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  1. Their are a chain of events that must be set in motion Richtofen says, wesel keeps saying Nikolai, I think in MP3 the motd crew return to capture Nikolai's soul. Than Richtofen pops up and takes it like he did in shadows. I also think the giant is going to be able to teleport us to 3 maps, because the teleporters supposedly go to 3 country's. I also believe they are going to throw Ascension, Shang Ri La, COTD, and Moon in the last map pack and we're going to play as the O4 in COTD instead of them being trapped in the room. Just some therories I have what do you guys think!?
  2. The only reason I think it starts in the water because the island looked pretty far and swimming is a new mechanic in the game maybe we wake up in the water and have to swim to shore that'll be sick but I thought he slid off and they just slid off to to either flip the boat or swim I mean they are all in beast mode honestly I doubt a little water is going to faze them
  3. Foreal that's what I'm saying everyone saying he drowned after he goes in the water they all do maybe they went under water to flip the boat over or I think we start off in water he didn't drown imo
  4. I think we're gonna start this map out in the water possibly everyone sees Dempsey clearly fall off and think she drowns but after he goes it looks like everyone slides off the boat what do yas think
  5. yea it does look more like a plane from origins but they could of crashed at the giant and stole a plane from there and flew to the island *
  6. How do you post a picture ? I think I saw the motd airplane in the top left corner of the leaked dlc image I would like to show you guys and see what you think !? Nvm found it what do you guys think !?
  7. The poster was also in motd return to the moon 2.0
  8. Well I think the motd characters and the shadows characters were in the same world because the Nero posters in motd and I'm pretty sure we're going back to the moon in one of the maps because of the moon 2.0 poster on firing range and motd also but the motd crew def seen Richthofen because he took or already had a sample of weasel's blood I just like Ray Liotta and would like to see that crew back in another zombies map well know soon the next map should be announced the end of the month or early April it should be out by April sometime
  9. Well the Transit crew all died in buried and the motd crew had the plane that landed on the Giant and them characters were way better than the SOE and Transit characters so I would love to see them again in the island map or any other map out of the next 3 maps we get
  10. Instead of the O4 I think the second DLC pack is going to be the MOTD characters going after Nikolai's soul instead of the O4 going after Takeos soul because they usually use the celebrities in the 2nd map pack .
  11. We have all 4 Bows upgraded. We are currently at the end of round 32, can anyone help us, and point us in the direction for the next step. Please? Thank you!
  12. After you do the 3 Dragon heads and get your Bo you have to shoot the brick wall at the top of the dead end steps with a charged bo to open a pick up to forge your bo, than there's 4 pictures you have to click x on in a certain order to open the forge piece for the horse bo, than you have to shoot at the top entrance after double tap and the gobble gum machine to get the fire bo piece with a charged bo we can't find the flash piece and you need to activate the gravity in the pryimid room to turn the gravity on to wall run for the last piece of the shield
  13. In a lot of the trailer all of the characters are always fighting side by side maybe you have to go to certain points on the map and fight as a team to get more dialogue and clues but I don't understand why we go back wards from origins with the o4 no shield no build able no maxis brain all these motd character clues Richthofen as a zombie in jump scares and when you teleport I always see him and Nikolai in zombie form and I don't understand why they didn't give our 04 an Easter egg the summing key also looks like the ball from Shangri La and are there going to be two zombie maps a dlc one for the shadows cast and one for the 04 how's this going to continue
  14. In plain sight I keep getting it every time I open the either door and buy a gumball
  15. All the characters dialogue changes to regular dialogue after round 3 I'm pretty positive getting zombie blood round 1 and finding the Intel in the first step the gobble gum machines are both on and there's a chain of events that have to be set into place and I think that's the first event and the teleporter room they are in, in the trailer is not A,B, or C in the giant map
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