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  1. Forgetting you but not the time...
  2. Sources: Wikipedia, Callofdutyzombies.com, CoD Wiki, http://www.friesian.com/curved-2.htm
  3. Higher dimensions Gravity is not just a force. Have you ever watched the movie Interstellar and wondered how any of it was possible? How can one hour pass by on one planet while seven years pass by on Earth? The explanation comes down to what scientists call the Gravitational Time Dilation. This effect measures the amount of time that has elapsed between two events by observers at different distances from a gravitational mass. In simpler words, time runs slower wherever gravity is strongest, and this is because gravity curves space-time. It was first described in Einstein’s Relativity Theory, where he described the Fourth Dimension as a temporal one: Time, connected with gravity. A mass in 3-D space oscillating into a fourth dimension would create a gravitational field and would be responsible for the curvature in spacetime introduced by that dimension. Now this reminds me of Group 935’s Die Glocke and the Vril-Ya’s Vimañas, anti-gravity devices that are also known for the manipulation of time. Gravity and time are interwoven with one and another, but how about electromagnetism? While gravity affects every object in the universe, electromagnetic forces only act on certain things, things with electrical charge or magnetic polarity. Somehow, electrically and magnetically neutral objects move unconcerned through space without "seeing" any curvature induced by electromagnetic fields. In those terms, electromagnetism could hardly be inducing a curvature in space or spacetime itself, since even uncharged objects could not fail to "see" that. In 1915, the two scientists Theodor Kaluza and Oskar Klein noticed that adding an extra dimension to Einstein's theory effectively incorporated Maxwell's equations into it. Maxwell’s equations, also seen written on a wall in Shadows of Evil, concerned electromagnetism, for example the fact that every electrical charge generates a magnetic field (something that @Mattzs applied on Auras, the magnetic field of a human being). This means that electromagnetism is our fifth dimension, next to the three spatial ones and one temporal one. Now we’re reaching the Superstring Theory, a theory describing the cosmos as a Multiverse, essentially canon in our Zombieverse as the SoE scrap paper also includes terms and drawings of this matter. My mind cannot comprehend it, however, if you wanna read further concerning this topic how electromagnetism can ‘curl up’ space-time, see this link. The Hidden World I would like to continue in the historic/mythologic matter. In Sufism, an Islamic religion, there is believed in a fourth dimension, a "Hidden World" (Rumi Mathnavi, quoted in Idries Shah: The Sufis, New York 1964). This common belief was one of the reasons for the early contacts established by Thule Society members with Sufi organisations in Turkey in the early decades of the 20th century. They held that the Hidden World actually exists and is populated by highly advanced beings of Aryan origin. It was the Nazi’s goal to cooperate with these beings, obtain from them occult knowledge and create a race of supermen of Aryan stock to exterminate all inferior races and take over the world. This Hidden World is illuminated by a pallid Black Sun which gives off energetic radiations in the form of Vril. Whoever possesses Vril controls the world. The Nazis believed that Vril could be harnessed for the purposes of greatly enhancing the human race physically and mentally, and could also be used in the manufacture of advanced weaponry. The Hindu mythologies, as well as the book Vril: the Coming Race, had great influences on pseudosciencific groups in Nazi-Germany. The SS organized several expeditions to various places across the globe to trace back the mythical origins of the Aryans, of which they believed to be the descendants. They also tried to discover and investigate ‘Leylines’, locations that are believed to be a straight line that carries an altered form of the Earth’s Magnetic Field. Nexuses of our planet’s energy, if you will. As I’ve mentioned in another thread, these lines appear in most cultures and traditions spread across the globe, and usually the names given to represent these invisible lines are translated to an equivalent of 'spirit', 'dream', or 'energy' paths. Most of these locations happen to be on mountains, man-made mounds, stone circles, pyramids or beacons. By some cultures, the main paths of the forces were believed to be determined by the routes of the sun, moon and five major planets. Recent science actually discovered that the Earth’s Magnetic Currents are affected by the position of the Sun, the Moon and the other planets. Electromagnetism is influenced by gravity. Quoting the