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  1. I haven't played that DLC because well, I was upset that it existed. So I can't say whether it was an alternate reality. Could be though, the way the story looks. BUT, I've always attested that alternate realities should be a last-resort when figuring out story elements, because of its cop-out nature. But the real reason I'm chiming in here is the Perks-A-Cola. Yes, PhD Flopper has prunes. Back in the day I made real-tasting Perks-A-Cola and combed through every character quote to discern their taste. I believe it was Tank who said that PhD Flopper not only tasted of prunes, but it
  2. @The Meh Aw thanks Meh! Like Naitrax, I got an email notification and checked out why I was mentioned. I have many fond memories from my days in Zombies. Quite the nostalgia. I appreciate the mention, even if my understanding ended up falling short of complete... As for my pick on theories, I have to admit my memory is quite fuzzy on the matter. One really sticks out in my mind though. It was the old Ultimate Moon Loading Screen Analysis thread by @MixMasterNut . I just felt there was so much jam-packed information that he really fleshed out, especially with the vril pyramids and w
  3. Happy birthday, Blurryface : )
  4. Thank you, anonymous. You specifically have been really proactive in responding to cheer me up after this whole ordeal, and I really appreciate it. You are truly kind, and also definitely deserving of the User of the Month title : P I'm only done with Call of Duty Zombies. Nothing will stop me talking about the stories of games. Caring about that stuff is essentially my purpose in life. Truthfully, Zombies was only one of many franchises that I loved. At one point, it was the one I loved the most, but that was a while ago. My Youtube channel will remain as a canvas for me to make
  5. Hey everybody, if you haven't heard, this series is now concluded. All twelve parts of the series have been aired, in addition to the Credits as well as a video that covers my thoughts on the new timeline. The Credits feature every person to my knowledge who ever helped in debating this storyline or helped it out in some other manner. The other video is, well, not exactly how I intended to end the series, but it's done all the same. I hope you guys enjoyed the series, but this marks the conclusion of my time with Zombies. If you watch the last video, you'll understand why. You guys
  6. I'm not upset that they released the timeline. I'm just upset that they waited so very long after "The End" of zombies (Revelations) to release this timeline that has never-before-seen info. I should've known better. It's Call of Duty. There never will be an end... But, thank you for the kind words guys. I really appreciate it.
  7. I am personally devastated at this. I waited so long in case something like this happened, but they actually did it. Nearly a year after Revelations but they did it. My series is going ahead as scheduled, but I have added a video for the purpose of this timeline. The grand picture shifted beneath my feet. Dates were added, new fan fiction -ahem- facts were added, and the universal picture was somewhat different. I don't think I was really that off. The fact that they admitted Moon had to be in 2025 means I helped influence it. But there's simply so much mentioned there
  8. Wouldn't it be kinda funny if they just released the game bundled with DLC and the printed comic? (I'm still highly doubtful this will be a thing. Refurbished content at best.)
  9. Hey there! I think that was rather amusing! Overall, I think you did a good job. The creepy voice was cool, as well as the overlay effects. My only real point of criticism is that I think it was a bit long. Three minutes is a bit much for something that's supposed to be a trailer, you know? It seemed more of a short story action video at 3 minutes. Oh, also, if it really was supposed to be a trailer, I think some type of promotional screen at the end with the title (you know, the kind that usually has the date of release and other small text no one reads) on it. Anyhow,
  10. Hey everyone, so, my documentary series on Treyarch's Zombies is halfway over, so I just thought I'd update this thread with the videos that have been releasing every week. I understand Treyarch's Zombies is over, and people are anticipating newer Zombies by other Call of Duty companies, but I hope some of you can still enjoy the tale of what was always the best, in my opinion, Zombies story. This wouldn't have been possible without so many of you, so thanks again. Part 1: The Beginning The First One creates the 63 Universes and life. The Great War is fought between the K
  11. Hey everyone! Part one of this documentary is now live! Please watch if you get the chance and show people and whatnot. All that stuff. Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible! The credits will be on the last one. Don't worry! Also, could a staff member perhaps move this into the zombie hub or general zombies forum or something? I'd really appreciate it. : ) EDIT: Thank you staff! : D
  12. My interpretation is that there isn't a singular loop. Loops, timelines, alternate universes, and paradoxes appear all over the story. They're kinda vague and kinda inconsistent. For example, Groph and SOPHIA both reference Maxis specifically with the line "the loop must be closed". Groph says Maxis says this. Actually, Maxis said "the paradox must be resolved". Close, but like I said, inconsistent. Der Riese had long been speculated to be in a time loop. Alcatraz literally for a fact is in one. While not technically loops per-say, many things have gone back in time to change thing
  13. Big news everyone! There is a trailer and a release date for the video series born out of this very thread! A Zombie Trilogy!
  14. I agree that dying is not quite the accurate word. Recession I think is more likely. A franchise this big is really too big to let fail. Whatever goes wrong will continue to go wrong until someone realizes to "fix" things, whatever that may be. It's kinda like an economy, recessions and growths. Battlefield did something different because they had to do so to grow, and it paid off. While the arguments that people get tired of too much zombies, too much DLC, too much Call of Duty, or too much hype, and that non-Treyarch zombies are just uninspired are true at least to an extent, I t
  15. Thanks Lenne! That's old news, Meh, but I haven't forgotten it. The original version was vI. The edited one I had to reupload was vII. This one I'm making and going to promote will be vIII, going along with Black Ops III. The new version is vastly superior to the old one. The old one barely had visuals. I have gone through great efforts to try to stay within the confines of copyright law, much like how E. Coli tries to stay within the bounds of an ever-confining organ dripping with corrosive bile. (Too harsh?) And yes, Meh, you did contribute. The conversations we had?
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