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  1. Even mule kick would be cool. I'd play town again.
  2. Anyone else think they may or is secretly hoping they release another map? Maybe something they scrapped for a map pack release or never finished and decided to finish? Hey, ya never know :/ lol. I really hope a micro transaction hits before ghosts comes out. I'm thinking no though. there's always hope....right? I hope maybe they will add a few perk machines to a map or something. I've always wanted mule kick on town
  3. This is easy in my opinion. Good luck surviving long without jug on this map In later rounds without it.
  4. Nasdaq401

    Shovel Guide

    Has anyone figured out how many rounds it takes for a dig spot to respawn after being dug up?
  5. I personally avoid lobbies of people that when I first enter they keep repeating "u talkin" over and over. I talk when I need to, lol. In my experience the people that talk the most and complain about people not having mics are the first ones to quit anyways. It's always different though.
  6. I have Verizon fios quantum and alway have problems with Xbox. These outdated systems are just overloaded. Maybe try reinstalling the map pack for shits and giggles?
  7. Why all of a sudden does the mystery box need power to function? Wtf was it powered by in other maps??? Stupidest fucking thing ever...
  8. Nasdaq401

    Shovel Guide

    I've gotten 2 in 1 round, maybe 3 is possible, but I can't confirm
  9. Tank route B. nice name drop. +1
  10. Wind is great higher rounds when you get insta's
  11. I hope the next gen cloud capabilities will fix all this backing out and not counting crap. This is an absolute horrible map for the quitting. It's insane how many people quit on this map, definitely the worst to play with randoms by far I'm my experience so far
  12. Public games with randoms are pretty much impossible on this map. You really need a group of core players that know the map to do well. I'm on right now looking for a game, my GT is Nasdaq401, and im in desperate need of more friends to play with. I work 3rd shift during the week. But yeah, you need good teammates for this certain map for sure.
  13. This is a great post, and this forum needs more of stuff like this. And you even posted it without an attached video begging for likes and subscribers like a 14 year old. I dig it. Very much appreciated my man! Also I think it would be a great idea for everyone to chip in things that aren't listed here and keep the oP updated. Idk if anyone agrees?
  14. So there's no in game reward for completing it ?
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