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  1. Good Morning [*:f1l3j8bd]Gen 2: In coop a relative easy train, because not so many zombies come at you. [*:f1l3j8bd]Gen 5 (Stamin Up): One of my favorite trains. I do not run around the generator itself, rather inside the robot footstep. [*:f1l3j8bd]Jug: Running around the generator is hard to do, but works in coop. What is very safe though, is to run around the whole area (left robot footstep to right robot footstep and back on the other side). The train will not be compact then and it's inconvenient to kill it. This train is especially nice for training the Panzer, because you are close to jug in case you go down, and you are in the 'center' of the map where most other players can reach you. [*:f1l3j8bd]No Man's Land full train: Like around the Jug area, you can run around the whole thing, wherever you want. You can also just use the spot between exca site and stamin, or include the stamin part, or around the exca site itself, as it was said. I usually use the spot between exca site and stamin to make the train compact. Compact trains means more overview for you, therefore less bad surprises for you, and you need less bullets to kill the train. [*:f1l3j8bd]Church bottom: A pretty big spot, unfortunately mostly mud. There is a little path of boards you can use. You can leave the tank there or send it away. Works more or less in coop, hard in solo. Needs Stamin cause there is mud. A hard one. [*:f1l3j8bd]Large train around Gen 1 -> Gen 2 -> Gen 3 -> Gen 1. Leads again to unorganized and spread out hordes, but sometimes handy to grab the bracers or such midround. [*:f1l3j8bd]Around G1 or G6: Very narrow and hard, inconvenient spawn behavior. [*:f1l3j8bd]Spawn at Box / Fizz: Very hard, since it's low space for cut backs, and hordes coming down the little stairs require cutbacks. [*:f1l3j8bd]Clockwise around the stairs in the inside of the exca site. Works quite well. [*:f1l3j8bd]U-Form at staff building place. Rather hard in solo. [*:f1l3j8bd]Any tank path area in the mud: Haven't tested that. Those are the ones I can think of right now. It reads like you are at G3, your friend somewhere at No Mans Land. You're friend now dies, and you instantly run towards him. But as your friend died, all of his zombie train will run towards you, or those zombies fall apart and respawn at your location(s). As you run through the workstation, you face those respawners -> dead. So two options: Wait till your train is max, so you face nobody that blocks your way. Or take out a good gun, that kills fast and easy, and just kill what blocks your path. Any staff, Boomhilda in early rounds, Ray best with PHD and such does it. Like last passage. When you run around the map while zombies spawn, have a good gun out or do it while you have a max train behind you. BTW, zombies in your back are no problem, the ones in your front and blocking the path are the problem. When you have a max train behind you and you want to avoid them to repsawn, walk slowly. If you go too far away from a train, the zombies respawn. Know the tricky spots, which is everything that is narrow, e.g. excavation site top stairs, the path between workstation and exca site is very tricky, behind exca site, the stairs inside the church and such. Again: Sometimes you gather a max train (in coop, a max train is hard to define though), and then go, and most paths will be free, for zombies that still may block you, have some gun. I forgot to mention the bracers by the way, and also monkeys and G-Strike Lightning things can help. Then, don't be stupid and run for example down to the staff building place, build staff, and run back. What happens as you run down is, that your train follows you and grows and grows while doing so. You make the staff, go back -> face 24 zombies blocking the way. So, be aware that zombies are following you. When you go from Gen 3 to Gen 1 to buy something, you don't go back to Gen 3 the normal way. Go to Gen 2, to Workshop, then to Gen 3. Cause everything between Gen 3 and Gen 1 is full of zombies as you ran to Gen 1. As you said: Your Back is always full of zombies, so don't turn around and run into them. So, either you choose an alternative path as just mentioned (instead GEn 1-> gen 3 you avoid the hot area by taking the longer path with gen 2), or you just gather and organize all the zombies first, before going back. E.g. you walked thorugh the workshop and are now at no mans land. Just run around there for 2 circles until all zombies are in NML too, left the workshop. Then you can walk through the workshop again. Nope, the MP40 is just fine. To max out the points, it's very well suited to do the following: R3: Shoot x2, Knife x1 R4: Shoot x3, Knife x1 R5: Shoot x4, Knife x1 In case it gets dangerous, just do headshots. There is ammo all over the place (unlike for the 74u). It kills the Panzer in R8 well. Can't think of a better starting gun for this map. I would not do what 83457 said. R1 and R2 are fine, but I guess the problem with his strategy is R3 and the following. Either you die in R3 cause you desperately try to knife a hoard of 10 zombies, or you start throwing nades (ouch for the points). Digging guns or even insta kills is cool for that strategy, but meh. I spend the 1300 for the MP40 and know what I have and when I have it and I'm good until R10. Then I buy Jug at the end of 4 instead at 3. But I can say I never used a Ballista, which is worth it. Easy mode is a joke When people call the map easy, they mostly talk of camping, or the non-roof crazy place. Which is super easy. Also, in coop, almost every train works somehow, and makes the map 'easy'. Plus, the staffs save you out of many situations. My fav for early rounds is the lightning with single shots. Kills fast and reliable, high fire rate and big clipsize. You just need the hang on the map, which needs some time. I mean, when Moon for BO1 came out, it took us like a week to get past R20, which is actually ridiculously easy to do.
