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  1. I would say most likely laziness and lack of forethought by treyarch. Although, if we want to stretch I'd say it could be that we are looking at separate copies of the same comic book. It's a pretty cop out answer though. Good analysis on this btw, hadn't thought about using the tears to gain further insight.
  2. It is not patched, me and a friend lost two upgraded staffs today on a 2 player match online. Wind and Electric both gone.
  3. Nope, I'm downloading it on 360 as I type.
  4. This is an amazing guide, thanks a lot! It literally answered every question I had about this map.
  5. 44 solo today. Used the spawn control strategy posted by TheBSZombie here.
  6. I like the idea of thinking outside the box to come up with a revamped ranking system and I like some of the ideas that you presented, but I think you started getting away from real purpose of the ranking system... To attribute a skill level to the player. Your ranking system effectively is who played the most. With the plethora of statistics at our fingertips I think there is a happy medium between an almost completely k/d based system and a time played system. I understand that challenges would be the faster leveling method but this is exactly like multiplayer in that regard (and it becomes a time based system). Anyone that is experienced in multiplayer should agree that prestige is a terrible indicator of skill. If there was another way to determine skill level with your system like a LOBBY LEADERBOARD then I would be all for it. If the LOBBY LEADERBOARD also allowed you to sort and see the lobbies lifetime kill/down and revive/down then I would be ecstatic. I guess the point of my post is I'd rather not see prestige cut and pasted into zombies but I'm not that picky as long as they bring back a LOBBY LEADERBOARD or ranking system that is equivalent and doesn't reward selfish play. The current system could use more ranks and less of a reliance on k/d. Bones = New, possibly terrible. Skull = Wildly variant. From tremendous to god awful. Knife = Generally decent but not always. Shotguns = Generally good, higher glitcher potential, may use selfish play style. On a side note, I decided to stop in after a long hiatus. I like the new look.
  7. The peacekeeper would be great as a wall weapon imo. The skorpion probably wouldn't transition well into zombies because it has such a high fire rate. I have no idea how good the vector would be, probably somewhere in between the peacekeeper and the evo.
  8. I typically have over a 2 k/d in cod but I play a lot (a lot) of champions league play and that drags my k/d down quite a bit. It's a well worth trade off.
  9. I mainly only play champions league now, probably my most successful class... AN-94 Stock/Red Dot Kap-40 (think this just got nerfed so may have to change this up) Flak Jacket Toughness Tac Mask / Dexterity Perk 3 greed Emp grenade That's my basic set-up for Hardpoint/CTF. My SND classes I switch out tac-mask for dead silence and may or may not switch Flak jacket for lightweight.
  10. Here's mine, took about 20 minutes, no tutorial.
  11. ehhh. its pretty short. Its a good 4-5+ hours of fun. You have to play the campaign multiple times to get the full feeling. So the playability is good but the cut scenes are bad because they are so repetitive. I've still haven't played the campaign at all and probably never will. If I do it will be one play through on hardened and that's all.
  12. The best is when you sneak up behind someone and knife only to be pushed through their character and end up with your back to them. Like really!?! Only the actual tac knife is somewhat usable, even then it glitches what looks like sure thing kills far to often. But hey if this was what was needed to stop the dreaded commando lunge then so be it. I never knife anymore.
  13. Yeah scorestreaks do tend to be problematic. I have adopted the following guidelines and I haven't been bothered by OP scorestreaks in quite a while now 1) I only play 'normal' pubs in a party. Usually at least 3 people (more for ground war). By normal I mean DOM/DEMO/HP/HQ/GW. Now at least we are raining down the op streaks and ruining everyones day. No more 20-5 and hear "enemy orbital VSAT incoming"! 2) If I'm alone or with one other. I pretty much stick to champions league or pubs SnD. Champions league is probably the best thing about this game and it's awesome to get put on teams with others who communicate and are also at the same skill level. The best part...This happens pretty much every game! The only downside is when teammates back out early. Even 3 on 4 is nearly impossible to win on this game (HP especially). That being said if anyone wants to team up in league hit me up. I'm platinum but play (actually) solo almost 100% of the time. If I had two others to rank up with, I'm sure we could hit masters. gt: baldage (xbox 360)
  14. Noobtubes are really a non-issue in blops 2. I have noticed a slight up-tick in the amount of users recently but considering the prevalence of flak jacket it's easily countered and more a waste of a point than anything... As long as noobtubes dont go back to this, I'm fine with idiots using them and being killed by them once in a great while. YCF-CfLreus
  15. Yeah I usually run a similar loadout in the early rounds. I get the pdw then knuckles then the an-94 after I buy mule kick. Once I have that, I'll make sallies and upgrade the pdw and an-94. Usually by the time I'm out of pdw ammo, I'll have everything I need and enough points to switch it out for an SVU. I'm not really in the mood for anymore high round runs on Die Rise, so I'll usually try to get my team to see how long we can hold the SVU room. It's hella-fun. :D
  16. Amen brother. Best wall gun ever in zombies hands down. Not only does it have the best specs in terms of power and efficiency but it is incredibly fun to use. Also aiming with it isn't hard at all. It is the easiest sniper to use in the game. Its only downside, is that it's not a great point builder, so you got to wait a while before buying it.
  17. Thanks Sluggo! And sorry for the late response but I've been absent from these forums for a little while. Is your gt the same as your username? You can add me: baldage
  18. If only it actually was exactly the same as cod 4. I'm gonna be steaming if I pop it in for the first time and the menus are still exactly same as MW2. MAKE A NEW GAME THIS TIME IW!
  19. I hope they make a new menu screen, I thought I got a scammed when I saw what looked like MW2.1 when I first put MW3 in. I know it's artificial but first impressions mean something ya know Either I will probably buy it IW isn't all bad people.
  20. You can add me! I have quite a few zombie slayers on my friends list but could always use a few more . gt: baldage Your friend's list is full 0_0 Oh Noes! Clearing some people now man!
  21. Nice Perfect! Can't wait for your guide I'm sure it's going to be great (Lets hope it doesn't disappear this time...TranZit ) Next time you should run the 5and5 double dip i mean impossible kills me every time strategy :D
  22. Thank you! The biggest benefit is of course round time. If you can wait to to split up till 40 or after it makes getting to those high round co-op games all the more feasible. It also is extremely easy which helps!
  23. If they intended for you to get extra death machines or more than 2 blundergats they would have made them available from the box. It is definitely an unintended consequence of afterlife.
  24. yea that sounds about right. it was 2147 in WaW. The number 2,147,483,647 is the same as 2^31 - 1. Its the number of bits of memory a process can use on a 32-bit system. Since the xBox uses a 32-bit CP, it also uses that many bits total for certain processes. There are many people on the xbox leaderboards that are over 99 and less then 214. :? I don't where people are getting this stuff from. Last time I check MOTD solo leaderboard was at around 120 or so. The blops 2 leaderboards go past 99 without cheating. This is fact.
  25. Why did it say 'you cannot revive with this weapon' then??? Maybe I hadn't upgraded it yet? I dunno... The afterlife glitch does not work like that. Were you in afterlife when your friend pulled his? If not, then you tricked the game somehow and I wouldn't attempt to prove that you can pull 2 without using afterlife as you may be at the box for a very very long time.
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