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  1. Vengefulxdjinn

    Back After Ages Away - VengefulxDjinn

    haha do I like schweinsteiger? yeah I think he's awesome some of his passes are insane! think he brings a lot of experience to united that we need at the minute you a united fan then?
  2. Vengefulxdjinn

    Back After Ages Away - VengefulxDjinn

    Hey thanks for the welcome back guys :) - yeah I was able to recover my old account but I changed my gamertag on the Xbox so I have updated my Username on here to match that's all - hence why I have a join date of 2011 :D Im looking forward to it getting busy around here as well im literally so excited had it reordered for agesss was upset I couldn't get the fridge it had sold out :( you may remember me mainly used to jump on the xbox with people from here to do EEs and stuff really wish I still could play BO2 miss training those zombies :P
  3. Vengefulxdjinn

    Back After Ages Away - VengefulxDjinn

    Hey Guys, So im back on these forums after being away for ages - after I sold my 360 to get an Xbox one I have been deprived of Zombies and being feeling the withdrawal symptoms! haha so to say im looking forward to BOIII is an understatement! Used to be on these forums as EternalxChaos you guys probably wont remember me but I loved the content and stuff on here and reading all the theories etc... So you will probably see me about more! Djinn
  4. Vengefulxdjinn

    Highest Round on Alcatraz Island?

    Round 32 Solo I have a bit of different strategy from what I've seen most people do (From what i gather a lot of people like the cafeteria) i was running a small circle on the dock by the work bench (Built the zombie shield there so that when destroyed could just pick it straight back up) Had the Speakeasy (PAP'd Chicago Typewriter) and The PAP'd Ray Gun. Could have gone longer but it got to 4am and i had to work today haha!
  5. Vengefulxdjinn

    Zombie buffs?

    Either way you CAN clearly see the human player through a wall in Diner. Im with you on this, you CAN see the player through the wall and he is glowing orange... It looks to be a sort of Zombie Vision this was 1 of the first things i noticed when watching the trailer.
  6. Vengefulxdjinn

    Maybe A Post From Treyarch? Hint?!

    Please Enter 2 Help Richotofen dunno but that fits and if its at the diner?
  7. Vengefulxdjinn

    Dont Mess With The Bus Driver

    Hahaha i agree i think he has the best quotes in the game so far :P
  8. Vengefulxdjinn

    Dont Mess With The Bus Driver

    Yeah i was wondering if he changed after the Easter Egg as well...? Ive not done it yet tho so wouldnt be able to check, anyone fancy helping me do the Richtofen one? or even both i dont mind would be good to explore the map and see what happens after and i know a few people are trying to find further steps so could have a look and see what we can see... Oh thinking about it as well has anyone tried stabbing him with the bowie knife? what happens when you EMP the bus does it just shut down? also has anyone tried getting on the bus with a denizen on there head? Dan
  9. Vengefulxdjinn

    Dont Mess With The Bus Driver

    If you was going through the tunnel you have to be careful when you are on the roof because there are signs that you have to sidestep, jump over and crouch under haha i found this out the hard way!. Also i proper laughed when the bus driver was like "your door rights have been fuc##ng revoked" But yeah i was thinking the same we may be able to control where he stops like if we want to get to town quicker keep knifing him or something there must be a pattern. Ive yet to encounter the avagadro in the bus yet (thankfully) but doesnt sound fun ha Dan
  10. Vengefulxdjinn

    Dont Mess With The Bus Driver

    So we were playing a game of Tranzit the other night and 1 of my mates kept knifing the bus driver the next minute his eyes went red and the doors opened and he tried to kick us all of the bus (3 of us managed to stay on). Then in a different game the same happened but we all stayed on then when we got to the next stop he just kept driving didnt stop and locked the doors so we couldn't get off!! Ive heard from people as well that if you annoy him to much he can just randomly stop the bus in the middle of nowhere and kick you off and lock the doors so you cant get back on! Anyone else had any strange things happen with the bus driver? (sorry if this is a repost did a quick scroll through and couldnt see anything).
  11. Vengefulxdjinn

    Hidden Symbol in Der Riese

    Looks like the Die Glocke in my opinion might just be me though haha.
  12. Vengefulxdjinn

    Best perk overall?

    haha i agree should have been second best perk because jug is obviously the best. So i voted speed cola so helpful when you have an rpk or something like that.

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