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  1. Interesting... It's hard to say for sure, as I can see the woman when i just look at the head, but when I look at the clothing, I see Big Guy. It's definitely a White/gold dress scenario. If it is the Big Guy, it would do one of two things. One, solidify that the universes are melding together and the Big Guy of Buried somehow ended up encountering the Wolf King in this universe's past (Much like Icarus following Richtofen's "jumps" through SoE and T.G.). OR He just pulled a Pokemon X and Y and survived so long that he just grew big. lol
  2. A raven huh? That matches us up with 4 of the Prestige icons now. Ghostly Wolf, Cthulu-like Squid, An Iron-colored Dragon, and now the Red-eyed Raven. Interesting...
  3. Aye, I see your point, but have to debate a bit. I agree that we can't take straight from the page of Lovecraft's works, but we can refer back to them to understand the CoDz's universes versions of his creatures. In particular, we already know SoE has a very close tie to Lovecraft's works, but takes it's own liberties (Insanity Elementals, Margwa, Apothicon, etc...). However, the way the plot is going, and if Nightmares is anything to compare by, there has to be a Greater Evil of some sort of lore. Now unless Treyarch wants to make a completely new evil being for the SoE universe, we can assum
  4. That was a theory of mine as well. It was either that, with Cthulu's influence, or Azathoth since The Shadow Man is clearly Nyarlathotep and it's right hand tentacle man.
  5. Edit: figured I'd throw in that I haven't played Eisendrache yet due to steam. If the Keepers from Shadows appear, then it could simply be them following Richtofen to get the summoning key back. The way I see it with this multiverse thing going on... The Keepers exist in each in different forms. Vril-ya could be the form they exist in the Origins universes, hence their strange appearance in The Crazy Place. In Shadows, they took on a more Lovecraft-friendly appearance. Their goals seem to be preventing The Gateway from being opened. The Gateway in shadows was the
  6. Judging from SoE's theme there will likely be a malukah song hidden in there, as well as a guest song from another artist (a la mob of dead). The Giant... I hope it's either a new song or another rendition of Beauty of Annihilation, but it's gotta be either Elena or all three.
  7. This is great! I personally am a fan of Lovecraftian works, but never went too far into the mythology as I should have.
  8. This is lovely! Great work!!! I'd love to see the other maps if you ever do! =D
  9. MotD takes place around 1933, while as Origins takes place during 1918 or so. This complicates things a bit, unless Dempsey and the others retained some of their memories from before this new cycle. That helps with the confused Richtofen case, but seems to make it difficult as to how much knowledge they know. Actually, thinking about it a bit, it may help this theory a bit. If, for instance, when they went to the aether, they didnt meet with sam. They had this knowledge prior to meeting Sam, but much like when they were brainwashed (A la Call of the Dead radios) the memories come back little
  10. I actually do see your point regarding the censorship on this end, however the missing 935 and Z-A on the Group 935 logos are still relevant to the ripple effect. I actually didn't take into account the fact they hyped it up so much prior to release to such a large audience that they'd have to censor it due to the massive audience compared to years ago. The only reason I state the moon base was not constructed due to the lack of red markings on the moon we've seen in the previous two incarnations of Der Riese, meanings it's definitely not there, or at least on the scale we see in Moon. Perhaps
  11. Okay, so i had a theory, and it's not a really well thought out one, but here we go... Before the Samantha/Maxis/Richtofen shenanigans, the dead remained at peace. No zombies, but definitely some sort of afterlife sort of thing going on. Perhaps there is a hell-like dimension in this universe. If so, perhaps this dimension is the Aether. Therefore, whomever is in control controls the dead. So... in this case we know whoever was in control before Samantha was letting the dead rest per se in the real world. Now the events we know and love happen. Whomever is in control basically gets kicked ou
  12. Lovely theory! Never thought of it from the point Samantha was the one that created/went to the Origin's timeline. It would also explain why Richtofen looks so confused at the end of the intro cutscene. That sort of "Wait, what... DANG IT!!!" look
  13. True, the ripple effect can be huge, but to entirely remove Griffin Station? That would be a bit extreme, and change Richtofen's motivation to eliminate Samantha and Maxis at that time. At this point in the story, Griffin Station is already at the peak of its success. Actually, Griffin seems to be where everything fell apart. Groph didn't apprehend Sam, Maxis was sent to the Aether with control over machines by being killed and sucked into the MPD like the zombie souls, and it's where the missiles that struck earth were stored that caused the paradox or "The Rift" to be formed. The MPD roo
  14. Knowing Treyarch, it wouldn't be something so simple. He has an Iron cross on him, and uniform is still that of German Officer attire, but with all the time travel, I have a feeling they changed the course of history, hence the lack of Dots on the moon (moon base), 935 or Z-A in the Group 935 logos, and lack of swastikas or eagles on the teleporter. Ripple effect.
  15. Hello! So, with the teaser of The Giant, i figured it was time for me to step out of the shadows again since my activity with the Call of The Dead Easter Egg. So, after replaying the trailer multiple times, and completing origins multiple times, I couldn't help but post my friend and I's findings and theories. First, regarding The Giant trailer, there's quite a particular topic up for debate right now: Lack of the swastikas on Richtofen and the Teleporters. Personally, we don't believe this was just because it was a world release. Why? If you look at the previous World Release trailers for
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