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  1. It’s deeply painfull to face what is happening with our planet right now. Forest burning, plastic oceans, species just gone every day, displacement…. It’s easy to feel totally overwhelmed. Helpless, powerless, numb, angry, or all of it. These messy and complicated feelings make total sense. Now this might look like a @The Meh-like selfreflection post, and I wish I had the capacity to produce such beautiful philosophical works, but it was actually a TED talk I saw that talked about this. And I wanted to share it. I sincerely ask you to take the time and relaxness to read it, and if you currently have none than wait for another time. I think the message is mostly transferred if you read this in all calmness with plenty of time to overthink it. Knowing what is happening with life on Earth, every day, every second, and yet expected to carry on with everyday life as if things are normal. What if by understanding ourselves and each other we can find our way through this crisis. What if psychology held the missing key to unlocking action on the greatest challenges facing our planet right now? How do we stay present with what’s really painful. How do we stay connected in the face of what is so threatening, overwhelming and scary? It turns out that psychology knows alot about these things. Psychology is actually a missing ingredient in our work that can exponentially accelerate our capacities to be creative and resilient and capable and skillful and courageous and all those things that the world is needing from us right now. So I'm going to share three concepts with you that are particularly game-changing. The first is something called our window of tolerance. We are all having a window how much stress can we tolerate while staying connected and what clinicians would call "integrated." Integrated, where we can actually be in touch with our thoughts and feelings and not just get kind of co-opted. And we all have a threshold. And what happens when we experience stress beyond what we can tolerate? We tend to go into the edges of our window: On one hand, we might go into a sort of collapse which looks like depression, despair, kind of a shutting down. The other side of the window includes denial, anger and rigid. And so when that happens, we actually lose our capacity to be integrated, resilient, adaptive, all those things that we want to be. And this is totally normal, but it's happening all around the world right now. We're all vacillating between these different feelings and emotions. And so with something like climate change, with every new scientific report, documentary, connecting the dots between what we're doing and the impact it's having, it can collectively be pushing us outside of our window of tolerance. It’s simply too much for us. We might feel like one small irrelevant dot in a world full of problems. Now a researcher called Lertzman interviewed hundreds of people from all backgrounds and political affiliations, from the Midwest US to China, talking about how we are feeling about what's happening, not about what opinions or beliefs. What are we feeling about what's going on with your local environment, with your water, your soil, the big picture. And all people told her at some point in the conversation, "I care very deeply about what's happening, I'm incredibly freaked out. I'm scared, I love this land, I love the birds, but I feel like my actions are insignificant. I don't know where to start. And I'm also really scared to change”. And this is the second concept, which is something called a double bind. A double bind is when we feel sort of like, damned if you do, and damned if you don't, and you're just kind of stuck there. It's a very intolerable human experience, and we will do anything we can to get rid of it and just push it away. And so all that care and concern, it's there, it just goes ‘underground’, so to say. But what happens is, it looks like people don't care, it looks like apathy. And so a lot of folks who are seeing the urgency of the situation are like, "We've got to motivate you. We've got to get you psyched. Here's the facts, this is happening, wake up." I am personally to blame of this as well. Inadvertently, this can backfire and lead to more numbing and inaction. Imagine that you go see a therapist, and you're feeling really stuck, you know you've got to change and the therapist starts shouting at you and saying "Don’t you see what's happening? If you don't act now, you're going to face terrifying consequences. Don’t you care? What's wrong with you?" Or you see a therapist and you're feeling actually sad and grief. And this therapist says, "You know, don't think about it too much. Here's some simple things you can do. Simple positive things." The third concept is about attunement. Attunement is when we feel understood and we feel accepted for exactly where we are. And we feel that we're in relationship with the world in a way that makes sense, no one's trying to change us or shame us or judge us. When the stakes are high and we’re facing such urgent threats, it might be very hard to want to attune with anything. But the paradox of the moment we're in is that when we are more in tune in our window of tolerance, we are so much more capable of solving problems, being creative, being adaptive, being flexible, being our brilliant selves. So what if our environmental work was informed by these concepts of window of tolerance, lot of double binds and attunement? You might think, “Okay Anon, this sounds awesome for a clinical and theoretical context, we don't have time for this." And that is absolutely not true. Because we can bring attunement into every aspect of our work on this issue, but it starts with ourselves. Feeling understood by others starts by yourself. Can you imagine leaders and influencers showing up as human, saying, "You know what? I am really scared. I don't know what all the answers are. But here we are, and we're all needed. And we're in this together. And we can do this." That's a very different message than just, "We can do this," right? So here's the thing, I know without a doubt that each one of us has the capacity to meet the challenges with the brilliance and bravery that we as humans have. We just need to cultivate the conditions together, and we need each other. Let’s collectively process these painful truths, these difficult realities. And we can do this.
