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  1. Online specific 1) Thou shan't be on the mic if thine testes haven't descended. 2) Thou totally shan't be window stealing. 3) Sacrifice shan't be made in effort to revive, especially if thy ally is dickish. 4) Notify your brethren of the Max ammo. 5) Thou shalt not die for a free perk. 6) Should ye train a herd directly into an ally's, ye be a dick. 7) Share thine wealth to progress as a team. 8) Thou shalt tread carefully. Do not jump once thou hast been hit. 9) Thou shalt never leave thine post. Do the job you agreed to. 10) Be excellent to your teammates. Do not rage quit.
  2. Hey guys, first thread here and I thought I'd start with something I found interesting. Now keep in mind I'm pretty new around these parts so if this has been brought up previously please forgive. So I was sitting around with a fellow member of the forum and getting frustrated err I mean playing die rise when a thought passed through. The first DLC was Ascension, followed by Call of the Dead, Shangri, and Moon. Well in Die Rise we ascend to a rooftop battle w zombies, and next was another installment of the "of the Dead" series. Maybe next up is the mythical land series of Shangri La to possibly Atlantis, and as for Moon, perhaps the center of the earth, or Mars. What do you guys think? Any validity or is this just the rantings of a burned out zomb slayer?
  3. Where you upgrade the tomahawk?
  4. Can anyone confirm the existence of the golden spork?
  5. That just greatly decreased my excitement. I suppose as a PS3 transplant I should appreciate that though.
  6. Well if there is suspicion of the Avagadro being created in an event in Alcatraz (like maybe 4 electric chairs somehow coming into play to kill the 4 mobsters and somehow turn them into a single electric ghost entity like the afterlife ghost) then there may be life to the "Plane crashes at GR" theory. Through some chain of unlikely events, which if we are honest is pretty much how the story goes for zombies, maybe the mobsters either brought or became the Avagadro and crashed, being the reason for his appearance at GR. But hey what do I know, it's just my first post. Edit: Just realized someone made a thread about relatively the same theory. Go read that one.
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