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  1. The ultimate staff theft is so much funnier. Wait, no... I mean. It's absolutely criminal! Damn the randoms for being... random!
  2. That would be a GREAT addition. T'would certainly add replayability in the older maps. And so would have been a separate DLC pack for Zombies, with re-skinned maps from the previous game. And so would have been a free OST download code. And so would have been Grief on Origins. ... You getting my point yet? I don't Think trollarch feels like giving away free Zombies goods anymore.
  3. Err, actually they're converting it into a liquid. You can see it filling up the tank as the conversion goes...
  4. You don't have to do the ending. And woah, what the thrink? You're trying to do the 3-hour EE with randies? That's a bad idea, man.
  5. I'd help you out, but... I kinda don't have 3 hours to spare right now. Sorry. :-/ Btw, I recommend you to post these in the Teammate Finder discussion here: http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=13 There's plenty of people that need help with the EE over there.
  6. Actually, I found out that he won't spawn at all until you've entered the No Man's Land. Also, I call him Scorpion. 'Cuz he's like... "GET OVER HERE" and he has flame abilities.
  7. YES. I'm so gonna look for Tank Route B and post a video about it! Get a million views, too.
  8. Every Vinyl has 3 locations. The red one spawn on a crate stuck between the tank (you'll have to move the tank to get it), on one of the benches at the 2nd floor of the church and at the front of Generator 6.
  9. Not really... Smh. This is just the same post from earlier and somebody is clearly trying to promote this bullcrap. The person that shot the *charged* shot of the Lightning Staff disconnects, making the game glitch and therefor the effect of the shot is still on the floor. You can't see it, but it is obvious. They could post more steps like these, being full of shit. But we all know the main easter egg is done. After all, the last step *ENDS* the game and brings you to the cutscene we all love and hate.
  10. I haven't seen this. Ever. Does it need to be a certain weather or..? Had both the golden shovel and helmet.
  11. Hah. Funny. The guy in your team disconnects after shooting a charged version of the Thunder Staff, but then the effect of the shot stays on the ground. But what's more funny is that you guys think it's an Easter Egg step. Nice try though!
  12. You ARE wasting your time... God. Why don't people listen already? You need two players for a certain part of the Easter Egg. (Activating the Robot's Fire Button while someone else throws a Hellstorm outside of Stamin'Up.) I don't even see why you would wanna do all this in Solo, man. It's just not gonna work.
  13. We finished it with a 3-man group. It's possible with 2 players alright, just more challenging...!
  14. Guys. I finally figured out what it all means. I had think about it for a while, but then I realized the answer is right in front of us! This ending is a prequel... to Toy Story 4.
  15. "As the gates to Argartha opened, the four heroes where rewarded with riches beyond imagination" Like ... what? Oh and yeah, that's cool. She has a HD video-camera in the end. I didn't know that existed back in 1917.
  16. Lol... all these steps are a throwback from Black Ops 1. (The Vorkuta mission) Love how the Campaign crew messes with the Zombies storyline that way.
  17. I heard you need to defeat about 8 Big Daddies after you throw a Maxis Drone around that spot...
  18. You managed to get the video Max? I played another game and got all the footage done. But... for some reason... Sony Vegas thought I wanted a 15-minute long video without audio. So now I'm gonna have to render it again. :| Just perfect.
  19. We discussed this in another page. You must've missed it. Right now I'm uploading a full tutorial video on how to get the Ultimate Lightning Staff.
  20. Don't you mean Shepherd of Fire?
  21. I've gotten this once. No clue what it does...
  22. If you say you watched your friends complete the entire EE before most of us did, then surely you should tell them to brag about it over here at the forums and provide us with a full tutorial. Our amazing Easter Egg hunters (whom have been skipping some night just to figure out some steps) would love to see a random bunch stepping in, saying they were the first ones to solve it... as long as they have definitive proof. :- p
  23. Take a look at these 3 pictures for the Lightning Staff notes. I am sure these work going from left to right. Credit goes to se7ensins poster mw3leaks This is the exact order we did, and it worked. The notes never changed in the past 5 games I've played, so it should always be this order. No need to randomly shoot every note anymore, guys. Will be posting a CORRECT video tutorial on this later.
  24. Did you get most off this infromation from YouTube videos? 'Cause some of it isn't detailed enough and definitely isn't right. Such as the tutorial for the Lightning Staff... Also, not to mention the lack of explanation for the Fire Staff makes me believe you're simply re-writing what others have already on the EE thread. Not so Ultimate, really...
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