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  1. anonymous

    The Last Classified Cipher Discussion

    Tbh, I always found Maxis the odd character in BO3. While being soulless, he acts kinda like the interdimensional messenger. While we were doing stuff for Monty the whole time, we didnt even knew of his existence untill Stalingrad. It was Maxis who told us what to do the whole time, like the bridge between Monty and Primis. Good point. I hope we get some more intel or theories about this as well. About the whole House maybe. The whole Agartha thing is still so vague. And where does that radiation come from.
  2. anonymous

    Solo Quick Revive - Friend or Foe?

    Truly, I have never looked like this to the perks. Im a simple player and not a real tactican: I buy perks without the idea that I might wanna change class. Thanks for the post!
  3. From the picture it seems like the DNA helixes are just splitter, probably with the enzymes Helicase and Ligase. After that they put them together with the deoxyribose nucleoid acid of pigs. The question is why?
  4. anonymous

    The Last Classified Cipher Discussion

    Me too. And @Electric Jesus man if I were able to give a comment more than one like I would do so with yours. The idea that everything extraordinary that happens in the Zombies Saga is sciencific rather than made-up mythological excites me. Like a big Christopher Nolan movie. Monty and Shadowman not being gods just because they are but because an experiment went wrong, and everything happening afterwards being some kind of paradox actually created by accident in a terribly failed Group 935 experiment would be awesome. I've heard about theories that Monty and Shadowman are originally the same prior. It could be something like in the movie "the Prestige", where using a MTD created by Tesla doesn't actually teleport you, but rather clones you to another location. The first MTD tests might have doubled a subject, creating the "good" Monty and "bad" Shadowman, actually both craving for unlimited power. Perhaps 935 even accidentally created the Aether, like the "beings" in Interstellar created the hypercube at the end of Interstellar, but then by humans of the 3th dimension. Something I suddenly gotta think of is a theory I once read about Monty being Brock and Shadowman being Gary, turning into these persons after discovering Agartha. The only "evidence" for this would be one being British and one being American, which is a kinda lame one I gotta say. I totally forgot about the red scarf cipher. It's odd to think that one has to tell Monty that the giant has risen while we are also said that he is omnipotent, so he should already know that.
  5. anonymous

    The State of Zombies

    Im getting the feeling that Zombies is turning into one big Hollywood show more and more. With the Rise of Reddit, the faces of zombies (such as Jason Blundell, Treyarch developers and above all, YouTubers) and popular opinions have won it from the story and theorists. It's all about marketing and the hype now. And the company are trying too hard to do the right thing. Things like Team Death match and Battle Royale are game modes that slot of games have/had. Zombies mode was something unique and invented by Call of Duty. Now they're kinda killing it but all we can blame is the community that led to it. Still like the story though. But redditors will never talk about the myths of Agartha, Area 51 conspiracies and the science behind Matter Transference yet they do talk about the way Primis is going. And things like Jason Blundell's haircut.
  6. anonymous

    New Challenge Idea

    Hmm, might test that soon...
  7. anonymous

    The Last Classified Cipher Discussion

    It is a very odd cipher indeed. It is known that Monty didn't interferred with Earth's residents except for helping humanity against the Apothicans by offering little "nudges" that would eventually indirectly help to stop the inter-dimensional hullabaloo. He also blamed Group 935 for creating the Matter Transference Devices, the start of this misery. So now it seems like Monty wanted the "hullabaloo" on purpose. If I recall correctly, he hasn't made contact with any human prior: Maxis was his first. So why does Monty want the hullabaloo? Another thing you say is that Maxis is a man of science, and indeed, he is. He would never abandon such a project as the MTD. And even if he would have, he must have been very impressed when Richthofen managed it to teleport a walnut for the first time. But his reaction back then was merely something like: "just stop the testing Richthofen". Like something changed his mind and he didn't even wanted the MTD to exist, while it was him who started the experimenting. Maybe the sentence "For M, who started me on this Journey." goes for Monty warning Maxis to stop the testing with the MTD. Perhaps thats why he didn't want Richthofen to continue it
  8. anonymous

    What keeps you loving Zombies?

