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  1. Today I learned internet thugs on Xbox will hit you off because they like your name. Amusing.
  2. My name is American Capitalist Plane, and I thoroughly enjoy Chivalry much more than any FPS Multiplayer I have ever played. This is great.
  3. Today I learned Chivalry is on sale on Xbox. Time to download for 3 hours, kill me.
  4. @Electric Jesus M8 where do you get your signature gifs, this stuff is amazing.
  5. @TheNathanNS I'll die happy when you finally make than Bully custom zombies map.
  6. You dun goofed on the first part, sir, Candlejack only comes after you say his na
  7. @ZombieOfTheDead By far my favorite version of the PC gaming master race picture.
  8. So I lied and told myself I would come back like 2 weeks ago. And here I am like 2 weeks later just now checking in again. GG no Re. Oh and I changed my name for whatever reason.
  9. Where have I been for like weeks? I just like disappeared.
  10. @TheNathanNS If you were in southern America this would be totally normal.
  11. Whoa. I just now made my way out of the chat in like 2 days. Ay.
  12. Delta

    Your Top 10 TV Shows

    Because I don't have 10 favorite shows. I think only the best deserve a spot, and I'm not gonna just put some random show I watched 4 episodes of in there.
  13. Delta

    Your Top 10 TV Shows

    In no real order: Breaking Bad. Ed Edd 'n' Eddy Drake and Josh Futurama American Dad NCIS (Only the original, Los Angeles is terrible.)
  14. @Electric Jesus Sir your signature is god tier.
  15. Final Fantasy 13. Popped it in, got bored in minutes. Where did they go so wrong...
  16. Banned because Eminem m8
  17. Banned because I have no idea what is happening here.
  18. http://i57.tinypic.com/15qb3ly.jpg So I apparently have negative money on Steam.
  19. Yeah, I tried to post one but it crashed my phone's browser. Someone else take it, please.

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