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  1. Hey everyone, I made a video about Cthulhu if anyone wants to take a look.



  2. Aw thank you! Yeah, it made me upset that they did what they did. But, if it is any consolation, I am currently planning to do another one in a year or so with Black Ops III. I don't want to make guarantees, but really, it'd be awful for me to NOT do it… I learned a lot of things making the old one, so I believe that a newer one would be much better in terms of quality (you know, with actual moving pictures and stuff). I appreciate the mention shirtless service! Good luck in your ventures!
  3. These threads are nice, Pinnaz, for someone like me who likes to just see the info without the theatrics. However, I have a question. Where does the game or promotional material say what Nero's last name is? I get the whole inspiration thing, but I just haven't seen any source that says the character's last name is that. Oh, also, know where I might find some info on when the level takes place? It'd just be nice to know.
  4. All green eyes means is that someone new is controlling them. (i.e. Deimos/Dolos) But it is a different timeline.
  5. No problem! Also, I believe there was one line that says that Deimos was from our world in the distant past, or something like that. It is what got me thinking about what if he was Eddy. So, maybe keep an eye out for something interesting like that? If you can, no need to worry over it.
  6. Hey guys. So I just got done seeing the ending of Nightmares, and it got me thinking. In Zombies in BOIII, Richtofen and Co. are trying to save the universe from an ancient evil. If you've seen the radio that Maxis has where he talks about dimensions, or the one where Nikolai mentions he has killed Richtofen several times, it should become clear that Zombies is going multidimensional. What if the antagonist, Deimos, from Nightmares is actually this evil that approaches? In the mode, Deimos himself even says that he has seen several dimensions, Nightmares, one where Corvus created an AI (the campaign), and even ones that don't have Earth in it. He and Dolos come from an alternate reality, Malum, that is supposed to be truly evil. With the word "evil" being thrown around so often, it made me think that perhaps they are one and the same. Furthermore, Deimos and Dolos are described as brother and sister. The gods of terror and trickery. They are also often compared to children in Nightmares. (Notice that Deimos and Dolos are from Greek mythology, but I can't find any mention of them being related, or Dolos being female, so the mythology here seems to either deviate or be incorrect.) Here's a crazy thought, but what if they are Samantha and Eddy? Dolos even mentions at one point that Father might get angry. Maxis? Although to be fair, they do list off a bunch of Greek gods at one point, so it could just be that. Oh and for those of you who haven't seen much of Nightmares, it does seem to be related to the story in some regard. The agent that is zombifying everyone is 61-15 (Nova-6 and Element 115 combined). At the end of Nightmares, Deimos is killed, but Dolos lives on. So perhaps Dolos may be the antagonist of not just Zombies but Call of Duty as a whole. Now I'm not speaking on the borderline-amateur nature of re-dubbing the campaign, but I thought this was interesting.
  7. I'm not entirely convinced about that. From the various quotes and radios I've heard, I think the terminology is going in a different direction. Their goal seems to be to save the Universe. If the multiverse theory is correct, then that means we're really willing to sacrifice as many universes as it takes just to save one. That to me sounds like a completely and utterly pointless goal. (Why not just hop to one that isn't so bad?) Maxis uses the term realms, as well as the singular universe. So… it seems to me that they are using the term universe to describe everything in existence (the term's intended use), where the terms realms and timelines can refer to the different planes of existence within the Universe. This to me would sound like a much more noble goal, i.e. they are trying to save the Universe (i.e. all of creation) even at the expense of some realms (i.e. Nikolai killing three Richtofens, or not caring to sacrifice some timelines and try again). In fact, perhaps the great evil threatening the Universe can only be stopped if one particular sequence of events unfold, so they are in fact trying to create and unfold the one Universe-saving timeline that is needed.
  8. I'll just comment on this since it was asked of me. Yes, Call of Duty Zombies has traditionally been mostly science fiction with history (a.k.a. retrofuturism) with some supernatural aspects to it. However, over time, the number of supernatural instances have been increasing compared to the science fiction ones. It is a bit disheartening to me, but I believe the game has pretty much approached a split of science fiction and fantasy. The two levels that come with the game underline this very easily. Shadows of Evil has a lot of supernatural content. The Giant has a lot of science fiction content. The story has both, always has. The proportion is starting to become lopsided, especially considering that a lot of the science fiction was pseudoscience to begin with. Oh, and just to make it clear, Cthulhu is just one Lovecraftian monster. Honestly pop culture has made Cthulhu a bigger deal than Lovecraft ever did. There are so many other monsters out there.
  9. I was really wondering if it was just me getting the Lovecraftian vibe. I wholeheartedly agree that the level is inspired by H. P. Lovecraft's works, of which Cthulhu is most popular representation (although many others exist). This isn't just in aesthetics, either. It is in the entire theme. Look at the supposed new Wonder Weapon thing (the black hole gun) that has, from what I have seen, a bunch of potential names that it randomly selects. This is relating to the Lovecraftian language (it even has similar syllables) that many Lovecraftian creatures spoke. In fact, the language isn't complete, because it is said to be beyond the realm of human understanding, and, get this, has no official correct pronunciation by human beings. Therefore, the multiple transliterations of its name. (Because it isn't meant to be written in English.) Boom! MMX out. (No not you Boom, the onomatopoeia boom.) Eh, never mind. I'll just walk out normally.
