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Double Tap 2?


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Okay, I feel completely stupid for not even realizing this, but I guess I just dismissed it since I rarely get double tap to begin with. I just noticed that double tap is actually called "Double Tap II" in Blops 2. What's the difference? What's new about two?

Oh I'm a poet...

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This makes Double Tap worth buying now! Like really worth buying. Like buying it 'cause you want too, not 'cause you might as well fill the perk cap on Der Riese....

It was worth buying before. Great for the Ray Gun, semi-automatics, and the HK-21. Was especially godly with the Ppsh-41 and it's PaP variant, The Reaper.

Just now they've found a more practical use for it so it's more useful on a larger scale.

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I'm so glad they buffed Double Tap. I tried it a few times and it in phenomenal. It was already my favorite perk, but now it's even better. If you like aiming for headshots, go with this for sure.

One thing I didn't check when playing, do you get 10 points for each bullet, or just 10 per shot?

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A) Watch NGTZombies video on this:

B) Try DT with M1911 in first ten rounds, it actually kicks ass, especially with Knuckles

C) ADS with a sniper and pull the trigger, you can see 2 bullet trajectories, confirming ADS as well as hipfire advantages. Overall, in my opinion, this is the best thing added to zombies. Also, don't qoute me on this, but I'm pretty sure DT does affect Ray Gun.

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I really really like double tap II, it's usually always me second perk after Jugg, especially on Farm survival.

also in tranzit i had a pap'd remington shotgun with DTII and it was doing serious damage ripping zombies till round 22 or so....i know round 22 is weaksauce but i was impressed with the shotgun regardless.

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I was telling people from the very begining to get DT2 because it was freakin amazing and no1 I played with wanted 2 believe me it was always forget that im gettin Tombstone T_T haha. My favorite thing to do is see how long I can last with the M1911. My best so far is round 16 but i was lucky as hell I got a bunch of MAX AMMO's.

Sorry ^^^^^ got a little off topic

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