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  1. @Lenne I play from time to time. I'm more of a Fallout guy these days. Not a big fan of the changes they made in BO4 after seeing gameplay so I might actually skip out on it. But that's just me.
  2. @PINNAZ I hope so! Zombie Chronicles NML was REALLY tough. I can't wait to try my luck with a high round game at Groom Lake, though.
  3. Almost 8 years! Time flies, especially when you shoot off a DG-2 into a teleporter. Edit: lol 6 years, not a numbers guy
  4. I guess Ehjookayted and I are IRL friends now.
  5. Got 46 solo last night. There's a new strategy out that's 12 seconds per horde. For comparison, Flopper on Ascension is about 60 seconds per horde. Yeah.
  6. Loving this horde mode, arena DLC so far. Really excited for the true return to Rapture. Just wish it had, at the very least, co-op. True multiplayer would be optimum.
  7. Well, I got to 57 using this dirty camping strat by Jug. I don't think I'll be doing that again. Just felt a little too OP for my liking.
  8. I would totally ask if I knew anything about the storyline. :lol:
  9. I JUST LIKE THEM. If I can't have brains, accumulating masses of medals is the next best thing. Oh, and congrats! That's crazy. I gave 1999 mode a try and, immediately, in the first gunfight, I was just like... NOPE
  10. That's absolutely beast mode. Oh, and this just got me another medal. AWW YEAH!!!!
  11. Thanks man. I appreciate the kind words. My pre calc test wasn't as hard as I thought it would be today. Oh, and I recorded a commentary today, first go, with minimal stuttering.
  12. I have this thing for helping people, and I've known her for a while and I wanted to help her, but she doesn't want to be helped. I think this movie quote sums it up nicely.
  13. The old saying "it's not you, it's me" really applies to this situation though. It really was her.
  14. I was supposed to go to prom with this girl next Saturday, but she cancelled.
  15. I've grown out my hair. I'm giving it to Locks of Love. It's going to be great. Also, no braces! WUB WUB
  16. I like traps. The Insta-Trap strategy on Kino—and I'm sure you're familiar with this one, BS—is insanely fast. Like, we're talking 20 seconds per horde here. Proper use of traps are certainly far more effective than any gun-exclusive strategy, as doing the latter for a high round would require recycling mid-round, which would, unfortunately, take up a lot of time. So, yeah, I like traps. I think they're fun and I like how you can just keep going and going with them.
  17. Oh God... we've already done this on Tranzit. :lol:
  18. You have to get fuel, which spawns at the same place as the parts do, but you don't have to solve all those lame purgatory puzzles to get there. ;)
  19. Just got a 35. Blundergat + PaP + Acid Kit = Awful Lawton with 150 rounds
  20. Anyone have any clue how to upgrade traps? It's bugging me. I really want that achievement...
  21. DONT YOU TALK SHIT ABOUT MY SALLIES. I'll come at you like a spider monkey! :lol:
  22. There are multiple trailer shots, some of which stemming from the Behind the Scenes look at MotD, showing players shooting an M1911. I won't link it—just rewatch the trailers. Also, Sallies are 10x more fun without Flopper. They go from "oh shit" guns to high mobility, high reward, and high skill requirement guns.

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