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Highest Round on Alcatraz Island?

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What're your guys' highest rounds?!

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Does anyone know if there is a Bowie or Knucks? Haven't heard anything and I figured I'd ask those who have played to higher rounds.

I don't think there's anything. Bowie sickle knuckles... Nothin. Feel free to prove me wrong but I haven't seen any melee weapons anywhere.

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rd 24 now 977 kills 4 downs slowly progressing and a epic use of electric cherry on rd 24 last player left that shit is serious I had 20 zombies holdingme up on a gate andkeep shooting and reloading and squeezed my way out sick

edit: rd 31 solo 2 downs just quit cause I didn't feel like playing solo no more

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Round 28


1,076 Kills

528 Headshots

12 Downs

Died with FSIRT (pack a punched LSAT) and Sweeper (pack a punched BlunderGat)

Made 5 Cycles to Golden Gate Bridge

My gamertag's Luckasaurus

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Does anyone know if there is a Bowie or Knucks? Haven't heard anything and I figured I'd ask those who have played to higher rounds.

theres a tomahawk. (hell's retriever) and don't go saying thats not the same thing. you guys look for bad things and thats what makes you think the maps bad.

but anyways, i got to round 24. was at the acid trap and when i went down I couldn't find my body when trying to revive myself. I mean i saw it but i was trying to kill zombies to clear my path and i waited to long and couldn't put my body in the position where it would let me push x to revive myself. epic fail :( could have gotten to 30.

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Round 30 + 4 players. Camping spot was the cafeteria, spam acid trap, with a meat grinder and a Kolider and tomahawk. Went to GG bridge 4 times. game froze as soon as everyone died.

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Round 32 Solo

I have a bit of different strategy from what I've seen most people do (From what i gather a lot of people like the cafeteria) i was running a small circle on the dock by the work bench (Built the zombie shield there so that when destroyed could just pick it straight back up) Had the Speakeasy (PAP'd Chicago Typewriter) and The PAP'd Ray Gun. Could have gone longer but it got to 4am and i had to work today haha!

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33 with 4 guys. I wish there were a bit wider training spots, that's my only complaint about this map so far. It gets very tight with the new AI style these zombies are coming at us with. I got used to black ops 1 over the past month of playing it and it screwed me up at first. Love this map though! They brought back traps and actually reward you for playing cooperatively which the last two maps didnt do. I'm very happy. Oh yeah one more thing... I haven't died from a glitch yet! *fingers crossed* good job treyarch!

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Attempt 1: 11

Attempt 2:14

Attempt 3: 5 (we got stuck with first time zombies players)

Attempt 4: 28 first exposure to the EE and basically everything key about this map. Met a couple guys in the new MP maps and they asked if I was down for a game. Unfortunately it was a custom game so the only evidence I have is a picture of the round count. Anyway. We all decided to down ourselves because it was late and the game was already running 1:30 long.

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