceberg will appear, along with a giant blue eye. Shoot at it but mind you that no actual damage will be done to the eye (so don't waste your most powerful weapons. Shoot it until you are teleported to the stairs behind. Now you must survive a large assault of zombies, Stokers, Catalysts and Blightfathers. If you survive a
  9. Now go to the Cargo Hold, where you must lower the water first. This will reveal a planetarium model of a solar system. Interacting with it will initiate an infinite zombie round, which will not stop until you have either completed or failed the step. So make sure you are up for a fight! Once you interact with the planetarium, the planets will flash in a certain order. Remember this order, take note of it or write it down, as it is the order in which you need to interact with these planets In case you aren't familiar with the planets of our solar system, here is a helpfu
  10. Now you need to interact with each of the planets of our Solar System, excluding Earth and poor Pluto. Sun: Found in the Forecastle room, on the deck in the middle Mercurius: In the Mail Room beneath the Forecastle Venus: In the Millionaire Suite, in the room with suitcases on the bed Moon: At a white door near the Lower Grand Staircase Mars: In the Boiler Room, behind the furnace Saturn: In one of the rooms at the Bridge Jupiter: In the Engine Room after climbing up the first set of stairs Neptunus: At the Outer
  11. Another quick step, yay! Now that the fire is out, the Pack-a-Punch machine allows it to upgrade the Sentinel Artifact you obtained in an earlier step. Place it in the machine, upgrade and retrieve it.
  12. Now go the the Boiler Room, where you will find seven blue pipes leaking at a total of nine places. Look well around and above you. Shoot all these leaks with the acid ammunition of the Decay Kraken. When done correctly, the fire will be put out. Nice isn't it, when a step is that short?
  13. To proceed in the Easter Egg, you first need the Kraken wonderweapon. Ideally, you can obtain this weapon from the Mystery Box, but there is also another way to get it for free. If you already have the weapon from the box, proceed to the final part of this step, otherwise here is a guide to get the Kraken via an alternative way: First, you need to kill a Stoker (the mini-boss with the hammer), who will then drop a key. This key can be used to open a box that can be found on either one of the following locations: At Provisions In the Mail Rooms In the central hal
  14. Nice! So you play both piano and guitar (and bass?)? How did you get yourself so musical?
  15. After the dials have been successfully locked in, four electrical fuseboxes will begin sparking different elemental colors (Fire, Acid, Water and Electricity). You must kill an Elemental Catalyst Zombie of the same element near its matching fusebox. For example, kill the Fire Catalyst next to the red sparking fusebox. When you kill the right Elemental Catalyst Zombie next to its matching outlet, a ritual symbol will spawn on the ground where the Catalyst was killed. Don't go standing or interacting with it yet! The four outlets can be found at any of the following locations:
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