    For me it really is this site, the story and the mysterious atmosphere. Oddly enough not the gamemode itself. I like to wander around in the map, looking at some objects and textures and think if I can find some story-related thing behind that. Doing so, you realize the maps are really made in detail. Though I know if I hadn't found this forum, I wouldn't have played zombies for a long time. And I agree with you Infest, playing with others makes it so much fun. Playing alone I always feel lonely, abandoned and just not good. I always make sure I play online or split-screen
  9. That would actually be the most logical answer on this question! Don't really understand how Groß can sound like Kustover but I guess the voice actor had trouble speaking crazy German Schwarfes S. Is the camp in Ludwigdorf (where, according to the Der Riese newspaper, bees have disappeared) also part of this Groß-Rosen? That one is located near Der Riese. Another question though. How could Richthofen and his loyals secretly transport prisoners to the Moon without Maxis knowing about it?
  10. Recently I have watched a Swedish movie, in which they at one point talked about a village Blablabla (something) Posten. I wonder if multiple villages in Sweden have the word ''Posten" in its name. Maybe Kustover Posten is a not-existing anymore village in early 1900s Sweden. What's curious more, is that when I searched "Kustover" on Google, one of the first links is a site about holidays to the Swedish coastal areas. I know this is little evidence, but could Kustover Posten be located in Sweden? Sweden had a neutral status in WW2, with sometimes helping Germany, sometimes helping the Western Allies. For example, they allowed the German Wehrmacht to travel through Sweden when attacking and retreating from the Soviet Union. They shared military intelligence with the Allies, was home to Allied airbases and trainings and became of refuge for anti-Fascist and Jewish Europeans. Maybe Group 935 had a station here as well
  11. anonymous

    The CoD Zombies Storybook

    Some brilliant shit you've got there Rad! Took some time to read it but I enjoyed every bit of it. Undone is so cleverly made: It even makes the "second outbreak of NDU radio signals" quote canon. While reading it, I forgot that Book 1 ends with Sam just in the MPD: This chapter is a brilliant intro the new powers of this entity. Danke Schön is a masterpiece. I would personally more be in favour in two short chapters rather than one large, but that's just me. Richthofen is a funny man, but sometimesI forget how cruel he actually is. And why the heck do they let the only drunk person drive!
  12. Though I don't believe in a busroute B, I personally disagree with Boom and I actually think TranZit still has its mysteries. This thread discusses a new discovered thing in TranZit. In the first comment, I linked some threads that include more mystery topics. Also indeed, welcome to the Forum, friends!
  13. anonymous

    Call of Duty Zombie Labs now canon?

    There is something about "the Americans start working on their own version of the Wunderwaffe" in the Timeline, right? Is that ever explained? And this is not about the Winters Howl, since the creation of that weapon is stated seperately in the timeline.
  14. anonymous

