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  1. BestOfAllTime32

    Zetsubou No Shima all high round strategies! Updated 5/17/16

    I haven't tried it, but for a camping strategy, I was wondering how the bottom of the zipline by the ritual would work if you didn't open the door to power. I feel it would be quite fast, because you would only be getting 3 or 4 spawns. When I get around to trying it out, I'll let everyone know the results.
  2. BestOfAllTime32

    Annoying glitch I've encountered

    I've had both of these happen to me. The screen shake seems easily fixed by just doing another ritual, but the controller one is a massive problem. The very first day, I got my bo3 ps4 bundle, and was playing and noticed it doing almost 180 degree turns every hour or so. It happened very often, so I tried my other 3 controllers, one that was still in its box, after all there could have been a manufacturing defect with my bundled controller. Nothing changed, 4 controllers, two of them literally out of the box, it's a game issue, not a controller issue. My friend has had it happen to him a couple of times as well. It is terrible because there is no way to prepare for it. It's ended multiple games for me, although thankfully only one game that was high enough to care about. And before someone asks if I bought all my controllers from the same store, the answer is not even in the same city, or year. 2 from EB (ps4 bundle, launch ps4), 2 from Walmart ( boxing day).
  3. BestOfAllTime32

    How to upgrade the Apothican Servant legit?

    So if what you are saying is correct. Wouldn't it make sense that you put the weapon in to the box, then do the Easter egg steps to get the purple margwa. I believe they are the ones that drop the unreachable margwa heart. The theory is that you get the second heart and use the same other two parts to craft the second WW. Doesn't exactly solve the upgrade process, but it could unlock the next step once you have both WW'S. So to paraphrase 1. Get Apothicon Servant 2. Put it in the box 3. Complete EE and kill Purple margwa 4. Build second WW 5. Get Apothicon Servant out of the box. Is it possible to do that part of the EE on solo?
  4. BestOfAllTime32

    How to upgrade the Apothican Servant legit?

    So I saw on reddit a thread about feeding the cult or something like that being one of the audio files. We have donut and cake mines... No idea what any of it refers to of course, like what is the cult for example. So we have holly and devil, could there possibly be two paths like in BO2? One working with Shadow man and one with the keepers.
  5. BestOfAllTime32

    How to upgrade the Apothican Servant legit?

    Just to update, I tried doing two circle locations with the kor maroth, but I'm now in the 40's so the ammo is getting a little concerning. I even tried to use the upgraded arnies to see if that triggered anything. I am Vincent, the two egg sites I tried were Nero's, and Vincent's. Next up is Jessica, since I just got a max, but it's not enough ammo to do a whole round, so we'll see. I did get a voice, but I am pretty sure that it was the sword talking, since I had just came through the portal to the pack area. Edit: Did Jessica and nothing, too hairy to attempt the docks at this point in the game. Looks like it might have just been coincidence last night though.
  6. BestOfAllTime32

    How to upgrade the Apothican Servant legit?

    I got the audio last night right outside the ruby rabbit. Thinking about it, I was using the WW right near the canal district spot where you place the egg to spawn margwa for sword upgrade. Has me questioning if it's the circles we have to get kills in/around.
  7. BestOfAllTime32

    How to upgrade the Apothican Servant legit?

    Now with the Lil arnies upgrade, I think the next logical step to "becoming the margwa" is to upgrade the bowie knife somehow. We have our character upgraded with the mask, our special upgraded with the sword, our tactical upgraded, and our mines upgraded. If this is in fact one big EE to getting the PAP'D version of the WW, then the only two things we don't have an upgrade for are our knife, and shield. See this is a nice way to force us through to PAP Imo , if this is what this all leads to. I find it completely unnecessary, unlike the staffs, but it's easy enough to be done every game, and hard enough that the only time you will use it will be high round attempts. As for how we could upgrade the knife? Time to start going knife only for a few rounds, and then knifing everything on the map! No I'm just kidding. Well maybe not, but it could be similar to the Origins punch upgrade, and we need to sacrifice zombies to the ritual altars. I do hope there is a knife upgrade in place. Using the Spork was one of my favourite things to do in BO2 zombies. Sorry if you read all of this. I'm very excited, and I absolutely love these little EE'S that 3arc has thrown in. Edit: I swear to a deity, that I didn't read Ragdo's thread until after this post. See this is logical Imo. An upgraded shield, and hopefully the bowie knife, and we have created the perfect being that can pack a punch the WW. Edit 2: so one last thought on the bowie knife. You know how it like never levels up the knife regardless of how many kills you get with it, but it seems to work when you knife the air with blast furnace? I wonder if that tricks the game in to thinking you have the upgraded knife.
  8. BestOfAllTime32

    How to upgrade the Apothican Servant legit?

