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  1. Hey guys I was wondering if anyone fully understands what causes a zombie to die out and not respawn. I've been trying to figure it out since Black Ops 2 was released and I just can't seem to wrap my head around it. So if you know how to keep a zombie from doing this please help.
  2. Billy Handsome all the way. I just really like the characters that are a little bit insane.
  3. Well, same applied for Green Run, right? Up until you chose Maxis over Richtofen, he would talk to Stu. Maxis speaks to the whole group, which would make sense as to why I thought it was only him. So, is this (possibly) the first step set in stone, much like Green Run? The one where you decide who's side to take? In green run, turn power off; Maxis. Keep it on; Richtofen Watch samdaman118 on Youtube. He has 4 steps posted already.
  4. No and Edward speaks when you get the SVU, but only Stu can hear him.
  5. Like objects emmiting energy? Exactly. Thermal energy is a form of energy that is not visible to the naked eye, but if you have thermal optics you can see it.
  6. Have you upgraded it enough to see all the possible attachments for it. It might be possible to get a thermal sight. The thermal sight could allow you to see EE items when looking through it.
  7. In your video the teddy bears were glowing when in Who's Who. You should check the dragon's mouth to see if the balls are glowing. Shooting them might do something that we aren't able to see in human form.
  8. The SVU is the easiest sniper to obtain. This makes getting the quote much easier. It might work with other snipers, I don't really know though.
  9. Your human self can die. When that happens your ghost self goes into a human state.
  10. It's not my first theory. It's just the first one I did research on.
  11. I stopped riding the bus a long time ago.
  12. I would love to help you, but I don't have the map yet . I also will be doing Edward's side when I do get it.
  13. So when you buy the SVU off the wall Edward tells you to find and destroy errant energy fields that Maxis is using. This got me thinking because Edward specifically said ERRANT energy fields. I didn't know what errant ment so I looked up the deffinition. This gave me a few deffinitions, but the one that stood out the most said, "deviating from the regular or proper course." I then looked up energy which said, "an adequate or abundant amount or power." I came up with the conclusion that errant enegy is a source of power that has deviated from its regular or proper course. I then typed in errant energy to see what energy sources can deviate from the proper course. I didn't get much. I did however get a website called http://www.sparksoflightenergy.com. This website talked about spirals of errant energy. The first thing I thought of was the balls of light on TranZit. I continued to read and it said that before you can find these spirals of errant you must first reach a higher state of being. This higher state of being is actually achieveable on Die Rise. So what I'm thinking is that you need to use the Who's Who perk and find these errant energy fields. You may then need to destroy them with the SVU or possibly any sniper rifle. This is my first time putting actual research into one of my theorys so if I didn't put enough research in or if I didn't give enough information please go easy on me.
  14. Place the Flinger at the edge of the hole in the wall where you built it. Use it to fling to the radio tower on the roof. I hope that answers your question.
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