    Wardens Board

    Interesting stuff, Requix! Schrödinger states that there is a ritual circle in Shadows as well, which is, just like BotD, from my understanding a pocket dimension. Imagine that the Apothicans language here describes how to create such a pocket dimension following these rituals. What does it say? Let's start at: Quite logical, right? Or perhaps this is the beginning of the pocket dimension, a.k.a. the last step/ending of the ritual. Is that the symbol in the centre? If so, that could mean that all the meanings of the words around it should be looked at in the "action form". What someone must do. I'm thinking What does this word even mean? I'm not English XD So humans are needed for the ritual. That makes the Apothicans dependant on our species. They need help of a hand in a universe, they can't do everything from their Dark Aether. The human changes in a servant. Or is it a hint to the Apothicans Servant Antimatter shooting thingy? Gather what? Are there skulls in Alcatraz? I bet there are. Are they used for ritual things? Emotions seem odd for Dark Aetherial beings. Maybe it is pride with which the Apothicans promise the Warden as exchange for his deeds. Power and pride Which means...? I'm really curious how much the Shadow ritual circle has in common with this
  15. First of all, if you have time, PLEASE watch this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4Gotl9vRGs It takes only 11 minutes and that guy explains everything so good. You will notice that after watching that video you will look entirely different to the world around you. If you want a short summary, here it is. And watch out, it takes us beyond the physical and imaginable. Try to be sweet to your brain and stop reading if you cant handle it anymore: So let us start with the 0th dimension. This is really nothing else than a dot. Well, actually even less than that, since a dot has a width and a length, while the dot has not. It is really nothing more than a coordinate in a graph. A theoretical location in space-time, existing of no components. Everything “lower” than this 0th dimension is beneath creation. The 1th dimension is fairly easy: You have two 0th dimensional “dots’ and connect these with each other, creating a line. Mind you, this line exists of only one component: length. It has no width. Moving on to the 2th dimension is to connecting two 1th dimensional lines with each other, adding a second component: width. We now have a flat entity, without any depth. From this dimension, it is only one component away from our 3th dimension: Adding depth. Everything you see around you is 3D, existing of length, width and depth. However, there is a second, more interesting way to look at our 3th dimension. Imagine a 2D world, with an infinite flat 2D insect walking over an infinite flat 2D paper. The insect is standing on the edge of the paper, not able to walk further because that’s just the end of the paper. Now we, as 3-dimensional beings, interfere with this 2D world and bow this paper into the third dimension. The insect is now able to walk further over the paper, as he pops away from the one edge of the paper and appears on the other edge. The paper itself remains 2D, but the insect has basically travelled through the 3th dimension to travel to another location in the 2th dimension. Are you with me so far? Then we’re continuing. Because now we are getting at the more complicated stuff. Moving up into a higher dimension than the third sounds very odd, but it actually isn’t that hard to understand. The 4th dimension is, like every X dimension can be depicted as two X-1 dimensions connected with each other. Connecting two 3D objects, let’s say cubes, with each other, creates a hypercube, or tesseract. Still understandable, yes? Now it is getting more complicated: What if we don’t take a cube but another object, existing on location A at time=1 and on location B at time=2. What if we take, for example, a human. His entire life, from the moment he existed till he died, is the fourth dimension. The fourth component is TIME! The hypercube is nothing else than a visualisation of this. A 4th dimensional human is his entire life, connecting two places in 3D space-time and everything between it, seeing as one entity. Again, I heavily recommend watching that video I linked, it explains it so much better than I do. Following the principle of the insect walking over the 2D paper bowing itself through 3D space, we can also bow 3D space through the 4th dimension and in that way create a Wormhole from any point in space AND time to another point in space and time. A reminder: This is only in ONE universe. I think this is the basic principle behind the Matter Transference Device. So the fourth dimension is a timeline. The 5th dimension is like having multiple “timeline hypercubes” connected with each other: like having multiple possible timelines. There is one in which you can become a professor and one in which you cannot, depending on your choices of your life-timeline. It are all different spits, or like the zombie community likes to call it: Fractures. However, you cannot travel between these timelines and you there will always happen only one of such timeline. This isn’t the case if you connect such 5th dimensions with each other and create the 6th dimension. You are now able to freely “walk” around between the timelines as we can walk around from 3D space-time location A to 3D space-time location B. You just travel from the non-professor timeline to the professor timeline if you feel like. You can walk through an infinite amount of timelines, yet all bound to the very same beginning of each timeline: The Big Bang. The 7th dimension does not deal with this limit as it consists of various 6th dimensions. So there is a timeline in which the Big Bang happened, but also timelines in which everything started with something else. The 7th dimension exists of actual different universes. Connecting all these with each other created the 8th dimension. So that are all possible timelines with all possible beginnings combined. The 9th dimension is where you can actually travel between all these timelines. The 10th dimension is all of the above. It includes everything, and scientists therefore believe that the 10th dimension is the highest and the end of our interdimensional voyage. This is it. The infinite. Everything.

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