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  1. I'm a casual player and don't really have any friends on xbox playing, would like to play with some of you guys, gamertag is DELAbeWARE. With 3 randoms last night, 1 with a mic, 1 who was pretty good and luckily knew the casual EE steps. Other dropped out of game around round 20, him and I went on and nearly killed the boss but died out at round 26 or so.
  2. i cant remember if they called it one one five or one fifteen honestly. but it was one or the other.
  3. i.did.not.know.that. thanks for the info. when the guy said it, zombies sprang to mind
  4. So, the new x-files premeir was on last night. One of the scientist said they used element 115 to power something. dont want to give too much away. thats weird right?
  5. I had really good luck last night I guess. It was my first time entering SOE online as I bought myself an xbox one for Christmas and am just getting around to it. First lobby is a part of 2 guys with mics and another random with no mic. We played probably 10 sessions, reaching round 10 eventually I guess. It was my first time really playing SOE and these guy s new how to do everything so it was nice. The no-mic'er really didn't help much and was our downfall at each session but at least they stayed.
  6. Why do you have Kills Rank 1 and 2 medals? Those are stacked, you can't have both.

  7. It doesn't matter to me either way really. Both for and against arguments are very valid. I was kinda doin' the devil's advocate thing. Hells, you should definitely be able to hide sigs to guests (preferably bots) as an option in admin. The only reason I mentioned SEO is if like you said, someone has an outbound link in their sig, that is an outbound link that a search engine counts, and can be a ding for SEO, although admittedly, very very minor. Then again most sig links are to threads here, which is a positive, so they probably negate each other. In the grand scheme of things, a
  8. turning them off by default is the best move. it saves on bandwidth, it saves on load time, it makes the layout easier to shrink on mobile devices, and it also, actually, improves SEO.
  9. so you decided to put the site on a dedi that is 10,000x more then it needs instead of a decent shared server. this site didn't outgrow a shared server plan, it was on a crap shared server that had a lot of downtime, which is unfortunate. and the mistakes the person who owns this site is making for the hosting here is being pawned off onto the members. it is a mistake. i can see the domain is still registered with Dan, and i also see that the site is on dedicated via the namerservers used. this is incredible overkill and you are wasting your money for such a small site. the fro
  10. here is a solution i will host the site completely free forever. then you dont need donations, or ads, or anything. but people here don't trust me, i have offered before, i have spoke with starwarsbob about it*, and he refuses, it makes no sense. i am not trustworthy though.... i am 32 years old, just celebrated my 9th wedding anniversary, have 2 kids, have 10 years at my job, and manage 40+ website clients on a daily basis. some of my clients have crazy traffic, most are e-commerce businesses that do millions in sales a year... but i can't be trusted with hosting this site.
  11. Hard to believe that hosting runs $130 a month for the size and traffic this site gets, very hard. If you really are paying that you are getting ripped off in a serious way. I have a dedicated server, hosting 40+ sites all at once with 750GB's of storage on it, for $160 a month. With the amount of ads and traffic the sites gets, the ads are making what? maybe $10 a month? if that. Are they really worth it? I'm sorry, seems like a money grab to me. I likeD CODZ very much at one time, but things change, and not always for the better. It is unfortunate.
  12. you could have just PM'd a staff with this request.
  13. I'm still playing, and enjoying, GTA Online.
  14. Extinction Mode IMPRESSIONS thread, I am sure plenty of you guys are playing it now, what are you thoughts?!?!
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