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  1. TheJayJizzLe

    Symbols in fire

    I think you have to kill certain zombies in a certain order in the spawn, and in the temple for an Easter egg step. The fire has the same symbols for the step in the Easter egg where you have to kill certain zombies in an order in the tower of Ra. I haven’t tried it yet, but it gives you 5 symbols when the fire is lit corresponding to the different zombie types.
  2. Ok so I’ve been playing, and noticed twice now the Skeleton in Odín tower only had gold bracelets on at first. Later on in the game he had a Thor Helmet, and then after I noticed the helmet at the beginning of another round I was looking at him again, and he spawned a sword right in front of me. I have a photo but it won’t upload.
  3. I found a white box you can pick up in the Bowie knife room in the labs. It’s in the metal cabinet with 3 shelves, it’s on your left if you are looking at the buildable table, It’s on the second shelf from the top, and no audio when you collect it. The traps are apart of the Easter Egg on the 1st floor. When I picked up one of the red boxes takeo said “I can’t believe these are apart of Richthofens grand scheme”. Maybe you have to kill all of the nova crawlers with the traps on the first floor after knocking on the door to spawn something.
  4. So I turned 4 controllers on to do a local game of revelations, and when I started the game I had the gateworm in my inventory but if I play online there is no gateworm. Do you guys think the Easter egg is glitched out, or we just haven't figured it out yet !?
  5. How many of the maps do you think are actually returning ? How many sections from each map are they going to put in ? They obviously have the software to make a stupid big map like tranzit, and full it up with playable areas. How many wonder weapons from each map ? Do you think all the buildables from every map will be buildable, or all the staffs and Bowes ? Will the box have a chance to give you the scavenger if it's in a location at COTD, can you get the Blundergatt if it's at MOTD, or the shrink ray if it's at Shang ,and so on .? What do you guys think !?
  6. when you get to pack a punch while looking at the pack a punch toyour left it looks like flaming caskets flying down in mid air next to the bridge anyone catch what they are
  7. I was just playing and in the spawn room withthe gated door and the Olympia as soon as you walk in thatroom that first window toyour left now looking out that window look to your left again and there's a note you can read on the top shelf of the bookcase in the top left hand corner anyone read it ?
  8. thankyou tasty for thehelp and a lil trick youcanbuild the sheild at any table I builtthe acid gate at the tableon the docks and the shield in the cafeteria where I run my trains on solo
  9. can someone tell me where the cell gate for the shield is and the 2 parts for the acid kit except the bottle of acid are located thankyou
  10. rd 24 now 977 kills 4 downs slowly progressing and a epic use of electric cherry on rd 24 last player left that shit is serious I had 20 zombies holdingme up on a gate andkeep shooting and reloading and squeezed my way out sick edit: rd 31 solo 2 downs just quit cause I didn't feel like playing solo no more
  11. rd 21 4 people 800 kills 6 downs smh went to gg bridge 3 times
  12. Ray Liota aka Henry Hill The Rat haha
  13. I think that the dragon poster in the mall/foodcourt area near the box location before the ramp is something different when you turn it upside down it has another face and it looks like its under water
  14. Marelton talks about making the liquid compound in the sliqifier in Tranzit I heard the comment the first time the other night

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