  2. Were all the generators powered up? Before you do that step all must be on. oops.... ;)
  3. Can it be the pedestal EE step (put fire staff in slot 4 times) got fixed? I did it yesterday the first time and it worked fine. Today I try it again, and it's not working. I heard an audio quote, but the staff slot stays there, the robot button is not working... :(
  4. When it comes to zombies, you need a goal or excitement. And if neither is given, it's boring. You say, why even start when you don't go for the full program. But maybe I don't expect, or don't plan to even reach that point. Maybe I just expect to see some randoms dying, making fun of them, maybe I'm just wondering what people I meet in a public or something. Maybe I just wanna find out, how this specific game is going. As long as I do easter eggs, as long as I still have to acquire the golden shovel, as long as I don't have my favorite gun/perk setup, I go on. But as soon as I reached it, I play 2 rounds running around, noticing I do always the same, noticing this is endless. And the thought comes up: "Better stop now than doing this another 6 hours". If you don't have a good leaderboard score, you may set your goal to go as high as possible and continue, but if your leaderboard score is decent and your happy with it, there is like no reason to go on. Today I played BO1 with some friends again on SSN, on 30 it was just bäh. If I wanna improve my score, I better did it in 2ppl, we would anyway run out of ammo soon, each round takes hours, I'm all set up, always doing the same 2-3 circles (even switched the circles I did to give it more excitement); overall nothing to do besides waiting for the game to end. So why not suicide. I had fun and all was cool, but everything that would have happened if we continued would have been boredom. Why wasting your time? After 1.5k hours of BO1, I've seen those zombies. Why should I force myself to continue, if it's no fun at the moment? I have no goal, no excitement since nothing special happens, just... nothing...
  5. Fist, I don't play Ghosts. But I asked some friends how the game feels. They didn't mention hacking. They rather said it's extremely unoptimized for PC (means consuming loads of hardware power with no result). It's only lagging and stuttering. I personally thought in BO1 BO2 and MW3, that hacking was never a big issue. From time to time you get one, then you just report and switch server. Not a big deal.
  6. I updated the sheet for origins, although lots is still in RAW version. Still thinking of converting to forum version.
  7. Have fun guys, I got to wait another month.
  8. A map isn't boring cause of a gun... Someone said the JetGun is awesome. Tom says the JetGun makes me vomit as soon as I see it. But the JetGun is not why I have fun or no fun in TranZit. I just don't use it and in 50+ it slowly comes to an end, the only useful gun for those rounds - which is the JetGun - is no fun, so TranZit is no fun in 50+ for me. But 50-, it is fun. I think people don't like TranZit because it's too much travelling. 20 minutes after a death to get your stuff back, that is ridiculous. Besides that, the Denizens are annoying. When we talk about a wonder weapon for TranZit, it should be one that allows teleport, similar to a portal gun in the same named game. Infinite damage is not a problem. Remember Black Ops 1 guns? So isn't infinite ammo. Doing round 25+ is always boring. Around at that spot, you have done everything, have your setup, easter egg checked and what follows is repetitive stuff. It's the layout, the map design that makes it boring, not the guns.
  9. Anyway, I went with George and Astro, cause they disturb you in your flow. You just running your circle here, then this biatch shows up and you are forced to leave. That annoys me most of all. I like monkeys though, they are cute But Denizens, they are annoying like hell. But as long as you don't go out in their area in the middle of a spawn period, not a big deal.
  10. I noticed that focus on snipers too. It's not the first time that happens. With COTD, they first wanted to get Snipers 'hot' for zombies. But it was some kind of fail. Of course the Scavenger was nice, but yay, that was it. But I'm playing zombies for a long time now. And in my opinion, snipers are not giving me what I need for zombies. The playstyle that people do are just not requiring snipers. As simple as that. I could imagine that snipers make sense, but whenever I go to a sniping spot, I get zedds in my ass and need to switch to my SMG or AR or Pistol. Therefore, if they wanna promote snipers, why not making "safe" sniper spots without spawn points, so you can support your team that gets all the zombies. Running trains while using snipers is well possible, but it still isn't reaching the killspeed of other guns. And it feels weird. Sniper on close range, ugh. Altough the SVU came out really nice, I think the path of pushing snipers 3arc uses is wrong. I'd prefer to see map layouts or such that allow you to use an undisturbed sniper usage to support your team or such. And even if that is in the game, I would not use it. I would prefer to slash the zombies close range with my Ray. So I think this whole sniper thing is not really worth the effort 3arc puts in it.
  11. Sounds glitchy to me, but not the most game changing glitch. I'd be absolutely ok with others using this, maybe even try it myself. It looks like a lot of work to store some powerups. And as far I can tell it doesn't look like it's worth it. Some Ammos and Nukes or something are nice, but with everything you got (infinite crawler time for rerolling a gun, fridge ...) I don't think you really need it. Especially cause rerolling or something sounds going faster than preparing 20 powerups. And not to forget the 'no free entities' ;)
  12. This is not the first discussion about this The ranking itself is a nice idea, just to see how good someone is. In Black Ops 1 we checked the Lobby Leaderboard, now we check the rank, there is no difference between the two. The prob is just how it's made. As you said, the formula is.... meh. It lacks transparency in my opinion. If I could see what rounds my teammate did, I saw what skill and experience he has on that map. Now I just see something weird. The super pro that played too much Turned is on skull, and the way lower skilled johnny is at dagger. The idea itself is nice, but it's just not made right.
  13. He holds him like a baby, so cute That must be love.
  14. Not having the map yet but what you described sounded like a perfect spot to camp. Long corridor, no spawns nearby, flat, safe exit ;)
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