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  1. haha do I like schweinsteiger? yeah I think he's awesome some of his passes are insane! think he brings a lot of experience to united that we need at the minute you a united fan then?
  2. Hey thanks for the welcome back guys :) - yeah I was able to recover my old account but I changed my gamertag on the Xbox so I have updated my Username on here to match that's all - hence why I have a join date of 2011 :D Im looking forward to it getting busy around here as well im literally so excited had it reordered for agesss was upset I couldn't get the fridge it had sold out :( you may remember me mainly used to jump on the xbox with people from here to do EEs and stuff really wish I still could play BO2 miss training those zombies :P
  3. Hey Guys, So im back on these forums after being away for ages - after I sold my 360 to get an Xbox one I have been deprived of Zombies and being feeling the withdrawal symptoms! haha so to say im looking forward to BOIII is an understatement! Used to be on these forums as EternalxChaos you guys probably wont remember me but I loved the content and stuff on here and reading all the theories etc... So you will probably see me about more! Djinn
  4. Doing it now On the bit with the maze so only this step then the wishing well left Join if you want we need 4 people only the 2 of us - Gamertag = EternalxChaos
  5. Thats awesome it seems there is more you can do with Leroy than i first thought!
  6. I'll join gamertag EternalxChaos really wanna get this done
  7. Favorite Spot atm is on the dock got to round 32 solo Run a tight circle by the workbench and be sure to build the Zombie Shield that way you can pick it up as soon as it gets destroyed - one thing i would say is don't open the door into the generator room because it makes it a little more complicated as you get zombies coming out of there and messing with your run (Can always open it from the other side anyways!) - this spot is quite good i think because easy access to the zombie shield and if you use the Thompson you can get ammo really easy as well as being close to Jug! - havent worked out a strat yet but im gunna see if i can incorporate the trap tower as well maybe on ammo runs or something - not sure how effective it us especially when upgraded. Dealing with Brutus here is fairly easy as well just make sure you have a PAP'd raygun he goes down in a few shots and worst he will do is lock out the shield but you should have enough points to just unlock it again when you need it anyways. I dunno thats my fav one atm i guess - it def gets easier in the higher rounds.
  8. I will help out wanna do both so drop me an add GT - chroniX ChaOs
  9. can help out if you want man. GT - chroniX ChaOs
  10. How bad? Jet Gun bad? Black Ops DG-3 bad? D: Will I ever get to experience 100 kills with 1 shot? Yeah it is annoying they have basically made it so when you fire it you no longer just get the 1 puddle of goo left over you get it left over everywhere like it randomly will drop where a zombie explodes... Makes training a lot harder - you just have to think about the use of the gun now. Dan
  11. It Really is glitchy sometimes, was playing in a 4 man game last night we got to round 18 and it was the jumping jacks (little fuc**rs, whatever you wanna call em) and 2 of us went down stupidly, then we got revived but the last jumping jack wouldnt spawn we spent about half an hour searching the map for it before ending the game! stupid. oh and not to mention my mate died on the an94 slide glitch thing and lost all his perks, so annoying!
  12. In Tranzit there was a way to do the same side again, Get the 3 people who havent done the EE to setup a custom game let them start make sure 1 is Samuel (If you are doing Richtofens Side)then you join the session in progress and the tower shouldn't be lit up etc... meaning that you can redo Richtofen's EE even if you have done it. This may work on Die Rise but i havent done the EE once yet so wouldnt be able to test. Dan
  13. Its funny you should say that because i was running circles in that room and one of the zombies like glitched under the floor! so maybe there is some relevance to turning this room back the right way up or something
  14. I think there is going to be a NAV card table in each new DLC and the one from Die Rise will work on the next map etc... until that last DLC which that NAV Card will work in Green Run - therefore completing some form of massive cross map easter egg.
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