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  1. Nice, just wanna add: all teeth upgraded are disabled in Chaos Mode. Didn't see it anywhere, just wanted to make sure any other Chaos players that see this know.
  2. Nacht: Up In Smoke - Hollywood Undead. Verruckt: Natural Born Killer - Avenged Sevenfold Shi No Numa: The Natives - Hollywood Undead Der Riese: Sacrifice - Disturbed Kino: Coming Undone - Korn Five: Cry Thunder - DragonForce Ascension: Ode to Sleep - Twenty | One | Pilots CoTD: Fields of Despair - DragonForce Shangri-La: Trees - Twenty | One | Pilots Moon: A Little Piece of Heaven - Avenged Sevenfold TranZit: Wrong Side of Heaven - Five Finger Death Punch Die Rise: Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz MoTD: Short Circuit - Daft Punk Buried: Dare Funk - Daft Punk/Gorillaz song mashup/remix. Origins: Cinderella Man - Eminem (listen to the first few verses and you'll understand.)
  3. Recently got into Dwarf Fortress. The complexity and everything about this game blows me away.

  4. @lead_psychopath For the terminal part, keeping them at green health makes it go faster. My advice: get two people to fully upgrade sentry guns. Get one on each terminal. One person watches each terminal. IMS's help too. Every time you hit the cortex, repair those terminals. It's the only safety you'll get. It's kinda late, but yeah. Pain in the ass, but I found sentry guns on every one to help more than anything.
  5. JGb please. Or zap guns. Would pay anything to get a replica of those.
  6. @mralways1 A Ferris wheel like that was in… I wanna say All Ghillied Up from MW1. You might also be thinking of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl, or Call of Pripyat. Anyways, on topic, if it would be possible, I would enjoy a map in a radiation ridden place like that. Could make it look interesting.
  7. @Nightmare Voyager Just wanted to say I do believe the Buried dartboard is on the wall in the bar in Town, so they likely just reused that model for Buried.
  8. Delta

    Reinforce Game Mode

    Battle hinds fly away when their owner dies. Dogs will either disappear or try and kill their owner's killer.
  9. Really enjoying Charlie Murder. First beat-em-up I've enjoyed in a long time.

    1. GRILL


      I'm Charlie Murdah!

      And Murdah - is my name.

  10. Delta

    Reinforce Game Mode

    Some of my setups: VKS w/ Extended mags and Thermal. MP-443 Grach w/ Armor-Piercing Throwing Knife. Sleight of hand Sitrep QuickDraw Gambler Satcom, Dog, Trinity Rocket That is my camping class. I can easily watch my team's flag, and B at the same time on some maps. As long as 2-3 other people on my team are runners while I defend, it's easy. My class for non-camp friendly maps: CBJ w/ Red dot, Muzzle break. Frag Grenade Sleight of Hand Hardline Sitrep Gambler Resilience Satcom, Dog, Trinity/Juggernaut. Some things I find useful: When playing with a coordinated team, don't cap your side's flag until someone dies, or if there's a rusher on the enemy team, you kill him when he tries to cap your side. Free revives, no penalty. Have 1-2 people run sitrep and point out explosives, and if they have satcoms. When it's 1 v 1, make your way to one of their flags. Wait til they attempt to cap, then take their flag. They may have everyone back, but you do too.
  11. Just saying, on the loading screen for the map you're playing reinforce on, it doesn't display where the flags are like it normally would. I don't know if they patched it, but that's the way it was last week.
  12. Just want to say for any heavy Engineer users, the shield upgrade is not 100% protection. Some cryptids can still get in, so yeah. So far Imve seen: Any Hunter lunging when shield is placed. Any Rhino that charges at you any time the shield is up. Seeder/Seeder Spore shots. Scorpion shots and gas. Dive bombers already diving. Gargoyle needles.
  13. Update: Added Awakening. Very simple map, actually. Added Alternate strategies to Mayday and PoC. Fixed Score Chart. Need to add: Multiplayer strategies. Nightfall (Working on getting it.)
  14. 10. Only 10. I think it's 5 on PoC, 3 on Mayday, And 2 on Awakening. I would be considered a terrible player, I think, to regular Extinction players, seeing as I'm 13th prestige.
  15. It's wrong. Can confirm, as a dedicated tank, the 25% boost is not enough in MP. I'll test how many points you actually do need later, will report back.
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