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  1. that picture though is of two ray gun mark 1s though
  2. dual wield mark 3, heres hoping it is added to all maps
  3. Talking about the map itself, I definitely prefer it to DE, but having said that, like SoE it's not playable in pub lobbies.
  4. i like it in bo2, where weapons came with DLC packs, thats how it should be, not in this supply drop garbage
  5. You are not the only one, it's been causing up a stir with a lot of people - on CDZ Reddit, theres a post about this, my first game where we built the ragnarok, i was down, my teammate jumped in the air to use it and we froze with connection interrupted and the game ended, a similar issue happens with the upgraded swords on SoE.
  6. The perfect time to release it would've been when PS4 got Awakening, that way Xbone users still have something to look forward to and play around with for a month, releasing it now makes little sense in my opinion as it could distract some users away from the new DLC which is now out for Xbone, and ATVI will want more focus on that surely.
  7. Hmmm, well going back on the other day, im sure i got at least 2 within that time
  8. i always tend to get supply drops in AW after a death in TDM lol
  9. I hated the introduction of supply drops period, and they should never have been brought over to BO3, I tend not to bother with the rare supply drops as I'm not really sure why some dumb specialist taunt is considered legendary or epic, or even rare - to be honest what i'd expect from a rare drop is some of the hidden guns (which shouldn't be hidden, but that's ATVI) or some sexy looking camos like dark matter and these camos should be unlocked for any gun, i cant stand unlocking lame camos for weapons i will NEVER use in MP. But if I go for the common drop, that's basically the shit drop full of reticles and calling cards i will never use. Like 90% of of supply drop content is useless and garbage, with the 10% being the hidden guns that ATVI demands be in there so people pay more money attempting to (and likely failing) get them. Stupid concept, get rid of supply drops completely i say, these new weapons, either put it as part of DLC packs like BO2 did, or just free for everyone. Rant over.
  10. Well i'm not sure, its a pretty big update for just patches, and the new gobblegums can be seen on the Xbone as well as DE now on the leaderboards, if we're gonna get it later that means another download we have to do.
  11. The lack of unquenchable and wall power is a UI error for Xbone, and if they are in one of your packs, they can still be received. The only thing im not sure about it whether this update contained Awakening.
  12. You can get it in SoE apparently, and one of the new gumballs we'll be getting is one that spawns a death machine.
  13. I'm pretty sure on last gen you can still PaP the gun as you could upon release, dont forget it isnt up to 3arc to patch last gen BO3, its down to Beenox.
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