  2. Is it not? Hmmm, maybe I'm a little off here. Would you be of the opinion that this wall actually has messages or if it's merely ethestic, looking like a neat hellish texture?
  3. Can we make something up of this? Is this also in Mob of the Dead? test.html
  4. Nan Madol is a ruined, partly overflooded city on the island of Pohnpei "upon (pohn) a stone altar (pei)", around the tropical equator in the Pacific. The site core with its stone walls encloses an area approximately 1.5 km long by 0.5 km wide and it contains nearly 100 artificial islets, stone and coral fill platforms, bordered by tidal canals. The original name of Nan Madol was Soun Nan-leng (Reef of Heaven), and it was the capital of the Saudeleur Dynasty until 1928. Nan Madol functioned as an inspiration for Lovecraft's lost city R'lyeh, and both locations are close to the Pacific pole of inaccessibility (48°52.6′S 123°23.6′W), a point in the ocean farthest from any land mass. It is generally believed that Lovecraft was inspired for choosing this location for his novel by another, older book, the Moon Pool, by Abraham Meritt. The plot of this book concerns an advanced race which has developed within the Earth's core. Eventually their most intelligent members create an offspring. This created entity encompasses both great good and great evil, but it slowly turns away from its creators and towards evil. The entity is called either the Dweller or the Shining One. On the island of Pohnpei in the South Pacific, the cold light of a full moon washes over the crumbling ruins of an ancient, vanished civilization. Unleashed from the depths is the Dweller, a glittering, enigmatic force of monstrous terror and radiant beauty that stalks the South Pacific, claiming all in its path. @PINNAZ found a third story, an autobiography of Herbert Rittlinger, a writer, photographer and explorer who spent 2 years sailing around the Pacific. He discovered that Pohnpei was a "brilliant and splendid center of a Pacific kingdom that had existed there untold millennia ago". The reports of this fabulous wealth had enticed pearl divers and merchants to investigate the seabed secretly and the divers had all risen from the depths with incredible tales. Now this well is not a well, but the way down to the beginning or end of a tunnel, deep into the unknown. The fact that today the opening is full of water to barely six feet below the edge proves nothing, for the buildings of Nan Madol continue over the edge of the island and can be followed with the naked eye below sea level until they disappear in the depths. "Down below," there were countless stone vaults, pillars and monoliths. Carved stone tablets hung on the remains of what seemed to be houses or temples. But many divers didn't return to the surface of the sea, and the place was considered cursed as the 'House of the Dead'. So what is this tunnel doing on this tiny island? Is there a lost underwater city off Nan Madol? Several modern day writers theorized that the ruined city on the land and the supposed drowned continuation of it are remnants of a lost continent: The Empire of Lemuria. The tunnel could be a gateway to Hollow Earth, a word metaphorically used for Agartha. Okay so, Zetsubou no Shima, set on Pohnpei, features a lot of Keeper influences, right? The skulls, the altar, the hidden undercroft and the hieroglyphics. Does this have ties with Lemuria and with the power and size this supposed empire had, of which Pohnpei was the nexus? Actually, Nan Madol and Lemuria have a prominent role in Ancient Astronaut theories. The writer Devaneya Pavanar associated Lemuria with Kumari Kandam, a legendary sunken landmass mentioned in the Tamil literature which is claimed to be the cradle of civilization for mankind. This civilization thrived because of their contact with those from above which they referred to as 'Gods'. These gods are said to have taught mankind things like language (remember how similar the Keeper language is to Sumerian language?), agriculture (think about the Shangri-La water system), architecture (pyramids), etc. So goes the story: The gods came and taught our ancestors everything. Mankind thrived. But what is this story we see in the hieroglyphics in Zetsubou? Using @caljitsu's translation guide in Keeperese, I've translated the readings and this is what it says: Evil rises, the Keeper(s?) protect(s?), seal up and venture (?) Basically what the pictures already implied, this is the story of Nan Sapwe. One of the Ancient Astronauts that descended upon Earth and helped humanity not merely with learning, but also with fighting the evil. The Apothicans. But who exactly was Nan Sapwe? Summarizing it, the ancient room we see in Zetsubou no Shima is merely a glimpse of what lays ahead. An alien-influenced stronghold full of otherworldly treasures. In this thread I wrote how the Chtulu statues seen in Shadows of Evil might originate from this area, and looking at how that Japanese officer looks to the Summoning Key in the intro cutscene of Zetsubou, he might've been searching for this artifact in the dark waters around Pohnpei as well. The Apothican monster appearing at round 50 proves that whatever enlightened nexus this city once was, it has now fallen victim to the Darkness. Or perhaps, like in Lovecraft's novel, the place functions as a portal to the House of Cthulhu, the prison of the Apothicans: the Aether.
  5. A truly enjoyable post to read. Here's a post made by @PINNAZ talking about the history of megaliths and astraeoastronomy that we encounter in Origins. A major thing remains unclear to me: What exactly happened to Samantha? How does the place she is trapped in now differs from the place she was during her time in the MPD? It reminds me of how we free Gersch in Ascension, how he describes it as a terrible place and yet a place where 'she' is in power. Perhaps the place Sam is trapped during Origins is the same as the place where she is while in the MPD (the Aether), with the only difference that she isn't in charge/in power anymore? It's also curious how Samantha says that "we are trapped here", plural. What does she mean?
  6. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Conversations Prompt and responses Samuel Stuhlinger and Marlton Johnson Crossfire Samuel Stuhlinger and Abigail "Misty" Briarton Crossfire Samuel Stuhlinger and Russman Crossfire Marlton Johnson and Abigail "Misty" Briarton Crossfire Marlton Johnson and Russman Crossfire Abigail "Misty" Briarton and Russman Crossfire
  7. anonymous

