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  1. What if its a 3rd easter egg? You hear in the tv audio that guy saying if you dont pick a side they both hunt you down... nothing more crosses my mind. Just had the idea (stupid or not)
  2. Could it be a grading system? As in school tests, on a curve? As people do better, unless you also do better your "grade" goes down. And what would have been an A+ the first 2 days is now a D so to speak...?
  3. The problem is that COTD and Nuketown don't mix. COTD = around present time (no signs of earth being destroyed) . Nuketown = 60s (earth destroyed soon after nuke in mp). They just don't line up... so either nuketown has to be thrown out of storyline, or we have to accept multiple dimensions... so idk, it seems 3arc has messed up.
  4. I find it bogus that not playing will decrease rank. Only have a few hours a week to play. So I get stuck with low rank players in match making even though I am fairly decent at getting to 25+ rounds...
  5. Yes, this seems reasonable... Too bad everyone has it linked with an EE now, they will probably be talking this over for another 6 months like ascension
  6. SPAZ2504

    Double Tap 2?

    Doesn't make you shoot twice as fast (still faster though) and for every single bullet you shoot, two leave the barrel... effectively dubbing a weapons damage.
  7. When facing the 1st bank vault door, turn 90 to the right, look down and slightly to the right some more, set of bank keys, punch with galv nucks, share points with teammates, enjoy!
  8. There is always the chance that we drive the bus... If you are driving other players guard your back. If you are by your self then you only have so much time to drive before being over run... Just a thought
  9. Oh yes, I am going to play the crap outta every aspect of this game. Campaign, MP, Zombies... Im going to get my moneys worth.
  10. I just went for the hardend. Don't see the need for the fancy $100 toy that im sure i would break moments after initial takeoff. Although the idea have having one to smash to "tiny pieces" would be nice after rage quitting MP...
  11. What about the cast Would be reasonable to assume JFK and the likes to go from the Pentagon to area 51 via *telaporters* and then it would be just a hop, skip, and a jump to the location.
  12. Just had an idea after messing around on moon. What if the nuketown map is set up like no mans land at area 51? No real rounds, weapons all over the walls, maby a kino type area for pap and box. Would be a map for all the people who dont like the slow starts of conventional maps. Thoughts?
  13. Just a thought, JFK, Nixon, Castro, and Macnimeria (uhhh... spell check?) In the Nuke town map? They fit for the timeline. Easy transition from Pentagon to area 51 with telaporters then just a hop, skip, an jump to the Manhattan project...
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