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  1. Caddyman

    The Final Reich Highest Round

    I'm a casual player and don't really have any friends on xbox playing, would like to play with some of you guys, gamertag is DELAbeWARE. With 3 randoms last night, 1 with a mic, 1 who was pretty good and luckily knew the casual EE steps. Other dropped out of game around round 20, him and I went on and nearly killed the boss but died out at round 26 or so.
  2. Caddyman

    Been a long time

    Thanks Infest, yes it has been a while. Had some fun on the new maps, went to like 32 the other night 4 player with randoms on Giant.
  3. Caddyman

    difficulty bo3 zombies

    I'm super rusty and it's pretty easy imo
  4. Caddyman

    Been a long time

    Thanks Anon, got to play some giant last night, first time really playing it and lucked out and got some great randoms. Had jug, pap lmg, death and taxes, and was running the starting area for a good while, ended up around round 25ish? before the wife came home haha. Felt great to get back to it.
  5. Caddyman

    Been a long time

    Hey all, haven't posted here or played zombies in quite a long time, just downloaded all the maps for BLOPSIII and am getting back into it a bit, new maps are cool but kinda complex at first...for me anyway. I added my gamertag in LFG, if you are on Xbox One and would like to play some new maps HMU please, I am usually on in the evenings EST. gamertag DELAbeWARE thanks! Caddy
  6. Caddyman

    Anyone see x-files?

    i cant remember if they called it one one five or one fifteen honestly. but it was one or the other.
  7. Caddyman

    Anyone see x-files?

    i.did.not.know.that. thanks for the info. when the guy said it, zombies sprang to mind
  8. So, the new x-files premeir was on last night. One of the scientist said they used element 115 to power something. dont want to give too much away. thats weird right?
  9. Caddyman

    Chivalry is dead in zombies

    I had really good luck last night I guess. It was my first time entering SOE online as I bought myself an xbox one for Christmas and am just getting around to it. First lobby is a part of 2 guys with mics and another random with no mic. We played probably 10 sessions, reaching round 10 eventually I guess. It was my first time really playing SOE and these guy s new how to do everything so it was nice. The no-mic'er really didn't help much and was our downfall at each session but at least they stayed.
  10. Why do you have Kills Rank 1 and 2 medals? Those are stacked, you can't have both.

  11. Caddyman

    Highest Round on Buried!

    we just went to 31 with me, mattywagon, eternal, and a clan mate (4P)
  12. Caddyman

    Highest Round on Alcatraz Island?

    haven't had time to get a good solo round in 31 4 players my clan mate who should be signing up today and posting his strat went to 60 last night solo.
  13. so what is everyone guesses now about the valve wheel/film reel/pulley for the loading screen? could be a pulley for a ...... bell TOWER/light house http://www.alcatrazhistory.com/rock/rock-036.htm good info in general here http://www.alcatrazhistory.com/mainpg.htm
  14. awesome birthday gift....werd. looks great
  15. Caddyman

    Let's Talk Colors(Rank)

    i just read that convo from skype between undead and nick. a regular admin doesnt need ftp or whm to do regular admin stuff whoever were to migrate the site from phpbb to vb would need both, for sure. really though, there is 1 fatal flaw to this whole site, a flaw that can't be fixed by vbulletin, or active admins, or usergroups, or ranks, or even brains. LONGEVITY this site is callofdutyzombies.com and is THE best, authoritative site on COD Zombies, but what happens when COD Zombies goes away? i have seen many topics here and other sites about BLOPS2 being the last COD zombies we will see. I DO NOT believe that, but i do believe it will end, and not in 10 years, more like 2 or 3....roughly. hopefully for me, and this site, i am wrong and COD Zombies goes on for many years, either as a side game like now to a dedicated game like some think. but i kinda doubt it :(

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