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  1. 45 solo and 41 w/ 3 the 4th guy backed out in the 20's and we decided to keep going. Ended up doing the EE as well, although we didnt do the last step until 40 and we barely survived.    Fun map overall, probably will go for 50+ solo at some point on it.
  2. 55 solo yesterday, 0 downs, eyes hurt.
  3. Yeah that was a fun match Way. Now I have gotten: 42 solo 48 w/2 (last night) 45 w/3 I just need 40+ with 4 people now to get that 40 swag you got going .
  4. Hit 40 a few days ago with 3 people. We camped the gondola. I think it may be the best camping spot in the history of zombies as I've never seen another camping strategy be able to go 40+ besides the galvaknuckle spawn exploit in Die Rise. I made a thread in the gameplay forum so it will probably die there, check it out! http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=150&t=31568 Still haven't made a solo run yet. Will turn my attention to that soon though. :)
  5. Thanks for the tips from the guys above me. I will try again next time I play. I think I may have shot a brutus last time I tried and it didn't work.
  6. Does anyone have a sure fire way to make sure the whole party can receive the redeemer? Idk about everyone else, but having everyone get it in a co-op game seems exceedingly rare. It just does not seem to work sometimes. Anyone else having this problem in co-op and more importantly has anyone found a solution?
  7. I've heard others mention the no powerup thing as well. However, the Brutus's do drop powerups on the bridge. I got a few from them last night there. I don't know about the other zombies.
  8. The Warden's office is great for a full party. One on speed cola window, one on middle window, and two watching door/front window. In the later rounds run the fan trap as much as possible. It's actually really easy up till 28-30. I hate getting caught out in the cell block area, too many really narrow pathways. If you commit to the little walkway by electric cherry at the wrong time, it's pretty much game over.
  9. 30 with 4, camped the warden's office until mid-round 28. More or less stayed at the cafeteria after.
  10. Nice video as usual Chopper . How long do you think it's feasible to hold this post patch? Does it basically top out at 50, or could you go longer?
  11. More difficult than the pdw room? ;)
  12. This is really the ultimate story thread. Good job! Personally, I have a really hard time accepting anything from grief or turned as canon or even pertaining to the story at all. They just feel like side games to me. Any good counter arguments to this?
  13. No problem man Yeah if they are EMP'd and you leave the area they will respawn on you. Running them down to the PaP could work as well, as long as it's open that is.
  14. Although his title is slightly misleading, he's actually asking a different question then your thread addressed. @OP I think you are correct, EMPs would be the easiest way of depositing your funds without those pesky runners interupting you every ten seconds. Since they don't damage the zombies they also let you get back to your training spot before starting a new round as well. I would not suggest using monkeys/making crawlers/or doing anything that damages the zombies unless you are training in town itself. Otherwise you'll be running back while the new round starts which can be dangreous depending on the round and where you are heading. What I do normally (as I can't really be arsed to hit the box for emps a lot of the time) is just save one zombie. Run to town, go to bank deposit as much as I can until I hear the zombie right on me, run him over towards jugg, and repeat. Yeah it's annoying and may take a little longer to get your money in than otherwise, but I've never gotten downed doing it and it's generally quite safe. It also allows you to get back to your training spot safely. Just don't try it with too many zombies, I usually keep two at the max. They can trap you in there if you have too many runners.

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