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  1. I'm still disappointed there aren't any achievements in this map.. Or for completing the Shadows of Evil Easter egg :(
  2. I hope we get more things to unlock in updates/DLC. I don't want to be like those people who reach master prestige before DLC pack 1 comes out...
  3. Wouldn't it say "secret achievement" on your achievements list if it was a secret achievement?
  4. I don't get what the problem is. Shouldn't he be able to say whatever he wants on this as long as it's related...?
  5. Surprisingly, surviving is very hard. In black ops 2, you could just train and do whatever you wanted. In SoE, the zombies can spawn ahead of where you're running, it makes it a lot more difficult. Personally I haven't had much time to go on a scavenger hunt.
  6. I think it's supposed to be the same. They're trying to be as creative about a new gen port as possible
  7. My theory is that with each DLC they'll have a big map, then a remake, similar to how they did moon and the WaW maps, but spread out. Kino would be DLC 1, Ascension would be DLC 2, Shangri La would be DLC 3, Moon would be DLC 4. It would be a creative way to bring the old maps to the newer systems. I'm not sure if they'd do Call of the Dead, unless they got the old celebs back or cut them all together...
  8. Is it just me or is anyone else disappointed with the fact that there are no achievements or trophies for this map? It looks like such an awesome map, but it'd be a bummer to do a cool Easter egg and not get any credit for it. It seems like a direction they could possibly be going in is remastering the Black Ops 1 maps with the younger characters. DLC pack 1 being Kino, 2 being Ascension, 3 being Shangri La, and 4 being Moon. That's just speculation, but I hope if they did, they'd get some kind of achievement list.
  9. I'm just sort of starting to look into getting WaW for custom zombies (this map being a big reason). Do people actually use keyboard and mouse or an xbox/PS3 controller?! I'm a total noob with PC games and was terrible at using the keyboard for DayZ... does it come to you in time? And is it complicated to install the maps? I know nothing about computers... I'm a techtard
  10. Well if a 3D printer wanted to be on an African Safari, I don't see any rule saying he can't be. Seriously though, I liked the way Treyarch really involved conspiracy theories with their maps. It's be cool if one of the maps took place in the underground military facility under the Denver Airport, maybe starting off in the airport itself, and the Exo Suits being found in the facility. It'd be a crazy huge map and would take a lot of time to make, but CoD's got the money and resources. Make it happen!!! Put Treyarch's maps and Outbreak to shame! The series needs a crazy huge map, especiall
  11. I liked the idea of Shangri La. Fuck perk machines making sense in an ancient jungle! 3D printers and Exo Suits can be anywhere they damn well want to be <3
  12. No. Just no. All of my no. Send all of my no to the New World in a barrel with two stowaways in the movie The Road to El Dorado. That's a lot of no
  13. To be user of the month you need to be the best of the best of the best..........at being patient. Just do whatever and eventually you too can be user of the month.....but it also helps if you find inspiration. Find what you are best at and go with it. Also on a side note. I'm tired of being white. I think I'll donate so I can be blue for a bit You're not white I don't think?
  14. What does it take to be the user of the month? I'm willing to give up my job, life, education, friends and virginity for the CoDz forums, but I'm just not sure this site's ready for me yet... I mean sure I have some weird random speculation post with 10k views due to a lucky choice in wording for the topic title, and also fired up a good controversy in my Bot Bullying Awareness post (mostly whether it's spam and advertising or not), but is this really what it takes to be a good User of the Month? @Black Hand Smith, enlighten me please
  15. Omg black should be a banned user group, it'd blend into the background so you can't read it, hence camouflaging their existence
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