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  1. Isn't Origins at the front? It is mentioned to take place on the Battlefields of the Great War, not to forget that we see a lot of artillery, tanks, planes, trenches etc which would suggest it is located at a battlezone. Also curious to the building style of the church, is it based on a real village in France?
  2. I'm curious to what it will be. I think it is both weird and interesting that it is set in Vietnam, but almost 10 years after the war. How will they manage that? I'm also quite interested in how the story will go now, because previous map really was the intro and Firebase Z determines the way how the developers have decided to continue the story.
  3. Today still, some parts of the French countryside in the north suffer of so-called 'Zones Rouge', or Red Zones. These are areas are filled with unexploded mines and shells, heavily polluted by lead, mercury, chlorine, arsenic, various dangerous gases, acids, and human and animal remains, and also littered with ammunition depots and chemical plants. The Zone Rouge was defined just after the war as "Completely devastated. Damage to properties: 100%. Damage to Agriculture: 100%. Impossible to clean. Human life impossible". Up to this day, there are still areas where 99% of all plants die, which a
  4. I sort of like it that they are quite useless and less important. Just fun but not essential, you know
  5. Welcome to the family @chyna Latour! Are you also new to the Zombies gamemode and/or story or have you played earlier games as well?
  6. Welcome to CoDZ @Jake RobinsonRobinson! Moon is a good choice, although I can enjoy any map
  7. I have no Twitter, so I'm very happy you share them here. How do you make those, on computer right? Love those with a symbolic message, like that Richtofen painting one. At the same time, I'm also very fund on the funny ones, like that of Ed and his Plaguehound
  8. Welcome to the family @David Clifford-Waites! I say this to anyone: theories, strategies and discussions mainly happen here on the Forums while more small talk happens on our Discord, so feel free to join us there as well You sound like a kind soul. You enjoy the new Zombies?
  9. Thanks for the digging, Pinnaz! Espessially the sentences 'No future forever' and 'I can end this' are interesting. If it is a stock image, I assume the developers manually wrote this over it because these sentences have importance, I assume
  10. Thing is, my brother bought it for our consolue but I never managed to play it because, you know, lack of space on the device. If it is worth it I may consider removing some other games, perhaps. How did you feel about the other IW maps?
  11. Welcome to the family @armodrillo250! Great to hear you are full of Zombies experience! Here on the Forums we mainly work with threads of elaborate guides, strategies, theories and story discussions. On the Discord, we do most of the quick discussions and small talk, so be free to join us there as well, if you are interested Just as a question, what's your favourite wonderweapon?
  12. @Paul Hamill That's very odd. Did something happen inbetween? Like an update or something?
  13. It stands you good, Hunter, the red colour. You're a man that was around before and and it was you who guidedme through the story personally. You are a stabilizing factor here and on the Discord, a person who knows what he does and a trustfull person. Congratulations!
  14. Hey there @HOUDINIAN, welcome to CoDZ! On our Discord, we also have a 'Looking for a Group' system where you may find experienced teammates on PC to play with. Here is the link if you are interested: https://discord.gg/ge3TEmTf Have a good stay and hope to see you around in the threads!
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