    I don't know why this is white, so I can't see it, so forgive my spelling errors. So iirc there was a statement, or rumour about there being a reward for completing the previous EE'S. So maybe there is an EE connected to that somehow? My real theory is that it has something to do with the names of the gun. Do we know how many names there are, and what they could mean. Like are they a jumbled word (s), that could give us a hint. Or does the name show up somewhere on the map, etc. Edit: I think the margwa mask could have something to do with it. It's a cute EE, but to be purely cosmetic us strange. We have the donut trip mines EE, the mask EE, and the PAP'D Civil Protector. Just seems weird that the donut mines, and margwa mask are in there, they seem so out of place. Maybe we have to become the margwa so to speak in order to upgrade.
  9. BestOfAllTime32

    Shadows of Evil all high round strategies! Updated 1/4/16

    Well now that it has been patched, I think calling anyone who used the glitch the World record holder is illegitimate. When it was available to everyone and anyone, I think it is a legit record, but now that it has been patched, it has to have an asterisk, and be referred to as record with glitch because it's going to be a lot harder to hit the record with a third of the ammo. It also invalidates most of these strategies, unfortunately. There just isn't enough ammo to do a lot of these.
  10. BestOfAllTime32

    Shadows of Evil: Tips, tricks and Points of Interest

    I mean this might not be the right thread, but the very last gobble gum you unlock, Alchemical Antithesis is beyond amazing when combined with either an elemental ammo type (personally prefer blast furnace), or the WW. It is an incredibly powerful gobble gum, and easily fills up the WW. Normally, I would hold off PAPing the WW until I actually needed the ammo, but with AA, might just as well PAP ASAP. One shot, as long as you get 6 kills fills it up from empty. Every 10 points is a bullet, every kill, 50 points, is 5 bullets for the WW. The fact you get two user activated one minute uses makes AA one of the best gobble gums, and it is unlimited uses, unlike the megas. You can straight up dump the WW for an entire minute, and as long as you get a kill every 5 shots, you will break even. Could be great when combined with some of those fast strats that are posted in another thread.
  11. BestOfAllTime32

    Shadows of Evil highest round

    Everything clicked finally, and hit 44 2 player. I'm 99% sure the civil protector killed me, which is annoying. I ran out of ammo, called him in for some mid round box hitting, and about 10 seconds after I got a ray gun, he killed me from full health. Theatre didn't capture the game, and I really wanted to see it too, because my screen bugged out and I couldn't see my points, beast mode, ammo, or pull up the scoreboard. Great map though. Minor complaints, but overall it is a vast improvement over the BO2 maps imo. Only big complaint is the ritual for PAP.
  12. BestOfAllTime32

    SoE Easter Egg

    I'm not into the EE hunt, and I'm not even sure if it's part of it, but my friend and I just got an audio cue from Shadow man. I skimmed the OP and didn't see this part, so forgive me if it's in there. So basically I was running in the rift/train station area, and I noticed a fourth rift in the corner, so we held a zombie and he went over and just held square on the rift/train since you can't get to it. It disappeared, and Shadow man said something, not sure what. If you're looking at the PAP door, it's the corner immediately to the left. PAP was open, no swords, no PAPed guns, round 15. Hope it helps.
  13. So there was the tv screen that was fuzzy, and there was a tuning in noise that had something in it. I suspect theres another hint possibly in the timeline as well. Edit: I mean the tv screen was fuzzy, and the noise was at the time it was fuzzy. Just incase that wasn't clear above.
  14. Yeah with things like the shield, bank, and 4 WW's, BO2 made maps cruise control. That doesn't even get into the round 33 knife, or elemental punch. And how could one forget the advent of the Redeemer, an infinite ammo, infinite kill weapon. BO2 was far too easy. The hardest map might have been Tranzit lol. At least in Tranzit, a down basically meant a death, where as the other maps, it was a lot easier to revive people (afterlife, who's who, zombie bloods too). Origins is a total bore. Once you make it past round 8, there literally is nothing stopping you anymore. Go find the nearest corner and press r1 ever 7 seconds.
  15. Who says that they have to release every other month? It could be Jan XBO dlc Feb Ps4 dlc, March XBO dlc, April XBO/ PS4 dlc, May Ps4 dlc, June XBO dlc, July XBO/ PS4 dlc, August PS4 dlc, September XBO dlc, October ps4 dlc.

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