article again, the Nazi’s searched for “places where the veil between the Earth and the Hidden World is thinnest”. I dunno if anyone here has watched the series Stranger Things, but this reminds me of the ‘the Flee and the Acrobat’ episode, in which is described how beings can or cannot travel from two different realms. In the series, from Earth to the Upside Down, but we can also apply that theory on our story: from Earth to Agartha. Consider an acrobat and a flea on a tight rope. The acrobat can move forward and backward along the rope. But the flea can move forward and backward as well as side to side. If the flea keeps walking to one side, it goes around the rope and winds up where it started. So the acrobat has one dimension, and the flea has two dimensions, but one of these dimensions is a small closed loop. The acrobat cannot detect any more than the one dimension of the rope, just as we can only see the world in three dimensions, even though it might well have many more. This is impossible to visualize, precisely because we can only visualize things in three dimensions. Crossing dimensions, however, verges a lot of energy. First of all, @KronoriumExcerptB why for fucks sake have you named yourself after this excerpt? Going further, there are locations on Earth where early mankind knew they were close to ‘the other side’. Structures such as the Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Giza were built on these spots. They were used to for astronomy and spirituality, as well as housing burial grounds and sacrifices (for example the Mesoamerican Pyramid of the Moon). Alcatraz’s importance So Richthofen had a lab located beneath the American federal prison Alcatraz, of all places. At first, this didn’t make sense until we heard a quote in Blood of the Dead, where Richthofen stated that Alcatraz is built on a Leyline. This could explain why Native Americans mentioned evil spirits they purportedly encountered on the Rock long before it became a federal prison. Bones and artifacts unearthed by archaeologists on the island have indicated that it might have served as a burial ground for Native Americans. As said earlier, a lot of burial grounds or mounds are made at a lot of leyline locations, as it is believed that these locations, and the rituals around them, are ‘Death Roads’ or ‘Spirit Paths’, places where the spirits of the deceased can move away to find peace. Richthofen learned about this, and decided to build his laboratory there, located at a place where the veil between Earth and Agartha is the thinnest. The construction was assisted by the Illuminati, who are according to common conspiracies, well aware of the existence and locations of Leylines and Hollow Earth (a synonym for Agartha). Concerning this Agartha-Hollow Earth thing, the most likely explanation is that ancient cultures simply believed the other realm was located beneath the Earth’s crust, as the Afterlife is also often related to a world beneath ours, an Underworld. However, in an excerpt of Maxis’ diary he states that the energy within all matter holds the dimensional gateway itself, and Monty also speaks of a “world within a world”. Maybe the ethereal energy within all matter, our magnetic field as well as the Earth’s, holds the Hidden World. I’m not sure how to visualize that, though. Anyway, the Illuminati knew about Alcatraz laying on a Leyline, which might also be the reason why Richthofen knew this. We see a map of Alcatraz in the Morg City undercrofts, a place that is believed to be used by the human branch of the Ancient Order of the Keepers. So maybe the Illuminati and the Keepers are connected? However, in conspiracy theories it is believed that the Illuminati spreads negative energy and fear with massacre death rituals along the Leylines, which sounds more Apothican to me. I am curious about your thoughts concerning this subject. Moving on to my final thought I wanted to share with you. In Buried, Richtofen says that departed souls leave energy in their wake. We know grave mounds were often built on Leyline locations, and now we’ve got Alcatraz as a Leyline, where also the whole Afterlife stuff of Mob of the Dead is going on. Is this related with one and another? As I’ve discussed with Rad and Mattz earlier, maybe our afterlife is that our soul is transferred into energy, flowing back into the ethereal realm. Deceased people are buried on Leylines so their energy could easily enter their destiny. With the Warden doing those Apothican dark rituals, however, the souls of the mobsters are trapped. This could be why Afterlife mode appears so similar to the Avogadro, who is said to exist in ethereal form. The soul was trapped outside the physical body but couldn’t enter the Ethereal plane (remember what I said about Underworld earlier?), thus they are left in our physical world as ethereal, dead, entities. Purgatory.
