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  1. i noticed that aswell. but we have to remember, richoften is crazy as hell. i wish there wasnt so many unanswered questions! wheres samantha? whos the leader of 935? wheres was 115 discovered? UHG maybe Richtofen isnt crazy yet, but until we see the cutscene...the look on his face, seemed to be disbelief for what he was doing as if he was under control before. but by who? :O
  2. i noticed that aswell. but we have to remember, richoften is crazy as hell. i wish there wasnt so many unanswered questions! wheres samantha? whos the leader of 935? wheres was 115 discovered? UHG
  3. even more intresting, maxis wasnt the original leader of 935. illuminati maybe.
  4. i think 935 has been around a little longer than we think. i cant wait for the map. imagine samantha telling us what really happened. O_o would be so amazing.
  5. Hey guys. This new richoften letter says "biggest source of 115 yet discovered." http://gyazo.com/90b4e473ed3982b52b94ebfa847e65bc Letter^ I always thought 115 was discovered at shi no numa in the 40s or so.. Theres so much going on in zombies right now. and can someone translate the note? alot of people have trouble reading them, as do i on occasion.
  6. Mine would have to be verruckt, becuase theres so much mystery behind it, just the writings on the wall, and everything about it gives it such a creepy vibe, i love it. Now what are your guys favorites?
  7. well he was insane before the moon. he was sadistic, and enjoyed hurting people, lol.
  8. i think they will still have some of the attitude. like dempsey, hes just a badass in general, so he will be cool. and remember the character bios? all of them were crazy before any of the zombie stuff! richoften is simply crazy, nik killed his wives, takeo cut tails off cats, and dempsey "is a f**king badass." lol, anyways im pumped for this map, but also dont want it to be the last.
  9. Dude, you have done your research!! Cant wait for your new thread, going to be an intresting read for sure!
  10. For some reason you using that picture cracked me up lol, never seen someone use it in a sentence before. xD
  11. Forgot about that thread, seems logical though. I would like it to be the Vril-Ya though, cause that would go with the story as well.
  12. "The most horrifying and imaginative Zombies experience yet. Players will be deployed to Dieselpunk-stylized World War I-era France where they will encounter the return of the four original heroes from the very first Zombies map, as well as hordes of zombies that have overrun trenches and fields, as well as the ruins of a mysterious and ancient location." What do you guys think it will be!? Im thinking maybe atlantis, or the vril ya, which will mean some damn good wonder weapons! But anyways, discuss this! Signed, Wings.
  13. why did we power all the towers in all the easter eggs? im not a noob on zombies, just was wondering, cause i kind of stopped paying attention to the zombies storyline. and yes i do know the storyline very well, its just i never really listened to the easter eggs i just did them, so why do we have to power up the towers for Rich/maxis
  14. So i was thinking. Nacht was never confirmed to be in germany, and as some of you may know, in the trailer for origins, it shows a area that look sort of like nacht der untoten. So i kind of just brushed it off, but then i realized all the planes flying around, and it made me think how the very first soldiers from nacht crashed in a plane and went to nacht to fight, so maybe since so much time travel has been done, this happens when the soldiers from nacht are flying to wherever there going (my best guess is to verruckt to save peter) and they crash during the time the O4 that we all love are there. this wouldbe kind of cool, cause we could learn more about them cause they only had a litte bit of a backstory (from the cia database). Anyways, post replys with your opinion on this please :)
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