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  1. I havnt been on here in months! Anyway, if your still updating this, the 3rd fire disk spot is on the benches to the right of the STG in the church.
  2. You have to buy 4 perks then get 3 free perks from the witch then get another perk from the witch which doesnt show up inn your perks and thats how you get the tombstone perma perk
  3. Does this Avogadro genius guy have anything to do with the avogadro in tranzit?
  4. IDK exactly what to call this but anyways i was on die rise a couple months ago. I had 7000 for galvaknuckles so i went, bought em, and where it says what gun youre using it said either electric_tazer_knuckles or zombie_tazer_knuckles. Has this happened to anyone else? im guessing this is the file name for them?
  5. So how does this progress us in the storyline?
  6. IDK where but AUKronos found the Navcard somewhere and in his livestream you can see he has it. Video was too dark to see where he was and he has a phd flopper perma perk right now
  7. Idk what all the characters "4" are all called like O4 or whatever but the die rise 4 have to come back. they wouldnt leave us at that. But anyways we have 2 groups of people. i wonder what happens?
  8. I believe that there will be no tower in this one but save the 3rd tower for the last one and leave us at a huge cliffhanger. Such as one of the 04 in the last map say something really surprising but kinda bad in a way and leave us to theorize for the next game
  9. This is a good theory! Good point jeffro
  10. Blocking the doorway to out of the elevator when its at the topin die rise. it goes up and they die. Also put a tramp down where you jump from thetrample steam room. They jump and get flinged out.
  11. Wow. Very interesting. You should put this in your best threads
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