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  1. Oh okay, thank you. Sorry, I haven't actually checked the Die Rise forum in about a year. Sorry about that.
  2. Many of them yes. Contact DragonGJY. He was our resident Chinese translator. If you do find the thread, mind posting a link to it? I'd like to check it out again.
  3. @RadZakpakYup and you don't need to buy or even play Zombies to know the story anymore. Just Youtube. @BlurryfaceLife is Strange is AWESOME. Great, emotional story. I thought the endings were good in my opinion. Tough to choose though. @Lord HalSkyrim has a multiplayer mod? That actually works? I'm a Fallout fan and the only time a multiplayer mod was tried, it was so buggy to be unusable most of the time.
  4. Hey Lenne. Great deal you got there (if I'm calculating euros to dollars in my head correctly) At the most recent Steam sale, I actually bought something as well. I bought the entire Borderlands franchise for myself and a friend, and we're going to play through them all. It was about $80 for the entire franchise, DLC and all, for the both of us. So I think it was a good deal. I also bought the Stanley Parable and Undertale, because I love those games but never actually bought them. Now I have and showed my support for them.
  5. Hey everyone, I made a video about Cthulhu if anyone wants to take a look.



  6. Group 601? Wasn't that like really obscure? Do we know anything about it besides the rare references to the name or logo?
  7. This rustled me at first, but I don't think it's that big of a deal in the end. The campaign originally was related to the story of Zombies. We've diverged by this point, sure, but in the campaign timeline (from 1940 to 2060) Der Riese is literally mentioned in some of the Intel. So a Group 935 logo, while certainly a rare find, isn't out of place in the campaign. Honestly it's just surprising that by the 2060's that that paper still exists. Anyway, that's my interpretation of its significance.
  8. Aw thank you! Yeah, it made me upset that they did what they did. But, if it is any consolation, I am currently planning to do another one in a year or so with Black Ops III. I don't want to make guarantees, but really, it'd be awful for me to NOT do it… I learned a lot of things making the old one, so I believe that a newer one would be much better in terms of quality (you know, with actual moving pictures and stuff). I appreciate the mention shirtless service! Good luck in your ventures!
  9. These threads are nice, Pinnaz, for someone like me who likes to just see the info without the theatrics. However, I have a question. Where does the game or promotional material say what Nero's last name is? I get the whole inspiration thing, but I just haven't seen any source that says the character's last name is that. Oh, also, know where I might find some info on when the level takes place? It'd just be nice to know.
  10. I used the terminology from the Maxis radio, with realms / timelines / planes of existence being the differentiators within one universe. So 4 and 5 are different… whatever-you-want-to-call-thems. Now I know recently people are saying the plane Icarus is in both maps, but that wasn't something I had seen upon writing this. Although, the idea that Maxis was the one who caused Samantha's temporal displacement does make a shocking amount of sense. I hadn't thought of it that way. Thanks! Richtofen travels from SoE to the Giant after obtaining the realm-hopping-orb-device, so tha
  11. So after thinking on it and researching it a bit, I've finally compiled my thoughts on the new game. I made a video on it, but I've also written out the script all nice and neat so that I could post it here and perhaps discuss with other people their thoughts on the game. Don't take me for a fool though, for my opinions are not wholly positive or negative. (WARNING: Spoilers for pretty much everything) I’m going to talk storyline analysis, and then I’ll wrap it up at the end with my opinions. Some members of Treyarch stated in an interview that Call of Duty nows runs on a unified .exe
  12. All green eyes means is that someone new is controlling them. (i.e. Deimos/Dolos) But it is a different timeline.
  13. No problem! Also, I believe there was one line that says that Deimos was from our world in the distant past, or something like that. It is what got me thinking about what if he was Eddy. So, maybe keep an eye out for something interesting like that? If you can, no need to worry over it.
  14. Hey guys. So I just got done seeing the ending of Nightmares, and it got me thinking. In Zombies in BOIII, Richtofen and Co. are trying to save the universe from an ancient evil. If you've seen the radio that Maxis has where he talks about dimensions, or the one where Nikolai mentions he has killed Richtofen several times, it should become clear that Zombies is going multidimensional. What if the antagonist, Deimos, from Nightmares is actually this evil that approaches? In the mode, Deimos himself even says that he has seen several dimensions, Nightmares, one where Corvus c
  15. I'm not entirely convinced about that. From the various quotes and radios I've heard, I think the terminology is going in a different direction. Their goal seems to be to save the Universe. If the multiverse theory is correct, then that means we're really willing to sacrifice as many universes as it takes just to save one. That to me sounds like a completely and utterly pointless goal. (Why not just hop to one that isn't so bad?) Maxis uses the term realms, as well as the singular universe. So… it seems to me that they are using the term universe to desc
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