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  1. i did not kill anything. we decided to keep all the zombies alive so when we got to the power room we could just kill them there
  2. So i was playing Die Rise and it was round 1. My friend and I rode the freight elevator down and when we were down there he put the elevator key in and I decided to ride the elevator back up. When the elevator started moving, I got the green flash. I still dont know what it did, and i dont think i lost it. Has anyone else had this happening? Ill try to post the video in a sec.
  3. Well here's my opinion on Great Leap Forward and Die Rise (and just to be clear i consider myself a very good zombies player and have been playing since WaW) -- -First impression: Wow this map is huge. Lots of doors and alot of ways to get everywhere. The rooms are all very small and with all the junk rape-training is gonna be extremely difficult. The mysterious box has yet to be touched by me, as i can never find it and when i do i never have enough money. Over-all the map looks good and very well designed. -Thoughts after playing it for a few hours: I honestly don't like this map.
  4. on the applied science magazine it says something about penicillin on the bottom. That could give a hint to the timeline right? I mean penicillin was really big in the 50's and 60's(?) but since then its died out slowly due to overuse.
  5. I was thinking of this kind of thing since I heard that one Maxis quote. And to be honest, I'm very surprised that nobody else put up a post like this. The only problem is finding the correct combo of vertices and such, and, even if those are found, how can we be sure that Treyarch isn't just being an asshole with this EE and egging us on? That's kind of how I feel about them right now, haha. Anyway, very thought out. I like the theory :)
  6. thats because when you ADS the shot is more accurate. Try backing up farther and shooting down sights. It always shoots two bullets. :)
  7. Yeah thats what I mean. Everything's kind of all over the place, ya know?
  8. I wasn't sure if i should put this here or somewhere else, but in my opinion Green Run should have its own section under the Black Ops II category, considering TranZit is a game mode, not a map. It just makes sense, especially if there is going to be a seperate category for all the DLC maps, to put it in its own category. Most of the discussion going on in the TranZit seciton should actually be in the Green Run section, as 99% of it concerns the Green Run EE, not TranZit in general. DISREGARD THIS POST. I WAS UNDER THE ASSUMPTION THAT THE MAP WAS DIE RISE NOT THE GAME MODE. TREYARCH P
  9. i was reading the comment above this thinking about exactly what you said. I was just about to put it in a comment but i decided to read one more comment and BOOM. you took the words out of my mouth :)
  10. The reason that I do not believe that the Tower of Babble controls the Zombies is because if Maxis was trying to take away Richtofen's control as he says he is, he could have blown up the single tower instead of hurling three missiles at the Earth and not even destroying the tower. The Tower does have a role, I agree with that. It plays into a larger scheme here somehow, maybe doing something after multiple towers are activated, but I don't think it does anything on its own. Richtofen controls the zombies from the Aether. The tower has nothing to do with his control over them other than
  11. no. The HAARP towers send radio waves into the atmosphere, not elements or other substances. And also, welcome everybody to the 15th HAARP related post since BOII came out!
  12. *facepalm* sorry to be rude but you'd need a physics-bending atomic bomb to shorten a distance like that.
  13. that thing under the barrel is a tactical light. It's seen on the remington in Green Run and even multiplayer. Its just for looks because thats how the real Remington 870 tactical looks.
  14. Where is everybody seeing this helicopter in the Die Rise map picture? I looked over the whole thing and I'm not seeing it.
  15. DIE RISE -- probably referencing two things. 1. Zombies die, then rise. 2. Possibly referencing Der Riese, just as a little homage. Or something. And also, I heard this map is in New York City. I know it's not set-in-stone as the only information given out was the map name but I can see it happening. I'm almost sure that's not the case with all the talk about Paris and all that so I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
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