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  1. Round 30 + 4 players. Camping spot was the cafeteria, spam acid trap, with a meat grinder and a Kolider and tomahawk. Went to GG bridge 4 times. game froze as soon as everyone died.
  2. In the mean time! The Der reise trailer! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAIZ6dN ... el&list=UL
  3. No maybe I can download the zombies app. I know right, I can't buy it on the LG Esteem :(
  4. In other news, THE SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 COMING TO METROPCS!!! http://www.metropcs.com/metro/static/galaxySIII.jsp
  5. The quickest way for me to skip time = Twitter, YouTube, Or visit old sites. And obviously play games but my modem only allows for one Ethernet cable, So I'm not planning to miss this trailer!
  6. Not sure how to use those time converter. When is the trailer coming in Miami, Florida??
  7. Oh, That makes more sense, Plus they REALLY needed to have it as it's own perk!
  8. Should have said that, feel free to speculate, just no leaks. You know good and well I have to say Liam. Curse you for not allowing me to do so! :twisted: I know exactly what this is and I feel your pain, IT'S KILLING ME!!!!!!!!
  9. Oh GOD I just imagined the perk song which I think is waltZ, Anyone? btw the power in the picture looks beat up so maybe that's why it get interrupted!
  10. Maybe this could turn you into a zombie? never mind Jesus Christ I would NEVER pay to become a zombie
  11. I could only make out R.I.P ----RA.
  12. OMG, Great idea since there is no teleporter, The bus may very well have a "Flux Capacitor". But who says there has to be a Teleporter??
  13. 1st HEY CARBON! 2nd The work you guys have done at the studios is just INCREDIBLE, When the teaser came out I was still in shock and could hardly type And I'm planning to become a game Developer and I REALLY want to work at Treyarch (It's my dream to) I know the chances are slim but I'll try Hard to get the chance to work at treyarch!
  14. Just saw syndicates video, He thinks it is a new electro boss? Highly unlikely but possible
  15. Those of you who don't know what the sound is, It is when you turn on the power because you know....The title says it all, And it sounds like it too! ZOMBIES COME HERE ALREADY :evil:

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