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  1. But it HAS to stay on Original, right? If I'm not mistaken any Easter eggs can only be done on original. Not sure about other achievements though
  2. I typically like the Fire and Lightning staffs personally.
  3. First off, I apologize if this has been discussed before, but I did not see a topic for it. Title says it all. What's your favorite setup on this map? After playing it over a dozen times now I would have to say: Weapon 1: Portersx2 Ray Gun Mark 2 Weapon 2: Upgraded Fire Staff Juggernaug, Stamin-Up, Speed Cola and Double Tap (free from box after challenge). Of course you can get more if you use Zombie Blood and dig up glowing skull piles, but it is indeed a little challenging. So we're just asking for the first four here. Should Mule Kick apply, add a 3rd weapon of course. I'd just like to see how you guys get ready for a good game. Of course every game seems to end with me getting smashed on by the 1000 foot zombie while I'm training a million zombies along with the Panzar Soldat. :(
  4. Yes you are missing something. Lighting the torches in the church in the correct order. Edit: nevermind I overread that part. Not sure why you wouldn't have an orb.
  5. This is TranZit all over again :lol:
  6. I call BS on perma Staminup. No perma perks for the O4. I would need to see video proof.
  7. Did you know you get a free upgraded MG08 by collecting four yellow discs around the map with the Maxis Drone?
  8. I didn't understand the phrase of the topic. Folk that back out
  9. If I remember right from doing it last night he runs clockwise around the excavation site so you may want to run counter clockwise to find hom
  10. Not sure about that but I did it with three last night. Props to MF Maxamillion and BoomByeYeah for the help. Perhaps it could be done solo but I know one of the steps with multiple people involves Takeo shooting down a plane and killing the pilot while in zombie blood mode so if that is a step in solo you would need to keep restarting until you're Takeo. Not sure if solo steps would be different though.
  11. Are you definitely sure it can be done with two? Because if it can be done with two I don't see why you can't in solo if the only problem foreseeably would be the 4 staffs at a time placement. If you can do that step with two idk why it couldn't be done with one.
  12. So now that we know the EE has been completed, can anyone confirm that it can be done with 3, 2 or even one person (solo)? I hope there is a way on solo because I hate having to rely on other people sometimes. No offense to the general public lol but it's a tough map and I can foresee a lot of problems with this EE in particular.
  13. I've received Electric Cherry from the PerkaCola machine as well, much to my disappointment.
  14. I was thinking the exact same thing being that those particular creatures in the suits were Vril Ya. I think I posted in this topic sometime last week about it:http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=138&t=34697 I hope it is the case as we've never really seen or heard much about it in the storyline as far as the gameplay goes.
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