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  1. RequixEclipse

    Classified Audio/Quotes

    Thank @PINNAZ !
  2. RequixEclipse

    10/14 Game Updates

    I agree. I’m also still trying to understand these new perk additions and what ways I can utilize them to my advantage. I think it’s necessary to have these changes so then chicken set a baseline on how well the community can adapt. That’s just my opinion.
  3. Loads of informative content coming 10/15-10/16. Looking forward to providing some insight in areas needed, and clarifying what is fact and speculation. Happy slaying



  4. RequixEclipse

    10/14 Game Updates

    10/14/18 Game Update Notes As promised, Treyarch included our first big Zombies balancing pass in today’s update, as well as some additional improvements across all modes. Take a look below. We’ve made the following changes to the game today (Global): General General stability and crash fixes across all modes. Zombies Gameplay Balancing Increased player health in Casual, Normal, and Hardcore Difficulty in Classic mode by 50 points. Balance adjustment to rate at which players earn points. Balance adjustment to Tiger attacks. Balance adjustment to Hellhounds (spawn radius, speed, and frequency). Balance adjustment to Hellfire Special Weapon. Reduced cost of shield repair and replacement. Resolved an issue where some players experienced a crash in the Laboratory. Multiplayer Create-a-Class Mastercraft camos can now be properly unlocked. Adjusted unlock requirements for the active camo on various Signature Weapons (MX9, GKS, ICR-7, Strife, SG12). Gameplay: Prevented Scorestreak kills from counting toward progress in certain Challenges. Blackout Characters: Addressed an issue that occasionally prevented players from unlocking Ajax. Additional Updates Specific to PC: Blackout Fixed an issue where Trauma Kits would occasionally not work properly. Future Updates: PC Crashes We’re tracking a number of these across several different configurations, and the team at Beenox is working to identify and fix these as they come up. Watch /u/TreyarchPC and @TreyarchPC on Twitter for PC-specific Black Ops 4 updates, and please be as descriptive as possible when reporting crashes (for example: “error code Negative 345 Sky Wolf”) include what was happening in the game at the time of your crash. Every bit of info helps the team track and squash these issues. Map Spawns: We adjusted spawns in Domination in yesterday’s update, and have seen reports of map spawn issues across other MP modes. We’re investigating these now and will address as necessary in upcoming updates. Progression Issues We’re investigating reported issues where some users have experienced a temporary loss in some progression stats, while others have reported Hardcore wins not counting toward Challenge progression, and/or losing a match already in progress counting as a loss. Our teams are on it. Weapon Camo Issues We’ve seen reports of instances where certain camos can cover up the Optic on your weapon. This is on the list for a fix in the near future. “Please note that the list above isn’t exhaustive, and that we’re tracking everything across this subreddit and the rest of our social channels to ensure we’re constantly prioritizing our focus. Keep your feedback coming, and please let us know what you think about today’s Zombies balancing pass! We’re just getting started. -Treyarch”
  5. RequixEclipse