    Red Phones

    Mule Kick Phone (rings during Fire Sales) Spawn Room Phone (rings during Abracadavre or after getting ten kills (Solo)) PhD Flopper Phone (rings when having a Raygun)
  8. anonymous


    Quest of the Holy Grail Four Gods The Sacrifice The First Matter Dangerous knowledge Mankind's ultimate pursuit A beacon of hope
  9. Really like this talk, probably my favourite episode thus far (will continue watching tomorrow). Lastly I wanted to share this: Forget out the stem cells in the spleen, after some more classes I came to the conclusion that these stemcells are programmed to solely turn into (any) immunological cell, rather than being a pluriformal stem cell that can turn into anything @NaBrZHuntersaid that the zombies walk for some time after shooting their heads off, which might be evidence for their control/connection laying in the blood rather than the brain. This is an incredibly interesting notice! In toxicology, all that matters is the amount of the toxicant/chemical that is in your blood (compared to the entire amount of toxicant in the body. If one consumes a toxicant, the 'First Pass Effect' will occur, meaning that the compound will be partly broken down (by the liver) before it reaches the blood. Inhaulation or isjection is the most effective way to get a toxicant in your blood, as the gas exchange in the lungs is in direct contact with the blood. The spleen, as you said, is the filter of the blood, at least for bacteria, viruses and fungi. Possibly chemicals as well but I believe that is the main task of the liver. Its also interesting that Pablos speen has a Black Sun on it and that he is referred to as 'the specimen from Mexico' rather than 'subject from Mexico'
  10. Earth's redemption Table manners Enjoy the voyage Secure the Artifact The Sentinel Artifact The Trial Three Artifacts Competition
  11. anonymous


    What is taking you so long? Monty's plan Destroy the Aether Destroy Agartha You will hear from me
  12. Return to Camp Edward The Nuke Transferring "Him"
  13. Pernell's obsession 'Pernell Test Number One' Unauthorized experiments Betrayal Shard Test Number 54
  14. anonymous

    Film Reels

    MKAlpha A.D.A.M. Life Force The Pentagon Thief Yuri's visions Yuri's warning

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