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  1. i cant remember if they called it one one five or one fifteen honestly. but it was one or the other.
  2. i.did.not.know.that. thanks for the info. when the guy said it, zombies sprang to mind
  3. So, the new x-files premeir was on last night. One of the scientist said they used element 115 to power something. dont want to give too much away. thats weird right?
  4. It doesn't matter to me either way really. Both for and against arguments are very valid. I was kinda doin' the devil's advocate thing. Hells, you should definitely be able to hide sigs to guests (preferably bots) as an option in admin. The only reason I mentioned SEO is if like you said, someone has an outbound link in their sig, that is an outbound link that a search engine counts, and can be a ding for SEO, although admittedly, very very minor. Then again most sig links are to threads here, which is a positive, so they probably negate each other. In the grand scheme of things, as far as what's best for the board, it really comes down to peoples opinions.
  5. turning them off by default is the best move. it saves on bandwidth, it saves on load time, it makes the layout easier to shrink on mobile devices, and it also, actually, improves SEO.
  6. so you decided to put the site on a dedi that is 10,000x more then it needs instead of a decent shared server. this site didn't outgrow a shared server plan, it was on a crap shared server that had a lot of downtime, which is unfortunate. and the mistakes the person who owns this site is making for the hosting here is being pawned off onto the members. it is a mistake. i can see the domain is still registered with Dan, and i also see that the site is on dedicated via the namerservers used. this is incredible overkill and you are wasting your money for such a small site. the frontpage post says you, hells warrior, put this site together and for that i say job well done, because it is very well done and i am surely impressed. but this $130 a month goal for donations, and ads and all this is 2 things. 1. it is a dream, you're at $100 now, that is impressive, but that will surely not last. 2. it really isn't neccesary if the hosting situation was re-assesed properly. this is not sustainable, especially with zombies being out of season right now. that is all i have to say on the topic really. i will not post on this topic again.
  7. here is a solution i will host the site completely free forever. then you dont need donations, or ads, or anything. but people here don't trust me, i have offered before, i have spoke with starwarsbob about it*, and he refuses, it makes no sense. i am not trustworthy though.... i am 32 years old, just celebrated my 9th wedding anniversary, have 2 kids, have 10 years at my job, and manage 40+ website clients on a daily basis. some of my clients have crazy traffic, most are e-commerce businesses that do millions in sales a year... but i can't be trusted with hosting this site. i dont want to be admin, or staff, or anything at all, i want >0< control of anything here. i just want to help, but it is refused, then i see all this about $130 hosting bill a month, it is absurd. there is NO way the hosting is $130 a month, and like i said, if it is, then CODZ is being ripped off. no the ads are not a money grab as there is no money in them, they are just annoying. the money grab is trying to tell your faithful members to donate to a server bill that is grossly inflated. a better solution to ads would be to sell ads yourself to people. ONE of my forums, talkdelaware, sells ads to local business that i setup and control, it is a monthly payment from the advertiser. they get value in that their ad is on my site and targets their market, and i get paid. CODZ could talk with many companies about this, even youtubers looking for more exposure. lastly, i like all you guys a lot, save for whoever is saying the server bill is $130 a month. i think CODZ is a outstanding forum, and i have said that many times, and i have made nice donations in the past. i will not contribute to this sham though, it isn't right, and i dont like it. * starwarsbob lives in the same town as i do, he probably lives 5 minutes from my house. i have offered to meet him in person to talk about helping codz, he also refused that.
  8. Hard to believe that hosting runs $130 a month for the size and traffic this site gets, very hard. If you really are paying that you are getting ripped off in a serious way. I have a dedicated server, hosting 40+ sites all at once with 750GB's of storage on it, for $160 a month. With the amount of ads and traffic the sites gets, the ads are making what? maybe $10 a month? if that. Are they really worth it? I'm sorry, seems like a money grab to me. I likeD CODZ very much at one time, but things change, and not always for the better. It is unfortunate.
  9. you could have just PM'd a staff with this request.
  10. Extinction Mode IMPRESSIONS thread, I am sure plenty of you guys are playing it now, what are you thoughts?!?!
  12. I see a lot of people here saying they won't be buying it. Are you for real? Not judging, just wondering, are you going to buy it or not? vote!
  13. Ill be buying the game, so I can play COD with my friends. Like I buy any game, BLOPS2, GTA5, GHOSTS, etc. all same reason killing aliens? meh, might be cool...it's just a bonus though.
  14. It won't be like zombies, seems the aliens are faster then you are. Also seems more like tower defense then anything, specific objectives, etc. I would chance a guess the characters are non-descript and random. Not sure on the map(s), could be a few, could be one, idk.
  15. you made that look easy man, nice work
  16. I was under the impression the pap machine had schematics and plans in its database/computer that are preloaded that tells it how to upgrade the weapons.
  17. If you are good at zombies and the particular map solo is easier. If you are bad at zombies or the map, it is best to play with friends, maybe randoms. as far as "fun" it is always more fun to play with friends IMO.
  18. I think what driftor was eluding to, and it makes sense, is that they are testing thier system now for ghost roll out.
  19. There aren't any dedicated servers for BOII on consoles. At all. That seems contrary to drift0r's video, he is usually pretty thorough.
  20. more than anything it is taking stupid risks. after a bunch of rounds i start getting bored and start taking risks to get that "highlight reel" of something awesome, usually I fail....lol
  21. i voted for Panzer Soldat, who is in the lead, surprise surprise
  22. I agree with way, I think cod zombies has seen it's time and is slowly starting to give up ground to other fun games....sad but true.
  23. Caddyman

    Shovel Guide

    Good info, thanks bud :D
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