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  1. zombieman12

    Double Tap 2?

    thats because when you ADS the shot is more accurate. Try backing up farther and shooting down sights. It always shoots two bullets. :)
  2. zombieman12

    I don't buy this Die Rise talk...

    DIE RISE -- probably referencing two things. 1. Zombies die, then rise. 2. Possibly referencing Der Riese, just as a little homage. Or something. And also, I heard this map is in New York City. I know it's not set-in-stone as the only information given out was the map name but I can see it happening. I'm almost sure that's not the case with all the talk about Paris and all that so I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  3. zombieman12

    A Zombie Trilogy v.III [NOW IN VIDEO]

    This is an absolutely amazing post. I can't tell you how many times I've searched for the whole story line and come up with a half-assed description. Thank you very much! On the constructive criticism side, It seemed that the farther along you went, it slowly turned from a story line into a description of how to do the Easter Eggs. Cheers, ZM12
  4. zombieman12

    Hello Everybody

    Hey, I'm zombieman12. I'm introducing myself a tad bit late as I've just noticed the introduction section, but better late than never! Anyway, I hope to help make this community a better place, as I've noticed the TranZit section is a disaster at the moment, what with everybody flipping out over whether or not theres more to the EE. Regards, ZM12
  5. zombieman12

    The Missing Steps: What we were missing

    maybe this is what JZ meant when he said that thing about no zeros being left, because everyone was doing the EE in the wrong order and once you start it you cant restart?
  6. zombieman12

    Next Step Has Most Likely Been Found!!!!!! Update

    What if for the hand that continually moves you put a turbine on the bus, since it contiuously moves around the map?

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