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  1. See I don't think so. There have been a TON of updates on the game recently, and a lot more substance has surfaced. There is going to be a ton to do in this universe, you interact with other races, level up/improve your character and ship, get to the center, gather and use resources, wage an all out war on the AI, etc. I think the sheer amount of possibilities for exploration makes the game worth the money. But this all depends on how you go into the game. If you go in thinking it's an MMO or MMORPG you're gonna be disappointed. It's more of a minecraft skyrim mix, in space. It's e
  2. If a staff guy could pin my high round strat thread for gorod krovi I would appreciate it :D Or if it's no good then don't bother

  3. Anyone else as pumped as I am? Seriously. Pretty sure this game is gonna take over my life
  4. THE PPSH OH MY GOD FINALLY. And also everything else. I'm so hype. It looks great in the trailer, now we wait
  5. Check it out: Woot Woot Dynamic theme for PS4 just got dropped. Its cominggggggggg
  6. This. This right here. It is WAY easier to run the giant, and all other maps for that matter, than it was when the game first came out
  7. Guys I'm sorry I've been swamped, but I promise I'll get everything updated, thank you for all the ideas!
  8. @mokie I already put that one up but thanks for the input! and @ZombiesAteMyPizza! I'll put that up ASAP, I actually saw it day 1 I just thought it would get patched
  9. Exactly. the consistency is better I think than the guys that just go HAM and somehow stay alive. It's just a difference in playstyle
  10. Happy to help if I can :D And yeah I think you're right, this guy was just really consistent, that's why I picked that video, some other people have been running this strategy but they play it more fast and loose
  11. @Doctor Richtofen Thanks! I'll add it, and there are others as well that I forgot about, like relaxingend's camping strategy
  12. Hi Guys! Another DLC, another map, another thread on the high round strategies. I'll be cataloging all of the strategies that I can find (or you guys bring to me) that are viable for the higher rounds, starting about 40+ or so. As before, I'll split the strategies into camping and training. So the camping ones first, here is one found by our very own @Doctor Richtofen: Decent for the lower rounds, not sure how it would be for anything higher yet, but good to know if you just want to farm headshots. Here is another I was able to find:
  13. 16 so far. This one is definitely harder than the other maps
  14. I think there will be some really enclosed spots but also a bit of training area... We can see near the beginning of the trailer that we have what looks to be a ritual location, with plenty of space for running. I bet it won't be a ton of varied spots, but it really depends on the wonderweapon(s) for the map as to how we will be able to play it
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