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  1. I updated the sheet for origins, although lots is still in RAW version. Still thinking of converting to forum version.
  2. I think the table format slowly goes out of bounds, and the original idea of the table is no longer especially valid. It was made so everybody can edit, similar to a Wiki. This doesn't work on a forum And making changes is a bit tricky within a lot of formatting, but the thing is more or less final. Therefore I ask if we should make a board version of this?
  3. Yo looks like Jug stays active, just did a lil test game with perma jug and 3 MS shots were no red screen in 16.
  4. PC: a) When buying the Galvaknuckles while holding the Ballistic knife, you have no more knife at all anymore (like the knifing button would be disabled). The only way to solve this is by buying Bowie, then knuckles again. When another player revives my original character, while I am in Whos Who mode, I loose a gun.
  5. Does that mean you keep perma jug in 15, although you hear the loosing sound, until you die?
  6. Hi, I did some game today. I noticed, that explosions seemed to kinda do lower damage to myself then usual. In addition, there were several critical situations, that should have at least given me a red screen. For example, I shot twice with my mustang, then got a hit a bit later. Normally, this leads to a red screen, but didn't. Well, to check what is going on, I just shot 3 times onto my feet with my M&S, getting no red screen. So, either it was Perma Jug or some kind of Perma PHD. I didn't wanna do further testing, cause the game was going good, and I didn't wanna mess with it. Aft
  7. I saw the mode first after I completed Black Ops 1 campaign I love it since the first game I did (reached round 2 or so )
  8. Are you playing on PS3 or PC? Prepare now for the DLC coming tomorrow! The XBox players already provided us with a lot of information! [*:2ywempdi]How can I do the achievements? [*:2ywempdi]How can I activate power? [*:2ywempdi]Where is PaP? [*:2ywempdi]Where is Jug? [*:2ywempdi]Table-based orientation guide, or "where am I and where can I find what I want??" [*:2ywempdi]How can I build the new items? Where are the parts? [*:2ywempdi]How does the Easter Egg work? [*:2ywempdi]What are the new perma perks? [*:2ywempdi]How is the new perk working? [*:2ywempdi]How can I activate the
  9. In zombies, I still don't really notice a big difference. It's probably just automatism going on there. But I played some multiplayer recently. I noticed very well, that with the increasing blood alcohol level, the K/D decreased Looks like those guys saying reaction time is going up are right ;)
  10. It's 60 friends. PC: Zombies not doing the dying animation when killed in bus.
  11. Thanks for your research, that brings us closer to the target of understanding that stuff. I would have opened a new topic too tbh I'm still very sceptical about the headshot thing there. I can't really believe, that there are multiple stages and that it has anything to do with the guns you use. I really can't, I still think people don't notice when they loose it. Then, when they regain it, they think they have reached a second stage. But I could be wrong. The fire resistance thing looks very interesting. However, I think it's unlikely it's really there. Because after two months, I gue
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