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  1. Probably could have got a lot further, but my strategy takes quite a long time and I don't normally have the concentration levels/perseverance to try and reach the really high rounds. 191 in the world on PC though so not too bad. :)
  2. 2 player game, both activated Perkaholic round 3 :) Ended on round 37 - Phoenix Up revived us 3 times with all our perks, I didn't buy a single perk the whole game, and I still have a Perkaholic apparently, even though I used the one I had it didn't take it away for some reason. I fucking love the gumballs!
  3. Agree 100%. I hate that you can only have two in use, and the previous ones just disappear (they should at least explode). Not to mention they seem to go off when they are miles from the zombies. And they are so incredibly weak they are practically almost useless. The betties and claymores (and grenades) in BO1/2 increased in damage exponentially with the rounds, these don't appear to. They look cool though. :)
  4. Great work +1. I love this kinda stuff Treyarch puts in, they really go the extra mile.
  5. I will beat this though, wanna try get at least 40.
  6. DSR PAP with iron sights and Double Tap 2.0 is a monster, OHK headshots to round 45+...
  7. IMO Ascension was the worst map in BO1, I have good memories of it when it came out, as Kino was the first map I played, and then I got into Five, and I was really looking forward to finally having a new DLC map to play, and I did play the shit out of it, but looking back now it was way too easy and training by the lander near Flopper with the Thundergun (or any gun) was a piece of cake. I can't actually think of any easier place in any other map to play. The monkeys were just annoying and a bit silly also. Did have a few cool features though, and I did like that it was a pretty large map. But if someone was to ask me to play BO1 now I'd chose that map last for sure.
  8. Welcome to the forums steviewonder87 :)

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