  4. Ha, huh, I have been rezurrected! Unfortunately, theres no U
  5. @RequixEclipse, I like it to see your introduction, years after I met you. Thoughout years, we've had some wild discussions, possibly dating back to the moment you came up with your Apothican symbols in Die Rise thread. I believe your pressence on this Forum lasts quite some time longer than me, but I remember you as someone with who I "grew up" here. I'm glad I've met you here, and hope we'll keep our discussions for quite some time. Carpe Diem <3
  6. anonymous


    I don't really know what to say concerning this topic. Love is something that cannot be explained in words, its rather a ball of emotion, good or bad, trapped in your heart. Experiencing it makes you realize a there is whole different meaning of 'feeling'. For me it is been almost a year now, and I still think about her occasionaly. Today, upon waking up, I put on a sweater that she stole so many times from me and put on herself, which made me think about her again. Later, I turned on the radio and by change heard songs of Coldplay and Bastille, both songs I can remember we sung along together one day, one sunny, happy day. That being said, I have found peace with it. When I think about her, I do so in a happy way and wherever she is, I hope she is alright and reminds me as the guy I initially was, rather than the mental wreckage I turned in later. The worst way to process a heartbreak is most likely watching Netflix series and such. Doing sports, walking outside in the fresh autumn air or sit with friends, talking about among others this subject, will certainly help. I remember when I was in this shit, we just had some basic neurology. I tried to break down the neurons that made me feel so emotionally about her as much as possibly by restricting me to not think about her, similar how one can unlearn playing piano by don't play for a long time. A kinda extreme meassurement, and I'm not even sure if it helped. Just me trying to search sciencific help. But love isn't science, and cannot be explained with it either. All in all, I can say now that I am happy to have experienced that time with her. Thankfully to her. Not only was it a nice period, the heartbreak made me a better person. I guess I remained the same person here on the Forums more or less, but I really changed (in the good way, so it feels). I genuinely feel better about myself now, better than before the relation and heartbreak. I know your days are dark and grim now, but it eventually might turn brighter than before. Stay awesome, friend, and thank you for sharing this. You're so much better in defining something in words, and I can see so much of myself in your post.
  7. In this thread written by @Rissole25 , he came upon an interesting letter of one Gerhart, posted in 2011 in Argentinia. It extensively talks about the secret true purpose of the Nazi Party. For the entire letter, you have to visit Rissole’s original thread, I quotated merely a few parts that are applicable on the subject of this post. Now here's a part of a radio found in the map Moon: I believe Richthofen and Maxis have a race for mastering Vril within Group 935: Maxis tries to artificially replicate the energy via Die Glocke (the Flytrap) while Richthofen is researching actual ancient Vril artifacts, found on Earth’s Moon. The big difference is that Maxis might be openly sharing his information with the rest of Group 935, including Richthofen. What’s more, I believe Maxis wants Richthofen to assist him in his Vril project, as it is part of the Super Soldat Program they desperately are working on (see: Tag der Toten radios). So in Gerhart's letter, it is said that at Der Riese, human testsubjects have been placed inside Die Glocke to receive Vril radiations to increase physical and celebral structures. Working on creating superhumans, possibly to be used as ‘Super Soldats’. Would this have happened to the Ultimis testsubjects? At the end of September, 1945, Richthofen transfers his testsubjects from the Siberian Facility to Der Riese. The last Richthofen radio talking about the Super Soldat program is recorded in August, 1945, in which he states that the cloning process has begun. Could he have taken Nikolai, Takeo and Dempsey to Der Riese, the place that houses Die Glocke, to place them within the device? Have the testsubjects been radiated with Vril, in an efford to make them the by the Nazi’s so desired “Ubermenschen”? Maybe that is why Richthofen wants them specifically to assist him in his Grand Scheme.
  8. Absolutely agree with you, KMR, good post. This actually reminded me of Richthofen's ending, and I wonder to what this senario would lead. In oposition to Maxis, Richthofen desprerately wants to mend the Rift, close the dimensional hole created by the fracturing of Earths Magnetic field (theory). Also, during the Buried easter egg, a very important step is to close a tear in space-time that has accidentally been created during the step in which the characters travel to Round Infinity. This all kinda make it seem to me that Ultimis Richthofen cares about dimensional gaps and wants to close off "his" universe from all other in each other bleeding universes, as this is the only way to make this world genuinely his own, personal plaything. So maybe, in a universe locked off of the entire Multiverse, Victis still live. And if Richthofen's soul really parasites in Samuel's body, I imagine he wouldn't care bad for his physical self and his "friends". Maybe, in this universe Victis are like kings ;)
  9. Ahh, the most interesting period! Welcome to the Forums, buddy, hope you'll enjoy it here anf I look forward to your potential future posts!
