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  1. dat Dethalbum II profile picture.

  2. After completing the EE do the lights on/flowing to the TOB stay in subsequent games? Someone told me they did and I thought it'd be so cool if it was true. I figured it would since in a game where my team had tried and failed the table was still constructed under the Tower, leading me to believe there was some kind of saving or progress tracking going on. If someone could inform me about this, I would appreciate it greatly.
  3. I'm banned for not realizing such things. :cry: Double banned for banning yourself.
  4. T.E.D.D. You ruin everything. Hop back on your bus and get out.
  5. A japaneese anime? I am insulted, sir.
  6. ... I... I don't get it. I still wanna know who the hell this guy is. He hasn't responded to my PM's or anything. Of course not, you idiot. Why would I? WELL. No need to get snippy here mister. This is why I'M the brains of this operation. Let me handle the diplomacy. You just scurry off into the background again.
  7. ... I... I don't get it. I still wanna know who the hell this guy is. He hasn't responded to my PM's or anything.
  8. You are all banned for not posting in color all the time, and for not knowing where my avatar is from.
  9. Ex and I should be mods. ....Who the hell are you?
  10. I know someone who likes Homestuck. ALOT.
  11. Thank you, EJ. My point exactly. Now, would anyone be willing to help me out with the front page?

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