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  1. superstudmuffin

    Gorod Krovi Easter Egg?!

    Hey mate, I'm pretty sure I played a game with you yesterday. I'm up for EE but have to wait until weekend. Busy with work atm.
  2. superstudmuffin

    I am so sick of the op thrasher in this map

    My tip would be to shoot spores in early rounds. The thrashers are less likely to spawn. Unlike other bosses when they spawn instead of running away you need to confront it fast and loop back past it to keep zombies out of the mist. The gas mask helps with this. They actually have a weak attack so don't be afraid to confront one head to head. there are a few guns that destroy the thrasher very quickly. If you cant get the skull of nan sapwe due to random players you next best bet is to do your teer 2 challenge. The rewards, brecci 205, dingo and svg100 once PAPed will absolutely melt the thrasher. tobehonest once used to them they are one of the weakest bosses in zombies. In the later rounds you will get more annoyed by the little spiders than a thrasher. They quickly block your escape root or get under your feet when training. All of a sudden you can't move and wondering why. You look at your feet, damn spider.
  3. superstudmuffin

    Zetsubou No Shima Highest Round?!

    Just went 41 rounds 4 player with randoms, 2 without mics.No camping , just running around the map . It's very rare to get a game like that
  4. superstudmuffin

    How did it start for you?

    I started at a bus station, every bastard left me there. Well I thought why not run after the bus into the fog, after all what could go wrong. shortly after I purchased the old maps and in the desire to get better I played lots of No mans Land.. Now I can do switch backs, screen shakes and thingymebobs . I gave up on EE after buried, that truely pissed me off. I only do EE or part thereof if I need something. Eg golden spork.
  5. superstudmuffin


    Played a game yesterday 2 player and worked. So at least I now have one record.lol. Maybe it depends on the server I'm connecting to. Come to think of it even when I play multiplayer sometimes I change my create a class and the next day when I go online again my old class is there. Not the new one I changed? Same with my player cards.
  6. superstudmuffin


    Feel free to delete this if already posted. Question is my leaderboards do not update if I go a high round. There are no players leaving the game, we play until we have been overcome by the undead. Every single time I go a high round since about the second week of shadows of evil my high round does not show. Is is this a common issue? It doesn't work solo or public game.
  7. superstudmuffin


    Can't win, last night 4 player round 30 der eisendrache disconnect.
  8. superstudmuffin


    No, public game. I just noticed last night in my combat record it shows high round and average round for all maps but does not show on friends list. 4 player der eisendrachen I have no records at all. SOE and giant haven't registered since about second week after release
  9. superstudmuffin

    Sword at round 2, upgraded by round 5.

    It's been mentioned numerous times prior to the dated video. So yes people already knew about it completechaos27
  10. superstudmuffin

    Zombie Aggression

    I struggled with this, tweaking your audio settings will help a little, albeit a little but does help. They totally screwed that one up. I've Been trapped by a re spawning zombie a few times whilst off loading into a hoard. Combine that with the hit speed you're pretty much screwed.
  11. superstudmuffin

    Should I worry about going down?

    I never sat in a glitch, I got better to achieve shotguns and it was a bloody long haul to get them and wear the emblem with pride. Sorry but most ranked players I played with were actually very good zombies players. Take that with a grain of salt, although a very good guide and the single best method of determining your game is the ready up feature and a microphone. Have a chat with your potential teammates first. Meo, do you tell players in a lobby your internet is shit hence your poor rank even though your a good player or do you tell them your a good player and hope you don't screw them over 8 hours into a high round game because your internet is shit.? Serious question, how does your high prestige tell a player this? Ps, I'll play with any rank so please don't judge us, I even play bus depot survival with randoms. I send out friends request to anyone I've enjoyed playing with regardless of rank.
  12. superstudmuffin

    How to upgrade the Apothican Servant legit?

    Let's just hope we are not searching for a red herring. Although transit was fun searching do we really want a repeat? Treyarch are notorious for taking stuff away from us. Remember the jet gun, the sliquifier. It could be possible they realised through lack of knowledge how good some players actually are. Their knee jerk reaction is to restrain them from playing to ridiculously high rounds. i hope this is not the case, but seriously who here trusts Treyarch from past experience? Ps it's still fun searching, that's what got me hooked on zombies but people can only take so much before giving up completely.
  13. superstudmuffin

    Should I worry about going down?

    I always go for quick revive. My best ever is 75 on bo2. I actually went down on round 3 that game from a silly mistake. Ps, I don't like the progression system. I reckon the ranking system was much better. Showed skill, not time Played.
  14. superstudmuffin

    Shadows of Evil highest round

    24 , 4 player randoms. Anyone else have leaderboard issues? Mine have not updated since the first week after release. Everything except high rounds works fine.
  15. superstudmuffin

    Had a look at the sound files...