  10. My account was hijacked by @escobarrr
  11. EJ, man, you deserve being member of the Hall of Fame even if it were only for your metaphores always. It's certainly an interesting concept, as the Keepers and Apothicans would be from a higher dimension (above the fish bowl) but yet in the same, perceivable, 3D dimension. Your idea about Monty and the Shadowman being fingers from the same hand reminds me of @ProjectKMR's recent post about who controls the Keepers and the Apothicans. We've heard the Shadowman speaking about 'Overlords', and I wonder if this are the more-important, universe-consuming Apothicans (similar to the Silver Surfer-Earth Eater relationship) or if the Apothicans truly serve higher beings, connected to the Dark Aethereal plane
  12. How do you mean? I see Flatlanders as beings in the x- and z- direction, but yeah, x- and y- would also be possible. X- and z- is easier to visualize for me, but in essence it doesn't matter. (Sorry for the low resolution) The square on table is the flat house of the red, square flatlander sitting inside. It can only perceive in the z- and x- directions. The apple is a being from a higher dimension, and finds himself in the y- direction, a 3th dimension. When the apple "goes through" the 2D house, the Flatlander can only see that 2D layer of the 3D apple that goes through the 2D plane. Thank you for the good thoughts! I am specifically interested in how electromagneticy seems to be connected with Higher Beings. I imagine this kinda like the ending of Interstellar, where the main character finds himself in a 4D tesseract where he can manipulate the lower dimension. Love these real-life connections! Maybe thats how a Keeper in the 4th dimension looks like, or it are higher overlord-like beings that are served by the 3D Keepers.
  13. Nice stories, all of yours! My personal first encounter with CoD Zombies was on a rainy day as well. I was on the birthday of my aunt, and because of the bad weather we had to do something indoors. It was such type of 'adult' birthday, with everyone being invited in the evening and mainly adult family. So yeah, bad weather, few children, you can imagine me and my cousin got bored. Then he said he had something fun in his room. He showed me and the other kids his old PS3 (I honestly never played on a Playstation ever before) as well as his Black Ops 1 disc. As a sci-fi/horror/WW2 "fan", the Zombies Mode looked way more appealing than Multiplayer. So we selected Zombies-->Kino der Toten (that name became a real meme between me and my cousin) and we started playing in the Theatre of the Damned. We didn't knew about the possibility of buying door, hell we didn't even knew about the M14 upstairs. All we had was the Olympia, blasting heads off the undead untill we'd die by the arrival of the Hellhounds. But man, it was FUN. I really liked the mysterious atmosphere, and what people talk about the feeling they had when accidentally playing Nacht der Untoten for the first time, I had this with Kino. What the fuck was this? Anyway, after this evening I forgot about Zombies, and played it years later again when another nephew of me bought Black Ops II + Die Rise. In oposition to Kino, Die Rise was a way more complicated map. But yet, it was in this map where I actually understood what the gamemode is, and the mysteriousness aspect disappeared. I liked it nonetheless. Before the release of BO3, I bought an old Xbox360 and Black Ops 2 and started playing the Green Run maps. Not too often, but they were fun maps to play on parties or in the evenings with friends, all gathering around the TV. Bless BO2's capability to play with 4 players split-screen. It were in these maps where I really 'grew up' in the Zombies gameplay. It wasn't untill I played Shangri La for the first time at a friend, and upon seeing the loading screen and hearing Paraphony, I was intrigued by the question: 'What is actually the story behind all this?'. So I looked it up on internet, read stuff, watched videos, y'know, till I got acquinted with the whole tragedy of Doctor Maxis, Doctor Richthofen and Samantha. I also learned about Easter Eggs. Knowing the story made playing zombies so much more fun, in my opinion, and I started getting hooked on Tranzit. As I had no online mode, I investigated that entire map solo and split-screen. The mysteriousness of that map got me, the atmosphere, the idea of a possible unfound secret, Busroute-B, etc. Every time I searched theories about Tranzit's backstory and theories, I came on this forum (as a guest). This post introduced me with the whole Hollow Earth and Vril concept, and I was sold. As I really wanted to share my own ideas about possible leads for Tranzit's secret, I made an account (for the first time ever on an online Forum). I had no idea how people you know online can become your friends. But yeah, y'alls friendliness convinced me to stay :) EDIT: I mean, come on people, doesn't this song fills you with a nostalgic feeling of those times back then. This song is a remnant of the time I was young, innocent, playing games with my friends, etc.
  14. Und in what way would the man like the character more?

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