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  1. I completely skipped Advanced Warfare and only played Ghosts for a little bit, but I really enjoyed my time in Extinction, even if it was only the first map. I thought the different classes were a nice touch for different playstyles to synergize with each other. I had an absolute blast playing with people like Way, Boom, and Grill.
  2. I didn't notice this thread! I'm all for it, this thread would be the perfect place for them. Good work Black!
  3. PSA: It seems going down while throwing a Monkey Bomb may crash your game, just happened to me.

  4. Hey guys! There are a ton of new features in BO3 zombies, I thought it might be a good idea to share any little tricks that can may help each other out. For example, how the Bowie Knife becomes a 2-hit kill at round 10. I'll start: The Ephemeral Enhancement Gobblegum PaPs your equipped weapon for 30 seconds. In this time, you can Pack a Punch it again for 2500 points to keep it permanently. That's a gun worth 7500 for only 2500! You are less likely to lunge forward while using our melee if you hold back on your control stick as you stab. This is great for knifing hoards during an Insta Kill or a Sword Flay. If you guys have anything to share I'll edit it in to the main post!
  5. I love having a homepage again, reminds me of the days of Black Ops! Everything on the site looks fantastic, the new theme is great.
  6. All in favor of keeping CoDz like this permanently say I.

    1. Electric Jesus

      Electric Jesus

      Weed out the OCD demographic. I like it.

    2. Inconcievable
  7. Oh hey, it's that one guy. Welcome back!
  8. There is an issue with signature size and YouTube videos, they might be too large if they are in a signature. I have one here to show the size, of course it is temporary.
  9. I really like the new change! I'll get working on my signature if necessary, I assume it might be too big. Great work!
  10. So what's the new Veteran usergroup about? Haven't seen anything about it.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lenne


      It's nothing for us ordinary people. :p

    3. Undead


      It means I'm better than you.

    4. Jolteon


      It's for people that need to be singled out as extra-weird so people know to be careful around them.

  11. People are here discussing ads, and here I am wondering about those tiered donor ranks. I don't think I've seen any info on those, can someone elaborate?
  12. I love the new look of the titles, the font and color is very nice! Well done, guys.
  13. Welcome! Enjoy the site, there's tons of content here. We're all open to you if you need any help!
  14. Yep, Hell's Warrior is working on that right now!
  15. If you want someone for the committee I would love to be a part of that. Of course the others mentioned probably have a bit more prestige on the site, but I'm always here if you need me!
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