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  1. I wouldn't bet on it, due to the fact that the spheres may not be recoverable.
  2. That may be a film reel. Like in Kino. Has too indented of a side and too many holes throughout its body to look like a saucer. Are they doing the BO1 comic thing again? A c*cktease in every loading screen?
  3. Sounds way too simple. Where would the sniper and voices come into play? And anyone can make multiple accounts.
  4. HOLY SH*T. Gotta laugh at Spider's comment though. "Hopefully it's not too overpowered like the Thundergun", no you're right it's not, Spider. Gotta admit though balances out the map pretty well though, what with all those tight hallways.
  5. Is it just me or does Treyach love f*cking with the player? Ever since Verruckt, if you stop and listen, you will get creeped out. I love it but at the same time it can be really troubling, especially during those late nights with the lights out when I'm just trying to roam around and piece things together...
  6. Maybe he just got killed and had to start over, how about somebody tries this? I wish I could, but PS3...
  7. The M1216 PAp'd with DT 2 literally vaporizes a whole group of zombies (15-20) in one burst up to round 30.
  8. A) Watch NGTZombies video on this: Try DT with M1911 in first ten rounds, it actually kicks ass, especially with Knuckles C) ADS with a sniper and pull the trigger, you can see 2 bullet trajectories, confirming ADS as well as hipfire advantages. Overall, in my opinion, this is the best thing added to zombies. Also, don't qoute me on this, but I'm pretty sure DT does affect Ray Gun.
  9. And here I was thinking I was the only who caught that. Easter egg? Or something more?
  10. This has been brought up numerous times, and is honestly starting to annoy me. I'm sure when another TranZit map is released (Die Rise?), that people will be able to properly name the maps. Until then, it really doesn't matter.
  11. It's funny you bring that up Pinnaz, because it was when I first played Shrangri-La I was brought to this site looking for EE guides. I didn't even know there was a story, I just wanted the trophy (which even after 2 years I am unable to recieve) and I saw all these mentions of the Aether and the Hollow Earth. My interest was peaked and after dozens of hours of reading all the incredible Asylum threads, my whole view on CoD Zombies was changed and I've loved it ever since.
  12. I've aways fantasized of visiting Argotha and the Aether in the Zombies campaign. How would Treyarch pull it off though?
  13. I think Treyarch are just recycling images, textures, models, etc. so they can save space and do less work. Alot of developers do this to save time and money. For example, Eidos (sp?), developers of Just Cause 2 basically copy and pasted a lot of in game military bases, so to save them the trouble of creating 200 unique locations. Make sense? Also, I'm not too sure, but I think Satan is the"Fallen Angel". This is a reference to Menedez, as what he is plotting is evil, but has some nobility behind it.
  14. Haha, wow... I'v been looking all over for this pic ever since Die Rise was "leaked". I wanna thank TC for bringing this and the old post back up. Also, this is very early concept art. Concept art and the finished product tend to always end up having vast differences. Meaning, not necessarily fake. Shame how quickly people jump on the "FAKE AND GAY" bandwagon, really is.
  15. This is old stuff, but no, nothing extravagent occurs.
  16. So the round will never end, and you'll just have four comatized zombies that won't bug when you pull money out the bank? Why did I never think of this?
  17. That's interesting stuff... Try to use the Jet Gun on the ToB drop, maybe that's what we were missing all along?
  18. Thoe are parts for the NavCard Reader. The firs5t is the power box and the second is the radio.
  19. I have a full bank and haven't played in weeks (Far Cry took the spotlight). Came back on today... nothing new. Richtofen side completed about 2 months ago.
  20. Seems like a pointless glitch. Notice how Richtofen laughs due to player going out of bounds?
  21. Wait, what? Try to clarify annd use a bit more organization .
  22. I've heard the supergun quote when pack-a-punching. Is this not common?
  23. This actually belongs in the Teammate Finder section of the Board Index.
  24. Broke away from Activision and made a standalone Survival Horror game? Obviously this wouldn't happen due to all the money they make with the Call of Duty franchise, but just food for thought. Now don't hate, but no zombies or over the top action. I want a subtle game with a shitload of atmosphere, reminiscent of Amnesia. Think about it... they can nail atmosphere like no other, I mean Verruckt still gives me chills when I play. Ever stop killing zombies in any map and lose yourself in the ambience? Scary stuff. Theyre also incredible with making creep setpieces. Hmm, posting in a reletively dead section, but would love to get feedback regardless.
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