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  1. You build the plane on the rooftop not the docks.
  2. Also I remember while exploring the map I remember hearing weird indian/aztec ritual music in my headphones I don't remember exactly where But I think I was in the cell block near the mp5 I heard it on rooftop when refueling plane
  3. This was shown in the behind the scenes trailer, he throws it at a nuke.
  4. I tried researching it but searching it but it led me to some geometry links. Illumination is just my guess. Btw the other thought (the devil) that I forgot to mention. Before you enter the wardens office (Where you grab his key) on the left if the entrance wall it says something about the Alcatraz rules and it said that that sign was number 666. just a small little thing I found.
  5. hey guys I found something I don't see people noticing. Upgrage a ray gun and check out the silver-ish line going in through the middle. beside it is a circle with a triangle and in eye inside . I will update later UPDATE: http://img834.imageshack.us/i/img597l.jpg/ See! the eye looks the the Pokemon called unown
  6. That was not her Elena Siegman @elenaYAY Whoa, lots of tweets this morning! I am afraid that's not me that you are all excited about, but I can't wait to hear it, send me a link!
  7. But... Do you think we'll have access to the bridge? I mean... It's not connected to the island, right? That plane has to have a use Its getting the HELL off that island!
  8. Seems like a good idea, Not sure if they intend it to do different things other then shocking zombies while reloading
  9. Go on the game in the multiplayer section, where it says Xbox live, local, etc. the store is at the bottom and you should find Revolution waiting for you. Enjoy :D
  10. Yep, everyone has four bars and no lag complaints with me. ^^all the extra players for me are always russman. -Edit- Its alot or exactly like playing grief
  11. Hardest part is collecting the 115 because EVERYONE follows me. it gets a bit hectic.
  12. I'm pretty sure most of you know the 8 player glitch, I'm wondering if you guys think there is a possibility to have it as its own game mode. (Sidenote)I almost did the EE yesterday with 8 players on the maxis side, failed on last step for the 40th time!!!!!!!!!
  13. Best addition would be and elevator with elevator music :lol:
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