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Shadows of Evil highest round


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I'll say 15 since we shot the Shadow Man a few times ;)


Haha but in all seriousness, somewhere near 10.  Forgot how important it is to have a good understanding of not only the map itself, but the wall weapons and all the minor things.

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Mastering solo on this is so much fun. Mine is under 10. 


This is a great map, very challenging as most people said. Fully thought out and it appears to be a solution for all the missed opportunities Treyarch made from BO2 maps.


I am loving it so far. I have played 1 co-op match and the connection was all over the place. Public games are a no-no. I could not find a single lobby where I didn't get connection interrupted.


@Treyarch need to fix zombie multiplayer servers asap before they get bad rep.I am not talking pc just console I know people are having touch times with servers on pc.


 If someone I know likes to tag along, please message me. I am on xbox one and I play after 9 Ct.



EDIT: Public games are stable now. At least when I played last night. No connection interrupted. Found some people online that actually play decently well.


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Everything clicked finally, and hit 44 2 player. I'm 99% sure the civil protector killed me, which is annoying. I ran out of ammo, called him in for some mid round box hitting, and about 10 seconds after I got a ray gun, he killed me from full health.


Theatre didn't capture the game, and I really wanted to see it too, because my screen bugged out and I couldn't see my points, beast mode, ammo, or pull up the scoreboard. 


Great map though. Minor complaints, but overall it is a vast improvement over the BO2 maps imo. Only big complaint is the ritual for PAP.

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Currently paused on round 80. I'm not sure what it is about this map, but it just clicked for me really quickly. Before BO3, my all-time highest round was 56 on MOTD. Once the setup is complete, this map is extremely easy. The only problems I've come across so far are ammo conservation and that the Margwa is starting to get a LOT of health. 


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Just did solo today since co-op is not an option and I'm not a big solo or high round fan, so the fact that i made it to round 50 (highest i've made on any Zombie map) surprised me to say the least and it made me realize SoE isnt that difficult really and i can understand why the Margwa is present as he is what fucked me over in the end and 2 of my downs were because of him coming in with zombies aswell. But if he wasnt in the map, the map would be ridiculously easy as i found out in the rounds i didnt have him. All you need is Jugg, QR, DT, WW for perks and for weapons i had the upgraded Apothicon Servant and Haymaker 12 for the Margwas.

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