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  1. I'm not into the EE hunt, and I'm not even sure if it's part of it, but my friend and I just got an audio cue from Shadow man. I skimmed the OP and didn't see this part, so forgive me if it's in there. So basically I was running in the rift/train station area, and I noticed a fourth rift in the corner, so we held a zombie and he went over and just held square on the rift/train since you can't get to it. It disappeared, and Shadow man said something, not sure what. If you're looking at the PAP door, it's the corner immediately to the left. PAP was open, no swords, no PAPed guns, round 15. Hope it helps.
  2. So there was the tv screen that was fuzzy, and there was a tuning in noise that had something in it. I suspect theres another hint possibly in the timeline as well. Edit: I mean the tv screen was fuzzy, and the noise was at the time it was fuzzy. Just incase that wasn't clear above.
  3. Yeah with things like the shield, bank, and 4 WW's, BO2 made maps cruise control. That doesn't even get into the round 33 knife, or elemental punch. And how could one forget the advent of the Redeemer, an infinite ammo, infinite kill weapon. BO2 was far too easy. The hardest map might have been Tranzit lol. At least in Tranzit, a down basically meant a death, where as the other maps, it was a lot easier to revive people (afterlife, who's who, zombie bloods too). Origins is a total bore. Once you make it past round 8, there literally is nothing stopping you anymore. Go find the nearest corner and press r1 ever 7 seconds.
  4. Who says that they have to release every other month? It could be Jan XBO dlc Feb Ps4 dlc, March XBO dlc, April XBO/ PS4 dlc, May Ps4 dlc, June XBO dlc, July XBO/ PS4 dlc, August PS4 dlc, September XBO dlc, October ps4 dlc.
  5. I guess that could make some sense. Zombies is such a unique experience compared to the multiplayer. If I want multi I can go to Destiny, the next COD, Battlefield, Killzone, well basically any game with guns actually. It's all very similar stuff, of course there are differences, but not giant stuff. Where as if I want zombies, it's just 3arc COD's that offer such a thing. It seems like with the 3 year cycle, they could release 1.5-2 years of zombies only dlc, and if you like zombies, and want zombies, you have to buy it. Also, I don't think it would effect next COD sales much. The multi fans are multi fans first. They move on every November. Then there are people like me, who just want to find another zombies mode (thought extinction looked like it could fill the void...), and will never buy another non 3arc COD, and some people in between. They've already lost my sale, and they might lose some of the inbetweeners sales, but the main base that moves on is still going to he there for them. Worst case scenario, they lose all the inbetweeners to dlc sales, best case, some of the on the fence people buy both.
  6. Welcome to the forums BestOfAllTime32 :)

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