  10. Sorry, I didn't see that. Then I guess that explains that. Thank you.
  11. I haven't been around for a while, but I always felt the answer was both things, mainly because the realms are practically defined, whereas the timelines involved inherently make such a thing have parallel timelines, i.e. universes. (Referencing here the 8 or so different "universes" (a.k.a. timelines) where Brock and Gary died horribly.) That depends on which dose of time travel theory you believe, but I think Zombies uses a vague enough version of one to justify such a viewpoint.
  12. Just wanted to insert my two cents, if that is okay. The story of Zombies is multidimensional altogether. So whether or not a new level is in another dimension has no relation to whether it is part of the story, and these are in fact two separate questions. Because, it could be a separate universe, but still part of the story, or a different story, but still part of the universe.
  13. I grieve. Call of Duty Zombies Storyline / A Zombie Trilogy died today. I made a post about in General Zombies if you guys want to know about it.

  14. Gotta love that artificial scarcity. Seems Activision's taking a nod from the diamond industry.
  15. I would take the option of the downwards linear progression of the past few games. I wouldn't be surprised if they released the map separately on the first day of release. 9 months > 2 weeks > 1 day. Seems to me to be the way things are going now. I'm not going to be bamboozled into buying any special edition of the game. Call of Duty is all about bundling the things you don't want (i.e. Multiplayer maps) with things you actually want (Zombies maps). Honestly they'd be lucky for me to even buy the base game, much less any special edition.
  16. Honestly, as of now, no, not really would I watch. Sorry. : / BUT, around the time the new game comes out? That would be very cool. See, I'm not getting the game right away this time. I want to preview it first, and watching you guys stream to me would be much preferable to watching most Youtube players, because, well, I actually know you guys, or at least know of you. But if you do that, make sure it is easily noticeable, so people checking the site can see right away that there's gameplay going on. Now obviously you might want to do other things, I understand. But, sorry, not my cup of tea.
  17. Sad to say they probably won't put the new game on old consoles. If for no other reason than Microsoft and Sony staring down Activision with piles of money behind their backs.
  18. Or they could just be messing with us for the sake of it? It wouldn't be the first time. It isn't so subtle actually. The hat takes up a good 5-10% of the screen, adorning the most focal point of the sole character in the shot. When we saw TranZit for the first time, we saw the same kind of hat. But it wasn't a Nazi, no. It was a bus driver.
  19. I find the beta thing distasteful to be honest. We are essentially paying to beta test their games. Normally this would go to people in the form of jobs, instead it goes from the consumer's wallet. Or in this case to pre-order sales at Gamestop. Honestly, I wasn't to excited for the trailer. It looked… cool. It looked like Call of Duty. I see many people are comparing it to the last Call of Duty, because of the mechanization. I can see that, but they seem to be doing it quite differently. Call of Duty has been becoming less and less of a "realistic" genre series and more and more into a science fiction one. That's okay with my part, partly because they were never that realistic (although the historical storytelling was good). And adding that the only thing on zombies was a yellow-eyed zombie with a hat, I'm not super dazzled or anything. It didn't really give us much information. Btw, the hat was in style back in WWII, but that shape of hat is still used today. Perhaps a pilot zombie? Perhaps the reason I'm not so impressed is because the answer of whether this story (campaign or zombies) is related to the past Black Ops has yet to be cemented, and that worries me more than anything.
  20. It's takes about a minute to simply load each individual page. That in itself isn't too bad unless you want to actually read or post anything around the site. If I want to check the status of Zombies news, I fill the time it takes to click around switching to doing other tasks on other websites, which continue to run at their usual fast pace. It's bad enough that I don't much bother anymore to check this site for news for Zombies. It's so much easier to just hit up Youtube. The optimization for mobile has made functionality suffer for the sake of it. I sure hope you guys are still working on these things, not dropped to stay as they are. Also, I don't get the circle profile images? Is that a mobile thing? It'd make sense if image sizes were measured in πr2, but they're not. Any image uploaded to use as a profile picture has 21.5% of the image missing from view but is still using up space. If it is any consolation, I do think the background image is nice. There's quite a while before the next game comes out, when the real traffic will come, so you guys have plenty of time to tinker with thinks. Good luck!
  21. Perhaps Black Ops III three will contain some recognizable female hands, or a robotic horse.
  22. To be honest, I'd take it all with a heap of salt. In World at War, we got Intel, and its reliability was dubious. In Black Ops, we got GKnova6, and everything it said was so cryptic that no one ever got any consensus on what it all meant. So… I'm just saying, don't expect answers to many of these questions when the game comes out.
  23. That's very kind! Yes, most people here are not only familiar with it, but they had an instrumental hand in it. : / I'm probably going to get spammed a lot for updates for it when the new game comes out.
  24. To be honest, I was kinda confused when I was required to read this thread when I returned. Apparently something has happened while I was gone, I thought to myself. I read over it (probably a bit faster than I should have), but I now just took the time to re-read it. I'm sure this thread has helped disperse the negativity resulting from this incident, so good job on making it GRILL. And considering it is staying up months after it occurred, hopefully it shall not repeat itself, whatever that may be. I find it admirable the standards to which you are holding yourselves, alongside others. Shall be a fairer CoDz. : D
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