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  1. Or...maybe...it's the sound of meteors hitting unseen buildings?
  2. I don't know man but I was on the roof waiting for my teammates to grab the gas tanks after a pretty hardcore round where I almost went down, so I was already in the process of having my adrenaline wind down. So when I least expect it, bored as all hell I scope the DSR at what I think is a smaller island (and this was at 3am, lights out, volume high) and this damn face jumps out causing me for the first time ever playing zombies to nearly shit my pants in fear. I mean I'll get scared if I go red with lots of zombies around, but that's a fear of losing my guns and perks. This genuinely scared me on a map that is already pretty scary as it is. The Warden popping out right at my feet out or nowhere gives me a definite jolt as well. But man, this jumpscare had me and my bud freaking out. Well played Treyarch
  3. I want to be Tommy Vercetti....aka Ray Liotta.
  4. What about the chains clanking and gate being shut when you die? Could've been a hint. And Nuketown zombies, the music at as the map is loading sounds kind of like oriental music which I always thought was weird until Die Rise came out.
  5. Looks like a dog to me. heard a rumor that this will tie into moon (and the O4) through space travel...not gonna believe it till it happens, but it's entirely possible that time travel will play a role in this...because...why the hell else would those actors from OUR time period be in Alcatraz in the 1920's? Plus the trailer does say that the story continues in Mob of the Dead right?
  6. That's what I do but after 30 I leave for the Buddha room. Gets too heavy on the roof. And I don't even clear the debris on the ramp to the lower level.
  7. Do you still have claymores in who's who mode? Cause I definitely would've done that. I also did accidentally hit L2 as I was going down so in the process of hitting the floor I tossed a monkey but I accidentally threw it out the window.
  8. Question, is this happening to people as their is a consistent stream of zombie spawns still going on, or when you've kept one alive to replenish yourself? Because I never even venture towards the slide unless I've kept one alive for the sole purpose of boxing and it still, has never happened to me. On XBOX or PS3
  9. PDW Extended Clip (can get 4-5 kills per clip) Remington+long barrel Overkill Perk 1 greed Ghost+Flak Jacket toughness or cold blooded, depends on how my aim is that day Extreme Conditioning
  10. Success is born through adaptation. The game forces you to react quicker than you normally would at any range. Sure it can be annoying...but it makes COD multi more interesting.
  11. Who's who would be a ridiculous addition if it's two player. Player 1 goes down. Player 2 distracts the horde as player 1 picks himself up, goes to buy another who's who neglecting another perk of choice so that 4 can be retained=games would never ever end. Not gonna happen. Maybe tombstone. But not who's who.
  12. .85 KD Prestige 8 level 32 Wireless router being all the way across the house + bad KD's adapting to guns trying to get diamond camos+zero patience for anything other than rushing style of play=Not the best chances for good KDs, but when my connection is good and I'm using my preferred guns I can go +20 or higher in games.
  13. Teammate that was housing me in Utah was playing World at War. After two hours of all of us taking turns on multiplayer he busts out zombies and lets me play Veruckkt. First box get is a ray gun. we made it maybe 10 rounds. Someone bought me Black ops and Kino really hooked me in. Took me so many games to finally get used to the whole system.
  14. Either a quick breakdown of concentration that is just enough to leave me surrounded, over confidence and attempts of fancy chain methods normally not used, or there's been the occasional time where I've been downed rushing a power up. But for the most part I just break concentration and make the wrong move. Never allowed myself to die out of pure boredom. I value the work I put in more than that. That's solo. More often than anything else on multi, I go down in attempts to revive my teammates. I HATE being left to die, so I have a habit of doing whatever I can to save teammates, not just cause I hate having it happen to me so much, but because I benefit more from having my mates up.
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