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  1. calm down sir someone was talking about it being b4 the whole zombie storyline and im just sayin thats not possible because they were not born yet
  2. Sooooooo except for chazz all these guys were born in the 50s (chazz in 46) so it cant take place in the prohibition era unless time travel i suppose no way to tell untill it comes out
  3. Shame... Quick revive is so helpfull when playing with noobs... it makes it SOO... Much easier to revive mid-rounds... Well i dont play with randoms so i dont need quick revive also i love MK i dont puss out and use the sliq its sooooo shitty so i love havin a 3rd weapon
  4. Yes I have and nothing happens. I am stuck idk what to do :(
  5. Lots! About 10-13 rounds worth or at least thats what it looked like in the NGTzombies video
  6. I hope this is not the case because it will make sliquifing the orbs much harder.
  7. So me and my friends were playing and we got to the spinning orbs and we went to the radio tower and we tried downing our selves with who's who and reviving that didnt work we tried killing zombies that didnt work we tried killing the chinese phasing jumping zombies up there that didnt work. I'm fresh out of ideas guys where the hell are we supposed to make this blood sacrifice??????
  8. I thought russman had dual pistols and hes the 1 that dies first
  9. I think he may have picked up the 115 for the Navacard table
  10. Welcome Ben! Hope to see you around.
  11. Hey every1 i was just wondering if any1 still needed the achievements for Zombies on BO 2? If so if you want help ill be hosting lobbies all day to help people get them (not ToB). If you would like to get in on this just hit me up with a pm or msg me on Xbox. GT=Jew Feedz
  12. Welcome bro hope you enjoy the many theories you can find here :)
  13. Is this door right next to Juggernog???
  14. I dont do it to random people just my friends and whats ur point of "I've met some really, really great players who haven't done the Easter Egg." I dont understand
  15. Agreed. If sombody asks me to play zombies and they start the game and I dont see the tower lit up Ill bitch at them and run through their trains till they either die or end the game and start it up on original lolz
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