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    so when you pick up those weapons from digging them up they are gold or what? i dont understand because i have had golden weapons before on origins and didnt know how i got them they were gold before and after upgrading also
  2. i got the airstrikes by round 12 or 13 was going to start making all upgraded staffs, paused my game and then went back to it in about an hour boom sign in status changed
  3. looks like im going to try and solo it congrats on completing it, and yeah i agree the sharpshooter is a doosie i failed so bad
  4. the first couple times i -played origins and he spawned in a seen him grab a zombie witht he claw drag him in and cook him. if theres not many zombs around ti actually gives you a good opporunity to take him down as he is still for a moment
  5. it has never happened to me yet but i always play solo, played a game where all 3 times i went down i lost the staff next round its back at pap
  6. i have had a glitch where he gets stuck in the map. he got stuck near generater 3 where you jump down from the tank path headed towards generator 1. thats about it for me
  7. i have had the problem with the switches before and had gone through several rounds without them sparking (on xbox) but i went back to the first one near generater 5 or whatever and they were sparking the problem i was thinking is that you HAVE to do them in order they want you to or the one you go to will not be sparking. also your upgrade problem has never hapened to me but i play xbox and online all the time usually solo
  8. i always get downed jumping off the path to the first lighting staff (one because the zombies are running after you and mostly all jump down into the trenches and block your path) so i go to jump the other way and boom insta downed i guess the game thought i was trying to get into a glitch (barrier glitch or whatever) because right when i got downed i heard the demonic cackle and the game ended.
  9. i hear it too when dogs come on both maps sounds like sams whispering to them, and it almost never stops its a constant babble of whispers. couldnt make out what they were saying either im sure somene proficient in sound editing could edit out all the other sounds but the whispers
  10. i think he knows about agartha (richtofan that is) and he just doesnt want the other 3 to find out about his plans. i have heard him say in the same game that he does not believe in agartha and then saying later in the game (usually when the templar zombies hit you) that they will not prevent him from reaching agartha.
  11. i think hes partially right. the reason being is that richtofan is already hearing voices (of the damned -doomed- and their cries) he tells himself that he needs to stay calm and focused. he also says later on that he is starting to enjoy (the slaughter) of zombies of course. the loss of maxis and him having to do this on his own with (limited help) from the others as they are unsure of either of their intentions (richtofan and sam maybe even maxis). all these factors are contributing to his decent into madness. also, if richtofan knows who samantha is already it can lead one to believe that h
  12. i agree about it being connected, andthe reason is because when your running around some of the ambient sounds that play in the background like it sounds like a door unlocking and you can hear chains moving, i have heard it many times (ususally between rounds, unless its just the sound that happens between rounds lol)
  13. haha i forget to do the orb thing all the time, its terrible starting a round then realizing you have to grab the staff and head back out to do the orb. once and a while i remember to do it and when i do i usually try to line up the colours for the next staff i plan on doing.
  14. i usually try to save all the dig spots for when its snowing and ge all ice staff parts by like round 6 (if im lucky) then just dig dig dig for the golden shovel and helm. the one thing i dont do is activate generator 2 in the first few rounds i usually do it around round 6 when looking for the final ice staff pieces but also depending on if the box spawned there (which it usually does for me! all the darn time!)
  15. sounds like you have been watching my theater mode....lol jk but in all seriousness im going to try this later on and hopefully get past 30 lol. i got to 27 and quit cause it was like 3 in the morning a few days ago
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