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  1. Round 35 on 3-players, ranked 69 in the world. (Not even kidding right now) We had our 3 Ultimate stevs; Lightning, Wind and Fire. Nobody could kill our groove 'cept for my friend who felt the need to quit the game because he was tired... could've gone to Round 40 easily. I'm getting the hang of this map now. Only had 3 downs in that whole game... surprisingly.
  2. Got to Round 44 on Solo, camping in the mines. Kept using the time bombs when I got down until I ran out of them and stop caring. I'm telling y'all... Solo is the worst on this map. Too damn boring. My game was 188 minutes long, so... I kinda don't wanna record all of that just to prove I went to Round 44.
  3. Killed myself at Round 55. Couldn't bear it anymore, it got way too boring for me. The one reason I loved getting to a high round is the amount of kills I get right next to my score... and I didn't get any more than 2000 because of lack of ammo and the fact that using the Traps don't count as you killing them. This was before I heard about the Hell's Redeemer though... I might sweat it out again for round 60+.
  4. Got to 33 later that day. Map's pretty easy.
  5. The Hell's Retriever recharges. It never runs out.
  6. I just bought PHD in Grief and I dived off to get an explosion. You're just not doing it right.
  7. PHD and Flopper are both in Grief mode. Don't give up on these two perks yet, they may be buy-able after doing something in Mob of the Dead.
  8. The Warden's key is ESSENTIAL! There's multiple doors you can open with it that are shortcuts in the map and probably doors that lead to more parts. Here's a video on how to get to it: You need to get to the sign where it says "Warden" in Afterlife. There will be a hole high up in the wall that you can go through. (In Afterlife, you can levitate quite high...) Go in it and there will be a circuit board in the middle of that hall, overload it by shocking it and it will bring down the Warden's key that's hanging on some Electric wire.
  9. I certainly hope it's like Five, where you have to do something in order to get to the PaP room. Just seems more fun that way, right?
  10. I don't think it would say Root Beer if it didn't contain any alcohol. Root Beer doesn't contain alcohol, it's a soft drink... I guess I should've added the '/sarcasm' note.
  11. I don't think it would say Root Beer if it didn't contain any alcohol.
  12. Actually, guys... I think we're just going ahead of ourselves. I'm sure there will be the same perks as usual and a new one. I mean, why not? There's a 2025 weapon in the game (LSAT). Don't forget the Ray Gun, too. It would be nice to see a different style of Perk Machines, but they really don't need to.
  13. Been wondering about this and the wonder weapon. Why can't they just show this stuff in the trailers on the go? We didn't know anything about the Sliquifier until the map came out. Anyway, it shouldn't be the case that there are no perk machines. And then again, it wouldn't make sense to see them on this time frame either. They must have done something extraordinary for this, but I didn't see anything in the trailer.
  14. Dude, the zombies look like they came from the Silent Hill universe. What the fuck?! It's like we're gonna play a whole new game. I'm also surprised that they didn't include any Versus mode games. I guess they're gonna keep all the goods until the last map pack?
  15. Just because you got the highest rank doesn't mean you got to be a try-hard about it. I got them, and I still do plently of fun things. I would get bored if I couldn't troll random people on Die Rise. You still got to be good at the game, though.

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