    Classified Intro Cinematic

    You are Correct. November 5th, 1963 Obeying Samantha's wishes, Yuri tricks Gersh into activating the Gersh Device. The rift created absorbs him and allows Samantha to travel through. Yuri is also absorbed and transported to the Pentagon. EXCERPT 1023816121016 FROM THE KRONORIUM Eventually, Yuri is sent to the Pentagon by Samantha after entering a Rift caused by the Gersh Device, where he is told by Samantha to stop Richard Nixon, John F. Kennedy, Fidel Castro and Robert McNamara from surviving, becoming the Pentagon Thief. After the dissolution of the Group 935 on 1945, two months later the Soviets hire Havey Yena, and he later found the Ascension Group. on January 26th 1946. A letter signed Harvey Yena can be found on Gorod Krovi that reads: "General Lehmkuhl, The dragons continue to bring success in the Eastern front. Russian resistance is fierce but we are maintaining a stronghold in Stalingrad. There are rumors of a new push to retake the city, but I am confident it will be stopped. The Hatchery continues to experiment with ways to enhance the beasts even further. Group 935 will not be technologically outpaced by the Russians. Die Glocke research continues to inspire new theories of time displacement and possibly even movement across dimensions. Security has been enhanced, especially after the disaster that was enabled by Doctor Groph’s lax security measures. We have taken steps to ensure that none of this technology falls into enemy hands. However, I feel I must protest the behavior of this insufferable apparatus that we have been forced to contend with. Sophia, as IT likes to be called, has demanded that we change the password to an encrypted cipher consisting entirely of unintelligible characters for maximum security. The current method is sufficiently secure without getting in the way of researchers performing their duties. Even if someone were able to obtain one of the special code cylinders, they would still need to know the password. While it is possible it could be guessed, it is easy for our researchers to remember due to its association to our Die Glocke research. Still, I feel it is sufficiently obscure that no one should be able to guess it easily. Respectfully yours, Harvey Yena, Sc.D." This is a character who seems to have an agenda of his own. I’d like to see what happens Him in the future who knows only time will tell.. I’d like to point out his title “Sc.D” “Doctor of Science" is the title used for the standard doctorate in the sciences; elsewhere the Sc.D. is a "higher doctorate" awarded in recognition of a substantial and sustained contribution to scientific knowledge beyond that required for a PhD. It may also be awarded as an honorary degree.
  6. RequixEclipse

    Classified Intro Cinematic

    Also Pentagon Thief Confirmed Harvey Yeana. Goin with my gut
  7. RequixEclipse

    Classified Intro Cinematic

    Also Pentagon Thief Confirmed
  8. RequixEclipse

    Call For Service: BlackOutZ

    CALL FOR SERVICE: BlackOutZ OP: BlackOutZ HOW CAN YOU HELP STACK UP? Your tax-deductible donation to our mission makes it possible for us to send our Supply Crates full of games and gear to the men and women in harm’s way and organize our Air Assault missions for our injured and disabled brothers and sisters here at home. You can make a one-time gift here, or a recurring monthly contribution. You can subscribe to our Twitch Channel with Twitch Prime. You can shop with us by purchasing items from our store, Amazon Smile, or the Humble Bundle Store. Stack Up is a Combined Federal Campaign approved charity. If you are a Federal employee and would like to donate via the CFC our designation number is 25331. We are also looking for people to donate their time. Whether you would like to volunteer locally with a Stack, contribute to our blog, or assist in crisis intervention, suicide prevention, and issues concerning mental health with our StOP Initiative, Stack Up wouldn’t be possible without this vital support. We look forward to you joining our team and thank you for contributing to our mission. Are you a gamer or Twitch streamer and feel adventurous? Team CODZ could use your help! If interested feel free to send me a message! HAVE A PHYSICAL DONATION? Beat the latest Call of Duty and now it’s just gathering dust on your shelf? Upgraded to a shiny new console and don’t have a use for that old one, but want to get something more than a few dollars for trading it in? Send it our way and we’ll send it to a deserving veteran deployed forward! We accept Nintendo Switch, PS4, XBox One games and consoles, and gently used PC games and gaming laptops. Please make sure everything is in working condition and ship to: Stack Up 2 Pine Cone Drive #353841 Palm Coast, FL 32137-3841 *Note this address is only for shipping of physical donations as described above. For general correspondence or to send a check: Stack Up 14913 W Navarre Way, Office #1 Sylmar, CA 91342
  9. RequixEclipse

    Analysis: Classified Cover Art

  10. RequixEclipse

    Analysis: Classified Cover Art

    You know those soviets in the corners of the 3rd pic look awfully close to the picture in Ascension near the PhD Flopper staircase
  11. RequixEclipse

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    D for 200 Bob
  12. RequixEclipse

    Accept Your Fate Begin A New

    What if I said that this is location within the MPD. *Shivvvers*
  13. RequixEclipse

    Accept Your Fate Begin A New

    But think of it as if Richtofen survives in BoTD and each time he leaves he returns.. If my calculations are right.. this has all been done before. A universe has been born... The others must be undone.
  14. RequixEclipse

    Accept Your Fate Begin A New

    Richtofen had Stanley Ferguson assist him with building the Laboratory underneath Alcatraz.

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