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Countdown until Firebase Z launch!

Treyarch release the much anticipated DLC 1 - Firebase Z on 4th February 2021.

Come and join the discussion of this new map in the dedicated Firebase Z forum.

The countdown has finished, Firebase Z has arrived!

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  1. 45 solo and 41 w/ 3 the 4th guy backed out in the 20's and we decided to keep going. Ended up doing the EE as well, although we didnt do the last step until 40 and we barely survived. Fun map overall, probably will go for 50+ solo at some point on it.
  2. I would say most likely laziness and lack of forethought by treyarch. Although, if we want to stretch I'd say it could be that we are looking at separate copies of the same comic book. It's a pretty cop out answer though. Good analysis on this btw, hadn't thought about using the tears to gain further insight.
  3. It is not patched, me and a friend lost two upgraded staffs today on a 2 player match online. Wind and Electric both gone.
  4. Nope, I'm downloading it on 360 as I type.
  5. This is an amazing guide, thanks a lot! It literally answered every question I had about this map.
  6. 44 solo today. Used the spawn control strategy posted by TheBSZombie here.
  7. 55 solo yesterday, 0 downs, eyes hurt.
  8. The peacekeeper would be great as a wall weapon imo. The skorpion probably wouldn't transition well into zombies because it has such a high fire rate. I have no idea how good the vector would be, probably somewhere in between the peacekeeper and the evo.
  9. I typically have over a 2 k/d in cod but I play a lot (a lot) of champions league play and that drags my k/d down quite a bit. It's a well worth trade off.
  10. Yeah that was a fun match Way. Now I have gotten: 42 solo 48 w/2 (last night) 45 w/3 I just need 40+ with 4 people now to get that 40 swag you got going .
  11. I mainly only play champions league now, probably my most successful class... AN-94 Stock/Red Dot Kap-40 (think this just got nerfed so may have to change this up) Flak Jacket Toughness Tac Mask / Dexterity Perk 3 greed Emp grenade That's my basic set-up for Hardpoint/CTF. My SND classes I switch out tac-mask for dead silence and may or may not switch Flak jacket for lightweight.
  12. Here's mine, took about 20 minutes, no tutorial.
  13. I think both consoles will perform pretty much the same graphically and speed wise. I will probably be getting the xbox one based on my friends staying with xbox and the fact that I prefer the xbox controller for FPS's which is the majority of my playtime. I won't be making my final decision until both are released though.
  14. ehhh. its pretty short. Its a good 4-5+ hours of fun. You have to play the campaign multiple times to get the full feeling. So the playability is good but the cut scenes are bad because they are so repetitive. I've still haven't played the campaign at all and probably never will. If I do it will be one play through on hardened and that's all.
  15. The best is when you sneak up behind someone and knife only to be pushed through their character and end up with your back to them. Like really!?! Only the actual tac knife is somewhat usable, even then it glitches what looks like sure thing kills far to often. But hey if this was what was needed to stop the dreaded commando lunge then so be it. I never knife anymore.
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