    I mean no disrespect as this is what you do and are very good at it. Question being is it too early to be digging into files and posting public possibly spoiling people who want to hunt the old fashioned way?
  16. superstudmuffin

    known glitch. freezing issues. xbox one.

    Sorry to hear of your experience, thankfully some kind people give tips and tricks to overcome some issues. At the end of the day Treyarch need to fix it not yourself. on PS3 when a new DLC dropped for BO2 MoTD was unplayable. Treyarch did nothing and if you wanted a work around you had to do it yourself. Bad form in my opinion. One of the best maps ever made completely ruined lucky to have 200 people online at any time there after.
  17. superstudmuffin

    "Ready Up"

    This games starting to piss me off. The match making is horrible. God forbid I actually get a game once every blue moon only for someone to end the game early. It stops searching for games then nothing. Once I found a game in SOE and it sent me into a multiplayer team death match lobby. i can't hear the zombies at all, juggernog is not worth 2500 because it does sweet fuck all. No point in PAP a ray gun as it would not shoot the skin off a rice pudding on round 10. fuck me, how many years have they been making these games. The menu navigation is something a 2 year old came up with and needlessly fucking stupid. If you make players do tasks in game make it so one player can do it all just in case others don't know what they are doing. the game has real promise but your fuck ups on the little things in which you should know better will drive players away in droves. Don't even start me on multiplayer, possibly the worst did I've played. It's just shit, period. Sorry for the rant.mthis truly my first time I've ever truly got pissed at COD.
  18. superstudmuffin

    One week later with Shadows of Evil

    To put in perspective, I play mostly random games 4 player. Saying that I play solo and also with team mates depending on time and circumstance. i have a high round 75 die rise solo, 45 motd 4 player, 44 origins 4 player etc. I'm also an avid NML player and have basic training . Obviously not up there with the best but can play zombies. i can play a random game with 4 players on bus depot survival to round 17 with 27 revives yet can't get past round 12 on SOE. Obviously it will take time to get used to the map but something ain't right. make it hard then easy is NOT zombies, make it easy then VERY hard is how zombies should be. I think 3arch has really dropped the ball on what people want or expect. seriously motd was hard at first I admit, but once used to it and all set up I'd be round 30 laying prone looking at pieces of paper floating around the map with a sniper whilst zombies are chasing. Yet round 8 I was nervous as hell.
  19. superstudmuffin

    Map of SOE

    Funnily enough I found this map one of the harder maps to navigate. Too much going on and me not paying attention. Thanks Chopper
  20. superstudmuffin

    Shadows of Evil all high round strategies! Updated 1/4/16

    The way I see it as these people are seriously skilled at what they do, the footage confirms this regardless of the playing conditions at the time. However the problem when Treyarch have knee jerk reaction to restrict anything they are not hurting these players. They are hurting the majority of their players. i can't speak for everyone but from experience, I've played maybe 10 games since release. Work commitments, family etc take priority over playing video games. Only to find out someone has not turned their PS4 off for 2 weeks has already taken advantage of a NON properly tested game and claim records. look I'm not complaining as far as I see it these blokes in fact do hold the record, what pisses me off is Treyarch moves the goal posts mid game and make it unachievable for anyone else.
  21. superstudmuffin

    Thoughts on multiplayer

    I'm struggling with match making and connection. Funnily enough 3arc games I've always had trouble in multiplayer hence me turning to zombies. AW was good to me. Had a relentless killer player card, had brutal killer emblem and high 36 kill streak. 3arc I'm lucky to get a UAV. Over all titles it's never changed. In a way I'm kinda glad as it makes me play zombies. i can't comment on MP too much as it's a total failure, looks ok I guess but not playable for me.
  22. superstudmuffin

    One of the worst things from BO1 has returned in BO3

    Host migration works fine. I had one game that was weird. 4 players spawned in a random game. First round and before a zombie was killed we were met with a game over you survived round 1. We all got chucked back to the lobby. All 4 of us were WTF and played another game with no problems.
  23. superstudmuffin


    Time to stop making PC games. At least disable files and EE for PC versions. It's pretty pathetic.
  24. superstudmuffin

    Some info about Purple Pods

    I've only played a few games, can tell you I harvested a few green at the start. Once I figured out how to unlock NigNog there was a red pod near there. I never harvested this one prior. Never seen a purple though. So I can confirm they don't stay green. Maybe unharvested pods change colour only.
  25. superstudmuffin

    Shadows of Evil highest round

    Round 12 playing with randoms, I have no idea what I'm doing . Looks like there's lots to learn on this map. Kinda reminds me of a mix of MoTd and origins. once I figure parts locations, perks and PAP hopefully it will get easier.

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