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  1. Oh dear god no. The last thing anyone wants is ANOTHER Tranzit. Who are you, and why do you think you speak for everyone?
  2. That's Not An Excuse, It's A Flaw To Be Worked On.
  3. In Black Ops 1 I never got to be Dempsey or Takeo. And I'd assume it wouldn't be the case of it having priority, just us not getting the ones we want out of a random selection.
  4. Please Stop Doing This While You Type. It's Annoying. Capitals Are For The Beginning Of A Sentence Or On Proper Nouns.
  5. Map: Pretty much all of them Mode: Pretty much all of them Primary: Assault Rifle Secondary: Fu***** Assault Rifle Primary Grenade: Assaul- Semtex Grenades {Where applicable} Secondary Grenade: Monkey Bombs Epuipment: Claymores (Where applicable} Melee Weapon: Galvaknuckles Buildable: Turbine Perk 1: Double Tap II Perk 2: Juggernog Perk 3: Stamin-Up Perk 4 Solo: Speed Cola Multi: Quick Revive
  6. After completing the EE do the lights on/flowing to the TOB stay in subsequent games? Someone told me they did and I thought it'd be so cool if it was true. I figured it would since in a game where my team had tried and failed the table was still constructed under the Tower, leading me to believe there was some kind of saving or progress tracking going on. If someone could inform me about this, I would appreciate it greatly.
  7. Triple Ex


    *rolls eyes and watches the children squabble*
  8. Triple Ex


    "TranZit sucks 'cause we can't get to high rounds as easy!" You're not SUPPOSED to.
  9. T.E.D.D. You ruin everything. Hop back on your bus and get out.
  10. 'Cause she wants too. just because your computer screen-ravaged eyes can't decipher it doesn't mean she should stop.
  11. In addition, the church bells aren't even distorted. They are simply overlayed above the track of static. Easily replicable.
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