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  1. Billy Handsome all the way. I just really like the characters that are a little bit insane.
  2. Okay, so I was just in a game with KeredNomrah69 and RequixEclipse. It turns out that Liam's theory on how the Red Insta-kill is obtained was false. I tried it three times playing as misty and got nothing. The strange thing is that KeredNomrah69 who was playing as Marlton got the green puff of smoke after killing zombies on Insta-kill and for the two Insta-kills after I had the Red Insta-kill. On the first Red Insta-kill I didn't knife at all and I still had it for the second one we got. On the second Red Insta-kill I knifed and lost it. My theory is that when you get the Red Insta-kill you can't knife or you'll lose it. Keep testing everyone we still are not 100% sure how to obtain the Red Insta-kill and keep it.
  3. I just went into theater and checked my perspective from this game. I had no second red Insta-kill logo.
  4. The beams on co-op are deffinitally confirmed. Me and Kered were getting tons of them last night. We had done the Maxis side of the EE in the game that this happened. I personally didn't pay attention to the Insta-kill, so I can't confirm or deny if I had it or not. I'm going to go check theater and report back.
  5. Me, Kered, and Blitz are going to be doing some testing on it tonight. Thank for giving us ideas of other things too test.
  6. Sylent

    Double Tap 2?

    It basically gives you two bullets for the price of one and increases your gun's fire rate. Buy DT get a sniper and shoot it. Thats the best way to see the changes they have made to the perk IMO.

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