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  1. Nice, just wanna add: all teeth upgraded are disabled in Chaos Mode. Didn't see it anywhere, just wanted to make sure any other Chaos players that see this know.
  2. Final Fantasy 13. Popped it in, got bored in minutes. Where did they go so wrong...
  3. Nacht: Up In Smoke - Hollywood Undead. Verruckt: Natural Born Killer - Avenged Sevenfold Shi No Numa: The Natives - Hollywood Undead Der Riese: Sacrifice - Disturbed Kino: Coming Undone - Korn Five: Cry Thunder - DragonForce Ascension: Ode to Sleep - Twenty | One | Pilots CoTD: Fields of Despair - DragonForce Shangri-La: Trees - Twenty | One | Pilots Moon: A Little Piece of Heaven - Avenged Sevenfold TranZit: Wrong Side of Heaven - Five Finger Death Punch Die Rise: Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz MoTD: Short Circuit - Daft Punk Buried: Dare Funk -
  4. Yeah, I tried to post one but it crashed my phone's browser. Someone else take it, please.
  5. It's like this. 1: Make game. 2: Reduce FPS and graphics. 3: Sell game for current console. 4: Bump up FPS and graphics to original. 5: re-sell on next gen console. Do not support, do not like. I can enjoy a game just as much (at least on a game like this) with 30 FPS and whatever graphics it has, if the story and gameplay are good. I personally find stuff like re-selling at full price with a "re-mastered" tag and a few more frames despicable, and I will never support it.
  6. Recently got into Dwarf Fortress. The complexity and everything about this game blows me away.

  7. M8 check this 0.3MB/s and tell me it's worth it. Yeah my comment above pretty much applies to anyone except @Delta I'm guessing it would take you like, 2 days and nights to download it @Delta ? Like… 2-3 days if I give my Xbox breaks. 1.5 if it was constantly on the whole time.
  8. M8 check this 0.3MB/s and tell me it's worth it.
  9. AHAHAHAHAHAH Thanks new Bungie. Automatically assuming most people have the internet and the time to download this much. Guess I'll be watching gameplay of the game on YT when it comes out to decide.
  10. Anyone know when the beta ends? I don't wanna download this and have jack shit time left.
  11. Fairly sure all of Grill's codes are for Xbone, so yeah, I'd appreciate if anyone has a spare 360 code.
  12. Sawed-offs. @Slade Sniping when you can't hit the side of a barn. Boomshields. Hunger Games. The Fault In Our Stars. Killzone. Micro-transactions (Camos and stuff.)
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